Girlyboy Gone Wild - Part Two

see Dan's big cock grow while he spanked my hot ass. It was perfect symmetry. My ass would make his cock hard and the sight of his hard cock would make my clitty dick hard and we'd both be ready for some hot action.I have never been into S & M, but knowing I was about to see Dan's cock grow while he spanked me was really a thrill. He wanted to


– just in case one of their own girls wanders away. Would you like a treat? Or would you prefer to watch your baby girl be teased and tortured?” asks Caitlin, her hand running along Fiona’s leg. “May I please watch Miss Caitlin?” asks the woman. Caitlin smiles, motioning to Becky as Emma sits next to Caitlin and Megan’s mother and Becky rolls

Aliens Ch. 05

to expand within the massaging pouches as his breasts slowly formed on his chest. Aron looked at the mirror and his eyes opened wide when he saw the clear pouches expanding. His areolas were forming into breasts. A sense of excitement gripped his mind and his breath quickened. ‘OHHH!! MYYYY!! UHH!! UHH!! UHH!!’ As the suckling and kneading

A New Turn to Things Ch. 03

went into her wet cunt, and as he turned the rod, she felt it go in further until it was almost uncomfortable. She groaned then as the rod began to move up into her and then down, he had it somehow fixed to a piston that would slowly fuck her. "This will get faster, and deeper, working inside you, of course you can always go onto tip toes." As if

She Likes to Pee

hard. I licked desperately at the cotton fabric separating my tongue from her clitoris. I wanted to taste her, raw.At first, there was a trickle, creating a moist patch in the gusset of her panties. I kissed it gently, revelling in her aroma. Then it became a gentle stream, which I swallowed gladly, and then it became a deluge which enveloped my

Soccer Mom Slave, Chapter 3

said weakly, so exhausted she couldn't take a sip. He drank all the contents of the other bottle, then took a hand towel from the bag and wiped the sweat from his face and body. He dried Brenda's saliva and what little cum was left on his cock and balls. He walked to the horse and picked up the dildo from the floor. He pulled the rope out of

Tall Fences Make Good Neighbors IV

considering her wanton behavior, nor had her admitting to having participated in group sex. Her interest in bondage, however, had been an eye opener and he couldn’t help but wonder if that was just the tip of the iceberg.The day passed slowly, his thoughts consumed by the sexy, uninhibited co-ed next door, wondering what she had planned for

The Eyes of Innocence

evenings talking to friends in chatrooms, getting to know people and building relationships. Each night she would spend a little more time on her computer, not fully aware that one night she would meet the man of her dreams. When Emily and Joseph took the leap and began to talk, the instant attraction became more. Every night Emily would race

New Year’s Resolution - Chapter 3

You will be the only man I am with unless things change.  And I’m babbling; please tell me what you think.”Ok, what exactly does one say about this turn of events?  Yes, I feel something here and would like to give it a run to see where it ends.  Do I want to share with Heidi?  Wouldn’t that be wrong since the last “massage” was so erotic?  Do I


deeper and deeper into it. I let out even more short noises as he moves them in a circle motion inside. He moves he mouth around it and licks it. I let out loud moans that echo in the forest each time it licks. He closes his eyes and moves his head back and forward pushing his touge deeper each time. I let out even more short sounds faster this

Theresa and her dad

the window,her cunt in open view for all to see. Somehow, thisexhibitionist stint made herevenmore aroused and aroused.Contracting and relaxing themuscles around her cunt, she felt herself begin to orgasm.No longer able to hold back,Theresa shut her eyes andthrew her head back as theorgasm began to wash throughher. However, just before she neared

Barbara Ch. 12

at her wondering what she might do. Barbara knew what he wanted and what he expected to see her do. This was the ultimate test of how much of a slut she would be for him. And Barbara was going to show him how disgusting she really could be. She unscrewed the cap on the bottle and poured some in the glass. She looked around, saw all eyes on her,

She Wanted to Win

‘How come you are so skinny? Even on a trapeze, I don’t know how much good your weight will do.’ ‘I’m a runner. We don’t carry much extra. If you are sailing well, you don’t need a ton of weight out there.’ I looked at her and saw the challenge in her eyes. Sailing well, eh. She was at least going to get a trial. ‘I have to go to the car to get

Rent A Wife

them.My boss took me aside and asked me if I wanted Jim Johnson’s job, that he was retiring and that there was an opening for me if I wanted it. Of course I wanted it. Then he asked me how badly I wanted it. I was confused. He then made it quite clear that he wanted to fuck my wife. After which he would announce my promotion. I told him that I


held on for dear life. I massaged her clit with my tongue until she cried, "I'm....I'm Gonna CUMMMM!" And with that her pussy exploded in my face. I was covered with her juices, but I couldn't have been happier. Colleen had just had an orgasm, and I gave it to her. She pulled me back up and kissed me long and deep, tasting her own juices in

Revenge of the Nerd Ch. 76

talked to your father last night and he said it was up to me, but he thought you needed to know before you made a big mistake. I finally got the courage to come here and tell you.’ This was what I thought I would be getting into if I had settled for Pietro Cohen or Etienne Roth. Wasn’t there any guy who could keep it in his pants? Just then, my

All Things to All People Ch. 03

of the Halls in her mouth. The door struck a bell as it closed, creating a soft ringing. As she stood, wondering where to go, footsteps and a woman, dressed in a traditional nun’s habit turned the corner. ‘Welcome to our sanctuary. My name is Sister Anne, but you can call me Anne. Are you seeking shelter?’ Cynthia could feel respect being pulled


time,” he said with a nod of his head.Grace took a deep breath and walked out onto the balcony.  She looked down into the court and her eyes met Robert’s.  Her forehead instantly creased as she watched him standing there with Allison hanging on him like a cheap drape.  A sharp movement from the corner of her eye made her look to her left.  There

Cuck Dreams

the middle of the night I began getting out of bed and stroking for relief. The trigger was always the same; she encouraged her lovers to cum inside her, telling them her husband understood and accepted his place as clean-up boy. And, then she would turn to me and say "Isn't that right Bob? Half groggy and horny as hell, I still yearn for her to

On My Knees

at the door. I parked and got out as quickly as I could and by the time I got out of my car, he was waiting there with his arms open."Hi, Baby girl" he purred into my ear as he folded me against his chest."Mmmm hi, Daddy" rising up on my tippy toes to place a soft kiss against his lip.Well, I intended it to be a soft kiss. Chaste. We were

How My Wife Got Banged Hard

was screaming into the sheets. He finally pushed her off his cock as she collapsed onto the bed. He grabbed a hold of his big cock and began to shoot his cum all over her trembling ass as she laid on the bed. What a sight it was as her ass was covered in cum.It was about 30 minutes later and he wanted to take her one more time. He had her sucked

Late Night

pants. Tracy tries swallowing the rest of my semen but it is still the only taste in her mouth. She feels loosen my grip, realizing she can now move. I disappear into the bathroom, then I return standing in front of Tracy, still frowning. " I... I'm sorry," She said. I shook my head. " Not good enough," I said. Suddenly, I grab her arm, lifting

Chicago Love Doctor Ch. 02

while I hear a voice telling me all the things I would like to do with her, and I agree to everything, everything. I want to love her to death, put my head between her gorgeous, strong legs, lick her juice away and play, play, play with my finger on the top of her clit, show her how fun it is to be with a woman who understands what to do. My

Drugged Lust

even realize the effect that the drug was having on Brittany until she was suddenly at his side, pressing against him completely nude with her hands scrabbling at his clothing. Shocked, and slightly angry at first, all of that disappeared as his Viagra induced erection came springing to full life at the sight of her naked body. She was just as

The Joy Of Sex

all, they seem content just to watch Jack fuck my girl.Joy seems to be gaining confidence by the second, moving in to kiss Jack with real desire, her hand draped around his length, jerking him quickly. His hand is once again touching her sex, she seems to like it.“Do you like my hairy pussy, Jack. Does it get you going?”He doesn’t utter a word,


wrists. I'm vicious as I growl in her ear. All Renee can do is whimper as her lungs burned. During the pounding I gave her, my hands grab her breasts pulling her nipples and squeezing her breasts over and over. Her face is red when she thinks about how wonderful the abuse feels and how my cock feels inside of her. Her hands found my ass and she

New summer trailer

and put his cock right in her pussy and fuck her for about a hour and as she came and came to the point he pull out and shoot this big load all over her ass and walk away, leaving her to fall on the ground and go to sleep.Walking back to the trailer , all kinds of things went though my head ,was my wife a black cock whore , Had he train her to

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 15

and jeans with a pair of sneakers, he looked like any other ordinary Joe walking down a street; certainly not like a man who was about to use me as a slut. He broke the silence first, "May I come in Cynthia." I nodded my head fearing that my words would fail me. I was struck by the fact that he knew my name. I guess I assumed Sage would have used

Her First Auction

of pleasure. Her deepest desire to please her new Master was fulfilled as He filled her with His seed. "Yes, nipples is an excellent name for you, slave. Now, lick me clean and curl up beside me. You may brush your teeth and pee, if you wish, for you will be chained to my bed this night. You are a natural slave, nipples, but I will train you to

Sharing Wives

is Will. Where are you guys from?” He spoke fast, and kind of loud. He had a nice smile on his face and a constant twinkle in his eyes. They were in town from New Jersey, which explained his accent. He was very gregarious and outgoing. “We live around here,” Dan said. “We just came in for a drink. I’m Dan, and this is my wife Cindy.” Paul set up

I Bet Your Girlfriend Never Did That….

dick with a girl’s asshole, I’ve wanted to do it. I was obsessed. I had a gorgeous girlfriend that was decent in bed but she wasn’t into it. She thought is was disgusting. I just never had to luck to date or meet a girl that could make my dream come true, so I fantasized enough to make myself crazy. The only XXX Movies I bought were all anal.

Culture Shock Ch. 04

the seam down the middle of her jeans parted her labia, pressing more firmly against her clit. She hoped she wouldn’t chafe. Shorter steps lessened the pressure, but lengthened the walk. She rued the couple of extra pounds on her ass left over from last winter. Her jeans felt like a hand holding her crotch. Combined with the rhythmic undulations

Meeting Ella for the First Time Ch. 01

skirt around the mid-thigh. I tried to casually look up at who owned these legs, and I saw an absolutely beautiful woman sitting next to me. She was engrossed in what was probably a text message or email on her phone. She was rapidly typing on the touchscreen of her IPhone, a large steamy cup of tea sat on the shared table between us. I was still

Special Dinner Part 2

a different story, like a wary jungle cat, ready to strike and rip my throat out if I made the wrong move. I let her go and she moved into the room. A BIG room. In the dim light coming from a couple of wall sconces and a laptop on the desk, it looked huge. Tammy moved into the room, taking off her business jacket and tossing it, missing the

The Maid

maid without any undue embarrassment.Well, the following Wednesday came and I stayed home. My wife headed for work and my daughter off to school. Nine o'clock rolled around and sure enough, the maid showed up. She was a bit surprised to see me sitting in the living room with my laptop hooked up.It was a warm day already, so I was sitting in

A Visit (Part One)

that had been the source of all my jerk off material since we’d started doing it, and especially since we’d broken up. I pushed her all the way onto her back. She laid down and looked up at me, her green eyes full of desire. I drop my PJs and stand before her only momentarily, my cock at full attention, pulsating veins, the foreskin stretched

Extra Credit Ch. 04

moaned and felt her stomach begin to clench. She had never let anyone touch her there. It was so nasty and so dirty. A professor had once asked her for anal sex. She had turned him down and taken the D. "No, not there" she squeaked but her mind knew that he would do what he wanted. He said nothing. As his finger gently explored, she began to feel

After The Movies Continued

on, and I grabbed my dress and slipped it on so I wasn’t naked because we have nosey neighbours. Once we were out of the car we made our way inside the house. I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a wine, grabbed the bottle and a spare glass, then made my way up to the bedroom. I walked into the bathroom, taking a sip of my wine, and turned

No Words Needed

place to come and meet someone. I’m about to give up and just go home alone, when I spot you from across the room. You are sitting in the back of the bar all alone. It seems as though you are looking for someone and when our eyes meet it becomes clear, you are looking for me. You stand up and start walking towards me with purpose. I drink you in

A Night in Gateway

could only do so much to anticipate what he was doing.Her thoughts a jumbled mess, Chalise had no clue what Shion was doing. Then his hands palmed the supple cheeks of her rounded bottom. She cooed as she let her forearms rest on the bed.Shion knelt before her beautiful body, admiring the look of her curves and edges. He too performed the

Promises Pt. 03

‘No, the endurance of hardship only strengthens their love of God.’ ‘Of course you, in your luxurious house, and your above average salary would know all about hardship, wouldn’t you? Do you tithe Pastor Mayotte?’ ‘Of course.’ ‘What percentage of your available income do you spend on life’s luxuries like food, for instance?’ ‘What are you getting

Jerry takes his sister Kathy down the path of submission

past my knees, past my calves and onto thetop of my feet and I cringed from the double pain ofJerry twisting my hair to the roots and did the same tomy right nipple. As I stood before my own brother naked as I day I wasborn I felt his eyes on me leering at what no man everseen before. He made me turn, take alluring poses,spread my legs, turn and

No More of That, Dear

as you always do at what to do. I feel my orgasm lurking behind me. Every motion you make, your long arms coming up and playing with my breasts as you eat me out, your eyes fixed on me and the faces I must be making- everything about it makes me that much closer. I don’t realize that I’m grinding against your face, until the moment right before I

Retribution – The Grandparents Turn

up one of the switches. She walked over to her Grandma, tapped her outer thigh a couple of times, and when her Grandma put her hand out she said firmly, “ Don’t.” Grandma took her hand away. “ Put them on your head Grandma,” Zoe commanded and smiled as the two hands shot up and grasped themselves on top of her head.” Zoe said, “That’s better.

Elaine, Kate and Dave

phones. The ringtone was my favorite but now I absolutely despise it after hearing it so many times. I don't know why I bothered to change it though, but I won't change now but will do later. I forgot, today's a holiday. I changed my mind, I will sleep. Snooze mode. Ok brain, don't overthink, sleep. My dick is hard, I don't have any kind of

Orgies Can Solve All Kinds of Problems

looked like a statue in some lost temple in the Indian jungle. I probably grew another half-inch just from looking at her. When he saw his girlfriend disrobing, Kevin began to hastily strip off his jeans and T-shirt. Tia came very close to me. She smelled rich and exotic. Why dont we get started, she said, her hand finding my cock and lightly

Without You I Have Nothing Ch. 07

At the end of Act One Peter escorted Jennifer from her seat around to the stage door where the number of people who knew him astonished Jennifer. He led her to the side of the stage where they stood, in the wings with a crowd of couples all attired in evening dress. Peter put his arm around her as if he were about to dance with her. Suddenly the

Messy Ch. 16

the knob when Tori said "Gary?"I turned. "Yeah?"She'd lay down, wrapping herself around that crushed pillow, and she looked up at me with scrunched-up, dark eyes. "Do you think you think THEY felt it?"My throat tightened and I felt hotness around my eyes, pressure building in my chest and sinuses as I was jolted back to awful, dark

Connor and Claudia

we decided to play again. This time we ripped our clothes off even before we shut the bathroom door. I looked at him all naked, average-sized cock for his age, his handsome body... He looked at me. Later he told me that he was staring at my budding breasts, and what he could see of my pussy. Then we played the game. But while we were playing, I'd

Richa banged in a taxi

my pussy being ravished as his now flaccid monster wagged in front of my face. Pre-cum oozed from it’s slit in a tacky flow and dripped onto my hair.He raised my palms to his organ and made my hold it. With my fingers wrapped around his shaft, began to hump his hips. This caused his dick to begin to harden again and soon his fingers couldn’t


women. I went out with a few, but it never amounted to more than a goodnight kiss at the door. Even though I am in good shape at 6’2’and 185 pounds, I know it was me. I just didn’t project myself in the way that attracted women. I was hoping to change all that, but I guess I haven’t met the one woman who can trigger an emotional response from me.

Rough Video Booth Sex – Part 2

open, so I didn’t expect any problem taking his thick girth in my ass. I was wrong. I didn’t realize how much thicker his cock was, compared to Mack’s. But I couldn’t help yelling out when his cock head disappeared up my rectum. This earned me several face slaps from Mack, who then grabbed my head by my hair, and slammed his newly “cleaned” cock

Mystery Ch. 02

"Screw you buddy! I don't care what you think about this but I am loving it!"With precision timing her tongue darted inside his pucker. Ever so slightly at first. But it did not take long before he felt the cool metal ends of her jewelry brushing up against him. Even as he realized this he noticed he was begging her to do nothing less.He had for


She began to mumble strange sounds of joy. Her pussy pulsed each time I let my tongue enter her slit. This was the longest cum we both had ever had. It took our breath and our minds, leaving us only enough thought to moan, over and over. All went quiet, except for our soft moans and our gasping for air. My memory went off the scale. I was unsure

My First Ride On A Train

myself from thinking about how I was going to relieve myself when I got home. Well, when you have not had any sexual attention for so long, a rampant rabbit can become a girl’s best friend, though I could not help but think it was going to take more than my best friend to satisfy me after the day I had. It was a warm summer.s evening and the

Northern Line Cougar

on a sunny Sunday afternoon I went wandering.I boarded the Northern Line train and found I was the only person in the carriage. It stayed this way for three stops until Jana stepped aboard. She looked up and down the carriage. I was expecting her to leave or sit well away from me but no, this well toned brunette wearing a pleated sports


in the opposite sex from the time that he knew there was one, nothing of note happened until his fourteenth birthday party. Up to then, he had with mild scoldings and a mild sense of humor from his father, he had been a gentle nuisance to his four sisters spying on them at odd times. This had seldom been when they were uncovered, just when they

It Started Out as Just a Joke

THESE FOR US.” My smile was now gone, replaced with a shocked look. Then I smiled and laughed as I thought he was joking with me now, “okay very funny”, I said. He replied with, “Let’s try it now!” He dropped his pants and removed the rest of his clothes and as he opened the box to the toy he said, “Hurry up I’m horny.” That was already

The Cult’s Mascot

legs real or are they photoshopped?’ She grinned and put her right leg on the bench. ‘You can touch it if you like.’ I shyly caressed the back of her leg. Her muscles were hard as stone. I felt a sudden urge to kiss her knee, but I feared that it might be inappropriate and controlled myself. I reluctantly let go of her leg and started fiddling

Pregnant in Panties

was now circling her clit and her middle finger was plunging in and out of her hungry cunt. Squatting down opened her dusky rose colored sphincter and she forced her middle left finger as far up her anus as it could go before she started a finger-fuck DP on herself. She started groaning as she remembered the rest. He must have known, she

My Golden Summer with Blythe Ch. 01

today. ‘ ‘What’s going on between the two of you,’ Grandma teased, with that usual knowing twinkle in her eye. ‘Nothing, Grandma, Blythe just comes out and rides around on the tractor to keep me company. ‘Granddad won’t mind as long as I get back to work at the usual time…which I will.’ Wolfing down my breakfast, I beat a hasty retreat. ‘Gotta

Summer Holiday Education pt4

to my side and saw chloe still sucking grandpa, then saw john fucking my granma from behind it was only then I looked to my own cock that was still being sucked.   “Mary, wow when did you arrive” I asked excitedly.   Mary was my younger sister, let me quickly describe her for you all before I carry on.   Mary: 5’1”,To continue reading this

Prison of Pleasures

I massaged his cock with my lips- making it wet and shiny. Seeing him raise his hand for me to stop, my mouth made a popping sound as I released myself from him, I leaned back in the cage with clear liquid running down my chin and onto my chest- making it look like I was drooling.He chuckled as he went towards the only exit in the room with his

Prowling Ch. 02

When she got into the bathroom, she looked at her ass in the full length mirror and saw the writing. She knew immediately that she’d use two mirrors to decode it and get the number and the address right. She did that before she had any time to change her mind. She shocked herself right them by almost automatically reaching her finger down and


me first in that bar six months before I probably would have missed out on meeting him at all. He just didn’t seem like the boob fiend type, until he walked up to me smiling and asked my boobs what I was drinking. ‘Gotcha’ was what I thought. And truly who looks for love in a bar? But, here I am, all of five foot four inches tall and a very

Mother's Future Helper

came back to consciousness as another, smaller orgasm washed over me. Ah! Uhh! UHH! What--? I must have passed out from my huge cum. For some reason the LoveBlob's cock was still embedded in me. I quickly checked the time -- 4:50! I only had a few minutes to clean up before Mom jacked out of work! On unsteady feet I quickly went into the

Deep Throat

poorest paid, happiest road crew in the country.I do not just want to screw X, I am pretty enough, and with enough junk in the trunk, that I could stand in line and be picked every time. I want to marry him. Him and his huge cock.Last night I was careless, I got caught by X's security goons. Two of them frogmarched me to the freight elevator and

Never Lie to Kat

did!” Rage made Kat’s eyes wild on hers. “I lied, Kat.” Akira tried to get it out but the words were trapped in her throat. “That’s right, you lied and now you can’t speak.” She could see that Kat’s pussy was wet from her own sweat and the anticipation of Akira’s punishment. She met Kat’s eyes, completely still as that bug crawled over the curve

The Thorny Rose Part II

The Thorny Rose was only a few miles away from the exit and right at the edge of downtown. Not completely seedy, but not situated in the upscale part of the City either. It was a typical bar that mostly catered to regulars and locals. Most likely it was the same story as all her other previous dates, if you can even call them that. Always the

Lowborn Ch. 07

the scabbard for the sword. After handing it up to Mindblind, she went to work on the assassin’s clothing.Mindblind slipped his arms into the harness and adjusted the straps, settling the scabbard on his back. After a couple of fumbled attempts, he was able to sheathe the sword. Drawing it proved much easier, as the hilt almost seemed to jump

How Did I Get Here? - Part 2

my mouth. I could see now why Kat rhapsodized so often and so enthusiastically over Justine’s flavor. Next to Kat, definitely far and away the best pussy I’ve ever tasted. I loved my late wife, and she was delicious, but even her pussy didn’t taste as good to me as Justine does. Justine now put me on my back, and she kissed and licked and

Alice in Thunderland

Another sip of his drink. “And your senses will be overloaded with both pleasure and pain.” He paused for emphasis and to swirl his drink and take a sip. “Some of that pleasure and some of that pain will be sexual in nature. ... Some will not.”He sat back against his chair and swirled his drink once again. “I am going to give you one minute to

The Company Party

bartender in hopes that the holiday spirit might translate into decent tips. She had been pleased to discover that this party was not set up in one of the generic ballrooms, but was being hosted in the Signature Lounge. With its supple red leather couches and dark wood accents, the room screamed money, pleasure, and power. The other female

Revenge is a Bitch

to bite down a little, but my size kept her mouth open. I watched as tears flowed down her face. Finally after about five minutes of making her gag, I started to cum. It was the most intense feeling of my life. My legs went numb, and I could tell from her expression that it was more than a little bit of cum that was flowing into her mouth and


fire. I did not want to go through any preamble or foreplay, I wanted to feel this man inside me and I told him so. “Put yourself inside me. I want you inside me.” He paused, looking at me for a moment, and then obliged. Putting his arms around me, he lifted me to the built-in shelf at the side of the shower. It was the perfect height as he sat

My first spanish girlfriend

I love it in my ass"I pushed my finger in a little further with no resistance up to the second knuckle.I taught to myself "shouldn't this be alot tighter then this"I was finger fucking my first ass and she's loving it, so I got bold and added another finger and to my surprise she started moving her hips back to meet my fingers.I was so turned on

Dead by Daylight Explicit Fanfic- The Nurse’s Calling

She giggled as she grasped at her belly, grabbing my cock and squeezing it as she impaled herself over and over again. My cock was on fire. Her hands squeezed me tighter than ever before, and I held on tight wriggling on the floor as my cock began to throb like crazy inside of her as she continued to bounce up and down relentlessly until I

Learning the Lifestyle Pt 2 - It Continues

it for a minute, she answered, “Yes and no. I miss not seeing them all the time, but it was time for me to leave the nest so to speak. I’m excited to be in college so that takes the place of the homesickness, I guess. What about you?”He laughed, “Well, I miss my family, but since I grew up in boarding schools, this being away is something that I

A Tangled Web Ch. 11

to go slow as the figure turned and ran towards her. She was frozen with fear, she knew she should shoot or, at the very least, try to escape, but she was unable to move. As the soldier approached he fired off a few shots but his rifle was waving about madly so the shots went astray and soon his rifle was empty. However, it was fitted with a

Flower Ch. 03

anything right now, but I want you to know that I’m here for you! If you feel you want to talk about it later on, just grab a hold of me after class!’ With a smile and wave, he let me go and I walked slowly out of there. Suddenly the world was just full of good, caring people. As I scurried back to Gabriella – still looking over my shoulder and

Key Wested - Chapter 6

with the drinks. I looked through the door and Bret and Rob were both sitting out there with their hard dicks in their hands.”“They had their dicks in their hands?” Laura asked, her eyes wide.“Yes,” Denise replied. “And they were both hard.”Laura looked at Bret. “Were you were jerking off?” she asked him. I could tell she was getting turned on.


to the bed room. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he tried to compose himself. God, she was difficult! After a few minutes he heard her from outside the door."Lay face-down and close your eyes."He complied, starting to smile. This was actually going to be fun! God, what a wonderful woman.He heard her enter the room and cross to the bathroom, a

The Chain: Link 8

imaginable.She stripped naked before struggling into the first costume she would try. Having no experience of such clothes, it took her a while to get the hang of it, even with the aid of the little bottle of lubricant thoughtfully provided for her to smear on her skin. But it was well worth it. She’d chosen a bodysuit, with an opening for her

Master Reunites With His Slave

cum and unable to get un-horny." He spoke before he pushed the needle into her arm and injected it."Kneel," he ordered lust in his voice looking at her body. As she knelt he undid his belt and waited. Not needing to be told what to do Keke pulled her master's pants down and kissed the front of his briefs causing the hard bulge underneath them to

Fold, Spindle, and Mommy-rape Part 3 [mF, inc, nc, rape]

the pile to my room.Race sat naked on my bed. "You forgot something, Mommy."To avoid yet another argument and bruises, I sucked my son's cock until he poured hot, sticky goo into my stomach. For dinner I made a vegetarian main dish with broiled fish as a side entree. Race ate happily. By bedtime, the flavor of my son's spurting cum had much

My Boss's Sex Slave Ch. 02

and came around to where I stood. He took my hand and led me to his conference table. He ordered me to lie down on my back and I did. He attached some metal clips to my nipples then had me turn onto my stomach and slide to the edge of the table so that my breasts hung over the edge. When my breasts were hanging over him and he tied my hands

Daniel Lies

Beverley   “How long will this go on for between you two?”   “Oh about a week usually, then things will get back to normal” She answered, and asked “and you two?”   “We will be fine tonight. I’ll show Daniel the hairbrush, he will get an erection with the fear, then I’ll say he better be good, we’ll go to bed and have the greatest sex.”  

Her Fantasy

late…again. Every week they have dinner and talk about their day. Kimberly was one of his best friends. He smiled at the memory of how they met. She worked in the Emergency Room of the local hospital, and he was taking a prisoner from the jail in to be seen. He admired the way she handled the unruly prisoner. Taking no crap from him, she settled

Kathryn Errs Again

be spanked thirty times right now, and the tears that had been forming in her eyes began to spill. Her voice quavered as she began "One."As she spoke he began to trail several ostrich feathers across her derriere and along the even more sensitive skin of her thighs and speak. "If you feel the need for harshness you may...""Two." Still fearing


Finally, holding her tighter, I stiffened and she feels me forcefully erupt, claiming what I already perceived as belonging to me. I staggered back. Tammy finally feels empty but what should have been a relief only burns all the more harshly with shame. A silky warm trickle of my cum begins to seep from her and travel down the crack of her ass.

Caught Xeroxing My Tits

I guess my outfit helped out just a little bit too. I had on a see through blouse without a bra and the tightest shortest pair of shorts that I owned. With out panties my camel toe showed off quite nicely. Of the seven women two said that my idea of a party was disgusting and that they would personally see to it that I was fired. Two others said

A guy and his...? 18 Grand daughter

Jinns." Rasmir explained. "So in all truth Master Jake truly is the salvation of the Jinn race. Wait what of the part about all the wives...." Rez started. "All are with child," laughing Rasmir said, "after 2 days it couldn’t help but happen." "Uh, Rasmir what about the last part? About the fourth..." Rez started. "NO! That is fantasy besides

The Panty Boy

a long time ago, and it was my birthday on that day, so we decided to party in my place, and entertain my buddies, and have a good time.  As I was there in my apartment, guests began to arrive, unhurried, though. Perhaps this would be a good gathering, until last guest arrived. She was my girl friend named Blanca Guerrero, a Spanish, dressed

I want my StepDaddy

fuck me! I started to rub my pussy, because I was dripping wet. I decided not to masterbate though, because I wanted Daddy to do it.After about an hour or so, my door opened, and a figure came in, and shut the door quietly. I kept my light off, but I sat up in my bed, still only wear my bra and thong. The light from the road was just enough for

Stephanie - Just When Things Turned Around Pt. 4

have a job. Now, if you wanted to have me come over for a while, and maybe personally see to the breeding," she suggested, rubbing his chest. "Maybe you know some other bitches that need breeding, or maybe just have another stud or two, I could see about that.""Come over? You heard me say I had a wife right?""Tell you what, bring your dog back

Martin and Sally

"Oh Martin, have I been naughty? Am I going to get spanked?" "Oh yes Sally, you're going to get what you deserve." I pick you up and drop you on the bed, not just a simple over my knee spanking this time. Four of my silk ties are hung on each corner of the bed. A large king size bed, with metal head and base boards, allowing easy places to tie

reunited love

say before returning once more to his work. "Daddy I love you and I love when you call me names." Marie moved her hands, one to her daddy's head, the other to her mound, her fingers dipping in to find her clit. Tony grabbed her wrist and pulled it away. "Oh no you don't, my little slut, that's daddy's job." He wrapped his fingers around hers and

Cheyenne 4

She said."Ok I'll call you tomorrow." Cheyenne said.She hung up and stood up wrapping her arm around my neck. Her pussy kept squeezing my cock over and over again. We started to kiss while I slid my hand around and hagan to massage her tits. She started to thrust her hips forward and back making us both moan. She stepped forward making my cock

My Best Friend Kim

popcorn and ripped the wrapping open and placed it into the microwave. I watched it go around and around until it stopped. I gave it a shake and popped it back in.The smell of butter started to fill the kitchen as the popcorn jumped and popped in the bag, I heard the movie start up just as the popcorn had finished. I grabbed a bowl from the

Jackson and Catalina

and now he wanted his dick inside of it.....badly. "It's my turn now babe." He said to her. She stood up, turned around and bent over the couch sticking her beautiful ass out, her pussy was dripping cum and she wanted more cum to drip out. He took his cock and placed the head on the edge of her cunt lips, she felt him right there and she wanted

Badge of Dishonor Ch. 16

well-lubricated pussy and began rubbing her clit with his thumb. ‘Yessssss!!! Yesssss!!! Oh, Luke!!! Yesssss!!!!’ Lorraine cried, her body writhing. ‘Please! I…I need you!!! Take meeeee!!!’ Luke managed to get behind her and slid his cock into her warm, snug opening as they lay on their sides. He’d never tried this position before, but he loved

Body Builder's Task Ch. 01

she announced, "two's company but three's a fuckin' orgy. Christel, get up on your knees, sit up on him."I obeyed, her tone was so imperious I never thought about arguing. Gail climbed up onto the bed, allowing me a clear view of her large pink piss flaps glistening at her black snatch.Rufus raised his arms and steadied his wife as she lowered

CockTales 03 - Beneath Her

myself, and with that last thought, i was cut off from the outside world. You slid yourself against my slick face as You searched for the perfect position. And as i struggled for breath, i heard you say from afar, "I have to come now Joy, so I have to go."And You dropped the phone and reached down and cradled my head in both of Your hands.

Happy and gay! - Part 1

a really amazing lover. He perfectly knew how to extract maximum pleasure. He started stroking in and out of my arsehole slowly and steadily. My first ever experience of a cock was getting better with the every passing stroke. He was playing with my nipples, suckling and biting them. He slowly gathered up speed and I matched his rhythm by moving

Educating Anne Ch. 1

with dark eyes and flashing white teeth. He inserted the petrol pump into their tank and, lifting the windscreen wipers, cleaned the screen with a wet cloth. He smiled at both girls through the screen, blatantly observing their bare legs. ‘I wouldn’t mind him filling my tank,’ Kate whispered and, although Anne laughed dutifully, her companion’s

Reflections on Lives Passed

my heart pounding in my chest. ‘I can’t imagine that life…’ ‘That life without you.’ The wind blew around me, snow blowing in my face, but I ignored it. ‘It was difficult for me, because there were times when I thought I loved you, more than you loved me. But, I had to take the chance. I couldn’t lose you.’ — I was nervous, the tickets in my

A Dream to Build a Life On

only twenty-eight days, twenty-eight long days, true, but you have to go. And you know it.” “I know.” A single tear falls free from her eye and down her temple.  Theo moves his head to kiss her eyelid, and then the other as his hand moves up her body to cup her breast, slowly, gently playing with her nipple. She rolls onto her back to give

Lost Bet

in. With them were four other guys and a girl. "Hey, I said a maximum of six!" "You said six guys and there are only six guys here." Reluctantly the bouncer nodded assent. "Echo. These guys are Guts, Duck, Gator, Pooky, Itchy and Red Dog. And this is Holley but we call her Ho." Kelle nodded. "Time to party!" Shouted Red Dog. The others whooped

The Guessing Game - Part V

the small egg shape in her hand and turned it on, before tracing it slowly over the mounds of Kayla’s breasts. When she reached a nipple, Kayla shuddered. Another path was traced slowly over her stomach and up, as Ian joined in, and then another from the bottom of her foot that snaked slowly up to her thighs as Lucas started. Scott then

A Bride, Chapter 28

laughed out loud."Well at least you're honest gal, I tell you what, you come and work here and when you get tired or feel like packing it all up, just let me know."Ever the businessman, he added with a grin."Cash in hand mind, I don't want none of that maternity leave nonsense, what do you say gal?"Mum looked at Jill and I and we both saw in her

Marlene Runs The Gauntlet

a chance to get rid of an undesirable signed agreement with the company. And because she was trying to avoid vaginal sex, Mr. Mills mad a complete maze solely for the purposes of anal. Each room in the maze was geared towards it. Marlene sat nervously waiting in the office. Just then, Mr. Mills arrived and began to explain the agreed rules.Mr.

A Long Strange Journey Ch. 01

is so fucking hot and it's all just so...fuck!" With all the blood his rather large penis was draining from his body in its effort to get even harder at the sight of Kate standing there in her lingerie, it's almost impressive that he got out that coherent of a sentence. "Oh baby you're so sweet, thank you!" Kate cheered gleefully. She knew,

Music & Love

to this. Although he knew if he asked, Kevin wouldn’t make him go, but he was never one to let the press or fans down. ‘Let’s go then,’ he said quietly. As they neared the press table, Jake scanned his audience. A woman wearing a tight black business jacket paired with a silk red lace top underneath and a way too tight short skirt was busy

A Weekend Away From Home

it was making her throw up. Then she missed her period, put two and two together and had to tell me she was pregnant."God, Tom, I hope it's from making love with you before you left on your trip! I'm happy to leave it at that and not do any paternity stuff if you're willing to keep me." She pleaded with her eyes. "NO, DAMMIT! If I raise a child

A college friend…Once

road home. She expertly pulled my engorged member out of my pants and slowly, ever so slowly, began licking me from the base to the tip, stopping at the top momentarily to swirl her precious tongue in and around the opening of my penis. I was on the verge of wrecking, or getting a speeding ticket as I hurried home. I was only a mile or so from my

Frolicon Adventures Pt. 02

your nipples, another fastener to go around your waist, and a small curved rod that you slip inside yourself. The effect allows your nude body to have glittering silver and flashing crystals suspended around your body, washing over your breasts, and outlining your sex."It will be perfect for the party tonight. If you like it, of course", he

Kim's Shop Adventure

around and lo and behold there were 7 other guys in the room. "OK guys, everyone gets a turn." I said. A cheer went up and I handed the board to the closet one. He stepped up and blasted her. He handed it to the next one and he took his place. I walked over to the guys holding Tanya and offered to take their place.They had her sweater up to her

Club Cane

marks a dubious look, I could tell you liked it but it just seems a bit too extreme to me. Syndee laughed, It is extreme, thats why I like it. Think of it like this, you know how you like the ball gags? At Silks nod she went on, Well for me gags are a dislike. Silk thought about it for a moment and said, Canes arent a dislike for me, they are a

Momma's Little Bitch

her honey-covered cock to my lips. "Suck it," Valerie said. I did as I was told, and Momma knelt behind me. I braced myself for another brutal ass or pussy fucking but instead I felt the smoothness of Momma's tongue gently licking me. She started at my ass, flicking round the stretched opening and then pushing her tongue in and licking at the

Return to Cala de Sirena-Part 1

made love that first time, I was in so much pain, and you just held me. Then I could feel your pain over your hurting me. None of my people have ever experienced such a sensation.”“Angel, I wanted you so badly, but I didn’t want you to think I was a monster.”“I would never think you were a monster. I think you are wonderful.”Angel looked down


She was that kind of person.She smiled, the face of a cobra flashing just a bit, "You've given me incentive for two interesting sessions in one conversation. I must admit, I'm intrigued."She paused a moment before she continued, shifted her legs the other way, daring me to look up her skirt. I kept my eyes on her shoes. The idea of my serving her

Me and Alice Part 2

as I tentatively shifted my body in the opposite direction to her, pushing her penis even further into me. I continued to moan and groan, as gradually the pain lessened and the pleasure grew. "Would the little girl like me to go faster?" Alice enquired, still throwing her weight in and out of me..."Yes please Mistress", I replied, as my cock grew


then they can go somewhere else!’That always did it. Molly walked past us in quite a hurry followed by James holding a pair of knickers. Driftwood had the main bar area for the folk who wanted to dance and get sloshed but very few knew that if you had a members card you were able to go upstairs and play. I knew where Molly and James were heading.

Loving Lisa’s Pretty Pink Pussy Petals

would never be another for either of us until our love ended. We ran upstairs to our respective bedrooms to gather up some toiletries, clothing, and such. When we met in the master bedroom suite, I was dressed in a pair of karate-styled pajama bottoms. Lisa had changed into a sexy pale-blue nightie made in a ‘babydoll’ style. As we turned

Cuffed with no key – chapter 4 – my men are insatiable!

in Chapter Three:I glance at Curtis’s and my reflection in the mirror. His large, muscular black frame seemed to dwarf me, standing behind me.I was still pinned in ‘breeding position’ on my little step stool. I remained coupled with the large man inside of me. I was forced to remain bent over, balancing myself with my one free arm against the

A Black Love Chronicle

Continental African and regular African-American. Too bad none of the Black girls on campus seemed to notice that I existed. Black women are always claiming they can’t find a good Black man. Well, I’m a good Black man. I’m a University student. I stay out of trouble. I have a job. I have my own place. I don’t have any damn brats. Or psycho ex.

Cabin Vacation Ch. 01

ass cheeks.You moaned slightly, and shifted your body. I knew how much you loved me touching your ass, and I loved it too. My fingers gently worked towards your ass crack, and you shifted your hips, allowing me better access. I poured another dollop of oil down your ass, watching as it traced down to your anus.My hands spread your ass apart, and

Reluctant Assassin Pt. 2

reins. I mounted swiftly and spurred him into a frenzied gallop away from the city walls. I received many rebuking shouts from traders who I barged through on the run from the cavalrymen who now pursued me but ploughed through regardless. I knew I couldn’t escape across flat terrain, chances were that they would bombard me with arrows until I was

Strip Poker 2000 Part 3

once below deck.“I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting her, and she did kind of steal you from me.”“Steal me? I don’t believe I was ever your property, and she didn’t steal me, I chose her,” he said, a scowl spread across his face.“But…”“Paul, understand this, I never belonged to you, if anything you belonged to me, and I got tired of you, I know I’m

The Mysterious Device

blankly into space. Grinning to himself, Leo called out "Everybody stand up". There was a rush as people got off their chairs and stood quietly. Leo was smiling broadly now as he called again "Sit down and act normally", as an extra caution he added "Anything that I do will seem completely normal to you", "Act normal once more". Leo stood up, and

ben 10 and gwen

took a glance at the surrounding and observed C.C.T cameras in the place through which their each and every action was visible to doctor animo.“Hey Ben listen, we are being watched by doc. Animo every time through the cameras “Gwen said“Huh!” Ben responded in XLR8 voice.“Very good you little kinky girl. You impressed me. You have a sharp eye and

Pledging to a Fraternity

had yet to arrive.Paul, I wish you luck,” said a voice, which he recognized as Rob’s, come over the speaker. “Your girl’s name is Ophelia. She will be in there in a moment. When we say go, you will have thirty minutes to make her cum as many times as you can. The record is ten times.”They let him stew for another five minutes and then Ophelia

Her Master's slave

beside the bed, and slowly inserted it into her ass. I then slowly removed it from her. I was fascinated by the way her sphincter was clutching to the dildo, almost trying to hold it back in. I stared to lick her anus as I was pulling the dildo out, causing her to breath deeply and moan with pleasure. I continued this for a while, until I was


had another quick shower, dressed and went out to catch my bus, "Love you guys."I met Mr. Pilkington as he was opening the bank up, and offered him a coffee, he accepted.Strangely Sue Wilkinson came in early too this morning, had a Pee and left the cloakroom.I knocked on Mr. Pilkington's door there was a pause, then a come in.I placed the cup on

Greg & Catalina

him matter of factly as I watched guilt form across his face. No response. He was silent. ‘Horrible.’ I said as I allowed my now glassy blue eyes to lay into him with disgust. He couldn’t even face me. Now he was looking down at the ground. I got up off the couch and approached him slowly. He lifted his head. ‘I’m sorry.’ he told me. ‘You most

Cracker Barrels Fireplace Gets Even Hotter with Blair and Casey

continued to kiss Casey as she caressed her breast using Jacob’s now cool expelled nucleus as a lotion. She was getting the most out of two of her five senses, taste and feel. Blair was tasting Jacob’s tangy core as well as feeling his slickness coat her best friend’s firm frontal projection. Blair had always wanted to enjoy Casey’s company this

Mind Controlled Mothers Club Chapter 5: Creating Mommy-Sluts

out the flowery dress she wore, a frown on her lush lips.“Hi?” she asked, giving me a weird look. “Are you a friend of Sheri's?”“No, no,” I said. “Sheri never gave me the time of day. Ain't that right?”“No, ignored you,” said Sheri, her voice tight. “Why can't I move?”“Don't worry about that,” I said as I stared at the mother, eyes flicking down

Chaste Trap

out of the office to have it removed. But, hindsight IS 20/20. Let me explain.I wore the damnable contraption all week, and my balls healed nicely. The next weekend she told me that she was going to leave it on me, but that all the stress and everything else...well, she thought we needed a 2 week vacation to talk and see what happened with us. I

Discovering Mistress Sarah's World Pt. 03

around his neck.Mistress Sarah looked over at May and in a gentler voice said, "You to May. Kneel next to Josie."With both her pets at her feet, Mistress Sarah spread open her knees revealing her wet and swollen pussy. The smell of her sex was strong and delicious. "You two have been naughty getting me exciting like this. You need to take of this

Rookie of the Year Part 1

finger. None of the reporters were in a hurry to leave the room. They had just witnessed a live teenage sex show with Hideki taking Ashley’s virginity. There was a lot to talk about, including the cell phone video of the copulation that the young couple consented to. This was no ordinary day. If anything, “ordinary” was going to be redefined-at

Don't Play With Me

take advantage of the weakening of the grip as you pass me from one hand to the other, but you're wise to the game. You squeeze with your right to let me know you've got me. It hurts for just a second before you loosen your grip fractionally; a warning.You put my left hand into the small of my back, my wrist still gripped tight in your fist, and

Welcome Back: Chapter One

for the first move came and went when I started my car and backed out ready to get to the Ramada that I had made reservations at.           You know those long car trips where you end up losing yourself in the road? That ten minute car trip had me completely lost, a lost I felt like I was never returning from. The car rid seemed to take forever.

Taking Inga

shock. " This... Will.... Teach.... You... Not.... To.... Smoke.... Weed. " the professor told her, grunting out each word as he hammered away. He had taken countless young women in similar fashion over the years, but never tired of it, as each one was delicious and different in their own way. Inga's pale skin, her wispy blond pussy hair, even

What a Deal! Chapter 4

so I stood up and told her we were done. She turned to the shower and turned it off. While she was doing that I stepped out and dried myself quickly, motioning for her to stay standing in the tub. I then got another towel and asked her to step out. I took my time and dried off her wonderful body. Once she was dry I led her into the bedroom. She

Daddy's Big Debt

now, but the sides of her vagina were still sore. Yet now she began to feel a tingling feeling somewhere deep in the pit of her stomach, a feeling that made her shudder with almost...pleasure? No! This was rape! She was not a slut. There was no way she could be enjoying this! At the mere thought, she began sobbing again.Suddenly the man


so good. Is this what you wanted? Me to fuck you in this window?"The reminder of where we are makes me even more desperate to cum, your cock feels so good. I try to fuck you harder, gripping your cock with my pussy, but your ropes are well placed and my nipples tender from moving. You continue your slow thrusts, enjoying my building frustration

The Lotus and the Flame - Part One

and she figured she may as well get the whole thing over and done with. She nodded, ‘Now is fine.’ Anderson opened the door and stepped aside, ‘Ladies first.’ Once in his room, Anderson sat down and pulled a chair out for Farida. ‘Take a seat and what’s your name? Just so I can get your details up.’ ‘Farida Akhtar,’ Farida took a seat and felt

Karma : Olyvia's p.o.v.

the tree, and hold the blade to his throat. For a moment I lose my concentration as the scent of his cologne overpowers my senses but I’m determined not to mess this up. I've gone too far. I bend my elbow over his shoulder blocking the blade from view. As I tighten the blade, I crush my body against his and stand on my tip toes to whisper in his

Impregnating Jenny

fingers around the base and strokes me in perfect synchronization with her lips. I put my hands on her head and rocks back and forth pushing in and out of her mouth to match her movements. The tingling between her legs can no longer be ignored. Jenny slides a finger along her open folds and finds the swollen button pushing out from its little

Sophie makes amends

which went well with the new red stilettos she had bought that afternoon. Matching that with a vibrant red lipstick and nail varnish she now looked the part. Finishing it off with panties and white stockings, she looked at herself in the full length mirror in her room. She gasped, looking back at her was a different person. Looking back at her

Mission 2: Paris

dress with a built in pushup that made her breasts look enormous.She headed into the side room to probably practice singing where she wouldn't annoy people. The little studio room would be soundproof which gave me an idea. I exited the closet and entered the sound room. She looked at me and asked something in French. Silently I closed the

The Gift

babbles as she finally breaks through, spilling her essence on my hand. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Now! Please?" she pleads as she pulls my hand from her still flowing pussy."Yes Miss! With pleasure!" I answer as I pry her legs apart and press my cock to the entrance of her still throbbing pussy. Smiling as I watch myself slide effortlessly inside her

The Knight and the Acolyte Book 4, Chapter 1: Elf in Heat

sipping the ruby drink from the nicest glass the tavern owned. The wine stained her lips red. I wanted to kiss them.I knew who I would spend the night with.I serenaded her with bawdy songs as she sipped her wine and watched, a smile playing on her lips as she shifted in her seat. My music worked on her, slowly building the lust inside of her.

I'm Finally home!

asked Rachel with a touch of anger but smiling from ear to ear at the same time. I’ll never understand women fully.“I had intended to while I was in Canada but when I made my way to China, I was engulfed in a world discipline, sacrifice and dedication.”“Yeah, I seen the news a month ago. You won the world championships. The Media is calling you

All Things Come… Vol. 2 Ch. 09

again. ‘Mr. Lancer?’ ‘Luke.’ These people are so informal, she thought. He went on. ‘And you are…?’ ‘Mary Xian, Mr. Lancer. The receptionist said you are an English teacher and that you might be able to help me.’ He seemed to realize that he was almost naked. ‘Mary, grab a chair while I get decent. I’ve just had a shower.’ He indicated the other

The Bucket List 2 – Ayla

of his students didn’t know this side of him. He didn’t get to come out often, but since the week after is finals week, his work as a teacher was already done. He hurried to the bus stop and waited for his bus to come. A few minutes passed and this beautiful, young girl dressed in a white dress with a brown belt tightly wrapped around her waist

Meeting Mistress Penelope

scream.""Of course she doesn't. A little pussy bitch like you can't make a woman scream. I bet you could scream though." Your foot pressed down against my balls and I gasped and moaned. "See, that's a moan. A polite little moan you can control. But watch this." You reached back with your foot like you were going to kick a soccer ball and pounded

One time cuckold

each other, still standing in the kitchen, my cock hard, but hearing her describe Paul fucking her bare, and coming inside her, I brought her up to the bedroom, we both undressed, and within seconds I was inside her. It was delicious. Her pussy was beautifully wet and ready to be fucked again. As we made love, she said that she could not believe

Creating My Hot Wife 13

I’ve got ‘em both in my mouth. Wasn’t that great! What? You can’t talk?Now I’m going to clamp my lips down with your balls and sac in my mouth and pull out a little bit. Just a little. Ok... It’s gunna be a lot. Let’s see how far your sac will stretch. Oh you’ve got a big one. Wonderful. A little farther. Just a little farther. Oh baby hold

Teen Diaries 3: Losing My Oral Virginity

hand off. Then came back to me. I had stood up from the floor and he kissed me some more and then started rubbing his hand between my legs. I still had my shorts on. He dropped them to the floor and rubbed my pussy through my panties. "Has anybody ever touched you here?" "No." It felt so good. He picked me up by the butt and sat me on the

Tricked became enjoyed

out my hand and put it on Chris’s thigh. He looked over at me but I made sure I didn’t look back. The killer then attacks the girl that was hiding under the bed. I was still as calm as possible but I used the scene as an excuse to move my hand farther down his thigh. I could hear him breathing heavily and I knew his cock was starting to get huge.

Family Teufelturm.

he had left her a considerable fortune, which is why she had been able to purchase and improve the chalet park. That had been her husband’s idea and she admitted that it had been a good idea, but now she thought that this new venture sounded as though it might have some merit. She would look into the possibilities. The next few hours went past in

B-Day Ch. 01

some of his smooth chest, his muscular back which descends to perfectly toned haunches, and of course his amazing penis.After an initial slew of duds, a handful of viable candidates started to creep into our inbox. Though she wasn't my first choice, the one Evander was most interested in was a woman named Mariko. When his sights are set on

Matt and Natalie

to work. Natalie's mind would erupt into hundreds of naughty images and memories whenever his name would pop up on her phone, her facebook, anywhere. She's been head over heels in love with him for years, but the fear of losing him always kept her from telling him the truth. Finally, she's got him in her grasp. He's coming tonight.The phone


that big wave of heat come over me and just shouted out OH GOD and did that OH OH OH thing Mommy does too and then Daddy started going UH UH UH and pushing and I could feel his swimmers shooting off real deep inside me like clear into my stomach and he was like holding his breath and I could feel him shoot it seven or eight times. I almost

So Smart

to revolutionize the world. All show and no go, in other words,’ the man said with a snort of disgust. ‘Sir, I will have you know I am one of the finest road cars ever built. 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. 0 to 100 and back to zero in less than ten seconds. Very few sports cars can do that, much less a five seated sedan.’ ‘I find that very hard to

The Run Of My Life

in my mind as I sidestepped into the road to avoid the slick grass, and the car swerved unaccountably to meet me. I saw myself propelled forward, arms akimbo, ponytail flying,staggering, and crashing into the tree. I looked down the road, suddenly self conscious. There was no one around but the ballplayers down the road. I stepped into the road

The Young Barista - Part 3

tonight.” Sam cooed into my ears. I had to steal another kiss from this stunning beauty. I placed one hand on the back of her neck and pulled her gently in for another kiss. As our lips and tongues met, I started to feel that dreamy state begin to overcome me again. The type where my vision begins to blur and a sense of euphoria fills my

The Gold Digger Ch. 10

genuine Johnny Depp. The care and concern he showed getting her well, that was real! Going straight for medical help was all man. He didn’t hesitate a second! There was no thought about his situation, and no cowardly fears about ramifications for him. It had all been about her. Yes, he could be a real action figure when the need arose. Today

Mirror Image Part I

she called, squeakily from the door.“S.C., should I come in,” she asked when no answer came. SC was his agreed upon ‘casual’ name. Sir was the preference, or Master, but SC was the casual alternative. It was significant, as it stood for something very special.With no answer, she pushed open the door a little at a time, until she was standing just

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 28

and Tolya at an Arlington sports bar. He took his shot, missed, and stepped back for Drew, and told them about the dinner. ‘Her dad asks me if I ever played football, because obviously he thinks that’s the only sport worth playing.’ Brody shook his head. ‘Jesus. So there I am, trying to find a nice to way to say, no, I didn’t want to play the

Timing Is Everything

the plush rug in front of Master’s easy chair, her head supported by two enormous pillows. They had a couch, but Master preferred Nora to be on display for him when they were alone together, and the rug had a thick padding under it and felt luxuriously soft against her skin. Sometimes she sat upright and leaned against his legs, and occasionally,

When I Was 17

but never really crossed paths until the tail end of him graduating High School. We were part of the same crowd, the Punks/Goths/Alt kids… whatever you wanted to call us. He was the King of the Outcasts, and he was gorgeous… 5’11 and 165 pounds with brown eyes, even though you never saw them because he always had some type of crazy contacts in,


around 100 pounds, shoulder length blonde hair with tight curls at the ends and quite possibly the best ass in the world, so brilliantly shaped to her body. While I’d hazard a guess and say her boobs were a 34B, I have always preferred girls with a nice ass rather than shapely boobs. My brilliant, 17 year old ‘little cousin’ was amazing. Little

Sean and Me

I have to do that for a doctor, much less an unseen stranger. In my own home, no less. Still, I had to do as I was told. I thought I heard a soft moan, as if the visitor was enjoying this. It occurred to me that he hadn’t said anything yet. I wondered if he and Sean might have arranged that ahead of time, so I wouldn’t recognize his

The Reunion – Chapter 2

the same position we went to sleep in, spooning with my arm under her neck so as to grab her breast and my other hand on her stomach. Once I woke, I realised that my hard member was nestled between her buttocks. I slowly started to play with her nipple with my right hand as I slid my left hand further down, past the small tufts of hair and down

Charlene is Eye Candy

of stuff and went to Charlene's door. It was shut. He hollered through the door, “You ready?”“Yeah, yeah, just a minute,” she replied through the door.“We need to get moving, Blake's already outside waiting.”“I understand. You go wait in the truck. I'll be right out.”“Okay, but don't be long. We're waiting.”Charlene still hadn't made up her mind

Restless Ch. 01

for the reason that you might think. I was scared because I knew that there would be more to pay if I get involved again with this guy. ‘I don’t have to repeat myself.’ I hate it when people try to push me around. I’m pretty strong for being five-eight in height. I’m not scared of getting into a fight, it just that Andy Garcia play dirty, most

Blackmail Birthday Present (redone)

I just want one favor from you Ted, Bailey said, her expression changing from the angry, ranting face to one a bit more worried and unsure. What is it Bailey, he asked tepidly, the change in her expression catching him off guard. She inhaled a deep breath and held it for a moment before slowly exhaling, a slight waft of the peach lipgloss she was

Diary of a fledgling dominatrix

youd get it in one because youve heard this story before, his roommates kicked him out, which, I explained to him for the umpteenth time is what happens when you lose your job and stop paying rent and lay around drunk all day not looking for a new one. Hes all, I love you girl I just need your couch for a few days blah blah, and he takes my hand,

Alphia Corporation - Chapter 1

barmaid’s eye, he raised the glass and she quickly brought over two more beers. Gary grinned happily at Sam, who grinned back, eager and interested. Gary was the senior management team leader for 30 or so managers. All told, Gary was the indirect supervisor for over 250 employees. He was Sam’s direct report, but he was only about than 10 years

Candice's Idea

out a tape measure and came quickly back to resume her position. "What the h?" he said, disappointed that she didn't already have it in her mouth. Ignoring him, she slid the measure down to the base of his dick then traced its length to the tip of the crown. "My god, Michael! Its seven and one eighth inches long!" she said in lustful approval. "I

Tackling an age old question

protruding from the waters surface, still kissing her deeply. Her nimble fingers carefully scouted the new plaything while his hands roamed her tender body. I enjoyed myself immensely as I watched the two discover each other, Katie's little tits engulfed by Ian's large hands, and Katie's little hand trying to engulf his large-bore piston.

Motel Fun

I am and what I do, so I won’t bore you with the details. The photos are really me, so no physical description is needed either. I am a divorced mother of 2 beautiful boys, ages 9 and 6. After my divorce thre years ago, I realized that my husband had never truly satisfied me, and I needed to experience real sex. Since then I’ve been with many

Cuck Husband and Hotwife Exploited at the Races

wasn’t so drunk that she didn’t understand his comment. All the men laughed when she looked at me and asked, “What the fuck, Dan? You told me that you lost a few hundred. So, you lost a thousand of our savings, huh? And what about the other twenty-three hundred, how are we going to pay that back?”I was stuttering and trying to decide what to say,

Kelly's Ultimate Challenge

of myself. And he gets the hint. "Oh I see. My lucky day!" He finally moves his hand and his cock shoots straight up! I know I must act or loose my nerve, so I bend down quickly and take his gorgous prick in my mouth, wantonly and without hesitation. To do less would be to dishonor my owner. I have the effect I had hoped, and feel the well

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 16

were you thinking, baby doll?" Bending forward as you sit on the stool behind me, you run your index finger up over my balls. I wince, yelp. I am swollen from the ball restraint you have me in. Two thin boards that lock around my balls pulling them back and out away from me from behind, thin boards that lay across the backs of my legs just under

Otherwise Engaged

by a stunning Eurasian girl wearing no more than a G-string. It was a real strain to keep to the 'no touching' rule and, as she swayed in front of me, her curtain of lustrous black hair reached almost to the perfect peach of her backside. I was erect from the outset and as she started to rub herself against me there was an imminent danger of

Boardroom Dreams

me!” she said, as she looked into Steven’s eyes and then down at his rigid cock, “fuck me with that…” Her heels locked onto the edge of the table as she lifted her bum off it; presenting her wanton body unreservedly to him for fucking. Steven approached her and leveled his cock to her wet and eager entrance. Her pleasure zone seemed to engulf it

Yes, Sir!

it." "Ok... here it goes." I gruffed as I did what he explained and raised his arm so that I could twist it around, but before I had got the chance to do so he turned it against me. My back lurched forward arched and my eyes started to watered. "See girls, whatever happens to you it can always be turned around... most of the times." Against my

Submissive Angel Chapter 1

that's a good girl. Let it out""Oh yes!"She cried out as his thrusts became harder, longer, and deeper. She clung to him, screaming at the top of her lungs. He felt his balls start to swell as he pumped deeper and deeper into her sex. He felt her body tighten and twitch with pain as he shot load after load of sperm into her hot love box. He

Mums Best Friend…. Made Me Cum

face in her to mask my moan. it was heaven i felt all the cum around my head. i knew lisa would scream if i pulled out know as she began cumming. we both softly sat down me still inside her. mum said ill wait for you outside. she walked downstairs and outside. lisa slowly moved of my cock whilst kissing me to keep it quiet but began to moan and

Moondust Hollow Ch. 04: Paid

your tongue, yes. Yes, please." His hands reached to unhook her bra and let it fall open, her breasts exposed as she sucked him. Each hand took a breast, cupping the curve of her skin and rubbing a rough thumb over each nipple. The sensation sent shivers through her and a pooling warmth to her core. "A little lower," he whispered, urging her on.

The Call Of The Wild

reached under my shirt and lifted it over my head. The chilly air made my nipples hard. She undid my belt and gently pulled my pants down to my feet. I stepped out of my hiking shoes and pants. It was quite obvious that I was excited as my cock was as hard as a rock. Clara started to giggle as she noticed the stiffness of my penis. Clara knew

Rape in The Subway Station

starting to burn and she started to pass out with the world going grey, and was enveloped in helpless euphoric bliss unable to do anything, as she experienced an incredible mind blowing oxygen starved orgasm! Just before and what she thought would be her last breath she was pulled free for the moment!This cock was only replaced by another that

Sweetand Inocent Shelley...Pt two

their aureoles and nipples were of different sizes, some of the girls had no pubic hair and then it went to one or two having a decent bush between their legs, “Has it gone Sir”? “Yes” hearing this they all ran to him to hug him, it was then things started happening.What John hadn’t noticed was his cock was solid and making a tent in his shorts,

Wet Girls

littleAmy: Wow Mum that felt great what was that?Me: That was your clitAmy: My clitMe: Yes Amy your clit or clitoris is another name for it, it is a little bump at the top of your pussy that when touched feels really goodAmy: it did feel great mum do it again pleaseI touch Amy’s clit again and she moans so i continue to play with her clit as i

Bad Boy Ch. 02

it as she shot her squirt into his waiting mouth. He growled into her and continued working, knowing the orgasm would soon follow and she would want more.Instead, she moved down his body, quickly, and squatted immediately over his now bulging penis. She was so wet and warm he could barely contain himself. Her big meaty pussy with its deceptive

Club S.M.

matter? I step outside trying to hold it together, but it's no use I fall apart. If this is what it's like to be in love, I don't want it. The depths of emotions are too much for me to handle. Before Hudson my life was simple, less complicated. Yes, it was lonely, but I had the club to keep me busy. Then I met Hudson, and now my life is one big

Stacey and Kelly

said that".  "so if her names Kelly what's your name" Adam replies trying to make her comfortable. Stacey she says quietly "my name is Stacey" Adam shakes his head motioning her to come closer "how old are you?" "I'm 15" she replies "and she's 14" "why do u come in here stay for a minute then leave" he asks "cus she wants to suck your........"

Bent by Gia Ch. 01

goal for the week. Miss Gia offered to let me choose... six more strokes, or 12 more minutes in that kneeling position. I took the minutes. I'm not sure why. I think it surprised us both that I did. She made me take the time in total silence with my head completely down. I spent the entire time wishing I had asked for the crop instead. Sometimes

Thanks, Dr. Joe

and used her juices to lube up her asshole as she willingly spread her creamy white ass cheeks. I spread her legs and got in between them before deciding to take a quick taste. Her asshole now smelled and tasted as sweet as her wonderful cunt. The aroma and taste of her perfect ass led me to another full erection which I maneuvered into her anal

The Carnival

enter my domain.“Yeh-yes” I stuttered, “Come on in. I didn’t expect to see you until tomorrow.”I closed the flap of my tent and the moonlight left us in almost complete darkness.“I like you Bobby and Daddy doesn’t like me to be with boys, especially older boys. He says all they want is to get in your pants and cause trouble.”“That’s not true with

Scythian Nights Ch. 02

with your mental well being are still there, and you are in danger of becoming sick again if you are not careful.’ ‘But that stems from my childhood, from my dad and brother….’ ‘Yes, in your case, I could make most of that go away, all you have to do is wish for it,’ Genie said, smiling widely. Doris could tell by the tone of her voice that Genie

Master and Submissive

and turns her head realizing as she does that it will do no good with the blindfold on. Fighting hard to hear over her heart pounding in her ears she tries to make out just what her Master was up to.Smiling down at His submissive Chris grabs her upper arm gently helping her to her feet knowing her legs might be asleep from kneeling so long and

One lucky summer

I didn’t know many of the others but I was close to his mam and dad. I was quite outgoing and the one thing I was looking forward to was seeing Sarah, my friends sister, in her bikini! I had known her since we were small and always thought she was attractive. She was 21, 5ft 4, very petit but with a big bust and a golden tan. She had been working

Revelation, Penetration, & Swaps

in silent conversation. This wasn't something you asked your friend to do, normally, but Marie was hoping the normal rules were out the window. They'd both fucked the girls, the girls had pegged them in kind, and James had already wrapped his lips around Andy's dick. What was a little ass pounding between friends?Marie was willing to tip the

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 2

that also allowed her to get some rest. She asked me to lie down and relax while she commenced her paying me back for my exertion in the same manner. She followed a similar course on my body. A man’s body does not have many areas as sensitive as that of a woman. Not many like their nipples to be sucked. So the maximum attention is to the cock. My

Deadly Desires

was tall, lean, slightly dark skinned with short black hair, and had the most beautiful eyes of brown and a touch of blue.  He was absolutely gorgeous, a god! I met him at my husband’s work dinner party. We had smiled at each other and felt the burning desire in both of us that we wanted each other. His name was Matt Graham and a paramedic at the

Hers Ch. 04

she was closing in on him. Instantly he re-focussed. Again she reached out and stroked his face gently. Her eyes were softer as they made contact with his, but still he felt her ever-powerful dominance engulf him. It didn't matter to him how much she softened he knew she would always command him. Such was her power, aura, and control.Gently she

Delivering Dominance - Book 2: Setting Expectations

my phone chirps, Lori sees the picture that comes through…it was a bathroom selfie of Kelly, in front of the mirror, completely naked. “I told you…she has given herself to me…COMPLETELY.”“Fuck…that’s what I want…I’ve ALWAYS fantasized about being that in control of someone.”“You should understand, the first step to control is understanding what


in her and massage her cervix. Now I was the one going crazy with good feelings on my cock. She knew when I was about to cum and whispered: (“…cum baby, cum baby“, over and over. I think my balls heard that and I felt a huge load starting to rise up my cock. She seem to know it and dug her fingernails deep in my butt cheeks and began to climax

Vetriss Academy: Broken In

a woman in black pants and a fitted white jacket stepped in.“You both may address me as Madam Sanders, Macy, I am your house mother. Gabe, your house father will be by in a moment to pick you up. Come Macy.” She motioned for the door. I pulled by bra strap up and followed her out, not glancing back at Gabe for a moment.“Here at the academy there

Break the Gilded Cage Ch. 02

his time I would state my case.’ The caliph nodded. ‘Proceed.’ Julian hesitated, but not for long. Best to just get the question out in the opening right away. ‘I come with a message from your esteemed brother-in-law, Sir James Roenall the Third.’ Did the skin around the caliph’s eyes tighten ever so slightly? Julian couldn’t be sure. But he

Goodnight Daddy Part 1

so leaned over slowly, paused for a second just inches from her face as we looked into each others eyes "night Baby" I said softly and slowly as I slowly moved face toward toward hers, paused, "night Daddy" she whispers, and I placed my lips softly to hers and we kissed closed lips softly, slowly for a second or two and then moved my face back

Cara's Irresistible Bottom

one of us could speak as the pleasure was so intense. I collapsed on her and she wrapped her arms and legs even tighter around my body. Not wanting to crush her I rolled off her as my cock deflated and slipped from her cum filled cunt. We rested together as we talked for awhile. Gail told Cara that I was fucking a few girls from the office and I

Guilty Pleasures - Chapter One

right places, green eyes and an amazing smile. I was waiting for her to get dressed in her sexy lingerie and, just when I though she would never be ready, she stepped out of the bathroom. I positioned the webcam on my laptop to focus on us and Faith smiled and told me to relax. She must have seen that I was shaking. I only kissed a girl on web

Spanked after our date..

so I went into the bathroom to help him get ready faster well one thing led to another and soon we were on the bed me naked straddling him, as I rode him he smacked my butt every once in awhile since he knew that was a huge turn on for me.  Finally we both took a shower together and getting redressed headed off to the mall, I dragged him in every

Alan Ch. 03

10K. Alan pulled her off the desk and sat her in his lap, twisting her head around so they were face to face. ‘Did you like that, bitch?’ he sneered. She didn’t answer, just kept taking long breaths. Her eyes had a worshipful look to them as she stared into his face. ‘Well, slut, why so quiet now?’ he prodded. ‘Ohmigod.’ She finally spoke.

Woman Type 2. - Chapter One

style. This was some time before I realised I was being considered even!Rob and Jake thought it hysterical that I was to become a girl! “I think you’ll look so pretty with breasts and a fanny Tony.” Rob jested, stroking my chest from behind.I pushed him away, “well at least I’ll be able to get a nice house and have holidays.” I replied.“Yes but

Secret Fantasy - Part 1

Meg started to walk to the basement door, when Rick grabbed her arm and spun her around so she was facing him. Megs started to protest but Rick grabbed her robe and ripped it open. Since it was held closed with snaps, it opened easily. Before she could say a word, Rick put his arms around her in a way that pinned both her arms, she struggled

Love and Respect

me if we went to bed? I mean even if it was just you and me, I would want more than an orgasm, I want love and respect.” She was echoing the words I heard her tell her friend weeks before.It was in her eyes, in her pose, in the question; somewhere in the short conversation we went from fantasy in a space ship to reality in the room. I went to

Foreboding and Solace

of it. We’d get three days on the wall, two days in Three Jewels and two days off-duty. Some days I’d almost prefer to be stuck up on the wall in the bone-chilling winds and the heavy sky than patrolling the Jewels dealing with urchins and pickpockets and those sneering Guilder cunts. Almost.The only one that kept me sane through all of it was

Kitty Needs A Lesson

him as you would me, if you know what’s good for you my pet,” I ordered Kitty. Kitty licked her crimson lips and then she licked his six inch cock from base to tip before plunging his meat into her mouth. She was barely getting a good rhythm before the cabby exploded in her mouth. I made her lay down in the back seat and I used the marker again.


the surface.It was upon the main staircase that Dumbledore intercepted them, Tonks ushering Emily and a fully recovered Kenneth in front of her, due to their slightly drugged state.Muggle repellant charms be damned, she had force them through the wards, for here they would be safe.The door to Dumbledore's office slammed shut on an indignant

Maria - A true story

cunt." With that she moved over to me and grabbing my cock she knelt on the lounge and slipped my cock into her pussy. I grabbed her delicious tits and then felt Goodie move into position and then felt Maria tense up as Goodie slid into her arse. She rested her head on my shoulder as she came again and I could feel Goodies cock pumping away

Blind Date

she clung to him, the two of them breaking the kiss so they could stare at each other, open mouthed, panting softly as they stared with half lidded eyes into each other's souls. Without a word he carried her into her bedroom, tossing her onto the bed where she bounced with a gasp, laying lounged out on the soft sheets watching him as he removed


tongue left behind, George kissed his way back to her chest. Expecting his move southward, Claudia lowered her arms to caress and lift his head.“I’m ready for you now,” she said, raising her knees. As she did, George’s hand discovered she was quite wet. Moving into position, he saw Claudia raise her arms back over her head. His cock surged in

Naughty Weekend - Part One

travelling 300 miles to meet an ex secretly, made me question my intentions. 'Hi,' Kev smiled back, coming in for a hug. I'll leave him to lead I thought. You see Kev and I go back years. We've had an amazing relationship/friendship and regularly talk. Even though we are both in new relationships there is something about him that I just can't let

Hungry for You

I ever wanted to fuck ever since the first time I had her. Mind you our first time included my fuck buddy, her and me, he fucked us both real good that night. He went down on both of us then fucked us senseless, making us gasp and moan and writhe and horny as hell. Too bad our last few fucks were stolen moments and I never got the chance to go

Brother's Anal Surprise

briefs as he headed back to his room. He ran into his sister coming back from his parent's room. "They were fast asleep." Jeannine said."Sorry, sis."Jeannine seemed to be in a daze and speaking to no one, "I would love to have seen that ass fucking."Not sure if she was speaking to him as he turned into his room, David asked his sister, "Did you

Yes Sir

squeeze a tit, but I'd never guessed that a man of Mr. Anderson's stature and experience would consider me beautiful. He also right about me being smart. I was first in every class I'd ever been in all whilst captaining the 1st Hockey team since grade 10. I also dabble in gymnastic but just for fun, and to watch the boys blatantly gawk at my

A test of love

where at the bar and I chatted with some old friends for a while leaving John and Debbie at our table alone. They where unsure where I was, but I could see them and could see John’s hand under the table stealthily touching Debbie legs, she didn’t attempt to stop him just kept chatting looking at him. I returned to the table and we left to go

Rescuing Dianne Ch. 02

know. The happiest I have ever been in my whole life has been the time I have been with you. I never realized until just this minute that I was really never truly happy before I met you. She stared into my eyes. I saw a tear well up in her eye and run down her cheek. I caught it on my finger and tasted it. It was salty. ‘Dianne, please don’t cry.

My first lesbian orgy

face between my legs and began to lick me out. I began to moan uncontrollably, with my nipples rock hard and Maisie’s tongue expertly stroking my clit. I fondled Penny’s breasts while Gemma gave me a beautiful, tender wet kiss. My pussy was just oozing with love juice and Maisie was herself moaning now as her girlfriend fingered her from behind.

My first time with Uncle (Pt.1)

my hard little nipples in his mouth. He sucked hard, twisting his tongue in circles around them. Ooh Uncle… I moaned breathing harder and harder. Ive been wanting to do this since you were a little girl he whispered. Soon his hands were around my tight little ass and he was pulling me onto his face. He worked slowly, lapping at my wet thighs and

One Thing Leads to Another: Is he fucking her ass?

mocked. "You sure you don't need any help?" Tony said while he coughed and sethis glazed-over eyes on Maria. "Hahaha... No, you guys get high and sit tight. I'm going to try andget her ass back home as fast as I can. Should I grab some food orsomething on my way back?" "Fuck yeah! Get us some sandwiches yeah? Please? Yeah yeah? Pretty please?"

A Weekend Family Voyeur Encounter

heragainst the wall to the height of my hips as I stood up.I inserted my hard dick into her pussy and began to fuckher for real. Her mother had to know what was going onnow. She had a great view of my buttocks and herdaughter wrapped around them as I thrust in and out ofher sweet pussy. The electric thrill I got out of knowing we were

Coworker and her Daughter

a loud laugh ... "god i hope not" she said We finished are meal and as i went to pay i whispered in her ear " you ok with Champagne " "God no lambrini or some cheap sparkling crap sounds good, Thank you" She smiled at me " and i guess batteries if you need some by the sounds of it ""Nope im the energiser bunny..... i hope " then realised what id

Dont Bet With Me

in her ear with his own pleasure.   As the fury died their bodies gave up trying to maintain the position and they fell back onto the bed, Paul’s cock slipping out of her reluctantly and Sharon ’s breasts still eager to be held. They wrapped around each other as they regained some composure, grinning at each other and feeling the power of truly

Office Tease, Will Learn to Please!

eyes widened. "There are times when your lovely mouth should be kept closed, girl."Amy sat in shock, not sure what would happen next, she watched as he pull off another section of tape. A squeal of panic could barely be heard from behind the tape over her mouth as he tugged her hands behind her back and quickly secured them in place. Several more

On The Hunt

she started  responding  with " that feels so good." I started kissing her neck ever so softly. She then turned around and started french kissing me. Ever so slowly we began undressing each other. After minutes of intense kissing, I began my downward assault of no return. Twirling and twirling my tongue around her hardened nipples I did continue;

Another Addicted Story ch. 1-2

hair smelt of strawberries and being in her arms had me floating away to another world. Finally she looked up at me with her mind-boggling gorgeous eyes and asked me to make love to her so she would have a wonderful memory of Virginia. Her parents would be gone until late that night and they would be leaving tomorrow or the next day. She promised

A True and Tragic Southern Romance Ch. 02

body pressing against her bare leg and looked down to see Audrey, dressed in her best little dress, the one so lovingly sewn by her Grandma. Big blue eyes, Bradey blue eyes, looked up behind yellow curls that fell all over her head and down to her shoulders. ‘Momma?’ the child repeated. Jim stepped forward and scooped up the girl. He never

Two Chapter Tease

read a story I’m writing. You know, check the punctuation, spelling, syntax and so forth.’ ‘But you have an editor and a researcher.’ ‘But not for this other story.’ She gave him a confused look so he added, ‘I’ve been working on an erotic romance story.’ ‘You’re what? Why?’ ‘Just something I’ve been kicking around for a long time. Something I

The Cruise Ch. 03

She could see by the expression on his face that it truly was a surprise. ‘Um… no, feel free,’ he said unable to take his eyes from her as she moved. Every curve of her body seemed new to him even though she had sent him pictures. It took all his strength not to reach for her. ‘Pinch me,’ he said softly after she got settled into the chair. ‘I

Young Lovers: Part 2

have something else you can eat…” Wiggling her bum, she said, “And I think you will like that option very much.’ “Oh I can’t wait. Why don’t you go get started on the food? I will be up in a minute to give you a hand, or maybe just a finger or two.” The pair looked deep into each other’s eyes and smiled, before Bryony made her way out of the room

Mistress Red Fox Becoming a Devotee

the room I saw the black vinyl clad bed, complete with chains, a stunning standing leather harness, hanging from the roof and attached to a winch. An amazing piece that would completely immobilize a sub whilst hanging standing up from the ceiling. She had serious gear for a serious session.I was like a kid in a candy store, looking around at the

BJ and the Buggy

and spoke to his near-orgasm gaze.“Cum for me, Father Jacob. Cover my puritan face with your holy seed, just like thy lord intended.”Rope after rope of Bryan’s cum criss-crossed my face, hitting my forehead and with some landing on the white cap. After years of marriage, I was still impressed with the amount his body could discharge, especially

Not the Sex I Was Expecting

she was ok but that it was not my concern. In his voice that rumbled like distant thunder and with almost equal menace he said “I know you came here for sex and sex you will have, just not the kind you were expecting. “ Then he dropped his pants and briefs to the floor at the same time. Now completely naked he stood staring at me with his

A Letter from Jenna

He dictates, but tonight, i am His lap table. Earlier i sat astride Him, face toward his feet while He fucked my eager cunt with His magnificent cock. When He was satisfied, He simply pushed me down on the bed between His legs and took up His book to read. Now i rest on my stomach between His long beautiful legs, with His book resting on my ass

The Office Boy

aren't very big." God - was she kidding?! "They're beautiful," I squeaked, hardly able to speak as I beheld her wondrous breasts, creamy white, tipped with pinkish brown nipples, in perfect proportion to her body. I didn't even notice as she slipped her panties off, so enthralled was I by her bosom, but Sam was now completely naked. I sat up

The Tease

in between us, and for the first time I can see her shaven twat. Angie laughs as she opens the draw nearest to her chair and leans over to get out her blue rabbit. We both look at her, and she laughs again and says, “The reason Holly is here is to be fucked by you, Pete. Well, I'm not going off to make a cup of tea whilst that happens. I am going

My Biggest Secret Pt. 2

a mean wife who needed someone to be sweet to him and I was the most convenient volunteer. If I let myself think anything think anything else, I might lose control of the situation. I was not going to be one of those stupid girls who falls for a married man. I am not sure what he felt if anything more than he loved the way I pleased him. I tried


figure.’ ‘Thank you, sir,’ she smiled, standing and removing the jacket. ‘Smile.’ Flash. ‘Oh, beautiful! You should have been a fashion model. Pull your hair back and up and let it fall to your shoulders.’ Pleased with the compliments, she smiled and did so. ‘Yeah, that’s nice, Barbie! Now let’s see a pout. C’mon, more than that. Show me that

Boy Cum Dump

from that orgasm, “don’t worry” he said “that was only one guy, with this in you, he said tapping the needle, you will be good for all night. Oh, and by the way you can only move when you are actually cumming, so if u wanna leave that’s fine, just stop me from fucking you while you orgasm and and we will let you go. As you start to orgasm all u

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 20

groans. Ella held his nipples out from his chest as far as they could go, twisting them as Calista clamped them with alligator clips attached to small lead weights by a short chain. He screamed in pain as she dropped the weights and they fell to the sides of his body.Ella continued to raise and drop the weight attached to Marshal's balls each

Softball Girls Part 3

Laura. Laura’s eyes were closed, as she wriggled around on his bed her snatch under a ravenous Jessi. “Oh fuck! Jessi yes! Yes that’s it!” Laura cried out “Oh GOD OH OOOH!” she sounded a little drunk, and close to the point of passing out. Jessi’s legs were hanging off the bed her shaven snatch exposed to Mark, he was rock hard and there was an

Bigger Boobs, Butts, and Bellies

taking me away from my home, my school, and my friends and bringing me here. Within a single day I had met the most beautiful fully developed girl in the World and made love to her, still making love to her, and madly in love with her.When we were finished and had come back to the real World I said, “I love you.”Carrie replied, “I love you

A Boy and his Genie - Chapter 06

had gotten Alexis from an old man who’d seemingly selected her at random to get the lamp. Matt wanted to pass Lumiosa on to another Master whom he thought would be kind to her. Maybe one day he and Sophie would have kids, who could inherit their genies, like how Apriya had been passed down from father to son.Matt then wondered about Sophie and

Cuffed Ch. 04

‘There’s just so much going on right now. I have my classes, the studio, my students. I can’t even think straight sometimes. I don’t want to have to deal with this, too.’ ‘I’m gonna need you to think straight on this one.’ I climbed off Holden’s lap and grabbed my sweater from the floor. The date was over, and I knew it. I pulled the sweater over

Falling Ch. 10

me. ‘And what do we have here?’ ‘Nothing,’ I mumbled, sounding as guilty as I looked, I’m sure. ‘Just some trash.’ She leaned over and picked up the bowl, looking at it with interest. ‘Hair, and not your color, either. Whose hair is it, Linnea? Tell me.’ The habit of obedience was already too strong to resist a direct request. ‘Jenny’s,’ I

My Son is Addicted to Me

relax while I moved down to his cock. I licked him and kissed that round head of his cock. With a deepthroat action, I started sucking him; I was good at doing deepthroat and I could easily have his cock fully in my mouth. “Oh fuck! Mom.” He moaned. I gagged on his cock and it was all wet and sloppy. Holding his cock, I rubbed its head on my

Client Satisfaction: Deepthroat

downtown.""A city bureaucrat then. Or a powerful realtor. I bet all the sexual favors makes him glad he supported this place."In one quick movement, Penny reached back to unclip her bra and let it fall, tossing it aside with the rest of her clothes. It was like they had discussed; think of this as a doctor's appointment. She felt confident in her

Hot Fever

with my pussy walls. He feels so amazing. Gripping onto my ass as he thrusts deeper in me. My legs on his shoulders, reaching down I rub my clit, god the sensations. Staring into his beautiful eyes, I am speechless. The lightning outside starts as the chilly air comes through the window. Loving what the cold air does to my body as our bodies are

Fixing my wife

his pants like a mother undressing her little boy and took off his underwear too. Then she reahed up and pulled his shirt off till he was naked too.she then stood and pulled him over to the bed and pushed him on it and she went strieght to his dick and started sucking him.mark just laid on his back looking up at the ceiling and his mom bobbed her

My First Pet (After Dinner)

first story ‘My First Pet’ and follows from where that left off. Again, please give any comments and I hope you enjoy. After what had happened a few moments ago, I was almost dancing round the kitchen as I prepared dinner. I was ecstatic, I couldn’t believe things had gone as well as they had. My beautiful Jane had just shown she was completely

Oh So Friendly Part 1.

and she asked, What did you do with Brenda? Did you get her in the behind also? We just went oral. She wants her dad to be the first one in her pussy. I felt her stiffen again. She likes the taste of cum. You said you actually stuck it in Cindy? Didnt it hurt her? She has already been having sex since school started. I was bigger than she was

Sidney Summons Two of the Undead

call if you need me.” And with that she backed out of the driveway and drove down the street. I was jumping with glee, I ran into the house and right into my room, got my new favorite book and all my other items, and went right into my VooDoo den. I started reading page after page for hours. By midnight, I was a few chapters in. I came across a

crossdresser confession part 1

down on her. We were stuck in the same cycle of sexual contact that after a while, sex altogether just stopped. We would have our moments, celebrating a new job or a weekend together when we just had time to ourselves. However, they were few and far between.I learned to service myself more and more to keep from blowing a gasket. I was always

Our Steam Sauna Experience

back onto the upper bench, arms behind my head, my thighs looking thick and partially covered with the small towel. You are stretched forward to show the lovely shape of your sweating body and your back. You sit back up again, your towel falls lower down your stomach, and your arm brushed against mine. Almost straight away, I was so aroused

Meet the Haitian Goddess Trois

damn uncomfortable. Sebastien found himself oddly perturbed by that. The plan was to get Florence to come over, wow her and then proceed to find some chinks in her armour. All to eventually seduce the Black Amazon of Quartier Morin. Granny Cecilia talked incessantly about the situation in the Republic of Haiti. She didn’t care for the American

Hard Candy

baffling, especially to engineers, and were frequently the subject of conversation at departmental lunch breaks. "You know," one of his colleagues said during lunch one day, "If it wasn't for the fact that women had pussies, there'd be a bounty on them." This observation was met with gales of laughter and high fives all around. "Well, I'm of the

How Meggie Made Me Hard

the floor in the other direction, Meggie spread her legs shamelessly and began to play with her slippery, wet pussy. I loved the sight of her curly reddish pubes, and the pink swollen lips and stiff, glistening clitoris between them. A huge grin lit up her face as she slid two fingers in and out of her slippery pussy, one on either side of her

3rd Chromosome: Rivalry

you’ll like it.’ Iggy slapped Nicki’s substantial ass, a grin forming as she watched it quiver. ‘Just relax and this will go soooo…much better.’ Nicki tried, but didn’t get far. The thought of being double teamed pressed into her. Iggy, for her part, didn’t let her partner dwell on that. Instead, she pushed forward as soon as she felt Nicki

Keeping Guard Ch. 03

squirmed in her grip, a completely bewildered expression painted across his face. It would have been funny if it was not so embarrassing, and after nearly a minute of hugging and appreciation I had to pull my mother off of him. ‘It’s very nice to meet you,’ John managed to say only after he was able to fill his lungs again. ‘Can I get you

Out in public

your mouth with my tongue loving the way your taste. We reluctantly pull away from the kiss but stay in our embrace, I lean forward and whisper, "I hope you liked the preview, wait till you get home", pull away and walk off. Leaving you stunned and thoroughly fucked, swaying my hips as I go, sensing your eyes on my arse, I turn my head give you

My First Time

I deserved more (I agreed). So he would come "tenish" with a couple of his "Top" friends, to continue My "initiation". They would also bringsome nicer (that is to say sexier) clothes for me to wear.Rather than have me take him back to where we had met, he used our phone to call one of those

Lost Empire 38

her wing mate there made more of a difference than we at first thought." Shelby told Derrick.  "So how many are ready to go right this minute?" Derrick asked bitterly.  Shelby pulled back from Derrick a moment which made him wrench at the look of fear on her face. Whispering Shelby stated, "Five Derrick, six if you include me, seven with Tempro,

Mistress Z's Game

car, it is pretty impossible for someone to really see anything unless they are looking hard, so it is a pretty safe thing to do, public-decency-wise. Mistress enjoyed the fact that I got this naked in so public a place, and filed away the fact for future reference."Future reference" came about two weeks later, when I needed to make the same

Bree 7 – Shannon and Jake The Donkey

penetration and then she screamed again as she felt two more hot jets of precum blast into her rectum! Then the hot slick cock slid in deeper&hellip, With a drunken surge of movement, Shannon rolled away from both invaders and sat up, still hysterically laughing. Bree laughingly told her Despite what you said, you sure looked like you enjoyed

Shayla and Jade

her lips, getting the first taste of guys cum. She then wiped her hair and looked at the cum that had splatted onto her in the palm of her hand, she then, with the same hand wiped the cum off her chest. She looked me in the eye, looked at the cum in her hand, gave a wicked smile and then stuck her tongue out and gave one long slow lick. I saw the

Sister Mary (family fun, porn stories)

I have wondered just how we thought that would work; was Mother Superior going to make her glaze the replacement window in herself? All I can say is, it seemed like a good idea at the time.) Eddie, though, who had the street smarts I lacked, suggested we wait a week or two until someone else had gotten a chance to tick off Sister Margaret, so we

Back Door Babe

fall for a third of the expenses. She said that I could have a piece every so often if I wanted it. I didn't think I could turn that down.Lindsey managed to come by my room two to three times a week for the remaining three weeks until finals, always to donate a piece of her ass and remind me that she wanted to be one of my roommates in the fall.

Officer Prick & slut Wife

wanted to see erupt. Moaning like a lil whore she sucked and licked his balls while continuing to stroke him. She didn’t want to be pinned by his big muscular arms again. In spite of her grimacing painful grunts and groans he had been aggressively slamming her full of his enormous cock off and on throughout the night to the point of scaring her.

Chinese Daughter Torture

The shock again. And if it was even possible, I felt my cock shrink some more."Lance, I'm getting very disappointed. Will you tell me the truth?" She repeated the question as if she were a schoolgirl begging for a piece of candy. Her eyes had that sad expression like I was causing her pain."I with a Marine Battle Group. We're here to force a

Trailers West

piss with, let alone do any screwing, for a while. After tonight it will probably take all next week for me to recover.’ Tom weakly commented to the girls as the three gently washed themselves. Grace answered, ‘Today was the first time I have ever been fully satisfied. Usually, just as I begin to really enjoy the feeling of being screwed, the

Single in New York

from his mouth, to his chest as I licked and kissed. Then down further until I reached his cock. I licked one side then down the other as he moaned in delight. I then took him into my mouth and played with him with my tongue. I flicked the tip of his cock and sucked him slowly into my mouth. He was very large and very hard. I tasted pre cum from

Suzy and Tom Chapter 2

could reach.   I took the finger that had been shoved up Tom’s arse, and scooped the remaining spunk off my tits and into my mouth.   The combined smell and taste was a heady cocktail of debauchery and I loved it.   Tom began to stand.   “That was incredible” he stammered.   “It’s your turn now.   Do you want me to go down on

Chance Encounter

continued kissing passionately. Of course, he could tell all of this had gotten me very aroused. He stop the foreplay, stood up, lifted my dress and started to take my panties off. Knowing well what the answer was, I still said, "What are you doing?", and he answered, "Getting ready to satisfy both of us."He dropped his pants and underwear then

Laura’s Birthday

their desire grew too strong and Laura reached down gently grasping his dick and slowly pulling him into her pussy. He kept pushing until he bottomed out feeling his balls pressed against her asshole. That’s when they started to fuck. He pulled out till just the tip was inside then slammed back in full force making her cry his name out in a long

Awakening Her desires VIII

squirming in her place. She was perched on her side on the floor of the library, until just now happily devouring the incredible collection of historic erotica David had spent much of the day revealing to her. “ Oh. Oh, please. No David. No. I don’t think I can take another thrashing.” her voice was small and anxious. An edge of panic in it.

A Pleasant Night's Ride Home Ch. 01

my pants in response to you, you moaning throatily, animalistic in your reaction to my obvious desire for you. I released your ass reluctantly with one hand and pulled your head to mine, grasping your hair tightly in it, my fingers twining and twisting in its silky depths. I placed my lips against your throat, breathing delicately onto it,

A Sadist's Love

without injuring... He shook his head then, a brief chuckle. The look in her eyes... He knew she wanted him for herself. And she was quite the looker herself..."I think I will break him in first...""Actually it's a her!"Realization came across his mind then, a small chuckle. So she was jealous... He chuckled silently to himself, shaking his head.

Cuckolded by Her First Love

flesh and tried to ignore the reality of the moment, but I found having another man’s penis in my mouth excited me. I sucked and licked, almost wanting him to cum in my mouth, rather than my wife’s fanny.“He’s good at that,” Tommy mocked.Margo pushed my head away from Tommy’s crotch forcing me to relinquish the now stiff member.“He’s got some

Beetlesmith’s Ch. 15

I’ve come to call the strange events of my recent life—were beginning to dampen. My relief at this new turn of events was short lived, however. By Monday, it became evident to me that what was occurring wasn’t just the drug wearing off. Something more insidious was taking hold of my life, twisting me about as if I were a ragdoll caught in that

A Date with Pornstars

reaches down and pushes me away. I lick up her juices that are still coming out of her vagina. She groaning as I do that. I look up and Jenna’s face is contorted. She’s ready to cum too. I lean up and grab her nipples and pinch them. She screams and is really fucking Sunny’s face. She cums for a minute and then collapses onto Sunny. She slowly

Virtual Slavery Ch. 12

know anything about this,’ I pleaded near tears. ‘What to charge. Anything.’ ‘Down here, whatever you can get. Most of the girls are junkies. Fifty bucks for a fuck, less for a blow job. More if you sell your ass or do something special.’ ‘Special?’ ‘They’ll tell you. Here,’ and the big automobile rolled to a stop. ‘Out.’ And awkwardly I felt

Me and my daddy 4.

you." He said while I pressed my whole body against him."Do you guys have to leave?" Jena asked."Yeah we do, but it was really really nice to meet you guys." I said."It was nice to meet you too, you guys are awesome." Sami said."Thanks you guys are really cool too." I said while my daddy let me go.All of the girls hugged me, all of them. It was

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 14

to check. Down another stairway and towards the center of the manor. They passed one of the passages that went to the cellar, instead traveling to the entry hall. ‘Aren’t the tunnels underground?’ Eldrian asked. ‘He isn’t going through the tunnels.’ With a flick of Anahid’s hand, the great doors to the manor swung in on their hinges and crashed