Gordon and Angela Part Two

has her own fantasies and regularly carries them out and then comes home to tell me all about her exploits. However, tonight I am the one who is going to do the exploiting and fuck her hard in the process. As we arrive at the secluded woodland, the car park already houses four cars, one of which is a Land Rover which instantly causes my mind to

One night with a coworker

of a sketchy neighborhood. I lived in the opposite direction. My brain told me that I was crazy to walk her home expecting anything as she was in a relationship and wouldn’t cheat on her man. My drunken instinct though was to walk her home and I didn’t hesitate whatsoever. She told me she would be fine but would like some company on the way home

my dream was to fuck marriane!!

soooo harrddd! n deeeeep!"Yaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaah hhhhhhh mmmmm that's it uuuunmmmm uuuuuh aaaah fuck me! Aaaah fuck your bitch!"she screamed whirling her legs around my spineWe're now in a classic sex position!!" uuuhh mmmm" her moans everywhere in the room " daaaamn aaaah uuuuh bitch your so fucking tight" I whispered biting her ear lobe quiet

Neighbours Little Girl Gets It From Her Grandad

him ‘oh god no, surley not’ I thought, although somewhat turned on by the thought. She took hold of his cock and started wanking him off again as he stood there. It didn’t take long before he was about to cum and grabbed the girls head and pushed it towards his cock, she took it in her mouth, putting her hands on his flabby thighs, he played with

Strangers For A Night

my eyes and I knew I just had to meet you.” I nod my head and you hold out your hand for me, “Would you please join me for dinner?” I place my hand on yours and get off the bar stool. As I stand up you notice that I’m wearing my favorite white dress that stops mid-thigh. The front scoops down low accentuating my breasts. “Um, hello? Are we gonna

The Door

breasts. As she did so, she felt her body ache with sexual frustration. She had begun to masturbate when she went to bed, but then fell asleep before finishing the job. “Will you lick me here?” Said Lucy pointing to her neatly trimmed pussy.” “I certainly will!” Said Jennifer. Jennifer leant back and then positioned herself on the bed, with her

Renee Renews Her Vows

to go to the hardware store. Then I’m going to Meyers to get those groceries. Is there anything you want?’ She asked him to take the kids and go to the science center because he promised them he’d do that for weeks now. He broke down and agreed finally, he was gone for about 6 hours. A lot longer then we expected. ‘BINGO, that’s a good hubby!

The Black Book Of The Nature Boy 11

a lot, clearly having such a great time. The more we drank and dance, the bolder we got. I had one hand on Kandi’s ass, and the other hand playing with her tits. As I kissed her, I felt her squeezed my dick. ‘You are making me so fucking wet,’ she whispered in my ear, after licking it. ‘I’m so fucking horny.’ ‘I love the sound of that, baby girl.

Late Five

and expressed concern that I wouldn’t be ready for our next game. I told her I would be, and she seemed relieved. I was well aware that she was an avid gambler on our school’s teams, and more than once she’d made suggestive offers to me, intended to motivate me to win. Well, I intended to win anyway, so nothing had ever come of it. It sounded

Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Six)

old. A: Is she good looking?Q: I thought she looked all right when I saw her website photo, but it appeared to have been taken some time ago.A: Well, I’ll check her out then and maybe sign up to fuck her on my day off. The trouble usually is that if she is a real “hottie” it might be hard for me to get an appointment to fuck her. My job

Adopted part 1

hot stiffness of Walter's prick. "Ummm, that feels good, Mom! Why don't you rub it for me?" "You little bastard!" And then Patty started doing it. She didn't know what had come over her,what had prompted her to begin the worst possible sin with her adopted son. Her pussy was very wet, throbbing so hornily in her panties that she


could save them now, if only, if only… ‘The others, they all want to leave. They talk of a ghost doctor, a great doctor with welcome magic who came on the wings of the light, sparkling in the sky. Perhaps the ghost can cool the fevers and bring the rain.’ Ebbe kneeled slowly running his hands through fine dust. He held a handful skyward and let

A Girl's Fairy Tale Dream Come True Ch. 17

You Master.” He went and washed up then they both got dressed and she picked up the towels she used and put the brush in its place. She went to the closet and picked up her purse. They walked to the front of the house and she noticed everyone had worked to make it so she would have no chores to do. She was so surprised. She went to each and every

Hector Road Pt. 02

reached behind her back to unclasp the strapless wisp of lace that she had put on in such anticipation just a few hours earlier.As she pulled the bra away from her body he reached up and lifted my breasts in both hands, measuring, feeling their weight. He pulled on my nipples - truly the color of rosé she noted - gently and then pinching and

Hentai Schoolgirl Fantasy

were being fucked and there was cum dripping from them like they had been sprayed with a water hose. They looked like they had been used hard and put away wet. Their hair was full of cum and they were sweaty as they continued to suck and fuck the men waiting their turn. I had filmed a little of the action for review later on and my cock was

Force Feeding

pussy.Finally she lowers her loins to my mouth and rides slowly and gently - my lips barely touching her beautiful hairy cunt and soft wet velvety lips. She murmurs approval and pleasure and rides my hungry lapping tongue elegantly, like a prima ballerina. Sweet juice seeps down onto my face and drips over my mouth and chin, and I eagerly swallow

My Introduction and Pathway to Group Sex - Part 13

I humped up and down on the guy. Soon enough, an erect cock presented itself next to my face.   I turned and sucked it while I fucked my other man.   After he came and got up I stayed kneeling on the bed and pushed the guy I had been sucking around behind me.   He fucked me standing up while I knelt doggy style on the edge of the bed. This set

Office Girl Submits to her Boss

into his eyes, I deep-throated his pendulous cock slowly. I couldn't believe I was doing it without gagging, so I went faster. And faster. And when he finally clutched my hair in both hands and grunted loudly as he started to cum, I felt as if I finally knew what I was and what I was for. I was not just a slut, I was his slut. And as wave after

Last Morning in Mexico

etc. We leave the girlfriends and wives behind. Don goes each year and we have been roommates on several trips.Don is six feet tall and very athletic. He’s got a great body. Hairy chest and treasure trail, and slim. I’m just about the same size and description. I’ve seen Don naked in the showers at school and on some of these trips. Don has a

A Sisters Bond

rather quickly after I had my fun earlier and I was in a better mood to, I had decided that I would bake a cake and wait for Cat later this evening as a surprise. It was already shortly after four when I finished baking and was six when I finished decorating it, I wanted her to remember today so I put extra work into it than what was needed. I

Wife Reluctantly Agrees to Husband’s Fantasy

to be a pretty big man. I’ve only been with him during my life since I don’t have anything to compare it with.” “So, you have never been with a man that has a large penis before?” “No, I guess not. Well….. my husband DOES have this fascination with big dicks. Maybe, that’s a guy thing. He bought this big dildo that he likes to use on me every

AMOST – Ilona & Harper

to see it in person – a ridiculously sexy French maid costume, complete with short skirt, heels and white stockings that end just above the knee. Her outfit looks more appropriate for the set of a cheesy porn flick than a kids TV show, which suits me just fine. Her brown eyes are wide, alternately staring at me and darting around the room – they

Revenge is Sweet

moaning as my sister circled my clit with her tongue, teasing me but refusing to lick my button. I tried to regain control of myself, pushing myself away from her searching tongue the best that I could, but her new 10-inch appendage easily compensated for any distance I managed to get between us. “Cari, for god’s sake, please! Don’t do this. It’s

Southern Dreams Ch. 1

grin…not like the evil smirks that she had seen a couple of nights before. ‘Ma’am, my men have been in a fierce battle for the past two days. They are in great need of drink and rest, as are our horses. Could you find some kindness in your heart to allow my men and their horses some water and a place to rest? That’s all I ask madam.’ Allison

My first nudist experience with my aunt – Pt. 1

same way she was rubbing lotion on Terry. I squatted along with her and saw her pussy spread and I saw just how beautiful it was. She reached onto a small bag where all the small stuff was and then looked up and caught me looking at her pussy. I felt embarrassed but she just smiled and made no attempt to cover her pussy, she couldve easily closed

Blind Date

pull of the rope, my hand was pulled securely in front of me.I was bend at the waist, legs spread, ass in the air, chest on the bed. My hands stretched out in front of me, and I was totally immobilized."What are you going to do to me? If its my money you want, just take it from my wallet!" I said, fear clearly in my voice."Did I say you could

What if She Wakes part 1

that we will be sleeping in the same bed, because me and my mom always get just one room with two beds," he said with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. "Oh really, well you failed to mention that. Why didn't you say that to begin with? Now not a thing in the world could stop me from going," I said in a teasing voice. Although my mind was kind of

My Experience Behind Bars

the angry brown eyes.“Yeh didn’ do as told, bitch.” Was the grunted reply from him, as my pants were shoved from my thighs down to my ankles, then pulled off completely. Whimpers of fear came from me as he looked me over, one big hand stroking my trembling thighs. As I slapped it, I cried out in pain, feeling the stinging sensation go through me.

Seven Years Since The Motel

through his first-class cabin had ground to a halt. Worse, about a dozen sets of eyes were focused on him. He could tell that the majority of them had no idea who he was, but… oh no, one of them holding a magazine that had a cover story about his latest film. He smiled at the woman as he took the pass from her. He chatted with her for several

Popsicle - Part One

me down, silently asking me to get on my knees. I obliged.His heavy breathing told me to start unwrapping my next special-flavored popsicle. I slowly pulled down his shorts, gradually revealing the prize. A few more tugs and his dick flung out of its confines. “Wow, I’ve never had a popsicle this big!” I said teasingly looking up.Rob gave me a

Twenty Years to Life Ch. 02

Isabel Turner had made Torrie’s heart beat again. Isabel was wandering aimlessly on the other side of the second story of the mall. She had a scarf on over her head and was wearing sunglasses, as she didn’t want to be recognized. She came from wealth, as her father owned a series of very successful clothing stores up and down the California

Opening Laurie

had gone to bed, and I had beaten Laurie three out of five tough games. I then took Laurie home, and she promised to return soon for a rematch. Over the next several weeks, Laurie came by to play chess many times. Though we didn’t keep a count, our win/lose record seemed very close. In the meantime, our relationship seemed to be getting closer.

Tell Me Your Secrets

website, however, was a niche site that only attracted specific viewers, so the emails he received were very specific, and much more interesting.He scanned the list until he found the one that interested him. It was from Marie, his current client. She confirmed that everything was a ‘go’ for tomorrow night. Joseph smiled. Marie was a hot and

Body Heat

And that had been non-existent for the past 18 months. Even the vibrator she'd bought to reduce her sexual cravings had proven ineffective, because it failed to provide the euphoric feeling of a warm body pressed against hers. She imagined she could have sex with Howard, her employer. In fact, he'd propositioned her shortly after she'd started to

Dental Care Too

for a moment before glancing toward the exam chair. Tina lay there, waiting. She was an extraordinarily beautiful girl. There was nodoubt about it.Jack turned back to Greeley and nodded, albeit reluctantly. A vivid picture of RayBarrette with his young daughter flashed in his mind. Jack shut his eyes tightlyuntil the image faded."Very well

Raped for fun

ball gag. I told her I would remove the gag but if she made too much noise she would feel even more pain I slapped her hard across the face to reinforce this point and she lay there quietly as I removed the gag.Whimpering she said. “Please don't hurt me, please I will do anything just don't hurt me”.I knelt next to her and ran my hand up her

My New Houseplant 1

All tentacles stopped, sensing my fear, and my lower regions screamed at the sudden halt. No! Dont stop! I sensed the plant was confused. It had clearly seen the desire in my mind, why then did I react with fear? I tried to convey as best as I could that the image was merely an old fantasy of mine, but something I had never actually tried, nor

Making mom pt.2

mom would not be able to hold thedoor because there was no knob on the inside. She had slipped her fingersthrough the slits of wood to close it, and there would not be much of a hold tograb of to keep it closed. I walked to the door, knowing full and well what wasabout to happen. Mom and son were about to come face to face naked. I looked tothe

Former Princess

It turned out wonderfully.Finally it was time to get ready for the party. I slipped into my sensuous silk gown, loving the way the material clung to my body and caressed my skin. Underneath the gown I wore an ivory colored strapless bra and matching panties, and a pair of thigh high stockings. On my feet were four inch pumps, died to match the

Chapter VI — Another cousin

Amy now opened her eyes to this 69 scene, and said, God. You are both sex monsters. Our mouths were both engaged, so we didnt deny it. Amy had just awakened, so she was still a little groggy. I withdrew Bobbys cock from my mouth producing a whimper of complaint from him, and leaned back. I took Amys arms and before she realized what I had in

Ally - Born To Dominate Ch. 07

of me, humiliating me in front of them.Up until now, my true nature had stayed concealed to them. You know what, scratch that, the thing that bothered me the most was the fact that I had willingly assisted in my debasement, by jacking off in front of them and then liking up my own sludge. On top of those thoughts, I was left to wonder what they

New Year's Day.

by more champagne and orange juice, then went to see if I could find my mother and I a movie to watch in the tv room. She came in and laid down on a couch and waited while I selected a movie. I could tell that she was quite intoxicated and really feeling good. She then proceeded to tell me that she was unhappy with her job, with her sex

The Space Creature

into a large blob. The thing hit the ship in less then a second. The light blue slime lerched across the hull of the ship. It slowly began to turn back into it's atoms as it found a riveted side of the hull. It slowly sunk into the ship.The ooze plopped into the middle of a hallway. Starting to slide to the front of the ship. Henry smiled at

Sound Business Advice

an emotional wreck still sitting on the couch, unable to even stand up. My impulse, my inclination, even now, was to go over to the couch and comfort her. But that didn’t seem to be an appropriate role for me anymore. After all, I was devastated too, and there was no one to whom I could turn for comfort. She understood that she had condemned

Its hard to Please a Woman

We met in college, dated off and on, and eventually married after a few years out. It wasnt until we were thirty, two years ago, that we learned that he was sterile and unable to have children. He knew it was hard for me, and after several rounds of IVF, we settled with the reality of the situation. I loved James more than anything, but after

Surprise Visit

me, if not the local hotel," Greg said quietly knowing what Jolene was going to say."We would be hurt if you didn't stay with us. So you are why I have an hour-long break?" Jolene's eyes sparkled at the prospect of having the real Greg instead of the toy one.Greg nodded as he looked around making sure that no one was around, while Jolene led him

Domination in the Park

suggesting just some basic innocent domination.""Interesting. You did it already before?""No never, so it's also for me something completely new."They were walking for some time in complete silence."Well why not. But don't forget that I'm not single." Brenda decided."Ok. You are sure?""I think so.""Brenda stop," Ordered Jake.Brenda stopped

The TRUE Cinderella Story Ch 2 – Snows Exile

am my mother. I see why she does it so often now. Why did I waste four years not fucking? My uncle was nice, and I loved him for shooting his sperm up my ass and pussy, but he was not worth missing this! Snow started screaming, realizing she could be as loud as she wanted this deep in the forest. Fuck, YES! I love COCK! I LOVE SEX! She came again

The Dream Project Ch. 1

place look so familiar? :two men fighting: Girl: What is this? Man: You will feel the wraith of my demon sword. Other man: Never! :Men going at it again: Girl: What is this? Do I know this? Man: Feel god’s pain with this sword. Kyzuken! Other man: AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Man: Someday I will be free from this curse. :Snap dream over: :Girl becoming


hands ... needing/fondling caressing).Colin has his powerful hands roaming her back and the curviture of her sweet arse, whilst he devours her kneck with his tongue and lips).Anna senses two very large throbbing cock's lurking below, bumping/touching her body, her hands barley reaching find the heads of both - she manages a breath. "Ohh GGODDDD,

Dark Redemption Ch. 14

day.’ He grinned that grin that I love so much. ‘Any suggestions of what WE might get up to today?’ ‘What about a picnic? Something romantic. We could head down to the marina again and then go out to the little island in the bay. Neither of us has been before, and it is such a great day. We can be lazy and read books and lay about on each other.

Caitlyn’s Treatment Ch.12

gorgeous with all these rich people walking around in beautiful clothes even though it was midnight by then. I’d totally lost track of the hour till I saw the big clock in the lobby. And Brandon turned a little bit chatty then saying that all the guys were getting rooms here and that I’d see them and the other girls around. And as if to prove it

The Deer Stand

Karen held her arms out as if offering herself to John. ‘I’ve seen you eyeing my entire body all weekend and it’s had me wondering, what’s your favorite part?’ John looked up and down her sexy body, but he didn’t have to think long about his answer. ‘Your breasts.’ He replied. ‘Definitely your breasts.’ With no further enticement needed, Karen

A Daughter's Weekend Getaway Pt. 2

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed that, sweetheart. You have the sweetest pussy that I’ve ever tasted.” “Better than mom?” She asked. “I…uh…yes…” I finally admitted to her. “Much sweeter; Savannah? Do you think you could help me with this thing between my legs? It is aching and needs a release…” I stood up and showed Savannah my throbbing cock. My head

Beth’s Awakening Ch. 01

and, in general, anything but our relationship. Something was very wrong and whatever that something was, it was killing our marriage. I couldn’t put my finger on the trouble, but it was splitting us apart, isolating us one from the other. I recalled the excitement we had shared in the early years, Rick getting a good job, our first house, my

It's Been So Long

was amazed at how hard I actually was. I loved the feeling of a rubber cock in my ass while I stroked my member in the same rhythm of her poundings. She fucked me faster and I rubbed faster until I began to spurt. The first hot stream hit the bottom of my chin and fell across my neck. The ensuing blasts covered my chest and stomach until my

New Boundaries Ch. 02

collar on again before I go?" His pulse racing, Dana silently made a sign of acceptance. Travis paid, they left the restaurant and sat a little nervously side by side in Travis' car. They spoke little; only Travis ran his fingers lovingly along the inside of his lover's thigh, while Dana grasped his hand and pressed it against himself. They

The Big Cummer (Another Of My Wife’s College Adventures)

He yelled, “Your tongue is incredible.” His yelling aroused her and she kept sucking and using her pleasure giving sex toy tongue on his boner. He screamed, “I’m cumming.” She got ready when she felt his hard dick twitch and expand in her warm wet cock sucking mouth. The first big spurt down her throat was immensely sexually gratifying for my

A Fucking good time Chapter 1

hands gripping it, no doubt the same man that was punishing her hole. She had to admit, she always heard stories about men with small dicks, but wherever they were, they were not here. Swiftly wrapping her drenched hands on the new tools, she continued her job, the sperm on her hands acting as a lubricant. Perhaps one thing she regretted was the

The wizard and his dragon

to which she was delighted and began the run of questions. The story began and as he told her, the creature made a noise and was thus discovered she wanted to see it first hand. Assuring her it was friendly the creature was summoned and appeared, in all its beauty there stood the beast. She was in awe as she gazed upon it. The creature stood well

A Unique Relationship Ch. 03

and she wore a yellow dress that buttoned all the way down the front. It reached just past her ass. She was wearing black leggings and showing some nice cleavage. Candle lit dinner under the stars, and Lori loved it. ‘So Lori, are we seriously a couple now?’‘I think so, don’t break off things with that girl your age, but I’d like to be yours.’I

Black Man Rules The World

were told. Now, that’s what I like to see women doing more of. More working and less complaining. If they did more of the former and less of the latter, the world would be a better place. When my beloved partner Pierre Roche comes home from his trip, he will come home to a loving man and a nice, clean house. When he comes, I will lock the

summer vacatiopn

still wet as she had jus washed heself n mine were dry bcos of my initial fright.but soon our lips were one.i sucked her lips n inserted my tongue inside her mouth.our tongues entwined n i was suckin her tongue n she mine.we broke up after sometime.i had a million questions to ask but she put her finger on my lips n said "later".she took my hands

Xavier Drifts

he come back to you?’ ‘Probably a bit of both I should think,’ Muriel said, sounding half satisfied. ‘Beth’s been in big trouble at college for assaulting another freshman.’ ‘Was the other girl hurt?’ ‘There was no other girl, the person she walloped for attempting to have sex with her was male. He lost a tooth, suffered a black eye and a broke


watching her perform for me. She had two fingers tucked in between her lips moving in a circular motion, the fingertips disappearing and then emerging from between the delicate folds. Occasionally, the hand on her hip would move over toward her pussy and gently tug at the edge, slightly opening her lips up. As they opened I could see her cunt,

LadyK_6 Ch. 06

hard against me with her body pinning my cock and the dildo between us. I could feel her nipples against my chest as she forced her tongue into my mouth. It turned into a bruising kiss and as her tongue withdrew she bit down on my lip drawing blood. "Don't you think every little slut deserves at least one kiss before they are raped?" She asked

Dear Diary - Chapter 1

the gateway to Nirvana and I would spend hours under the bedclothes and in the shower giving myself orgasms.In the late summer before going off to boarding school my mother made an appointment at the Doctors for me to have a health check, I was having problems with heavy periods and I was hoping they could do something to help with that also. The

My My Tgirl Princess Pt.2

wrapped up in the moment. I try to ignore it but it is impossible to ignore. I blink my eyes then all of the sudden.I'm laying in my room alone. What the hell is going on? The alarm on my phone is going off. Damn, it was a dream, but it seemed so real. My cock is still pulsating and wet from precum. I grab a few tissues and my cock as I continue

On a Slippery Slope Ch. 07

just outside the bedroom door.I don't exactly know how to describe the next forty five minutes or so. At the bondage place, on occasion I could faintly hear Angie respond to what was happening to her when they had us in separate rooms. During our last session, we were in the same room together. But this is different. I can plainly hear everything

Hotel Hardcore

but there was cum in her mouth and on her face. Jessie coughed some of the cum out of her mouth, but swallowed the rest. He pulled her hair to make her sit straight up, and placed his cock between her tits. "Come on, slut." She pushed her tits around his cock, and he started thrusting up and down between her big tits. As he went up and down,

Pumping Lois at the Local BP

University in the Fall. I’m old enough to have a job, a hot job today.""Yea tell me about it. Well, I'm going back over and get out of these wet clothes. Then I'll lay out in the yard and take a sunbath.""Damn, Lois, if you want I'll come over and rub some suntan lotion all over your body. Then I can help you dry off," he said, handing her the

Her Journey into Submission

she reflected on the throng of people surrounding her. Her presence was undeniable, yet her modesty intrigued him, she did not notice any one of the men who cast her lascivious looks. It made his cock twinge, he was her master. As he approached she glanced up and registered him, greeting him with an affectionate smile. A trusting smile. She

New Territory

Coming fully awake with the orgasm washing over her she'd cried out shaking in his arms, holding her against his pounding hips. It wasn't until later when she was sitting to her first cup of coffee that she thought about it, smiling to herself. They had played with the idea of a D/s type relationship but he had always avoided it. Saying she

My girlfriends mom

it and begins to stroke it. With her other hand she strokes my face. I am beginning to drool now so she takes a small plastic cup and with the hand she was stroking my face with holds it under my mouth to collect the spit. After about 2 minutes, the cup had about a quarter of an inch of saliva in it. She puts her lips to the cup and swallows

An Ordinary Man’s Life Ch. 19

hands. They slept soundly and woke up late Wednesday morning. After a nice breakfast, they decided they were still a bit worn out, especially Sheryl after her uncountable orgasms the previous day. They opted for a sweet oral lovemaking session in the sixty-nine position where not much energy was necessary to achieve the desired goal. Todd sucked

A Moment In A Storm

hands dropping away from their defensive position by her face. He tilted her chin back, tucking her thick golden curls away from her stormy eyes, and just looked at her. Her breath was warm on his face, her silence tentative. And then, with barely enough motion to warrant the action, she nodded. He leaned forward, his hand reflexively settling on

My New year's party

another hard-on. So I pushed him down flat on the bed and mounted him. His massive cock filled my gaping hole and then some. We fucked like that for a good twenty minutes. Then he layed me down and entered me from the side, kissing and fondling my tits at the same time.Jim has some amazing stamina let me tell you. We fucked like that for another


how the story goes in Sicily."So Arram told the story and the caliph listened, and they made their way through the Night City together. Soon they came to a place where there were so many lanterns that the sky was almost as bright as day, and Arram saw a palace with a domed roof all of gold."You have never see the Palace of the Faithful, have you

What Samantha Saw

quiet. Her breathing was getting faster and she was becoming so excited that she knew they would hear her. They still didn’t know that she was there and she was enjoying the scene too much to interrupt. Samantha began to move her fingers between her thighs and started to rub her clit as she watched Jess eating Kylie’s pussy. Jess stood up and

Master's Birthday

my body that pleased him."Yes, good little whores like you love getting their asses fucked. But I don't want to have you screaming or wiggling around, understood?""I'll try, sir.""You'll more than try," he said, reaching for the bit gag. He put the gag in my mouth, buckled it behind my head, and grabbed the ankle cuffs. He cuffed my ankles

Summer Trucker

Saying, ‘Thanks I’ve been walk…’ as I turned to see the driver. She was possibly the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, coming for a town of less than 10,000 that’s not saying much but she was a sight to behold for sure as my words caught in my mouth. ‘Where ya going sugar?’ she asked as she clutched up and got back on the road. As I stared

Further Adventures of Susan Adams

Susan reached up under her skirt and slowly pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Then, like someone going to their execution, she walked over to Don, lifted her skirt to her waist, and, without further futile protest, lay over his knees, her hips exposed and ready for the punishment. As always, she presented a delectable picture of a

The Making of a Sissy (Part 2: The Metamorphosis)

I looked at myself the more I felt like he was right about all of it. I pulled off my shirt and slid my shorts off, tossing them into the hamper. I studied my lean figure as my tiny cock rested softly above my little balls. Clearly this guy was right, and I felt like we didn’t even belong to the same gender. I turned and glanced at my ass, and

For Blush

few inches forward into my heart, and the hurt would be nothing as compared to the pain I would feel if I ever lost you. I had to make you understand the only way I knew how to'I moved and took the sword from her and she started to cry, and embraced me, holding on to me like never before. I felt her warm tears on my cheek, and to my amazement,

Baby Girl Puts On A Show – Part 1

Girl laughed, as her friends chastised her on how controlling her Daddy was. Quietly seething inside at their judgement. They just don’t understand how he loves me, she thought to herself.  One of her friends nudged her on her shoulder, and nodded towards a group of guys at the other end of the bar. ‘I bet he’d freak out if you even said hi to

In Front Of The Kids

I greeted politely. He grunted, lying down on the couch, filling up the entire space with his legs. Kids, say hello to your father I said. Hi Dad They barely glanced away from the TV to say hello. Wheres my dinner? Silently, I got up and walked into the kitchen, retrieving the meal that I had kept warm for him until he got home. Walking back

Guardian Angel Ch. 03

The big man suddenly lashed out and trapped Rafe’s head between his meaty palms, preventing Rafe from turning his head. The mystery boss remained behind Rafe and the big man, sizing up the situation. After a minute, the enigma sighed and said, ‘Release him, Roscoe.’ The chunky hands fell away from Rafe’s face, and Rafe was able to breathe again.

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 15

in her course schedule. Amy’s biggest accomplishment of the semester was receiving a B+ in Burnside’s Theory of International Development class. Of the 150 students who originally enrolled in that class, only 45 remained by the beginning of May. Of them, 37 actually received passing grades. For the semester Burnside did not give any A’s. Of the

Kaze Has Her Anal Exam!

out of the room. Kaze's belly was distended to the point where it looked like she was pregnant. She squeezed her butt cheeks together trying to hold the solution as cramps rolled through her belly. The nurse pulled off Kaze's gown leaving her naked and exposed on the table. Kaze begged the nurse to let her use the toilet as the ticking of the

Bliss Ch. 04

open before him made him that hard. I leaned back on to my hands, turning my head to face him and opening my legs a little wider. I could feel my wetness run from my opening down the crack of my ass to pool beneath as Malcolm watched. I shivered a bit, getting more excited. "Touch yourself. Play with your cunt for me." I had never done that

Jocko Trains Colin

kept grabbing his butt cheeks which was scalded from the paddle and the strap.And there's splinters in those cheeks from the paddle-yours truly had to pull them out with a tweezer later on. Colin's not suppose to touch his butt less I say so,.Yes. but I jus kept playing with his dick and it got harder and harder.I whispered about how much I loved

A Demon on Maple Street - Part Two

and closing her eyes she slowly found herself in a warm dark blanket of space. The incredible sensations poured through her body quivering like waves, and her body responded rhythmically, slamming into him, taking all of his throbbing cock deep inside her pussy.Her mind floated, brain prickly, alive, awake yet free. She clenched the headboard

Recollections 2 Ch. 06

can you possibly explainme and Lexi coming across each other three separate times - inthree separate cities, even - the day we met? At _Perky's Cafe_,at my medical practice and then the beach, outside my home, laterthat night. A powerful force wanted us to be together." "That powerful force was your heart. Her heart, too. Heartshave a way

What Mom Doesnt Know Will Fuck Her

even tighter. She whispered, I love fucking you, son. Your cock feels so good in my cunt. Do you like fucking Mommy? I moaned, I have wanted this forever, Mom. I have never felt such pleasure. My mom smiled, You know this is just the beginning, Baby. We are going to do so many naughty things. What do you think of Miranda? She is the second

Anal Cafe Ch. 02

perfect. She had been making plans to surprise him with a romantic vacation to celebrate their three year anniversary. It had taken her weeks to decide on a destination and when she found Negril, she knew that it was the perfect place. She sent away for brochures and happily went over to his apartment, using the key that he'd given her. He was

Strawberries and Old Cream

wasn’t sure about this. It seemed so fast. Going back to Julia’s place. The roommate is away. And I am old enough to be her father – damn, that’s the first time that thought entered my head. “Only if you wanna,” she said – I think she sensed my hesitation. “We can go to the study hall downstairs if its easier for you. But it’s three flights of

The Strip Ch. 11

flickering to the white powder on the table. ‘Because coke tastes so much better with a Benjamin,’ the sassy brunette said sweetly, rolling the bill. ‘Carly—’ the redhead nervously began. She couldn’t do this. A little weed was one thing. Cocaine was an entirely different game, one she didn’t want to play. But the look in the spiky haired woman’s

Menage a Trois: An Anal Plug Story

You shifted as if you could feel our eyes drink in every inch of your body. Though out of view, I knew your bottom was tender.“Bottom sore? Did I make my point abundantly clear?”You turned your head and nodded with a submissive look in your eyes. I wondered how wet your pussy had gotten so far. It was certainly time to find out.She fingered your

Eventful Night

massaged and squeezed her breast. Her tongue made slow circles around my areola and flicked against my sensitive nub. Using my longer thumb nail, I scratched at her nipple, pinched, and pulled. A gasping moan rolled from her throat and she pulled me down to the bed on my side. Her hands worked quickly and removed our pants and panties. With her

I Love My Dad, Part 2

could even react to that Randy planted a huge kiss on my lips. I kissed him back and we embraced as lovers. Today was the start of our new lives, our new normal, and I couldn't have been happier. Randy and I cuddled for a bit before either of us spoke again. It was I who initiated the next conversation. "So what do you want to do today? It's your

The Blue Peas

up for it, Veronique’s dildo’s missing. I might know where it is, but mixed blessing. I’m not as genteel as she is.”Four weeks later, she let him fuck her, but, somehow it felt to him that she was still doing him.Two weeks after that he reported  for basic training. Sergeant Major Villeneuve frowned. “Are you in the right place, sir? We have you

Death’s Favorite Soldier Ch. 02

creature the likes of which this planet hadn’t seen in millions of years. The ancestor of modern vampires. I had become a Proto-Vampire. Shortly after that, I attracted the attention of various powerful forces. A beautiful black female vampire named Rhonda approached me while I was studying at the Boston Public Library. And she wasn’t alone. She

Hailey's Journey Ch. 14

Nick, that is). He tied her hands to a tree limb high enough so that her feet were barely touching the ground. Clover clamps were attached to her nipples, and Nick told Hailey to pull up. As she pulled up using her arms, he attached the clamps to the tree branch with a piece of twine. Now every time Hailey relaxed her arms, the clamps tightened

Mistress & Slave Ch. 01

of his Mistress returning early slave applied the black leather item around his neck and ensured that it was perfectly placed, observing himself in one of the mirrors which were located around the bedroom. He also applied a small amount of the scent which Mistress liked in a hope to remain in her favour and avoid upsetting her. He pulled on the

Becoming His Public Slut

and I had the chance to set everything up the day before. I brought some of our things, ones I know Master will enjoy using on me. I booked the hotel for two nights. I’m so excited for it, I can’t wait. We show up at the hotel, everything is hidden for now. We still have about an hour before people show up. Master is of course full of questions,

Up in Vermont II. (The boys of winter)

for Gabriel, too. I reach out for him with my left hand and treat his -OMG- quite nice sized cock the same way. He doesn't get too excited and continues tasting my lips. I doubt there is any more eggnog flavour on it, really. Gabriel's manhood is still growing under my hand -OMG-and now he is making excited noises, too. He is mouth is down,

Aunty Pam

and 225lbs, so she isn’t a small woman. I believe that’s why she is single. A lot of guys don’t appreciate her beauty, but her nephew does. She is 48, has long brunette hair and green eyes. At 48 her D cup breasts have started to sag, but no more than any other woman. She was stunning, but her ass was the greatest part about her. It was very

River Boat: Day 03

rays as they made their way down river. The warmth of the day grew as did their desires. Sam playfully zig and zagged the boats flight across the water till he was reminded of his companions mishap of feeding the fish. So he stopped the boats water dance and idled down as he watched the bank for a sign of the trail he was looking for. Spotting it

Denise The Submissive Mom, Chapter 22- Sheila one week later ,after party

basement dungeon door , she could see that Gwen already had had her husbands prick in her mouth & Sheila was licking her son's ass. Fucking Gwens face without mercy , Rocky was stiff as a board as he screwed Gwen missionary style before he withdrew & started screwing Sheila doggystyle. Back and forth he went until he creampied Gwen's cunt & he


at my touch and beamed a delighted smile as she scurried away to do my bidding. I watched her go, my chin held high, then turned my head slowly, scanning the room for friends, for foes, for hot guys who'd fight over the chance to buy me a drink, for subbies who, like Debbie, would do whatever I wanted. I took a deep breath, letting my breasts

At the beach, a collaboration

me to gently lubricate your ass and slip the tip of my finger inside. You chose that moment, with my finger in your ass, two fingers in your tight pussy and my tongue lashing your tingling clit, to finally reach your climactic orgasm. Your thighs clamp around the sides of my head, the muscles in your ass and pussy spasm around my fingers, you

honeymoon in thailand? part 1

seeing my fascination with the subject. he revealed to me his stories of thailand. amazing strip clubs where gorgeous young women had sex on stage. there were cheap drinks and free lap dances. you'd go in and you'd pick out the girl you wanted and and pay the bar fine of 15 American dollars and have her hangout with you the rest of the night.

Craving you

He looked at me for the first time since I got there, his blue eyes meeting mine."You know I was serious that day." He mumbled. I rose an eyebrow. Throughout our long talk I completely forgot that single thought of want. "What day...? There's been a lot Travi." I said and kept focused on his games. He sighed knowing I wasn't paying attention. He

Megan's Summer Part 1

up to her pace. Megan picked up the pace, running as fast as she could. After running about a quarter mile, she could no longer hear anything and stopped to catch her breath. Whatever it was, she figured she must have lost it. Megan slowly walked down the path as she tried to catch her breath, her body was tensed up and shaking from being so

Fern and Ryuko

borrow my hoodie to get home with... I can give you my number and you can return it when you have time.” He held out the garment as he came close again. She nervously sunk a little further behind the rock, he was getting too close.“Hey, no! Stay back... I don’t want you to see me naked! I can’t get out of the water with you looking!”He chuckled

Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 15

someone else! He said he would tell the girls that if their own mate drew their real partner's number, it would be held out so that another number would be drawn before that mate' number went back in the hat, so that everyone would have a different temporary mate. Paul went on to suggest that they should closely observe how each one would react

Lefone’s Quest Ch. 01-03

in such high esteem, he could scarcely make a day through to sundown without some un-married spinster daughter being introduced to him. His dry wit, serious character and devilishly good looks broke the hearts of young girls vying for his attentions, and left wives questioning the sanctity of their wedding vows from one glance of his deep brown

Under Pressure

into his chest, I tipped forward till the ends of my hair brushed against his face, ignoring his request even though I had just asked him what he wanted. I smeared my dripping pussy on him. “Oh?” my voice soft and teasing, “do you want me to kneel between your legs?” His cock between us brushed against my own aroused bud as I rocked my hips.

Lost Empire 51

as Grant walked in. "You better let his wife out soon or we're going to have a BIG problem with that little woman. She damn near took my head off!"  "She's probably still pissed about the last time you got me drunk." Gunter growled. "I am afraid that I can't leave yet."  "What exactly did she say?" Derrick asked.  Grant snapped to attention then


my chest. Down towards my waist. I knew I was already hard. But she didn't go there.Instead she slid her hands up my shirt. Started rubbing my chest. And looked at me."Enough?" Lindsay said."You can do whatever you want," I finally said.She started rubbing my nipples. Then slid her hands down my chest again. I kissed her. I had my hands on her

Exercise One

first time she’d orgasmed while reciting her exercises, after a week of repeating them alongside the rest of the class, she’d barely been able to pant the words out while Natasha fingered her pussy. But she had learned how to focus better since then. She was utterly focused now, and this orgasm was just part of the pleasure that came from

Mistaken Display

Mr Hill replied and Jessica turned to face him she was deep in thought."Ok, Mr Hill, ill do it" Jessica said, "Great, thankyou Jess, this will help me a lot, just get on up in there and show off that pussy and your pert breasts, get some customers in here, ill call your mom and tell her that your helping me out today" He replied as Jessica

Nightmarish Husband

for at least a week. This is because her husband Craig had been unusually horny in the past month. At first, Paulette enjoyed the attention she had been getting from Craig but wondered where the extra libido had been coming from. But then, he needed to have sex twice a day. When that was not enough, he would bang her three times in a row. Plus he

Dangerous treasure (fantasy)

was being dominant. “Please do daddy! Breed with this slutty Orc! Not going to be a problem!” Tyler said as he slams back into her pussy pounding away. Tyler was now on a mission to breed with this bitch. It wasn't just intercourse anymore. Now it's all about mating. He keeps slamming away as he was getting closer to her womb. One he hits her

Plantation Life Ch. 01

whore from Bombay. He bargained with my father because he had a unsettled debt. He agreed to cancel his debt if he gave me to him. My father never really loved me and saw me as another one of his bastard mulatto children. He gladly accepted the offer. My mother had died years ago of a snakebite. I was raised by my grandmother in the fields. It

High School Part 5

him.“Pat is down in the basement with Kelly thinking that you were mad at him about last night.” Anthony said. Straight guys are always right to the point. “What? No. Why would he think that?” I asked.“Because both times you woke up, you threatened to pee on him, and ran to the bathroom.” Anthony said, I heard a thunk shortly after, and realized

This Story Is About Cindy 1:5

third time, as she crested the tip of his dick with her tongue and wrapped her lips around his head, she went down on him deep and started sucking him vigorously. Greg groaned as her head bobbed up and down on his prick, coating the entire length in her saliva. I could only imagine what she was doing with that tongue of hers behind her

Fantasy Vacation Chapter 24 Final

to sleep.   Suddenly Mike felt someone shaking him awake. Opening his eyes he was surprised to hear his wife’s voice telling him to get up and get dressed so they could load the van and leave for vacation.   “Oh my God he said to himself, I must have been dreaming?”   The End    I want to thank all the readers who read my story and posted

Denial Ch. 02

twitching cunt. Wrapping her legs around his leg she pulled him in tighter and ground herself into him. The lips of her pussy spread and she whimpered as she felt her clit rubbing up and down against his muscular thigh.She could feel every muscle in her body tighten with exquisite tension as her orgasm began to build. This was it! At last he

Tatto Parlor

a finger inside of me and moved it in a “come hither” motion, stroking my G-spot. This caused my pussy to pour and cover Christine's face.“Fuck yes!!! Eat my pussy!” I screamed out from Christine's talented fingers and tongue.Christine moans were muffled by my burning slit as she face fucked me. Her moans caused vibrations to tickle my clit and

Alex Ch. 01

felt the pulsations of his orgasm as he exploded into me with such force. He moaned in pleasure as he collapsed on top of me. ‘That was incredible.’ I muttered as I fell asleep in his arms. The early morning light woke me. I looked over to see Alex staring at me. ‘Come back here tonight?’ He was pleading with his gorgeous green eyes. ‘Yes.’ I

Softly, She Treads Ch. 03

the trees. He followed, watching her, doubting his own judgement again. Would a servant of evil return to feed is victim? Would a servant of evil withstand violence against it without retaliation? Would a servant of evil sympathise with frustration and seek to keep it company? Hester watched the girl running light-footed over the grass and

Maid and Laid for You

but I nodded assent, as You replaced the earplug, returning me to silence.You then took my hand, and led me forward, where a strong pair of soft hands pressed into the small of my back, lowering me backward onto the glass topped coffee table. Apparently, You had covered it with a quilt, for I did not feel the glass on my back. Then I felt a pair

Forbidden Fruit and Consequences II - Jessica

sounded very tempting and his obvious ulterior motives appeared to flick the switch this time. Unconsciously, she pressed her thighs together causing her black thong to dig into the slit between her labia and absorb the first droplets that testified from her rising urge to have her channel filled with what she knew only Nathan could give her.

The Thirteenth Virgin

of what it is.”“I don't like it. He's going to give you something horrible, and if it doesn't kill you right away he's going to rape you.”“He's going to try.”“The best thing you can do, Sadie, is put yourself under and hope he tells me to take you to the furnace when he's finished with you. You'll meet the other girls, and maybe we can think of

Leelus Family History-Daddys Story

that weekend whenever she was hungry. That story always turned Dale on. Especially the part about her first meal from them. They had saved up their cum all week so that each would have a huge load. She sucked them all off into a bowl and she lapped it up on her hands and knees like the family dog. Her mother fucked herself with a huge dildo as

How it all began

simply took a pace back into the hallway, uncovered her breasts and waved. What else could I do but just stand there wave back enjoying her daring act until she closed the door. Making truly passionate love that night, we totally admitted our mutual arousal, intensifying sexual escpades, stimulated by Mandy’s recently discovered desires, and

Politics Makes Great Bedfellows

is okay, but my marriage is good, although the sex is marital sex. That means I have sex, but it isn’t wild and dangerous, passionate, frequent enough, nor do we do it with as much experimentation or variety as I want. But we still do it, and there is lot’s of it. We have read Open Marriage and talked about some of the possibilities of bringing

The Office Party

way up to our floor in the elevator. The office is somewhat quiet as only few others have arrived. As we part ways, my head turns with a slight sigh. I see him walking away with his broad shoulders, and an aura of masculinity, which draws me to him. He is wearing a dark grey suit, a white shirt, immaculately shined shoes and a pinstripe tie. His

Bobby and Spanky (English)

20 inches dog cock in the bottom of the uterus. I opened my eyes as I caught my breath with the dog still on and inside me. Bobby’s cock was throbbing and hard before my eyes, ready to attack anything that moved.— Down boy, down.The dog got off me and went to a corner to lick his pink penis. I was on all fours panting and dripping vaginal juices,

Katie Reviews "The Connector"

with her when she went to buy us coffee. This gave Laura and I plenty of time to test The Connector's claim to be escape proof. And I can confirm that the claim is true. There was no possible way for Laura to squeeze her head out, not from between my thighs anyway. It wasn't even possible for Laura to turn around so she could face away from my

What Dreams May Come

the pussy that was slopping on my face started peeing. The oddness to it withdrew my orgasm, but the warmth that was gushing in my mouth and down my neck, kinda turned me on? It was not something I had ever experienced. I wasn’t sure if I was turned on or off or both alternatingly....but it didn’t matter because she climbed off of me entirely,

Seeing Red

just thinking that there’s something missing in my life.” “Well there’s something missing in my life and that’s my 500.” “500? I thought we’d agreed on 250?” “Yeah. But that was before you did that thing with my ass. I won’t be able to have anal for a while, and you being such a reasonable kind of guy.” Millie gave me a lopsided grin to accompany

Hailey's Journey Ch. 05

toilet break later, Nick strapped Hailey down onto a heavy office chair. The chair had a computer chip attached to it, and at a typed command, it began to spin and move in a zig zag pattern around the room, making Hailey dizzy and disoriented. Nick varied the speed of the spinning and the travel, leaving her in the chair for almost an hour. When

Stranger in a Hotel Room

her.” He kisses me again.He rolls me over, expertly without withdrawing. I howl in ecstasy as he begins to pound away at my ass. You move to my side and kiss me, hand grasping at mine. You move your mouth down my torso, licking and biting as you go; I squirm with the anticipation of your mouth on my cock. I groan and my hips buck as your warm

A Night Alone

steamy hot liquid and started massaging herself all over. from her toes to her neck. her hand gently rubbed her pussy, a sensation of plesure washed over her, reminding her of the night to come. she soaked in the tub for 10 more minutes. got out and patted herself dry. she wanted to look and feel good for the night. in her bedroom she got dressed

Controlled Ch. 09

out now after he had just wanked and came looking at pictures of me online. I had been running this through my mind all day and i was horny like never before. I knew why he was concerned and truth be told i was as well, but he was not going to ruin this for me. "Well I don't" I snapped "Now take a picture of me" I motioned towards the camera,

One HOT Summer Party Part 2

was going to come looking for us soon. Both looked at each other and Lisa just smiled and told me she would go first and I needed to come down later. I just nodded back in approval. But decided to go into the bathroom to try and get some of the soreness out of my cock. As Lisa turned her back I just saw that gorgeous ass of her and thought I will

Stepsister Seduction: Chapter 9 (rewrite): A wild threesome

hips in time with Annas head. He looked at Jenna, groaning, fuck Im gonna cum. Jenna nodded at him, smiling, do it Tim, cum in her mouth, let her taste your hot cum. Tim moved his hand to back of her head, holding her in place, and throwing his head, letting out a loud growl, ahhh fuck! Listening to Jenna talk like that only heightened his

The High Priestess of the Willow

attended by her Sisters, her breasts anointed with first the lavender and then the rose oil, as she stood in the glow of the nearly full moon. Her raven hair cascaded to her waist and her stately presence brought gasps of awe from those picked to witness the event. The chosen one was brought forward, his hands bound, his eyes staring in awe at

Moving Violation

back and forces him hard against the hood.Holstering her gun she takes his right hand and twists it behind him hard and quickly cuffs it, then the left. "Sir, You are under arrest, you have the right to remain silent, but I recommend you tell me what you have fucking hidden in your pants!"He mutters, "Um what? Nothing! Just me."She yells, "Don't

How Long Can You Resist Ch. 04

Papa?’ Mrs. Winshaw asked. Elizabeth, sitting in the windowsill with a blanket wrapped around her, nodded and left her comfortable seat. She’d caught a bit of a chill after her drench in the rain yesterday, but she was well enough to hobble around the house and do a few chores here and there. ‘And do eat something, girl,’ Mrs. Winshaw scolded.

Lets Play

commuters. There were no seats but they managed to find a spot to stand near the doors. The train stood in the station for awhile but then finally they were off. A whole weekend away from everyone and everything awaited them. They had been on the train for over an hour when at the next station the majority of the passengers got off. This left

Home sweet home

daddy."  She breathed as she removed her bra and panties.  Ted's cock was already in a full state of erection, but when Mandy bared her large breasts with big erect nipples and a neatly trimmed pussy, he felt like his dick got even harder.  Mandy moved close taking his hard peter in her small hand and led him to the bed.  She laid down on the bed

Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 06

Val had the apartment to herself. Joe was working on a term paper that was due in two days. No way was he coming over, even though he knew she would fuck his brains out if he did. Sitting on her bed, Val spread her legs wide to take a closer look. From the outside it looked the same, especially with all her dark pubic hair. Sneaking a look at her

Playing the Game/Dancing the Line

yourself between it and me. "And I expect you to use it."It's that final line that settles it. A nervous thrill goes through me as you start to smile. Your twisted sense of humour loves this as much as I do."Of course," you say smoothly, as though testing out a new theory, "a name is really only something that you respond to. And you respond so

Island Fever 4: Paradise - Chapter 18

upon me with a full, happyexpression. "Daddy says he would be honored to meet you!" When we left the cemetery a good four hours later,Donald's tombstone and its surrounding area popped withvibrant colors thanks to Lindsay's special touch. Shedecorated it with a wide assortment of bouquets and flowerarrangements, put up a pair of sun-catchers,

Little Tia's Pretty Pussy

tired and was going to bed. She said she felt the same way. I went off to my room in a hurry. Thank our lucky stars mum walked in when she did and not a few minutes later when me and Tia could have been doing anything. I took of my clothes and slid into bed. I reached down and grabbed my cock. I began to pump it thinking of all the things that

Trust Fall Ch. 10

is buying that for me. You don’t touch. She opens the bottom of it and puts in the batteries. She twists the base and there’s a low humming. ‘It works,’ says the little minx to herself. She takes Ben’s card and he signs for the purchase. ‘Let’s put these in my truck and go have some drinks.’ ‘Okay.’ He takes me to the Netherland Plaza on Fifth

The pool party

It felt good to have finally finished. I was talking to one of my friends when I got a text from my friend John. He asked me if I wanted to come over later for a pool party. I said sure! I drove home and went inside. I grabbed my bathing suit and some sun screen. I went out to my car and started to drive to his house. As I was pulling into his

A Day in a Life Pt. 02

but again her grandmother solved this: just two or three drops of devil’s wort in a cup of tea or coffee, while not causing any serious illness, brought on nausea and stomach pains. Add a bit of skilled acting, helping and showing concern, and then offering an old family remedy, which was accepted by most, though certainly not all was usually

New friends 3 – Bens stay

on the Friday and needed to be on site, plus would need to get some prep work done on the Saturday morning. Sam was visiting their daughter so he would be alone. I said it wouldnt be a problem. When I got home and told Chris, she went about tidying up the spare room and making the bed for him. By the time I got home on Friday Ben had arrived, his

The Passion Of Two Friends- Chapter 2

at me. I did not speak a word; nor could I think. I started to put my hand in my pants to massage my throbbing cock as I admired his prick. There we were, two friends sitting next to each other on the bed with our cocks out for the world to see. My wildest dream was finally coming true."OK, lets do it." I saidRod nodded and grasped his prick in

lustful sin & closest kin, part 8

her wet pussy up and down on my fingers as she began to fall into the grip of orgasm. I started rubbing little circles over her swollen clit with two fingers while I anchored my hand by pressing firmly against one side of her wet, yeilding, pussy lips. My mouth left her breasts and I kissed her deeply and smothered her mouth with mine and

Fighter Ch. 04

were of course bombarded by the pop culture as they worked, but to them it was annoying. The easy rock was a welcome relief to the nineteen other channels of hip hop on the local radios. They found a table near the pool tables and juke box. The table was cleared by the server so that soon they were shooting pool and eating great bar food. The

Finding His One Pt. 02

Could he bring it up and not scare her away? He decided it was worth the chance, but how to approach it was the issue. They had talked a little about that night. His hands on her body, pushing her around where he wanted her, the things they said to each other in the heat of passion, all the things that would have stopped sex cold with others only

Cold Play

sleep, the first thing that you do is get out of bed, and go straight for the fridge. Right after a nice and cold shower, of course. That’s exactly what a certain dark-blonde woman was doing on a stiflingly hot night. After a rough day at work, not being able to sleep was making her very uncomfortable. Even as she pulled open the refrigerator

Lights Out

He pressed his dick against my asshole. With slow and easy pressure his dick went in me. He buried his dick nut deep inside me. We kissed as he worked his long fat dick in and out of my ass. I could not believe that I actually had a dick inside me, or that it was the gorgeous Johnny who was doing the fucking. I watched his stunning body moving

Intended Ch. 04

forward with his walking stick, they both watched as the top of it disappeared underneath the surface. A sickness rose from the pit of the woman’s stomach and her heart began to pound as she broke out in a cold sweat. No, no, we cannot do it here. It is too deep. We, I will be swept away, she panicked, her breath growing quick and shallow. As he

Decision Tree Ch. 15

to cum whether that meant getting ass fucked, fingering myself or even rutting on the edge of the table like a complete whore. None of that mattered right now beyond my need for sexual release.Gwen told me to spread my legs a bit. I didn't see how that would help her unhook the belt, but as I was standing with my pussy at eye height to Beth

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 6

tried not to show it in front of Geoff. He now knew that at least he would be spending a lot more time with Dave, and where Dave and himself were Tess would follow. Drew told Geoff all the details he had of his deal with the chef and how he was to supply meat exclusively to the restaurant. They arranged for Geoff to take the dog for the few days

Mercy, My Love

lost it completely when he shoved his hand inside her. The wet from the first orgasm let him in. It hurt, but he wanted it. Taking some breaths, she relaxed and found her place on her knees. Pumping slowly in and and out, finding all the goodness in it, he pumped his hot hard rod down her throat. She felt the rub and suck in her mouth echo in her

Big Fun in the Big Easy

breath and jumped back into the shower. She knew that if she didn't hurry, she would keep the others waiting. She let the cool water rinse the sweat from her body and cool her down. Her clit was still tingling. She resisted the urge to finger herself again. She simply didn't have the time. She got dressed quickly, selecting a a new black thong.

Dear Diary IV

the table and spread my legs in front of him. I did, and he put a cuccumber in front of me and told me to fuck myself with it. I was so embarrassed, but I did like he told me and slid the cold vegetable inside of my vagina. He told me to fuck myself harder, so I started really pushing it in and out of my vagina. He told me to suck on my

Daughter of the Wood

window and watched his daughter standing next to a car, chatting with the young man who owned it. Though the day’s outing was a civil protest against a factory releasing contaminated wastewater, he could see in the manner of the couple that there was far more than a sense of civic duty motivating their time together. Though she was dressed in a

Ally, Her Mother And Then Her Sister

the phone back. All I did was reach for the door. Marie put her hand on mine. “We don’t need to go yet, do we?” “You might as well keep an eye on it and let me know when anything arrives.” She was halfway down on her knees before I accepted the phone. Marie smiled up at me. “It would be a shame to waste this opportunity, don’t you think?” My dick

Prime Assets Ch. 05

to it. ‘This one in here is a respondent to an ad we placed on the Bosomaniac website, which is dedicated to large, perfectly formed bosoms for obsessive men to masturbate over. Let’s see how obsessed he really is.’ They went inside. A chubby man in his thirties, wearing the same vest and underpants combo as Shelley’s volunteer, perched on the

French Kiss

I didn’t see anyone, but could hear them talking. They spoke Vietnamese, so it seemed that the VC had caught up with us. They were in the jungle, and would soon reach us. I strapped on my gun belt as I ran down the stairs. In only a few seconds I reached the room where my men were, but I found that I would get no help from them. They were dead,

In the Beginning

to take it out and gently stroke it. I’d pull my briefs down around my ankles, and slide my hand up and down my cock, enjoying the sunlight on my body and the feel of my fingers on my shaft. On more adventurous days, instead of find a place to sit I’d explore. I’d find one of my spots and leave my coat and pants, then head off down a trail. There

Brenda and Connie Ch. 06

to have more sex. I kept pestering Antoinette for sex but she kept putting me off. Antoinette told me that Jennifer was very jealous and she did not want to jeopardize her relationship. Besides she knew that I was really heterosexual and that there was no future for an intense relationship. Antoinette sensed that I would give her up in a

Helping a Friend Make a Baby Part 2

and thanked me again. Again, I couldn’t help but think how strange this was that my friend was thanking me for fucking his wife and cumming in her pussy. Taylor gave Larry a kiss on the cheek as we left. As we got the car Taylor asked me how it was and told me to tell her all about it. I gave her the details telling her that Kim had cum a couple

Diary of a slave: Girlie Threesome

last night. For the vanilla-minded of you, a munch is like a Meetup for freaky people. Master and I definitely qualify as freaks. Master told me my job for the evening was to find us three options. He would get final say, and if we found someone to come home with us, I would be rewarded. I'm not kidding when I say I was worried. I was really

Fun in the Jacuzzi

my body up and down. I asked them if they would care to join me in the jacuzzi. Amber looked at Mandy and they seemed to think it was a good idea. I flashed them a smile and climbed in. The girls followed and sat down on either side of me. I lifted my muscular arms up and put one around each girls shoulder. I noticed that Amber's bikini strap had

Rhett, Leslie, and Joyless Joy

of hair just above where his body joined his boyhood, but otherwise he was entirely hairless. He had an entirely fuckable bubble butt. Sometimes he shaved. I loved that. He was a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty with fair skin, a button nose, and a kissable mouth. Leslie was a cutie. She had only the slightest of rises on her chest where her

A Taste of Cheerleader Discipline Ch. 02

And she would be cheering in tonight's game against the Tinseltown Tigers. At that moment, Mr. Hardown had an idea. He quickly buckled his pants, zipped up his fly, and walked out of his office. Mr. Hardown walked towards the football field. He needed to get dirt on Jenna. Something that he could legitimately use against her. However, her

Part 6, Puppy love

be their valentine. Other girls made a big deal about that stuff, but I didn't care. Tyler and his mom walked straight to me and the paused in silenced. Tyler's mom shoved him and said,"ask her". Tyler gulped and and blurted out, "can you be my valentine?". I had never been asked that in person. Everyone in class, including our teacher just froze

Horses in the City Ch 01

They were at a Christmas party but Lila barely registered the lights, the decorations, or the songs. Emma’s words had blocked everything else out. ‘Just what I said, Lila. I don’t think it will work with the two of us. It’s just not . . . .’ Emma put her hands together, back to back. ‘Just not meshing.’ Her brown eyes were bright and she was

Bus ride to sex

and kiss her passionately, firmly, my tounge parting her lips, intertwining with hers as I let my weight press against her, pinning her against the brick wall. She feels my hard cock pressing urgently against her, the heat of it setting her afire! I feel her erect nipples pressing into my chest concentrating sensations of pleasure as they press

After The Hot Tub

in my hands, however, I'm confident you aren't going anywhere. I continue kissing your cheeks, your jawline, down to your throat when I take a few nips of my own before continuing south. I kiss and lick all over your collar bone and chest, slowing down and kissing softer and more closely together once I reach your breasts. I want to make sure to

Mother and Son

found it at the entrance to his mother’s ass. He wasn’t sure if she’d been fucked there or not before, but this would be her first time if she hadn’t. He forcibly pushed his cock against his mothers anus, pushing his large tool through the ring of muscle and into his mother’s ass.Natalie moaned again, quite loudly. This had been the first time

A Lover’s Touch

dropped. Jessi giggled. ‘I think you’re a bit over-dressed.’ Without a word, he pulled off his shirt and wrapped his arms around her, pressing their bodies together. She held him for a minute and then slipped out of the rest of her clothing. Zach took her cue and dropped the rest of his clothing on the floor with hers. They stood and admired each

The Submissive Side of Lust - Part 4

than to shift my shoulders a little. A groan slips from my mouth, “mmmm”. Is this real or imagined? It must be real. It is moving down again, across my stomach to my hip bones. It is moving over my lower stomach and just tracing lightly over my womanhood down to my thighs. It continues down my legs to the inside of my feet and then it stops.

Tuscan Break

of my shaven head in affirmation and pulled me back to you.. Pushing your legs apart, I gently drew my tongue up and down your entrance several times, before plunging it deep within your molten core.. I heard you gasp as I started thrusting it in and out. My fingers went to the top of your mound and massaged and coaxed in time to my tongue.

Charlotte Ch. 2

And with a little bit of rehydration we could move on to other things. ‘Freeze frame!’ I said as she reached the bedroom door. ‘What?’ ‘I just wanted to savor a look for a moment.’ She turned. Struck a pose. Cleaned up a bit, she is a vision. Very French. Pale white skin. Black hair. Framed in the light from the hall she looked quite delicate.

Emily’s TinyCunny’s

lick her clean, Emily said that she want to taste me and I told her that ‘you can have the second load where ever you want it’ ………. By this time in all my cumming I hadn’t noticed that Wendy had dropped her pussy onto Emily’s face and Emily was lapping her wet pussy and covered in Wendy’s love juices. Wendy started to suck me hard again and I

Glade and Ivory Ch. 23

already been raped,’ Glade reminded her lover. ‘Come on!’ said Demure urgently. The rafts were moored by ropes made from grasses and sinews that were tethered to stumps of wood that were either naturally situated by the waterside or had been pegged into the ground. The raft that belonged to Glade and Demure was secured to a thick upended log and

The Weekend – Part Three

fingers with anticipation. “Put your fingers in me. Please”. “When I’m ready,” I told her. She threw her head back in frustration, but was clearly enjoying the moment. I slid my finger into her drenched hole. Her juices flowed out, running down my hand and along the inside of her thighs down to her ass. I ran my wet finger up and down just

8 Years Later

nodded. "I bought a special outfit for you." I smiled. "So...," she began, as she leaned in and kissed me. "I want you to sit here and think about all the dirty little things that I'm going to do to you when I come back." I nodded, trying hard to maintain my eagerness. "Good," she said once more, flashing a quick smile before turning and abruptly

Casting Off Convention (Pt. 1 of 2)

of cast-off armor, carried a rusty woodsman's axe in one hand, and a crude spear in the other. Raptor ordered, "Shields up and ware." The warning proved to be quite valid, because as soon as the first men were within the creature's long throwing range, it hurled a spear. One of Raptor's lieutenants caught the weapon on his shield, the loud clang

Fucking Married – Part 2

a trap, I was sure of it. Pretend to be all cool and open on the phone, and then spike my drink, or push me down some stairs, or just plain old shoot me, when I get there. I was not going! There was no fucking way I was putting myself in that situation. I sent Paul a message saying ‘Tam called me. She knows. Warning!’ and then I carried on with

Manmoirs: Christmas Party Hookup 2

her vaginal walls as hard and fast as I could to finish myself off. The explosion of my semen was not as strong as the blowjob she gave me earlier, but the orgasm was still strong. I collapsed on-top of her. I was exhausted and spent. Esther completely blew my mind that night, and in some aspects I did the same for her."I can't believe we hooked

Hannah’s Hero Ch. 06

on every upstroke. ‘Hannah,’ he whispered, caressing my name with his voice, ‘I’m really close. I gonna cum hard, baby!’ I took him all the way into my throat one last time, then released him. Moving carefully, I mounted my husband again, and laid the full length of my body against his as his manhood filled me. My mouth locked over his and we

A Toy's Toy

in peace; two female heads competing for his cock, one dark-haired, one chestnut with paler sun-bleached highlights. A pair of almost black eyes, another pair of light, silvery green, like willow leaves when the stormy wind flips them upside down. Ten gentle fingers holding his shaft, adorning it with pearl and white of French-manicured nails.

Key Card Ch. 02

forth in rhythm with his thrusting. He emptied himself deep into her for what seemed like minutes. I was going crazy with desire for her. I wanted to be doing that. She knew very well that was the position I liked best.She laid on her bed and they kissed for a while and cuddled with soft words that I could not hear. After a while she whispered in

Little Mel II: The Cheerleader.

now I want to taste you.” Mel then went back to work on my cock. In no time, her powerful sucking and rapid tongue action had me on the brink again. I grabbed her ponytail and helped her set a pace that took me over the edge. As the first surge of cum rushed from my cock, Mel stopped bobbing up and down and held my cock deep in her mouth. She

Flavours of India

face contorted into a huge smile, which made Ashna blush. They shared a look, then kissed cheeks again. Ashna extended our thanks, and we took our leave. I spent nearly all my remaining time in London with Ashna, carrying her books to medical school classes, having meals with her and her family, even helping out at the restaurant as a busboy!

Calm Before The Storm Ch. 02

in with a complaint. Bettina continued: ‘The Assembly has mandated that all Town & County Government functions institute austerity measures during these tough economic times. It is not known yet where the Council will make cuts, which departments will be the most deeply cut, nor which or how many jobs will be lost. ‘In other news, ‘Black Friday’,

Sorry dosent cut it.

up her scream but it was still loud. he started taking out hes finger and putting it back in in out in out and me mom was staring to moan. then her flip her over so that she was on all fours and her pulled hes pants down and hes crock anout 3 hard came out this was the first time i saw anything like these i was geting wet i thought it was pee. he

the neighbor

hands massaging them. He was home from college and had been enjoying his neighbors body every day as she bathed in the sun. She wanted to stop him, but it felt so erotic with the young boys hands on her tits she let him continue. He then layed on the lounge with her and started to suck each tit. He loved the big tits on the sexy woman. As he

The Quiet One

without making eye contact. “We must be cheering for the same team then!” I say a little too peppy, trying to get his attention. It works. Bryan turns his head and looks at me; I notice his strong jaw line, light stubble, and perfect lips. I want to take him right here; straddle him, ride him. I tell him my name is Jess and he says his is Bryan

A Mistake

the small details making sure he had not missed anything that was no mistakes were made. ‘Ma’am, the room and credit card is registered under a Tanya-‘ The young lady who was now furious at the counter interrupted the clerk, a friend and co-worker of hers stood in line waiting for his turn. ‘-Yes it is, because she is staying with me in the room,

Race Play Ch. 03

virtually all races and ethnicities in my time. The Black male and Black female submissive types who seek me out are usually the most fun. That's why they're definitely my favorites.Presently, I'm dominating Jamal and Shamika Brown. Jamal is a big and tall, short-haired and light-skinned Black man who works as a corrections officer for the

Blackmailing Christina into being my sexual toy

harden into a rigid tool of sexual conquest. I rubbed her head with my left hand while my right hand slowly stroked her arms and hands as they laid across her flat exposed stomach. Christina purred and moaned her satisfaction with the comforting touch of my hands. As she closed her eyes, I bent over and planted a kiss on her tender 18 yr old lips

Sexy Ash BBW Ch. 04

usually stay for a few hours and smoke two or three bowls together. Furthermore, I didn’t want her to feel pressured to leave early, so I asked if she wanted another bowl. ‘Yes,’ she said with a big smile. I was disappointed but not surprised. I figured I’d just be patient and enjoy the next bowl with her. But then, after a dramatic pause, she

The island of perversion

of time down there sliding the cake into her pussy until I slipped my finger down until I could feel her little entrance. She spread her little legs even further apart. My finger slipped up inside of that little body. She was so tight. I pushed my finger up inside of her as far as I could. I didn't feel any obstruction and she didn't pull

If I was there. (Edited and reposted)

and your body starts to shake as I finally make you cum for the first time. As the feeling slowly fades you think to yourself “hopefully the first of many” and I have every desire to see that there will be more. After your body has relaxed a bit I return to your clit licking and sucking but only long enough to reignite the lust in your eyes.

The Day That I Almost Died

hope Jerome is coming back in. He is such a stud and always has something funny to say. He is going to med school or something. I’m so glad that I put my yoga pants over the warm underwear and got my new Ugg boots. I want to look good for him. My butt is my best asset. Wednesday night is always slow. The Serotonin Chaser was five minutes away.

her Heart Ch. 03

fact that i can wait for an hour, wondering, hoping, and with every second and minute that ticks by feel it just as deeply.... well it makes one wonder."5:30 pm, she wanted to pull out her hair, screaming and crying. The pain was deep. Why did He do this to her? Why did He set up a time and not show up? How many people set up a time to meet

Piggy and the Repairman, Ch 1

Miss Lisa, that I could get him to fuck me. As I led him to the thermostat I swear I could feel his eyes watching my ass, so I swished it a bit more than usual hoping to send him an invitation.When we reached the thermostat he put his face close to it the squinted his eyes like he couldn’t see it. He turned toward me and gave me his beautiful

1950s-60s Boylust, pt.1

Then we tied them together, with one string around both our dicks, but not tight. I think at first it was really not so much about sex as just fun. But then we discovered how good it felt when our dicks and balls touched, and after that we took off the string & would rub our dicks and balls together and that felt so good. So we did it that way

Prom Dress

as we contacted with each other. She leant her head back, raising her chest a little more to me, and my other hand found hers on her other breast. I looked up at her, eyes closed, head back and started to kiss my way over her silky chest, over her shoulder and softly up her neck. She responded with moans and gasps, and her hand began to rub up

Dear John--part 14 of 15

said.“I need a name for her,” she said. “Got any ideas?” I stared at her with a blank look. I had in no way expected to be involved with naming any of the children. But there it was. Even if I declined to give my daughter what she was asking for I was involved. My refusal would be seen as active involvement if only in a negative sense. But, I did

Our Second Meeting

up and down between her hands. She sat down on the edge of the bed and appeared to be ready to take him in her mouth when instead he pushed her down across the bed and positioned himself between her legs with his face buried in her neatly trimmed bush. At that point I couldn't't’t hold back anymore. I disrobed and knelt on the bed alongside her

The Sacred Band Ch. 17

shortly after one a.m. the lights went out on the upper floor, and only the kitchen was illuminated. Here three men, the two bodyguards and O’Brien the dog-handler, were playing a game of brag, grumbling sometimes at their luck. They took occasional pulls at the bottle of Bushmills whiskey that they assumed the boss had left out for them. Half

Don’t Fall In

as many disastrous ideas do, in a bar. We were in the students’ union bar of our local university where we were meeting after an evening class. The four of us, me Donald, Brian, Maureen and Sarah were discussing what we would do at the Autumn half term. We had a half term because we were adult education students on a local history course. The

Jason's Story

I get down to business, devouring that beautiful pussy. I feel you tremble under my administrations. Continuing, I slide my tongue into you. I feel your muscles contract. Knowing you are close, I dive deeper. As your orgasm washes over you, your delicious come squirts all over me. My face and beard are drenched. Your come runs down my chest. My

Perfect Prom Night: The Twins

saying yes. “Damn, ma.” “I like the sound of that.” “Fa sho, I’ll take both of y’all.” “We’ll be turning heads fo’real at the prom.” “I’ll be walkin’ in there with one chick on each arm.” he laughed.“I’m glad you said yes!”Cinnamon waved over her sister to the table. Avery looked her up and down. He knew who she was, but he had never really


He’d gone back to truck driving and had been gone all week. He was talking a nap while his clothes were washing. I patted him on the shoulder and he looked up at me over his left shoulder with those sleepy eyes and I had to fight the urge to crawl on top of him. I purposely sat down on the small sofa across the room from him. Apparently Louise

her gift to him

between his legs, he can feel him climb off him. He suddenly feels on his own. Alone. No one has said anything this whole time, there has been no noise, he isnt used to that. Then he hears her, she kisses him softly on the cheek, and tells him she is going to untie him and remove the blindfold. It takes him a while to adjust to his surroundings,

Blackhawk Hall Ch. 05

was a good dodge. That stroke would have taken you out of the fight for sure, if it connected – and having the high ground is never a bad idea either. That kick was a little over-ambitious, though. You weren't properly set, and that's why I was able to get hold of your leg and dump you in the drink," Christi instructed, wiping sweat off her

Sarah Humiliated by her Step-Granny

spanks landed those standing behind her will see her shaved pussy and most likely her stretched pussy lips as well.Thankfully the spanking ended and Sarah was ordered to stand up and when she did she did her usual spanking dance and knew almost everyone would see her breasts bounce and her stretched pussy lips and probably not know which to look

Shemale Surprise

around my cock which had gone rock hard upon seeing her tits. She moved her head up and down my cock, licking my shaft as she did so. One hand jerked off the shaft in time with her mouth and the other massaged my balls. This girl really knew what she was doing. I sighed and leaned back, enjoying the feeling of her sucking on my cock. She went

A Difficult Childhood

everything there is to know about this place.’ ‘Sure I would.’ JJ said with a half-hearted smile. ‘You’re the best worker I’ve ever had and I know I could trust you, but where on earth would you ever get that kind of money? I’d let you do it without the money, but that wouldn’t help Sherry and me to do what we want.’ ‘I’ve been saving most of my

How i Came to Love being a Slave

a nipple right to my mouth. How could I refuse? I kissed her nipple, gently sucking it in my mouth. She slipped off her nightie and let it drop to the floor. Without a word, I hugged her waist to me and let my kisses roam down her tummy. She knelt on the bed beside me and we kissed. Our tongues dancing together. We rolled onto the bed still

Light of Hellfire: Chapter 12

synchronized footfalls shook the ground and echoed through Hell. As they came upon the sadistic Gargoyles, they slew them like machines without mercy, swinging their massive blades and carving through bone and flesh with ease. They trekked through the pastures of fire, slashing and cleaving every Gargoyle in their way. Every time they came upon a

Love Next Door

pleasant mask of a face that said everything was great. But I could see through it now to the pain underneath. Hi, I said dumbly, unsure what to say. Hi James, she said as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I hate to ask, but I kind of need some computer help and figured you might be the best person to ask. Oh, sure, I said eager to help. So she

Yoga and Sex

Then he put a finger in me, moving it in and out of me as he practically handed me his cock to wank.One finger became two and two became the tip of his penis. Gently, he pushed his way in as my tight ass stretched to accommodate him. Inch by inch he moved completely inside me, I shuddered again as he started back at rubbing my clit. He pumped his

A normal day at the gym, or so I thought

pressure was almost unbearable and I felt like I was being torn apart by this monster of a cock. I felt my ass relax just slightly and as it did I felt the head of his cock pop inside. I was in so much pain right now, I had no idea that it would have even fit inside me. He let me get used to the size and when he felt me relax he shoved as hard as

She Comforts me

what went wrong for us, but somehow it stopped working.It took us another year to end it. We both cried a lot, and I still do when I think too much about that night in the bar when we first made love. Our break up was logistically difficult, because neither of us had anywhere to go. We ended up living together. We agreed that I would look for

I Put a Spell on You

existence, dead, slipped out of place, into planes like this one where things like those didn’t exist except in imitation. In a city like New York on October 31, the energy created by the one small spell that was clearly taking shape in his mind would fall like a raindrop into the ocean, unnoticed by anyone but himself and Taylor Gillis, and for

Willow and her Dad Part two

and she would moan and shake having little cums. I pulled her to my chest and took over the fucking. I lifted my hips up and started ramming into her hard and fast. I watched her face for any indication I was hurting her but when I saw her eyes roll back into her head and back arch I knew that’s how she liked it. She came hard and shook, pressing

Every Day Will be Like a Holiday – Chapter 5 – Conquering Christmas Eve

until he was completely out of breath. He dropped me to my feet and held me the best he could so that I wouldn’t collapse under my shaky, rubbery legs. It was a joyful exhaustion that came on with no thought and no planning, only a desperation to be together away from the watchful, meddlesome eyes of my parents. As soon as I caught my first

I’m Here, Sugar

my book is selling well. To be honest, I knew it was a good story from the beginning, but whether a story catches or not is always difficult to predict. This is my first novel, and as ridiculous as it sounds, there are eight more to go with the story. Maybe I’ll condense it down to five more. To be determined, I suppose. The next two are all but

Changing Room Confessions

over her breasts to her hard nipples, and pulled and tweaked them through her t-shirts.   Then she began to move her fingers slowly in and out of my warm, wet pussy.   I couldn’t believe what was happening, I had never imagined doing this with Katie even though I had always been curious about what it might be like with a woman.   I moaned quietly

Three days in Tokyo Day 1

just as you is receiving it. And there is the frequent tap of the balls on your forehead as you alternately raise your head to take him deep into your mouth, or he pushes his cock in and out. There is a vague eroticism about giving a man a blow job and knowing you are about to make him cum, and having the almost over powering desire to forget

A Night At The Movies.

held no interest for me or her so we chatted. Her perfume seemed to envelop as I leaned into her so we could keep our voice low. Fern's lips were covered in the deepest shade of red I had ever seen and her blue eyes twinkled as we spoke."Horror movie fan?" she asked."Big time. You?" I responded."Yep. This your first time here?" she asked."No.

Going Under Ch. 02

tears from the corner of her eyes with the crook of her finger the way only a girl who doesn't want to mess up her makeup can.The tone of her words melted my heart. "Yes sir."I have this grin that I've never been able to control when I'm really happy. Right now I was hating that grin, and yet not willing to try to hide it. I placed the collar

Part 2 - Early Night

my finger and started to tease her back door. After a bit and with her moving and moaning, I pushed against her anal ring and gentle eased my well moistened finger into her ass. I then built a rhythm between my finger in her ass and my cock in her pussy. Much to my surprise, she seemed to love it. A few light spanks with my free hand and she

One Big Horny Weasley Family - chapter 6 (reformatted)

a loud moan that she couldn't have stopped if she’d wanted to. Her head flopped back onto the bed and she gave into the feeling that was coursing through her. Her lover was a very quick study and had an excellent, if slightly unusual, technique. She raised her hips and let Hermione's mouth wrap around her quim before she came with a shudder and a

How we want a BBC! Chapter 3

my wife during one of our sessions. We played as normal and I started a little conversation as she was sucking on my cock. ‘Just think how great it would be if he was here right now. You could have the cock deep in you as you suck my cock!’ She immediately started rubbing her clit as she started to gag on my cock. She started to shake and thrust

Words Can Hurt

said. ‘Why? You are a really good writer. Why would you even consider giving it up?’ ‘I am glad that you think I am talented but let’s just say that some people do not hold my writing in such high esteem.’ ‘ Well my opinion is that those people are stupid then. They would not know a good piece of writing if it came along and bit them right in the

Outside Looking In

had a steaming hot mug in front of them. People were chatting and laughing and quite happy to be inside. I resumed walking slowly down the street looking into the shop windows as I passed them. In the baby items store I saw a pregnant brunette woman and a raven haired woman looking at baby clothes. The brunette held up a pink outfit and the raven

My Career as a Porn Star Ch. 03

to my second child - a boy - which, once again, my husband promptly took away from me to give to his sister. She now had a family of two but she still had a few to go before she had her 'ideal' family. It was my responsibility to fulfill this need.Immediately after the birth the doctor inserted the largest of the dildos so that the repositioning

Party in the Poconos, Day 2

60’s. Everyone chatted over coffee and mimosas following a fine Leslie and Angie breakfast. You could still smell the bacon and eggs and scrapple that I probably shouldn’t have eaten, but which had been delicious. Again, I’d helped with the dishes. I mostly talked to Gina, Jason’s former girlfriend, with whom I’d bonded the most since arriving

A Tale of Brothers

I dare him and he turns around so incredibly fast I have to hold onto him with all my strength. I close my eyes and am slammed against his sheets and covered completely by his body. His lips are on me, and his protective arms dare to destroy me, and in one quick shove of my body I’m twisted onto my belly, ass whipped into the air, and I claw into

Craigslist comes through

hole.He pushed a little harder and it slid in.I was in ecstasy as he moved his finger in and out.I stopped sucking his cock and said,”I need your inside me!” with no hesitation he laid me on my back and lifted my legs onto his shoulders.He placed his cock at the entrance of my ass and i felt the pressure of his thick head slowly moving past my

Thrown Into A New World

I weren’t a psi-vamp, I would be calling you bat-shit crazy right now?’ He flashed her a smile, ‘Which is why I’m telling you, ms. Fangs.’ He teased, then went on as she laughed, ‘And I woke up, like the snap of a finger. I broke free of the sleep paralysis, *and my legs weren’t kicking*’ He stated excitedly, ‘Both entities were gone, and after,

Highschool Grade 9 Chapter 2

I didn’t really join in the conversation from that point on, because I’d realized I’d have to deal with the same crap for the next week before people finally shut up about it. Classes came and went, and when 7th period rolled around, I went through the now painful process of telling the story, denying all claims of whatever the hell people

Screams of Joy: Part I

he buries his long wet tongue inside my aching pussy, his thumb rubs circles around my clit. He looks up and I realize he looks a bit like Mr. Suit from the bus last night. “Fuck! He has some amazing oral skills.” I think as I moan into the still silent room. He moves a finger against my virginal ass testing my reaction before pressing the tip

The Third Richest Man in the World--Part 3

table to give each a quick kiss. We left the steakhouse at 8:30, but not before I tipped the staff with five hundred dollar chips. Our limo was waiting for us at the entrance as were Sid and Amanda. George also joined us, sitting up front with the driver. Seconds later we were out onto the Strip en route to Caesar’s Palace. Traffic on the

Vanessa’s Island Ch. 03

I used to lust after, back when women looked like women and not half-starved boys. ‘I’m glad my naughtiness yesterday didn’t keep you away,’ she said as she dropped down to the sand next to me. Her position with one leg under her and the other stretched out was, to put it mildly, very revealing. I couldn’t help but stare. Amidst the tangle of wet

His lucky break

house, he pulls into the driveway and turns the car off. He gets out and goes around to her side. Her parents were deep asleep, her parents had given her a key for something like this so once he got her to the door he unlocked it, set her down on the couch and went to the alarm, he punches the code in to turn it off. Mark moves her over to the


my breasts. I took in a breath as his hand moved below, rubbing my clit nice and slow. I could feel him getting even harder. He started biting his lip. ‘Oh baby…damn…’ he hissed, rubbing me a little faster. I moaned, moving my hips with his hands and keeping a firm stroke on him. He walked me backwards onto the side of the bed rather quickly,

While The Ride Is In Motion

metro rail not even five minutes ago - was the catalyst of this sexual anguish that was stirring deep inside of me. There were no words between our lustful exchange, just the suddenness of her petite hand coursing against the fabric of my jeans, tracing the outline of my throbbing erection.Covertly, my hoodie became a secretive shelter as she

Chance: A Day in May

for two coffees, one black and one with cream and sugar. With a cup in each hand, I walked back toward my rig. Near the BMW where the blonde stood fuming and leaning against the fender, I turned and walked directly over to her. ‘Do you like your coffee black, or with cream and sugar?’ I asked when I reached her. ‘What?’ she snapped at me,

My Next Time With a Dirty Mommy

past, I’ve never known people who work together screwing around to be anything but a total pain in the ass. Someone always feels weird, someone always wants more, it spills over into the workplace, someone ends up quitting or fired. But this situation seemed to defy all logic. We laughed and joked when we were together. We talked about people we

Mother-In-Law Sex Pt 2, Grandmother Love

more inches. She pushed back, and I pushed forward, at the same time using my fingers to stimulate her clit and pussy from underneath. She moaned and aah’d, so I pulled back to the opening, then slowly pushed my whole length inside, until my pubic hairs were nestling against, tickling against her arse. I slowly withdrew, then pushed in more

Moth Ch. 034

I can tell you. From the blood, the tracksters can tell us where the spider is and where it is headed. Don’t expect more than that from military seers, Zoa.’ ‘I understand, Sir.’ ‘The real seers are being cuddled and spoiled like larvas. We won’t be getting access to one of those unless they ask to be accessed.’ ‘I understand, Sir,’ said Zoa.

Gifted Grifter Ch. 13

naked, she was rocking up and down—and she hadn’t even taken my dick out of my pants yet. She was, however, so wet that she was leaving a damp spot on them. Kissing me, gently rocking herself in anticipation, she freed the beast. I was pretty hard, what with Julie sitting on me like that. She stroked my cock, coaxing it to become even harder.

Coquette and her cuckold (Part 4)

I caught sight of smears of creamy fluid blending with the bathwater as it eased from between the cunt lips that she held apart. Julie saw it too and scooped up a trail of it in her cupped hand. Leaning her head back against the bath, she opened her mouth as she let the mixture of water and Daves cum slide down onto her outstretched tongue. Once

Lets Go For A Drive ch 1

told each other a lot about ourselves and sex. He was older than me, married and lived in another state, the chance of us meeting seemed impossible, although we often talked about it. I didn’t think anything more about it, until to my surprise, he called me one afternoon. He had some business in a town near mine, and if I was free, would love to

The Most Humiliating Weekend of My Life

out the window tosee what was going on. With me bare assed, face down inthe grass, Mark, Beth, and the two cops shared whatseemed like an hour of laughter at my expense, I washauled off to jail. It turned out that a couple of neighbors had called andreported me and I really can’t say that I blame them.The cops were actually going to let me go but

Adventure in the Park

and throw them across the parking lot into some bushes this will insure that I will be here until dark. I start down the trail looking out for any one as I go. I walk for about a mile and decide that it was time for the final touches. I get a chain that is only 18" long and lock it to each ankle, then I take another chain and attach it to a ring

Daddy am I normal?

after this.I watched him groan in pleasure "You're so tight" He whispered tilting his head and his face became a distorted look of pleasure and amazement.I felt myself starting to cum hard against him when sent him over the edge like he wanted.We moaned loud at the same time and I arched my back in amazementHe laid down heavily next to me

Ride To The Coast (part 1)

for a few days away from it all,it had been quite a rough few months,i lost my mum in january,my wife Allie lost her dad the next month he had cancer.We decided to go for a weekend down the coast,all we had to do was book it,but i said what about Lauren we cant really leave her home on her own,she not long got out of college so a break aswell

Michelle Pt. 01

her hand to her face. Then she grinned at me and held out her fingers. "Want some?""Not now, thank you.""You don't know what you're missing." And her fingers went in her mouth. "You really should try some. You're delicious you know.""I have tried some and it's okay, but not my favorite flavor.""Well what is your favorite flavor then?""I prefer

Morning Run

to ask if he can touch, but I beat him to the punch. I get up higher on my knees and I take his hands and place them on my breasts. He was so fascinated like he's never seen breasts before. He has a soft touch and he knew how to handle them. He spent some time rubbing my breasts as I stroked his cock. I instantly got the idea to wrap my breasts

Secret Love

slide across my crotch feeling my cock through my jeans. It starts growing with desire as her fingers trace its length, circling the head and rubbing along the ridge. My hand has slipped down her back and inside her jeans. First feeling her silky panties, then the crack of her ass. She has unbuttoned my zipper, fingers now teasing my pubic hair.

Civil War Reenactment

and removed their pantaloons. Totally naked those two women went into the bathroom and left the door open. They took a bubble bath together helping the other wash her hair.Doreen and I went in and talked to the ladies, she peed in the toilet, and I took them a nice cold soda. When they got out and dried off I helped the one back into her corset

Family Easter Gathering, Chapter Five

muscle relaxed with the rhythm of being taken in both cavities I began to thrust the digit in and out in the same tempo as the invasive rod that filled the more suited channel and she came again with a mighty explosion of cream coating my dick. The very next exit from her pussy I pulled my thumb from her sphincter and replaced it with my cock,

Short Stories: Supernatural Vampire

"It will not sting for long"His hand glazed down to my leg, he sat me on his laps like I was his puppet and he was the master and purred in my ear. His hand went among my legs on a side and stayed there, pushing against my sensitive pussy every few seconds, making me gasp in excitement. I knew this was a dream now. It had to be. right?He licked

New school, New beginnings

me to the weight room. After about an hour I went to my next class, Language arts. I was the last one in class and everybody stared. "Mr.James is it?" the teacher asked. "Yea." I retorted with an annoyed voice. "Over there." she pointed to the back of the class. I set my bag down and took a seat."Hey, I'm Dylan." The guy next to me extended his

A Step in the Wrong Direction - Part 3

She was rarely late, but she figured that the stresses of the weekend might be a factor. She decided to wait until Friday before taking action and buying a pregnancy test; but it wasn't until Saturday that she found herself staring at serene ladies holding their bellies on pastel blue boxes. She didn't want to buy one; buying a pregnancy test


up and go in such a hurry without letting any of us know where they were going or what they were planning on doing there. Thankfully I had done my research and at least had an idea of where we were going. I had also seen the video the boys had made, the others had not and didn’t seem interested in watching them, so I knew what the outside of the

An Unexpected Evening of Pleasure

on her clitoris he could begin to bring her to orgasm. His fingers moved rapidly inside her and Angie arched her back as an orgasm began to make her body shudder. She felt her pussy gripping his fingers as finally, and with a loud cry, she came. Her juices trickled down the arm of the chair as he offered his fingers up for her to lick her juices

Getting a Taste of the Eye Candy

must be to everyone around, he can’t seem to peel his eyes off of me. So here I go with my captive audience, kicking my legs back one at a time so that with each swing my heels rise above my ass. This little extra does wonders for my upper thighs and glutes but hell, who’s kidding who? In my heart of hearts I’m really just putting on a show for

A Few Minor Adjustments Ch. 04

relaxed as you are now. Do you understand?’ She’d begun loosening her belt, and I heard Stephanie shifting in her seat next to me. ‘I understand.’ ‘Sleep.’ Casually, Nicole laid herself back down on the couch, her hands folded back in her lap. I turned to Stephanie. I wasn’t quite finished with Nicole, but I didn’t need Stephanie in the room

Spice Ch. 01

snoring annoyed her. The alarm never roused him. And here she was, the fading memory of their first kiss disappearing, before the sun was even peeking through the shades. She didn’t want to look at the time, and she didn’t need to. David would be up soon. Reluctantly, she pulled her hand out from under the bedclothes and scooped the dried up

Alex and Emma Pt. 19

never held back in the advice department.Which was another reason I was both dreading this week and looking forward to it. She knew more about my sexual predilections than I did. Because she'd been the one to introduce me to them.She wrote erotica, just like me. Only better. And for profit. She just needed help in the editing department. Which is


her inner thighs. She knows it is defining her hips and cunt as if it were nothing more than a layer of paint.What do they think of her, these passers-by? What do they think of this pathetic display of obedience? She knows she can never be normal like everyone else on this street. She will always need this. She needs to be controlled like this.

Freedom In Slavery Ch. 04

that he should put pleasure above my orders as well, and had his way with my little strumpet.” My mouth dropped open as I realized we had been discovered! She pulled the hood off my lover and he turned to look at my Mistress with a fire in his eyes. She laughed deeply, her breasts shaking with each heart laugh. “Oh my dear, I’m not angry,” she

Kellys Awakening

and proud and were pushing against the thin top she wore and her skirt was around her waist. She quickly tried to arrange herself to look slightly less slutty. There was no time to get changed or to even find some underwear! She would have to just poke her head around the door and try not to show the visitor anything. She arranged her skirt to

Psychedelic Pussycat Dreams - Cre

alien landscapes of bright neon colors kissed the darkness, eyes peering out from strange shapes like psychedelic apparitions witnessing debauchery. I tore my eyes away from her obscured sex, glancing first at Greg as he undressed, his prick springing forth like a battle flag, lurid in the semi-darkness. His smile was bright, too bright, the

Owning Professor Ballard Pt. 05

the coolness of the morning. It had been a rough three days. She heard Kendra snoring lightly in the bed above her.She craned her neck and looked up at the clock on the nightstand. It was time to wake up her mistress. It was Wednesday morning. They both had to be at class at eight o'clock.The professor rolled herself over on to her side, then

Thomas and Amy Part 1

off again. "I won, I won." screamed Amy. "Well you get to see my boobs anyway." We rushed up to my room when we got home and Amy slowly took off her t-shirt, then started bugging me to hurry up and get my shirt off. "I thought you would be against taking off your clothes and now I can't take them off fast enough for you." Now it was Amy's turn

Joan & David Ch. 01

dad bought her a couple months before he filed for divorce to be with some rich woman in Edmonton, was pulled or rode all the way up almost to her belly button. Her pubic hair, from what I could see to the sides of her hand, was light brown, neatly trimmed to the point where all of the curls were gone. Her legs, immaculately shaved within the

Flirting 101

flat screen tv so we could watch a movie or something. I walked up the stairs behind her, with an awesome view of her ass. Her dress had gone up a little, which I think she did that on purpose to tease me, and I could see her panties. She was wearing a lacy black thong. I just wanted to fuck her, right there on the stairs. Just open her legs and

Could the past really be her future? Part Three

had just made more cash than she's seen in one night ever. The Bouncer sees shes out of sorts as she doesnt even make eye contact, and heads straight to the bar to get more drink orders that are up for her tables.The night seems to go forever, as she stays in a daze, making smalltalk with patrons, but her hearts no longer in it, her heart walked

Caught You Looking: Chapter 3

my age. He was a stocky and his belly clearly created a shadow over his jeans. His hair line was receding and his face showed signs of wrinkling but his expression seemed playful, his eyes seemed delighted, so much so that they were the only thing about him that seemed young. "There she is, my slut of a sister" Jack yelled far too loudly

Lucky night

And before a finished that thought, Emily’s eyes were wide open, and my pants were on the ground. I never thought my dick was that big, but I had never really looked at other guys to get a perspective.And then she started jacking me off. It felt great! I had masturbated plenty of times, but it felt so much better when someone else does it for