Red Light District

giggled as they beckoned us in. Morty and I watched the look of awe on her face as the tight-bodied lap dancer gyrated naked in front of us. Watching a live sex show, she wriggled on my lap as my hard length pressed against her pert rump. We took turns to finger her in the dark corner of a coffee shop. She had taunted us all way through the

Jennifer’s Obsession: Payback

day arrives when they can see it, touch it, and know for sure exactly what they’ve got. All-the-while their eyes were fixed on the changing-room door. About ten minutes had passed when the door suddenly swung open. Anthony and Dave suddenly acquired some butterflies from somewhere and they were fluttering about quite energetically. Their faces

Terry Gets It In The End

we don't care who purchases our products and we treat everyone with respect. If you can do that then the job is yours. You'll find that crossdressers and transvestites make up a good portion of our customers.” “I can do it, sir,” I replied without hesitation. “Good. Now would you be able to start tomorrow?” “Tomorrow? Yes sir.” “Good. I'm going


of a sudden, I realized what was happening and reached down, took her hand away and tried to push her back. “I can’t be doing this. I keep telling you.” She only hesitated for a moment and then moved up to crouch on the edge of my bed. I seemed powerless to stop her. LunaI had him with my spell, he couldn’t move away at all just lie there and let

Long Days Release

I shoved my dick back into her mouth to clean it up. "if that's how your gonna end your rough days... I hope you have more of them." she said while looking up at me with a cum covered mouth. I untied her and we went to have a shower before going to bed... But that's another story... Please rate & comment. Constructive criticism is welcome. Feel

Just Another Fucked-Up Love Story

a blessing that I’m hella thankful for.“Oh, Dalton,” she says through panting groans. “I love you so much.”My sucking stops for a moment. Her words really hit me hard.I’ve had girlfriends say the same thing plenty of times. But our loves all got cut short by cheating or moving away.With Breanne, it’s different.Here she is--the girl next to me in

Home invasion ends in rape and incest

man got behind Abby and lifted her ass up and kneeled behind her. He pulled the dildo out of Abby's cunt and then he reached his hand out and shoved it between her legs. "Holly fuck, she's really wet." He took his eight inch cock in his hand and put it to her cunt and in one motion pushed fully into her snatch. Abby moaned around the leader's

‘A Tale Of Two Father’s Days’

every thrust into Nikki’s glorious love-hole. ‘RIGHT THERE RIGHT THERE BABY… THAT’S IT.. THAT’S IT.. OH MY GOD DADDY. OH GOD.’ He feels a warm rush of cum gush out of Nikki’s pussy as he knows that she just had an orgasm. But, he continues to fuck her knowing that he might not get this opportunity again. If he only has one chance, and who

The Lesbian Next Door

time in my 30 year life and my hand is now covered in my own juices.I lie in bed thinking about what I just did and feel so guilty for my thoughts. I am not religious but I was brought up on strong morals and what I just did was wrong. The biggest problem was I enjoyed every second of it and I still can not get the thought of licking Rachel in

What Duck?

corps, and ship it has ever been my honor and pleasure to be associated with and to serve aboard. Trying to get the best deal I could from my detailer (the fellow who wrote my orders), I agreed to report to the USS Porterfield (DD-682), said ship being home ported in San Diego, California. This only after receiving assurances from the detailer

Cottage Trip Ch. 1

trip. I'll go get some towels though." She ran out of the water, and back up to the cottage. Not waiting for her, Simon took off his shirt and threw it back onto the beach, then waded further into the water. He was standing on the bottom, water up to just below his armpits when Kelly returned with the towels. Although he heard her approaching, he

One in A Million Ch.5

it’s tearing apart from the inside! I needed some space to clear my head so I could think, But instead of letting the damn thing go, you had to go fucking probing deeper into this shit! So there’a your answer! Happy now?” I ran up the stairs blinking tears out of my eyes. Damn it...why was everything so fucking complicated? I slammed the door

The school counsellor, part 2

I said. “First time is always like that.” “I hope so, I’m going to a stag tomorrow night with my mates,” he said. “Then you’ll be fine, I’ll be there. Look, I’ll blow you first, then you’ll be fine. Don’t worry I’ll make sure you’re ok sweetie.” “A counsellor at my college always calls me sweetie, and she’s gorgeous, just like you, thanks,” he

Something For Him

written under a very short deadline… may add more laterRising from the sofa without a word I move to the door and click the lock in place as you watch me from your seat. Turning off the main light I walk to were you sit and stop. Positioning my self in front of you I look down at you on the couch wondering if you have figured out my secret but

My First M4M Massage

to shower more attention. Standing at the foot of the table, I leaned over and stroked his flaccid cock with my finger. His cock was amazing! Even flaccid, it had such girth and length that was so marvelous. I moved my face closer to his crotch to have a closer examination. My finger stroked the smooth skin of his cock - starting from his cock

Adam & Jesse Ch. 01

‘She called following Talley to the kitchen. ‘He isn’t here, Jesse. ‘Talley said bluntly. ‘Where is he? When will he be back? I have something for him. ‘Jesse spoke excitedly fast. She turned quickly and was facing Adam. He was immediately aroused when she slowly looked him up and down with a boldness that did not hide her approval. He was

Master! Master! FINAL CHAPTER

then I began my strokes, building up my speed over time. At first I was holding onto her hips, then I grabbed her arms and pulled them back, gripping them like the handlebars of a chopper. Her moan was endless, her breasts, suspended and hanging over the bed, rippling from my thrusts. I was merciless, pounding her until she came, releasing a

Sex in the Rain

form of a thunderstorm.When she came back in Will was sitting at the table nursing a Mt. Dew, a glass of tea on the table for her.“Thank you, sweetie,” she said as she took a drink.“Okay, spill it.”“Spill what?” Ann asked, playing little Miss Innocent as she took a drink of her tea.“You turn me down for sex so you must have a plan.”“Will, your


you a long deep kiss as my hand runs up behind your neck, holding you as I kiss you. Your kiss is as intoxicating as your beauty, almost as addicting as any drug can be. I move down kissing your stomach, moving to your hips. You let out a little giggle as I kiss and nibble on your hip. Continuing to your legs, I massage them as I lift your foot


pain deep inside of her. Her vaginal passage is stretched, scraped and torn as she suddenly feels my cock swelling and it feels as if it will rip her open. The sudden pulsing that follows, along with my thrusting, warned her what is about to happen. Her whimpers took on fresh urgency. " Please! Don't. Not that. Not inside!" Her brain is too

Photo Surprise

about this.” He turned the computer monitor so Chelsea could also see at the same time. Chelsea leaned slightly to get a better view of the monitor and what she saw caused her heart to jump a beat. It was photo Kayla had taken of herself in the bathroom mirror. Kayla was naked and holding the camera. Chelsea had seen the photo many times and

Availability Ch. 02

of how strong your need for me, and for others, had always been. How I needed that strength; how it excited me, how it fed me. A need that exceeded any I had ever known; and now it strikes me that your deprivation may have been greater than mine. And you had other factors, issues, complications, that I was not privy to although you tried to make

The Booths

chance of happening upon a sexually liberated woman there? To this day, I still do not fully understand my desires but I know I have a lot of fun exploring them.My first time getting in there was on my 18th birthday of course. I was eager and ready. I had an idea of what went on in there and some of the etiquette from reading blogs and stories on

The Party's Not Over Yet

nature, was a new and marvelous thing for Suzanne, but she was not sure that it would have been half as good with any other man but Nick. When they reached the end of their slow mutual climb and his shuddering explosion took place between her legs, they lay together for a long time before they dressed again. They shared her bed that

Ms. Madison's Puppy School

out of the cage. Sarah and Samantha moaned as they were forced to crawl, and pulled back as they saw the food in the dish. It was a special blend for puppy slaves, mainly chili and chicken, but the girls wouldn't know until they ate some. Seeing the girls pause, and watching Sarah trying to pick up the food dish with her hands, Ms. Morison moved

Somethings Just Happen PT1

her."I know that but how many poeple are caught by the person the where mastrubating about."I turned her face to me so i could look at her. "Not many i think, but it doesn't matter i even find it flattering that you where thinking of me.""Well i always had a bit of a crush on you, because you are always nice to me. "She then realiced something

Justin. Fergus. Dakota

gulpingsound, I succeeded in shoving my entire hand up Fergus’s cunt. At the same timeFergus screamed so loudly it made my ears ring. “AAUGH!! AWWWW!!! UUUUUGGGHH!!!! AWW MY ASS!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!”screeched Fergus, his voice like a rolling wave. I’d never imagined I’d be fisting a 12-year-old kid. Icontinued sliding my arm up his hole.

Teen Wolf Step-Brother - Chapter 2 (FINAL)

have paused to put one on. He fucked his sister raw, bareback, and when he came I felt it splashing inside me, filling me up.Since the transformation, Brandon’s been drinking upwards of ten pints of water a day, and having felt him cum, I know why. Even after his first six orgasms of the day, it was a torrent, a veritable tidal wave of semen. He

The Great Depression

he replied, chuckling. “Yer could’ve been my son. What I really want from yer is more than just companionship and work,” he stated, before resuming, “I want loving. Like the loving between a man and woman,” he explained. With an intense gaze, he then resumed, “Are yer following me?”As Mac moved in closer to me I could feel a distinct hardness

The Word

Shepard High, lacking its student body, was eerily quiet, his lonely footsteps echoing off the walls, he almost expected a tumble weed to go blowing by as he closed in on the cafeteria. Empty too. Weird. He headed back into the main foyer, looking at the seamless, row upon row of lockers. Peyton thought for a moment then opened his mouth, crying


toy. I am Your fuck toy, Master. Use my face and my mouth till Your hot cum is dripping all over me." I look up for approval and my Master smiles. I see Him give way to the moment, enjoying my behavior and the sensation of my rose bud mouth sucking at Him greedily. I let go of the outside world and fall in tune with the rhythm we have together. I

The Next Year - Chapter 5 - Fucked with an Audience

the fuck are you looking at you fucking pervert?!” Vincent shouted as he started to get up. I felt my nerves settle as some level of excitement passed over me. I placed my hand on Vincent’s shoulder and pushed him back against the seat. I slowly began to ride his cock again. I made eye contact with the man in the door way. “Are you fucking

The Sword of Noatlag

by my head, taking some hair with it. Shaking my head, I jumped into action.I was in the air, 20, 30, 40, 50 feet above the Earth, looking down at the man. I never realized how nice it is to look over a small suburban town like this; all the trees and modest homes and green grass. I might move here when I'm older. A blue streak of light forced me

Good Little Pet

every strike from his hand was just foreplay to both of them. He kept her happy with the slew of insults and in return, she kept them both happy by living with one purpose.That purpose was inches away from her lips and every bit of her shivering, begging body knew it.Kaitlin pulls herself up just enough to meet her lips with the tip of her

Grad Trip

excited" she then began stroking my bare cock, before pulling it into her hot velvet mouth. I could feel her tongue probe around the head of my cock as she took it deeper and deeper into her mouth. Soon I could feel myself hitting the back of her throat as she began to bob her head up and down on my cock"Ohhh God Megan, don't stop" that only

The Second Hundred Years Ch. 05

a horse like that. That animal wouldn’t eat hay, she had to have oats and corn. She didn’t like to be ridden much and when you did ride her, she expected you to brush and curry her or she wouldn’t let you saddle her the next time.’ ‘How’d you cure her of those bad habits?’ Lewis asked. William was interested too. ‘I shot her,’ Jim replied with a

Sleep Over part 1

and rubbed it against Elly's aching pussy. Elly moaned and rubbed her pussy against the older girl's hand. Carla smirked and pulled her hand away."Look how wet she is." She showed her sister her fingers. They were glistening with Elly's juices. She looked down at Elly again. "You want me to finger your pussy?" Elly nodded eagerly. "Yes."Calra put

Thanksgiving - What are you thankful for?

ear.“You need to do exactly as I say, and if you do I’m going to give you a night you’ll never forget. And give my daughter and every woman you’ll ever date a gift they’ll never be able to repay. Do you want to learn how to make love like a woman wants?”He nodded almost imperceptibly.“And you know if you tell anyone I’ll personally remove your

April's Revenge

hanging over the edge. Then she whipped out this harness thing that went over each leg and under each leg, and my cock and balls went out through a hole. She pulled it tight and fastened it behind me so that I couldn't move my ass. The harness was tight around the base of my cock and balls, but felt good as it squeezed them out, and seemed to

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 05

back to him and growled in her right ear as he grasped her shoulders, ‘If it’s the last thing I ever do, I’m going to drive every moment you spent with him from your memory!!! What you felt for him will pale in comparison to how I’m going to make you want and need me!!!’ he continued as his hands ran down her body, his left hand fondling her

Alpha And Beta

thighs, their midsections slapping against each other passionately. He let out several guttural moans and growls of pleasure as he had his Beta crane her neck around so to catch her beautiful seductive lips in a passionate kiss, his tongue running across hers very sensually. He moaned softly into her mouth, starting to fondle her breasts with

A Sweet Young Lover

year old son attends swim and diving classes at the local Y, and I help out by taking him to some of his classes. He has several instructors but there is one in particular, her name is Allison, she just turned seventeen. We are always making conversation, and at times she seems quite flirtatious, which I don’t object to. In fact I think she is

A Good Night

their lips met. Polly's lips were as soft as they looked, his lips were lightly pressed against hers, not forcing his way into her mouth like he did as a drunken teenager. The kiss lasted a few moments, but felt like an eternity to Kurt, millions of thoughts about what this kiss meant, why she wasn't responding, why she wasn't protesting, why she

A guy and his...? 34 Inger

sure what was going to happen at Juno's office but he wanted to be ready. Mary could be an evil master, or she could just be a master. Then again she could also be one of those nymphomaniacs who liked the fact that he could go as long as he did. Sighing Jake did one more spot check of the site then climbed into his truck to head to Juno's office.

A Few Minor Adjustments Ch. 07

read the news with my cum dripping down your thigh.’ ‘God, that’s hot. What else?’ ‘What I’d really like to do is…’ ‘Fuck me in the ass?’ ‘Yes.’ Her hand shifted under her shorts. ‘I want to bend you over and stick my cock in your hot, tight ass.’ She licked her lips. ‘Will it hurt?’ she asked. ‘Yes – some. But I’ll be gentle with you, and it

OFFICE FUN 1: Beginning

appears to be paying off.” He nodded with a smile. He had to be talked into that venture, which he thought was outside our circle of influence, but he was pleased to have been proven wrong. Inwardly, he was also pleased that this secretary was so aware of what had caused the sudden influx of orders and interest. He loved it when a hire proved

Butt Slut

have medium to big size cocks. I don't get off on it nearly as much if a guy only has a little dick. I need to feel it, the bigger the better. I like to be teased a bit first, although it drives me crazy and as much as I want that cock in my asshole, its the build up to it that's half the fun. Lets start with you going down on me and working my

Coffeehouse Crush

pushing the head in, a tiny bit with each thrust of her hips. I felt like she had been pounding me for an hour, but it had been only a couple minutes. Maggie moved slowly, but Nissa decided we were "ready". Nissa clicked her controller and the vibrator in Maggie's vagina kicked on. Maggie grunted, her body jerked forward and the lubrication

Vile - Chapter 4 - Others

tone lashing out like a blade in an attempt to provoke the woman he had so deeply come to resent from seemingly so little. Alas, the voluptuous woman only offered him the faintest of giggles and the most sensual of tones, "My how aggressive you are... You must take your role as guard dog very, very seriously to speak to someone you have never met

College girl fun

touching my inner thigh about an inch or two from my labia. It was killing me to have it so close. Linda went over the dresser again and took out a double ended dildo. It was longer and thinner than the one resting between my legs. The girls got on the bed next to me and proceeded to have the hottest sex I have ever seen. At one point the dildo

Romance at Sea

throughout my childhood.’ Gwen sighed and said, very well, and not only played but sang it as well. When she finished women everywhere were sniffing into handkerchiefs and men were studying the ceiling. ‘Right Mr Jones, one more.’ ‘Waltzing Matilda please.’ Cheers erupted from several people in the dining room. ‘Oh, other homesick Australians in

Lacy Lingerie

He knew how sensitive her nipples were and she was his now. Her hand stroked his hard cock up and down and she lifted her leg to rub him against the softness between her legs. "I need you now," he growled in her ear. "Turn around."She did as he told and turned around facing the chair in the room as he lifted up her lacy lingerie revealing her

Dad Helped Me

before him and sucking on my dad’s cock. As dad was facing the window mom's back was towards the window. Dad had done this on purpose so that mom wouldn’t be facing the window. He gestured me to open the curtains wider and look. I opened the curtains wider and saw the milky white nudity of my mom. I saw how greedily she was sucking on my dad's

Leaving a Good Impression Ch. 01

Hehe =D "Now, sit up a bit, on your knees, yes...that's good baby."Snap. Had to get that "Naughty" in there with her very reddened backside.I put the camera down on the table, next to the hairbrush...she's watching me. Eyes somewhat watery, yup...I spanked her good =DI sat her down normally, our legs hanging off the edge of the bed, swinging a

From Beach Buds to Bed

his cock and his balls. He was doing the same, and also was now playing with my ass with his wet fingers. I was getting so close, and felt Steve was right there with me. I licked two fingers and pushed one into his ass as I continued sucking his cock. He moaned each time I slid my finger inside him. He tested my ass with a finger and when he did

Office dream part 3

his way around my inner thighs to the hot wet area around my soft pussy lips. He gently licked and I squirmed under his tongue. I griped the sheats and moaned softly as his tongue traveled along my wet hot lips. He started gently licking the juices seeping out of my pussy. Irresistibly, his tongue plunged deeper and deeper into my softness. His

The Neighbours Put On A Show

other side of the room. Her skirt rode up a bit as she occasionally adjusted her position on the chair. I immediately wondered whether she was wearing any panties! Her braided ponytail hung by her side. She would occasionally take hold of it and run her fingers up and down. After a while, she put the book down and walked over to the dresser.

Joyce and Me at the Cape Prelude

a while now. I want to have sex and become a woman but I also am afraid of becoming pregnant, of ruining my reputation and maybe just not liking it. I do like you a lot and I want to be closer to you. I want to show you how much I like you. One of those ways is to have sex together. How do you feel?” she asked. I was a horny 19 year old guy, how

Clock Watching

You will look at the clock and note exactly how many minutes it took you to come. Write that down. You will do this again at each hour for the whole day. If you are unable to come within the hour, you will stay in bed, with the vibrator on your clit until you catch up or I get home." She looked up at him blinking. She knew that it would be

1981 Geeorgeann's bike ride

ago 'bout this fucking rain and shit, Bro, I'm fuckin sorry man. I should have known ya had ya reasons, I'd like to tank ya now for this fucking storm, making me pull off here and finding this little Angel sitting here...," Tex said, then looked down at me and busted out laughing. His laugh was contagious. I started laughing too, making my boobs

Free Spirited (4)..School (1998)

with candles being the cause of the dim lighting. There were several mattresses strewn on the ground; and one person had needles in their arm. Others were walking around near naked or having sex; I was appalled and shocked at the sight. Matthew grew tired of me and stopped answering my knocks on the window completely. My birthday came and went;

The Dirty Weekend Part One

It was never easy informing a mum her child was with a foster family but I had never seen such a violent reaction as I had witnessed today, although I was content in my mind the removal was in the child’s interest.As I arrived home, Mark met me in the integral garage. He already knew about the bad day as he was the social worker who was given the

Confessions of a Sex Crazy Cross Dresser Part 8

woke up the following morning to an empty bed. I went to the bathroom and when I came out there was a knock on the door. I looked out and saw Peggy with a bag and two cups in her hands. Upon opening the door, Peggy came inside and placed the drinks and bag on the table and gave me a kiss. “I thought you might want some breakfast,” she said. She

An Unexpected Adventure with Robin and Olivia - Chapters 7-8

was Thursday and I took the day off. I knew that Robin had to work late and she had mentioned that Olivia would be home. Now that Olivia was eighteen years old Robin thought Olivia needed more freedom and let her stay by herself for longer periods of time. This was the perfect day for the payment.I arrived at 2:00 pm and was welcomed by

A Fantasy World

His moans were getting louder again. Faster she went still. Her tongue massaging as her lips slid all around his cock. His hips thrust to meet her as she sucked him. Every time she glanced up to see the reaction on his face, she got faster. She could see his pleasure and she moaned around her mouthful. His moans were her encouragement. She wanted

How It Started.Exhibitonism as A Married Couple #2

I cant take the heat anymore, placing the palm of my hand against my kitty while I spread my long sleek legs widely before the mirror. I watched my fingers slipping into the wetness, as I began working my firey box already into a frenzy. In the mirror, I watched teach finger disappear into the narrow entrance of my honey pot, one by one, until I

Collared Ch. 01

are anything but ‘vanilla’ and he turns me on in ways I didn’t think were ever possible – never mind the fact that he does it all with his mind and over a computer. I now belong to him and if I ever talk to someone else online for sex, it’s only because He is not available. It’s never as good with anyone else though and I’m usually left

Honey Trap

by her friends.Belle sighed, “Damn! What’s wrong with my husband? He is so horny in the bedroom and I’ve seen him as have each of you, looking down your dresses at your tits, staring at your thighs when you tease him and undressing each of you with his eyes. Even fooling around to see up your skirt from under a table after dropping a knife or on

The Business - Chapter Seven

and Dazzle stroking in and out of her cunt. She was putting on a loud and stunning performance, moaning and rubbing up and down their bodies, tangling her hands in their hair and biting onto her lip. Lotus held one of her breasts in his hand, flicking her nipples. Occasionally he would tug, causing her to whip her head back. Rusty and Winter

Christines First Time

so we just got caught up in the moment. Next thing I knew, we were in the shower, lathering each others bodies with soap and shampoo. Our bodies were so soft and wet, it felt great. In the shower, she went down on me, and I of coarse returned the favor. Once we felt we were done there, we headed back to my bed. She grabbed out a dildo that

Denises Tale 1

Id been double-fucked by Al and a girl wearing a strap-on dildo, a couple of times before. Later, Jules asked me to give him a golden shower. I drank two bottles of beer in quick succession, smoked a joint while waiting for the beer to work through me, and then we went into the bathroom. Jules lay on the floor, stroking his boner, and I squatted

Anal Sex: The New Girl Power!

it against Cheryl's puckered asshole. With a swift thrust, I went in. I never get tired of doing that. To date, I can't count the number of big women or sexy men whose butts I've fucked. However, each asshole is as unique as its owner and needs to be shown the proper deference.Today, I had a special treat. Cheryl was both a big woman and an anal

Messy Ch. 08

clearing ringed by fountains, waterfalls, and artificial trees. To the right of the hotel entrance was a low wall separating the atrium from the in-house restaurant and bar, and my mouth watered at the thought of the food there. I made this a holiday tradition for a reason. The rooms were actually suites, each one featuring a livingroom, windows

Old Dog, New Tricks

of school and work, she didn’t have much of a life, her sex life, well, was pretty much non existent in itself. Outside of the rare occasion of masturbation, she didn’t get any action. She had longed to feel the touch of a man since the break up with her high school sweetheart, John. Rachel isn’t too keen on meeting new people, especially guys.

daddys play toy chapter 2

later. I could here him coming back though the house. He came into the room and slapped my ass again reaching under neither he grabbed my cock and continued to spank my ass until my small cock was completly hard he wispered into my ear " are you ready to be fucked" I moaned that I was. he backed up and off the bed and said that he couldn't


his strong masculine body. It was only after my experience with Coach Bill, though, that it occurred to me that my father would probably have a nice big cock just like Coach had, and that maybe he would enjoy my doing to him what I had done to Coach.One night after I had gone to bed and slept for awhile, I woke up to go to the bathroom, and

Forlorn Love

stone of her hand. I had once even believed that these tears might break the curse the Hoodoo laid in my dreams, but like all fantasies, such things carry no power into the stark reality of the waking world."Obsession is a wicked curse." I told her as I gazed into her unblinking eyes."Even something as fantastical as a dream begins to carry a

Tears of Relief

her heart. But this time, there was also a hint of uncertainty, a trace of fear. Setting down my fork, I reached across the table to grasp her hand. ‘It’s definitely good to have you home again, baby,’ I said softly. She mirrored my smile and nodded subtly. There was indeed something which troubled her, but this was not the time to ask about


forward… that’s right.’ For a while he stood behind her, she could feel his eyes taking in the sight of her soaking pussy, swollen and hungry for him. He walked round next to her and picked up his training file, shaking off the water he slid out a long ruler. His hand skimmed over her buttocks, lifting her gym skirt, exposing the quivering pale

Helping a friend Chapters 4 and 5

boyfriend, and of the adventures and challenges ahead of you. We talk of the uncertainty of dating again and the effort it requires. And we talk of what it is you are looking for in a man. I am envious of the man who will find himself in your arms and enjoy the treasures of your body. I wonder what it would be like to spend the evenings making

Flashing and fucking our neighbours

she was being tortured but it wasn't a painful sound she was making. I sat and waited as they built themselves up until she cried out and exploded. Julia kept saying, Oh yes, oh yes and stuff like that. Now sitting there hearing your wife begging for someone else's hard cock is very odd. Granted I could not say anything because I had just filled

Proving Rumors

at the party because' as I've been told, I was trying to suck his dick the whole night. I would get the chance once all the other people left that night. Like a good host, Enzo made me stay since I was the only one that didn't have a girlfriend to take me home. From this point on, I'll stop narrating and start telling the story as I dreamed

Every day for the rest of the summer

was just inches away from my throbbing cock peeping through my shorts. She would hand me the dish looking up at me just inches away from the head of my cock on display. Looking at her looking at me made me even more erect. On the next dish I swear she tugged my shorts down a bit so now more of my cock was showing. We did not say a word to

Fucked by the football team

this way and that, my fingers giving away my jitters as I wait for my older sister. I owe her big time. Ginny works for my favourite football team, in the marketing department. She has ensured that I was ‘lucky’ enough to win a fan competition to hang out with the team on a match day. I’ll meet them in the change room before and after the game,

Sexual Adventures of a Schoolgirl Part One

at it for a few seconds. Its a dildo. I found in my sisters room and thought we could use it on each other. Is that one of those sex toys girls use on themselves to masturbate? Yeah, so you want to use it? Sophie had touched herself before, but the thought of putting the vibrator inside of her made her a little uncomfortable, especially since her

The Towel - Part 9

I was so wet after his manipulations to my pussy with his tongue. I had come so hard and so long, I could feel my juices dripping down the crack of my ass. I tried to wiggle my ass to tell Jim I needed him, but I was still enjoying cleaning Mary's pussy that covered my mouth. I could feel my pussy open slowly as Jim took his time to enter me. I

Back to the Farm Ch. 11

but her second eldest daughter’s expecting too. She’s hoping we’ll be able to find them all a bigger house.’ ‘What?’ Melissa gave an involuntary groan. ‘But it’s my birthday!’ ‘Told you. Should’ve taken the day off,’ was Gemma’s cheery parting shot as she headed towards the bar. Melissa sighed, absently selecting another chip and taking a bite

Christmas at Sun Valley

and she thumbed the delicate ring on her finger. Ah! Leanne exhaled loudly and rolled to her back, blinking her eyes open. Joe seemed hesitant in the almost-darkness, even as his hand slid across her belly and then up, taking advantage of her new position to cup her breast. ‘Hey there, princess.’ His eyes searched hers. She wasn’t sure what his

Carol – Part Three

titillating, and the supportive pictures she had shown me had raised my temperature. The rest of the story was interrupted by crying, some embarrassment on her part, and concern that I would end up not liking her. That latter part would increasingly become the focus of her telling me her tale. Though shaken by the disappearance of the older man

Sara's Surprise Doctor Visit

would forget what one looks like. Michael and I met in the library, I was taking a class on human reproduction, and Michael was studying his trade. I didn't know it at the time but he would take me places I had never been. He was tall, dark haired, and had an even tanned complexion. He obviously worked out, he wasn't a muscle head or anything,

Professor Tom Ch. 03

to your office? Why are you going back? Cant it wait until tomorrow professor?’ ‘Oh….never mind. It’s really nothing important. I just forgot some material I need to review before tomorrow’s court hearing.’ ‘Do you need help? You know I would love to help you out on anything that has to do with court. I need all the experience I can get.’ She

Porn Author Becomes a Cock Sucker for His Brazilian Neighbor

cum in my mouth being the ultimate debasement, might no longer be true. He had to be thinking even less of me, looking down at me smiling, as I was about to take his beer piss in my mouth. I wanted to try it, though, and I hoped that I would be able to handle it.Gus seemed to be concentrating to get the flow started, and I knew that he was ready

Secrets of the Tea Room Ch. 05

and both she and Rose would see me tomorrow. My first few weeks there were uneventful. I did as I was told, sometimes begrudgingly, but I did what I was told nevertheless. I watched, as I was told, and I learned, as I was told. The friendship between these two women fascinated me. They were obviously like minded, smart, ambitious, hard working,

A Cocktease Tamed

and erased his number. She would never see him again.That Thursday, she met Lisa for drinks at a bar between their offices. "So," said Lisa, "that guy on Saturday. Michael, right? Has he called?""No," said Beth, "and I don't think he will.""Why not? You were looking hot that night!""You know. He only wanted one thing, like the rest of

A Wonderful Dream part 2

that."Thanks," I manage to get out before adding, "So do you Jaime.""You think so?" Jaime asks, coming around the barrier that separates our showers; her body glistens as I get a full view of her wondrous body. I simply nod, unable to say anything as I feel my nipples stiffen. Jaime smiles and, before I can do anything, walks up to me, presses


and lubricated with gel I would be having a tough time getting in. Kayla’s pussy felt like a furnace. With only a small part of my cock buried I couldn’t wait to be balls deep in this fresh pussy. "Tell me to bury it Kayla. Tell me to pop your cherry" I said with enthusiasm. Kayla couldn’t help herself. As much as she hated John and what he was

The Eternal Tease

Amidst her waking confusion, panic took hold of her for a brief moment before the realisation and the memory of her position struck her. She lay on her back in an empty room. Her arms were stretched above her head with long ropes attaching her to the corners of the room. Her ankles were also wrapped in rope and forced far apart. She was exposed.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Seventeen)

and soon accompanied by Amanda who had watched me fucking her best friend for the first time while she masturbated across the room in a chair. The three of us, laying upon the large comfortable mattress as the experience of what had taken place had taken it’s toll upon me a little and I had fallen into a soft slumber.I began to stir after a

The Inside Story

tell him how hot this made me. Then I began working more lube in and slid four fingers in all the way past the last knuckle. All that was left now was to get past my thumb and I would have my whole hand inside him. I began to rock my hand back and forth to work myself into him. Instead of struggling against the intrusion, he began to push against

12 x 12

was not in the physical sense, for she felt that her ass no longer belonged to her but to her Dom. No, she felt vulnerable because of the exposure of her soul. There was no place to run to, no place to hide. The raw tightly strung emotions which had been so neatly controlled and kept in check for so long would now come streaming out through the

Kept Hard

my cock and my body lurched. I couldn't get soft with that stimulating me, and by looking across at Mark, I could tell he was tired, sore, and worn out with the constant stimulation without any release.I was kept in this position across the hard trolley for a while. It must have been at least a half hour of constant stimulation and I appreciated

Part 01: A Mission for My slave

handed me the key to my Dominance, the darkest areas needing release--she, with her unfaltering submission, the key itself.I stepped into the shower and turned on the jets. As she started to rise, I shook my head and my hands pressed down on hers. This was not necessarily part of the ritual, dependent on my mood. I was extraordinarily excited

Carolyn’s Photoshoot Fuck

to smoke a joint with us, and he said yes, so he got the grass and started rolling one. As he did, I took off my top and invited Rick to take more photos. Mark put on some music and lit the joint.As we passed it around, Mark mentioned to Rick that I used to be a topless dancer at the Rondun Tavern. He suggested that I should get up and show Rick

Angel & Naughty: The Hotel Ch. 01

Then, tightening my grip on her thong collar, I kissed her cheek lightly. With my dick completely up her butt, I paused, mid-thrust. I leaned down, my lips an inch from hers-her hot breath on my mouth. I whispered comfortingly: "I love your ass princess. It's so beautiful. Thank you for your ass."I moved my mouth over hers and she swirled her

At The Pool

I could see his tongue lathering the boy’s hole and finally, entering the boy’s ass. Through the boy’s legs, I could see the grandfather rubbing his hard cock as he continued to tongue the boy’s crack.After a few minutes, he stood up and moved right up to the boy. Aiming his cock at the boy’s hole, he thrust his hips forward and entered the

Isabelle: Chapter 3

greater than before.“Lucas,” she said, grabbing my attention. I looked her in her yearning, green eyes, staring deeply into them. “Isabelle,” I said, playing with her.“I… I love you,” she said, looking into my eyes for a true reaction.“I love you too,” I said slowly, “I love you in every sense of the word,” I said, hugging her closer to me. And I

The Club

a tactful way of bowing-out, but I had been watching a hauntingly attractive girl sitting in the far corner who seemed as out of place here as I felt. She had had her share of guys come and go, and I wondered if she was waiting for someone… or perhaps simply the wrong gender was hitting on her. It was an encouraging thought, which kept me

Titcage (Chapter 20)

Claire had let her. The past three mornings Steph and Claire had explored each other’s mouths with their tongues while Claire masturbated herself to orgasm. They only broke lip contact so that Claire could periodically bring her hands to her mouth and suck the cunt juices off them - another requirement of her V grade. Claire worried it would

My Nympho Fiance

mouth giving him a good hard suck.”He moaned, leaning his head back. “Oh fuck this is such a good day of bowling.”He reached out, putting his hand on her head, as he thrust his cock repeatedly into her mouth. Nadia bounced up and down between his legs, sliding his hard cock between her big tits. With each stroke she took his cock into her

Taking My Sister

with water, the gentle swell of the aereola with her slightly darker, tiny little nipples in a stage of semi-erect that gave me a tingle in my crotch that I would later learn was called "hornyness". As I kept staring at my sister's lithe little body she looked up at me saying,"What are you looking at Matt?""Nuh-Nuh-Nothing", I managed to stammer

Sasha Ch. 05

to make him sign the contract!’ I laughed, thinking, If only you knew… There was a pile of work awaiting me, and I dove into it whole-heartedly. Lots of calls, lots of memos kept me busy and the hours flew by. Every time Sasha crept into my head, I had a wide range of issues to distract me. The afternoon passed and I called Dylan. ‘Oh, God,

Fashionably Late (For My Funeral) Pt. 05

to my safety deposit box and I wouldn’t be able to access my funds. I caught a cab to the bank and taking the money from the box I walked a short distance to another bank and opened an account under my real name, I still carried papers that identified me as Wilbur Smith. ‘Not the author Wilbur Smith?’ The clerk asked as she filled my details into

Grocery Delivery

you come," I whispered back to her, "you feel so ready."Soft moans were my only answer from her, as she rubbed away, eyes closed, nipples rigid, I could feel the wetness from her pussy seeping onto me, mixing with my own fluids. Her rubbing grew faster, and I responded, pushing harder against her, then she was coming, lunging against me as she

Escapades of a Bisexual Teen: Part 1

sitting at the cafeteria with Kenneth and the group of friends that we hung out with. Though Tiffany was my girlfriend, she usually sat with her own friends. I found her in the lunch line talking to her friends and she saw me. I smiled and waved. She gave me a flirty look and blew me a kiss. “You’re lucky, man.” I turned my head and realized

A ruined friendship? – part 2

I was horny beyond a doubt, still a little tipsy from the drinks I’d had in the club, and concerned I’d just lost my best friend. As I re-ran her words my brain I couldn’t help but blush, she had said that it was my turn. Excitement bubbled low down inside me, making the thin knickers I was wearing so damp that they felt stuck to me. Seeing the

Shagging in the Confession Box

quietly but the cunt just keeps pacing around the fucking church. "Father forgive me for my sins. Father forgive me for my sins." It's fucking Alyssa Albrite. She's one of those innocent catholic types who are so pure you just know they have a secret. You know the type of a girl who smiles all coy but you can tell that she's got something going

The Stranger

eyes. Why was this man, this handsome, sexy man- who could have any woman he wanted- interested in her? She stood abruptly, stepping away from him. Thank you for everything youve done, I wish there was some way for me to repay you. At that, his eyes lit up and he stood gracefully. Perhaps there is a way&hellip, his voice was calm and smooth

Good Luck Charm

But this was different. She glanced sideways at him. He kept a complete poker face, staring straight at the road ahead, one hand on the wheel, even remembering to check his mirrors. She, on the other hand, was just hoping no passers-by could see her face through the completely non-tinted windows. She had a feeling her cheeks were painted pink by

Candlelit Perfection

begin, but you hesitate as if trying to reciprocate the torture of the sensuous dances to the Spanish lullabies. To my disappointment, you slowly withdraw until you have completely left the room. What seems like an eternity passes but you finally return. Your jacket and tie have been removed. The breeze catches your open shirt and blows it about


Anna bid us farewell, closing and locking the door behind us as we left. I was barely halfway to town when I realized that I had left my wallet behind at the suite. I opened the door, seeing that Anna’s room was open, but the doors down the long corridor to the lounge were closed. I opened them and walked into my room, yet I could not see my

Holiday in Cancun

a big toy and if she didnt mind I wanted her best mate to ride my cock whilst she sat on my face so I could eat her out, Jenny in return confessed that her fantasy was to be used by several guys in succession, not as a gang bang but in private with one at a time just coming and going as she liked, she added that it was just a fantasy after seeing

A young nurse-teacher gives lessons to a health class.

pussies to orgasms. She spent eight hours being sexually assaulted by everyone that came by her classroom. That night as the school day came to an end the leader and her posse returned unbinding their teacher from her desk they helped her sit up and gave her food and drink to replenish her body. As she ate and drank they explained her situation

Makalea’s Make Up Assignment

“Put your hands together behind your back.” Malena tied her sister’s hands together behing her back. Makaela felt her sister tighten her bonds and shivered. She had never been tied up before, she wondered if Malena was going to punish her for something. Malena pulled out a ballgag from her drawer, she put it in her sister’s mouth and fastened it

Massage Extraordinaire - Part One

remove them, knowing full well what was going to happen, and he didn’t disappoint me either. He shot bolt right-up. “Nice cock,” she remarked, “now onto the bed on your tummy.” How on earth was I supposed to do this woman, I thought. If you were in my condition you would be a little more sympathetic. Anyway I managed to ease myself onto the bed

Sibling Seduction Ch. 20

still in her asshole. His penis exploded deep inside his sister’s vagina, shooting a thick, hot load of his seed into her hungry womb. “Mmmmm…” Bonnie purred, rubbing her furry pussy against his pubis, loving it as his dick jerked inside her again, spraying the back of her cunt with more cum. She continued to milk her brother’s cock, gobbling up

Loving my sister

A soft moan escaped her lips, as I switched to the other. I kissed my way down her taut stomach, then slid her pants over her legs. A delicate patch of girl juices had soaked into her panties, I pressed my nose into her mound, inhaling her sweet aroma. I kissed my way down her smooth thighs and back up. She arched her back, and slid the panties

Controlled By My Cleaner 2

finger into my sex hole. I somehow continued to play with Ella's tits, but was becoming increasingly distracted by events at my rear end - especially when Jordan skilfully inserted three fingers into my dripping wet pussy - and began to frig me. Ella leaned forward and kissed me, full, on the lips, her tongue darting in and out – as Jordan's was

The Yoni Massage

pussy. As I moved and twisted my finger around, she started breathing harder and she let out little moans of pleasure. Her moans turned me on so much, my cock was raging hard. But before I got mine, I was determined to give her hers. I inserted a second finger and slowly started fucking her while she moaned some more. I gradually increased my

A Day In The Life Of – Margaret Prothero

You feel her despair at never receiving a letter, never having the opportunity to invite him into her home. Never having –You feel Margaret’s mood slowly fade as the ominous cloud sinks to the ground.Margaret returns to her lonely kitchen table, set with one bowl of cereal, one spoon, one mug of coffee and one piece of buttered toast waiting

A Harley Babe Takes Me For a Ride

"Hey, I have to go; see you around, Jon." And he was off to work before I could ask him anything more. I rode home thinking, ‘That babe I saw before was Mike's Mom? She doesn't look old enough to have a 16-year-old kid. So that would put her in her mid-thirties, just like me.' But those thoughts vanished in a blink of an eye as I rounded our

The Desirable's Part 1

I was harder than ever. “Lie down’, she told meI did as she asked. From down there I could she her pussy glistening with moisture. She lined it up with my cock and impaled herself upon it which made us gasp.“Phil come here”, she yelled, “why are you standing there. I have 2 holes.”I saw him come behind her line it up and slowly push his cock in

melina of wwe

asked again while I simply said nothing. She continued to work on my dick with her tits, getting her knockers all wet with my pre-cum while I continued to lay back with a smile on my face. "You like my tits, huh?" She asked me again, this time wanting an answer."Oh yeah, I love them." I assured her.She played my dick some more, this time with her

Guardian Angel Ch. 03

to take a seat. ‘Pardon me, but it is of no concern of yours. Please let us get down to business.’ The masked boss sat down at his desk, smooth as silk in his approach. ‘Mr. Cabrezi. It is a great honor indeed to have a man of your talents in my presence.’ Rafe knew the procedure, whenever he signed up with a new employer who had a taste for rare

Julie's New Beginning

two hard stones in her hand as they pulled upward, almost protecting themselves from her ministrations. Julie felt his cock pulse then spurt, hot cum flooding her mouth and trickling down her throat. She continued to suck, swallowing the salty ejaculate, feeling him pushing ever deeper into her, then relaxing as his organ began to soften.Peter

A Midwinter Night's Dream

gold paint. His navy-blue trousers with the smart white stripe fitted snugly over slim hips, and were neatly tucked into his glossy black boots. Storm-grey eyes stared straight ahead, unseeing. And a tiny gold crown sat atop his golden curls. Every detail was just as she remembered. She ran a fingertip lightly over the wooden cheek, tenderly, as


you. Your breasts were soft and white Beneath your gown and shivered at my touch When I caressed them in your bed last night; The hair between your legs was wet for me. Then when you undressed me and I lay nude Beside you, and you reached for me and held The evidence upstanding of my


together in one hand and pressed them into the side of the building. I watched him reach down with his other hand, to undo his pants. When he pulled it out, it was only half hard, at best. He really wasn't into me, I realized, embarrassed. He smacked it against my face, encouraging me to open my mouth. And I did. Paul slid the tip in over my

Stolen Moments

the building as discretely as possible. Then I see him. So striking. The subject of my fantasies is standing before me. The sight of him never ceases to take my breath away. The anticipation of what may happen is at an all-time high today... that this might finally be our chance. He pulls me through the door, letting it shut behind us. We embrace

Learning a Few Lessons - Chapter 3

to take the damn thing out of me and go back to my dorm. But I didn’t. I left it in. Some small invisible string was tying me to this man, some intrigue I had in him. I couldn’t give up now. I decided since the class was meant to be two hours long, I would use up the rest of the hour and a half in my room. I started marching across campus,

Galactic Vendetta chapter 06

quite insistent that he fuck her in the ass. So here he stood, pounding away as Anderson entered the penthouse.Anderson had become accustomed, to seeing the two of them going at it since he was teamed with Ericson. He couldn't take his eyes off, of them as Ericson and Andrea went at it in front of him.Ericson had a hold, of his slave's hips as

caught by my cousin`

I pulled my head out of her beautiful chest, “Is this what you wanted me to do to you?”She didn’t say any thing; she just pulled me in for a long passionate kiss. I was so focused on our tongues that I almost forgot to keep pumping. She took me for a turn so that I was now on top of her. This was heaven, I was fucking the girl I had had a hard on

The Life And Lusts Of A Rock Goddess – part 2

ice-bucket, a bottle of Canadian Club and a single cut glass tumbler. She appraised the porter as he laid the tray on the sideboard. Older than her, late thirties, she guessed. Slightly overweight, a portly porter, she smiled at her own joke, about five ten, clean shaven, blonde hair. He stood, bottle in hand. She nodded, he in turn opened the


womanhood. Anna moaned and whispered words of encouragement. He grew noticeably bolder as she felt his middle finger slip between her folds and find her inner lips. She gasped as the tip found her bud and, having obviously regained his confidence, he began to rub it in slow circles. Anna let out a long moan of ecstasy and his ministrations

Back at the Sex Shop

I lubricated the dildo, I gave him a spanking with that crop. I left some vivid red marks across his arse, but after the yelp which followed my first strike, he remained remarkably, impressively quiet. When I had lubed up the dildo, I started sliding the head up and down along his arse crack. Boy, did that make him moan? When I rubbed the dildo’s

Faye Astray

and took a healthy sip.“Perhaps...” she began, her eyes looking at a point far, far beyond him, “a little...spanking will help me get up, Mr. White.”“That is a very...creative suggestion, Faye.”His voice was completely calm. As if this was something that happened here, in this office on a regular basis.“Now, please take your skirt off.”She

Grand Daughter's Weekend

“Gramps, do you really think that I’m sexy?”“Oh my God yes Marty,” I said with my true feelings coming out. “I think that you’re really sexy don’t you?”“Yeah I guess,” she said deep in thought. Finally she asked, “Gramps do you still want to take that last pose of me, you know the one where I drop the dress down to the floor?”“Only if you do,”

Meeting James Ch. 02

over and rubbed James’ cock harder, feeling it expand and become instantly erect. Trying to keep his eyes on the road, he looked down long enough to see me unbuttoning the front of his jeans freeing his member from its restraint. Without warning, I leaned down and took James’ erection into my mouth. I felt the Mustang swerve in the lane and a

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 02

have to watch and make up for it Tuesday.’ Francis rose from the bed. ‘That’s not the answer I was looking for.’ She swooped up the white faux fur rug from the foot of the bed and draped it over the hope chest against the wall. Then she grabbed her husband’s belt and unbuckled it. Ignoring his protests, Francis opened his fly to fish out his

Annas release (Pt 3)

three, and I hope, for those who’ve left nice comments, it’s not a disappointment. Anna felt a flush creep up her neck into her cheeks, and across her breasts. The air seemed to have had the oxygen sucked from it and she was panting with her head pounding. She couldn’t believe she’d just suggested Angie join her and Glen in bed. She’d never


do have rather a nasty taste though don't they my love? We'll have to do something about that won't we Helena? I push the rubber ball between her legs as best I can with them bound together, but it comes away nicely wet to give her a taste of herself and at the same time deprive her of all other tastes.There we have it - her mouth forced wide

Karrie's Story Ch. 01

sit down or take me through to the kitchen for a cup of coffee or tea. Instead she sat down in one of the leather chairs.“Would you show me please, Karrie? Just to prove that you have been obedient.”The way that she said ‘obedient’ made a shiver run up my spine, and I guessed that where she worked people were usually obedient or got into

Clone A Willy or The Troubles of Mixing Science and Sex

to pull up her skirt and play with her clit as I try to focus on driving. My thoughts? We just had sex before dinner, I'm not Superman . Yet I still am able to keep these thoughts to myself and enjoy the moment. The truth of the matter is I enjoy sex with Maddi as much as she enjoys it with me. Sometimes though, I feel as if I can't keep up, or

Sharon’s Treasure

it is that frightens you so, let me protect you.’ ‘But,’ she began to argue when he interrupted, speaking softly, yet deliberately, ‘If you want me to stand in torrential rain and shake my fists at the gods, demanding they cease and desist, I’ll do that for you… only for you.’ Sharon smiled genuinely in the darkness, relaxed into his embrace

2nd time in public

my inhibitions vanished, so I loosened my trousers, took out my dick and slowly started to stroke it up and down. The action continued on screen with the two gorgeous girls kissing each other passionately and finger fucking each other. I find lesbians kissing one of the greatest turn on’s and it was as much as I could do to stop myself from

Penny Meets the Neighbors Pt. 02

back on the same couch, sitting next to Mark while they watched TV. He had been happy to hear about Alyssa’s dinner invitation, but after a long day was more interested in sitting down with his wife snuggled up in his arms. For half an hour they watched the latest home renovation reality TV show, grumbling good-naturedly about how this was all

Such a tease

what it was likely to say, we’d been playing this game for weeks now, teasing back and forth. We both had long term partners, and he was married, so flirting at the office was as far as it had gone until now. But instead of the usual flirty text I was expecting, I found myself looking down at a picture of the man who’d played the leading role in

South Pacific - Pt 1 - Susan

like it's best for you. Is that something you would like to do?" "Yes, I'll do that. I'll call you in a few days, just to check in. Thanks Jerry, I need some time with my mom and dad. Is it okay if I leave now?" "Of course, do you want a ride home? I'll have someone drive your car to your place." "Would you drive me home? I don't want to drive,

Timmy And Jessica Part 2

it, Mr Boringer won’t be a problem” Jess replied, “Ewww, Did you screw him” Suzie Said Tactlessly, “ Ha-ha, no I just sucked him off, His Cock was Tiny” Jess Said Bursting with laughter, They All laughed as the walked to the end of the road, “oh sis, Suzie is coming home with us today, is that okay” Timmy asked, “of course it is Timmy, your


Before I could try and explain how I felt about her son…she smiled and interrupted me. “Mich is totally in love you, Ms. Clark. Your all he talks about, dreams about and I’ve found drawings and drawings of you hidden in his room. He couldn’t have picked a more beautiful and wonderful woman than you. What you two do is your concern. I’m just a

Julie's New Houseboy Ch. 04

shock right down into his testicles, and made them squirm with anticipation."Oh, yes, Miss Julie. Yes, please." came his fervent reply. "You'd like that?" I teased. If ever a question were rhetorical!"Oh, very much so, thank you, Miss Julie." he said, his voice taking on a strange hoarseness, as if his breathing were restricted. "Oh, yes


lick her, suck and kiss her clit and pussy, feeling her moisture begin to ooze out of her. I tried to snatch every last drop.She grasped my head and pushed my face hard into her. I felt her shudder above me and I heard a muffled scream erupt from her as she desperately tried not to announce her oncoming orgasm to the world. I smiled and

Aunty Bety part 3

me out .  My last session over her lap was quite severe and this convinced me to improve my behavior. Amanda was also on her best behavior since she knew that our next encounter with Aunty Betty would involve the cane and she spoke from experience when she explained that this was not something to look forward to.  I had become very close to

A Parents Evening To Remember

both looked at each other and smirked. I couldn't help myself get turned on as he was saying all these nice things about me, the way his two lips smack together as he talks is so sexy. Also I noticed my dad was turned on by Mr. S as he was getting hard. I thought we'd better leave before we both got too turned on. So we left college and both of

The Escort Gives the Widower a Last Chance

She unzipped the bag and pulled out four sets of hand cuffs and four long pieces of felt rope. “And, there is one more thing,” she said, pulling it from the bag, “and this is to show you how a little discomfort can be exciting.” The object had a wooden handle and at the end was a wheel with metal spikes on it. “Let me show you how it feels; give

Playtime in the Park

of peeing herself in front of the rapists. "Liking that, you little slutty cunt?" asks the first man as he feels the squeeze around his finger planted deep in her hole. "I need to go pee," she whispers, "please let me go pee." They slowly pull their fingers out of her holes. The first man orders her to sqaut down and relieve herself.

Lake House 2

so aroused.   I’d never had a woman have such a long or loud orgasm before.   I kissed my way up to her mouth, making a brief stop at each nipple along the way.   My raging cock just barely touched her wet pussy as I reached her mouth and we began to kiss.   She licked my chin and sucked my lips, cleaning her juices off of everything but my

Chastity, Part Two

I cursed the sluggish elevator, paced to and fro, until it at last it arrived at the top floor. In my apartment I began to put some order to the chaos. I put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and made the bed. I gathered up several books that were on the coffee table in the living room. As I rushed to the bookcase I stumbled and dropped one.

Just a Quick Cum

The waiting was making me wetter, more excited. I knew this was supposed to be a punishment, a consequence for my bad behavior. My body on the other hand, hadn't gotten the memo. Seeing his muscles bunch and move in the dim light, anticipating the ways he would use me, all had me more sexually frustrated than I had been when I climbed into the

Master and Lover

I'm just your love." I feel your hands working toward the zipper of my shorts and I try to lean back to let you unzip me, but your hands catch my head and hold my face to yours. "I'm your love, all yours." You say resting your forehead on mine and I can see the freckles in your left eye. Then you apply another kiss to my forehead and shifting one

Succulent Desires Chapter 4

and body parts for the men to touch.   Suddenly there was a man gently scratching her neck and shoulders, as another stroked her left breasts, a different hand stroked her right breast, and she felt two different hands massaging her legs and scratching them.     As the men focused on making Alice writhe on the table, she felt someone spread her

A woman decides to try to be an ‘extra’ in a movie production

and rubbing and causing hergreat ecstasy, and his other hand was massaging abreast as they continued to kiss. Nearby, a salesman and his female customer were also ina hot tight embrace. So consumed with passion were theythat they didn’t even make it to a bed, they did itright on the parquet floor. She was kissing and lickinghis chest as she

The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Rachel's Honeymoon Part 1-Friday Night

neck, an orange and red-stripped tie that fell between her breasts. Perched on her head was a chauffeur's cap. Four more women were dressed as slutty cops, short skirts, navy blue, with matching blouses that only buttoned half-the-way up and their breasts threatened to spill out if they sneezed. Then I noticed that all four had actual guns on

Oregon Coast Ch. 02

out at his job it’s because he wants a better life for you and the children you’ll have someday. He’s showing how much he loves you in his own way.’ Now she was really smiling. ‘Finally, would you really want a guy who’s obsessed with flower arrangements and china patterns? I know some like that, and they wouldn’t have kept the satiated smile on

Ethereal Cupid

ethereal doorway, three feet above the ground, smack in the middle of the road you were aiming for, from over three thousand miles away, was pretty damn close. I picked myself up and dusted off my clothes. Habit. I couldn’t get dust on me in my ethereal form. As I stood in the road a light approached from behind. I cast no shadow. Suddenly a red

Jacinta's Story Ch. 16

tries to twists her face to look back. SLAAAP! Her hips lifted again, her face clumping back down on the floor roughly, her eye sockets jolted by the thud. She hears more laughter... and giggling . She groans helplessly, fearful, but having no idea what might come next. Then, she starts, gasping, feeling something cold...against her anal rim. She

Paranormal Lewd and Sexual Misconduct Department: Chapter 1

I like fucking a woman with a really lubricated cunt, and you lubed her up real nice.” Matt replied with a chuckle.They drove out of town, waiting to get ported back to headquarters. They now had a major lead in finding out why a tentacle creature just-so-happened to be hiding in a cheerleader’s closet the night her friends were sleeping over.

Leon (What Just Happened part 3)

lick it , Instead, I got my mouth around it but now I was really worried about teeth, I wanted to give him the best blowjob I possibly could, actually I wanted to give him the best blowjob he had ever had, but, despite my enthusiasm, it was my first time, so I was a little unsure.I realized then that all the practice I had done in the past was

Russian KGB

through her as I worship the satin softness of her twin pears. I took her hand leading her to the bed. I made her lie down in the middle. Sobbing silently, Irina places her forearm across her face, shielding her eyes from looking at me. Her body twitchs when she feels the palm of my hand on her belly. I kneel beside her. My hand is gently

Xmas terror part 1

"No one will hear you, your to far from any help and it just gets me aroused faster." he smirked and ripped her bra off letting her tits free. He grabbed them and suck on the nipple. Jenny was crying put in pain and pleasure. She couldn't move she was tied to the chair. He stopped and she looked at him. "Don't do it please I'm still a virgin." He

ugly duckling part 6

worth was all that I could suck from her before I sensed that it was getting painful for her, I removed my mouth from her tit and kissed her. Barbara broke our kiss and slid down to kneel before me and she quickly undid my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles along with my underwear. Her head steered her mouth straight onto my warm,

An Incest Birthday Chapter 25

I didn’t even get up to turn the lamp off, I stayed right there, right on his chest, through the remainder of the night until I eventually fell asleep.I woke up the next day in the exact position I went to sleep in, right on Randy’s chest. I sat up and yawned, but before I could do anything else I was drawn to Randy. Something was different, I

Oh! Emily

tilted her head back. I put my mouth up against Emily’s pussy. She let go and peed into my mouth. I drank every drop of the delicious liquid that I could as it flowed into my mouth and over my face and down my chest. The warm liquid ran over my pussy and we both shared another incredible orgasm.Now my sister and I are closer than ever. Since

Blood of the Clans Ch. 27

to be done and that was to amputate it. ‘Coll, fetch my sword.’ Braedon told his son what he wanted, but Coll stood in awe of the moment, still not comprehending the gravity of the situation. ‘COLL! my sword, noo.’ Coll broke free from his daze and ran up to get his father’s sword. He grabbed it and hurried back to the hall. Braedon took his

Oktoberfest Ch. 02

not know. So I resigned drinking my stein by myself with my head running around my neck. My brain wasn’t processing everything that was happening to me at this time, but it had decided the night had spoiled. My antisocial condition was starting to kick in the afterburners. People were getting uglier and uglier and I was getting more and more

Coaching My Sister

apart, I blasted my load over her asshole, and up her back.As we laid together recovering, I asked her if she had any lube at home. She was sure she had some at the back of a drawer somewhere and promised it would be ready waiting for us.A couple of days later, Tom was at work and her kids were back at school. I made sure I was free to call round

Don't Do The Crime If... Ch. 04

slightly as I pushed more of my tongue into her ass. She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart which opened her up more to me. I pushed further into her, making my tongue as stiff as possible. Soon I was tongue fucking her delicious asshole."Now my pussy Slut. Make me cum!""Yes Mistress."I literally dove into her dripping pussy, licking and

Songs for the Soul Ch. 03

‘Yeah.’ Bryan replied. ‘She used to have a big crush on you back then.’ ‘Oh.’ Mark said, trying to appear interested, but really wanting to curl up in a corner. ‘I’ve told her you’ll pick her up today at seven,’ Bryan said, ‘and take her out to a movie and dinner. She’ll be under the impression that I’ll be coming too, so just tell her I was

Sex in the Supercenter

in awhile now. Got into the shower rubbing the soap over my body I could feel the warm water running down my hot silky skin. Feeling very naughty, I took a step back letting the water hit my hard throbbing clit. It felt amazing as I started to thrust my hips towards the stream of water. I could feel an orgasm building up just as my dad knocked at


journey. When Pete came back from his last break his uncle told him to bring the Range Rover back. We could all load our gear into the back & he could still have 3 passengers. We decided to pool our resources been poor uni students and share the costs. The farm was paying for the ferry crossing for 3 vehicles and we had to be in Wellington to

E012: Another pearl is earned

for her not to grin and drop the chain.  He takes the clasp from her mouth and put the necklace back around her neck. Feeling two pearls against her hyoid make her feel so proud.  She dares to gaze into the Professor’s eyes as he tells her that she has done very well with her lesson just now.  Did she enjoy it?  Emma vigorously nods her head up

Cyber Slave

of approval, you let them fall to reveal their fullness to my gaze. I see the nipples hard against the dark pink areoles. They look perfect to my eyes; I want to reach out and grab them, but I restrain my impulse, looking up to you and motioning for you to continue. Your fingers now move to undo the simple clasp of your skirt and lower the

Painful Love

to a year or so ago. It had metal studs on it. They weren't sharp, but they were raised. As I was behind her, she didn't see me pick it up. I swung hard and connected with her bare skin just at the top of her legs. She drew in a deep breath in surprise as the redness increased and her skin swelled from the hit. She turned and saw the weapon of

Discovering Carrie

her sluttiest outfit for the ‘date’ as she was calling it for lack of any other term really. She wore a white blouse open down to the third button, no bra and a black pleat skirt that barely covered her ass, borrowed from Evian. To complete the ensemble, were a pair of white long socks that extenuated the length and shape of her legs, leading to

Teen Titans Chronicles 4: Young Justice

again seriously "but that does raise the question of why you're doing it?"Artemis' first response was to smile at him again and then drool down the length of his dick again, so she could continue her hand ministrations. "Isn't obvious?" she said, an innocent look playing across her face, "I'm bribing you". She laughed at the blank look that

Photographs Ch. 02

looks at him with heavy-lidded eyes, a slight smile on her face. Danny kneels before her, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. He tastes those sweet-cherry nipples, kisses her ruby mouth, and thrusts his cock deep inside. In the office bathroom, the real Danny came, spurting cum all over. He leaned back against the chilly tile wall, still

Can I Love? Ch. 04

away from his face. He moved his kisses down onto my jaw and pressed my hands down deep and hard into the pillows. A wave of panic flowed through me. No longer did I have any control I desperately needed. I felt the same claustrophobic feeling flooding through me all over again. ‘Stop, your hurting me,’ I cried out, thrashing my body. I felt so

The Phyllis Files Ch. 02

not a very popular person, to actually go in and contaminate the water works. Her husband was aware that she was involved in the scheme, but did not know her level of involvement nor that she was going to be carrying radioactive chemicals. For that matter, she did not realize the level of danger from the radioactive stuff, she was not a

Snap Shot

room, soft music echoed and a stick of vanilla incense still burned on the mantle of the lit fireplace. The warm light flickered and flowed around the small space. “Its beautiful, I cant believe you did all this for me.” Lacey’s smile, the desire in her eyes was all the encouragement she needed. Ritty pushed her onto the velvetted bed, falling on

Chocolate Kisses Ch. 05

so sheer as to be nothing. If there had ever been any doubt in Eliza’s mind, it was over now. She wanted to reach out and just touch the silk. ‘Silk. I’ve got cotton and she get’s silk…’ ‘What?’ Eliza just looked at her younger sister and then turned away. When he finally decided to come down, he’d probably be hungry, considering what they’d

Vicky Makes A Discovery

for almost a month before I asked her out. She said yes and I was in seventh heaven. She was that ‘beautiful’ woman you see strolling around any campus or corporate office. The one guys have wet dreams about but are afraid to with and the one all the women hate because they’re jealous. It was the weekend of my university graduation. Vicky was in

An interrupted journey home from the club

she was cumming and she was screaming with pleasure. Then he pressed up against her arse. ‘No, please not like this,' she begged. But she knew she was helpless and any protest was futile. With the rabbit in her pussy, stimulating her clit and g spot and his cock slowly opening her arse as he slid gently inside her, he took her for the first time

My teacher kept me for a reason...

in her early 30's but she looked like she was 25. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and a great ass. She was quite short, about 155CM perhaps. She had a big ass(for her size) and two small breasts, probably B-cup. Although I couldn't see them too much.Time went on and I glanced at her as often as I could. I think she noticed because sometimes I

William and Ann Ch. 13

been inside Ann, it made his choice easier, but the view was a dream for this horny father. Two willing vixens with pussies eager to accept his throbbing dick, adolescent breasts waiting to be played with by his hands and mouth, breath-taking faces with a “come hither” expression, and just a hint of baby fat remaining in their tummies. He

Highacre Dragon Breeders 4 – Melodys Dragon

of his mouth. He looked around to find the source of the scent, again Mimi ran her fingers over her wet pussy and held them to his snout. Mimi led him with her fingers, his tongue flicking over them. Inch by inch he moved closer to her, his tongue flicking with greater speed as the scent grew stronger. With her free hand she gently rubbed down

Unloading For Mom

really noticed you two sneaking off together all the time." Then she paused before adding, in a concerned voice, "It is consensual, right? You're not taking advantage of your little Sister, are you?""No," I said, feeling I needed to make that clear, "it's totally mutual. It just sort of happened...""I understand...""No, really," I insisted, "it

My first love – part 5

only been friends. I feel like i wasted all of those years! she said gently holding a warm voice throughout. It was all a build up to these moments, without those points in life, we would be somewhere completely different. This would have never happened. I said, sounding all mysterious. What do you mean? she said, raising her head to look into

Breach of Confidentiality Ch. 02

nodded. ‘I’m glad to hear that,’ he said. But Michelle wasn’t fine. She found the problem getting worse, and she struggled with her speech patterns for the rest of the day. She found herself chirping in a high-pitched, cheerful tone when asking or answering questions. If she tried to concentrate on her word formation, it was even more pronounced.

Her Secret's Out Ch. 05

warm mouth down fully onto his cock he tensed. "God, that is fucking amazing," he yelled out loud as he spurted, cumming hard into Tracey's throat. After a couple of pulses of his cum had just gone straight down Tracey eased the head of his cock out of her throat and let the last few spurts rest onto her tongue, licking the now sensitive tip and

Brandon's Secret Lover

away at it, sliding his fist up and down the shaft whilst he stared at the tiny pixellated image on the screen of his phone.(In his mind's eye he was with Her - he imagined himself tearing down those tiny shorts, exposing her glistening slit beneath.)It would of course be shaved, smooth, just like the girl he had seen in an on-line video a few

Zen and the art of toast

my shaft. She pumped her hand up and down, gazing intently at my hardening tool. Satisfied with her progress, her hand slipped to the base and she once again took me fully into her mouth. Twisting her neck one way then the other, she continued to suck and lick me. I shifted my legs slightly, freeing my balls from between them. Claire’s hand

Public Use

until suddenly I ran into something. It was slightly lower than waist high, and I guessed it was the couch. He kept pushing, forcing me to bend over it, so my ass was above my head and my face was lying against the cool leather. While it was slightly awkward, and made it a little harder to breath, it was not a horrible position.Again, the hands

Mardaani - A Fantasy - Introduction

to murder. Rani is a celebrated officer of the Mumbai police, Crime Branch. She was known for being bold and audacious and had the ability to crack the toughest of the cases. Not always did she play by the law since she knew that there were multiple loop holes. Rani was also a very beautiful woman. She was in her late thirties and had a perfect

Kajira and Her Master Ch. 03

the sheets off to inspect my ankles and the body in between. Was that a shadow of remorse I saw in his eyes? Vulnerable and unable to move my arousal was becoming almost unbearable, his touch, his eyes, making my lust push past the barriers of my pain. I felt his eyes fall upon my mound and moaned. My damp desire reflecting light upon the lips

Hanson House Ch. 16

were not mauling her tits. But the secret was that the guests all knew to wait for the usual signal to commence the play.Miss Kate had arrived looking splendid as she trailed a gorgeous, statuesque African woman. The heavy leather collar around her neck was connected to the other woman's hand by a short chain leash. Her tight leather harness

The best blowjob in the world?

an item and our relationship is solid, we both feel the need to dabble with the opposite sex now and then. We’re both very picky when it comes to guys and I had one particular friend who I had been keeping all to myself.  Monday is my gym night now. After going a bit mad in the new year I’ve settled down to a two hour session once a week to

On-Line Flirtation – Part One

play. I only wish that this all had happened.)I still remember the first time I saw Jenna. She was gorgeous. About five-foot-five, 120 pounds with the most beautiful green eyes. I knew she was married with a beautiful wife, but I couldn’t help but feel attracted to her. That attraction surprised me, as I had never found myself lusting after

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 09

remember?’ Dalton asked me. ‘You near bled to death.’ I stared at him. ‘What?’ ‘And you’re damn lucky I don’t kick your ass right now,’ came Ronnie’s voice just before he appeared in the doorway. ‘Come on,’ Maranda said, taking my hand and standing up. ‘Let’s go outside. You could use some air.’ I nodded. ‘Okay.’ At some point the world around

Living Together

spun into the bed instead, almost falling as I push her onto it, she brought her knee up onto it. I push her farther and as her other knee came up and she turned to snarl back at me two fingers buried themselves inside her. Her snarl became a groan as they slipped in easily. She had been aroused before dinner, her cunt is wet, slippery as I probe

I Dream Of You

you like I do.After locking up the house, I open the car door for you to enter. It’s hot inside so I leave it open to get in on the driver’s side to start the engine. Once the air is on and cooling you close your door and we pull out and head toward the mall. On the way there, we speak little. I know your mind is whirring about on the jewelry

Alan Ch. 24

off for the last three hours. His hands gripped the wheel tightly as he drove, too tightly for comfort. He had just picked up Jack at the International Terminal at JFK, and had been relieved that the old man–well, not so old man now that he inhabited the body of Theodore Dickinson–had ordered him to take him up to see Alan at once. The problem

Going to Hell

“Fucking?” “Justice!” “No, I haven’t. In fact, the one girl I kissed was Bethany Hoover, after confirmation in ninth grade. She moved away right after.” “Can you teach me?” she whispered as softly as she could. Justice wasn’t sure he heard her right. “What?” “Teach me how to kiss, please,” Chastity whispered. “Chastity, I’m—” Justice began. He

Meeting My Dirty Girls Ch. 03

and waited another couple of minutes. Nothing. This didn't seem like her, not that I knew her all that well, but for what I knew, it was unusual. I cut the shower off and called for her. I listened close for a reply. Again, nothing. I threw a towel around me and stepped out of the shower. As I neared the bathroom door, I could hear a slight

Heaven and Hell, The seduction of a Church Lady

my orgasm started I stopped trying to move my cock in and out. It was then I felt how her pussy was squeezing and releasing on my cock. Once my cock was limp I watched it slip out of her pussy. As I stood over her I continued to marvel as this “prim and proper” church lady’s pussy to clench and release. I watched as her pussy slowly pushed the

Was It A Dream ch2

too. After turning the computer on, I chatted with a few people, but the conversations was boring, so I logged off.I sat there for a moment wondering, what to do next. I was too aroused for sleep, my erect nipples tingled as they brush against the soft, silky, fabric. I placed one hand between my legs and felt the dampness. I slid a finger the

A Quiet Weekend

while I sucked him off. I was oblivious to what was happening around us and so was he. I was squatting on the kitchen floor stuck between him and the kitchen counter when suddenly I felt a warm breeze on my wet crotch. I stopped sucking him off and looked down to find Shannie on her stomach on the floor admiring my pussy. Tommy wondered why I

Last day of my Vacation

Olympic swimmer. But I have alwaystried to keep my professional life separate from mylove life, which, by the way, sucked right now.I had come to this resort, not hoping to find romance,but just some hot, wet, slippery, mindless sex. Theclosest that I’d come (no pun intended) was when thatpimple-faced 16 year old eyed my as he walked by me onthe

The Ugly Duckling

If I got to be intimate with her, I would have to play my cards well, and take nothing for granted. Our passions rose as we stood and kissed, grinding our bodies together feeling the softness of hers, and the hardness of mine. She began to pull me down, and in seconds we lay down together and continued the kissing side by side. It soon became

My Life. Ch. 7...

one else’s fault. Speaking of my father. The divorce is nearly complete. In lieu of alimony and child support, he signed over all his assets to my mom, which wasn’t anything huge. The house and his car, which were both paid off, as well as his 401k and savings, which totaled just over $600k. In return, we agreed not to make his situation worse by

Out of the Blue, Part 2.

we got back to the flat, we had lunch. After lunch Rachael started getting amorous again, but I was knackered and very conscious that Lynette would be arriving home at 3:30 p.m. expecting some action. I seriously thought that I was unlikely to be able to get it up for another couple of days. And so I begged off and headed into Lynette’s room to

Sins of the Father E

It was Kan after all that took Suzie first. But that is another story isn't it.I check on you and Sherry. Both of you are just climbing out of the water. Beautiful body's wet and sexy. Wow!I can't stand this so I go to the master bath to shower, shave and get ready for tonight. I take my time. No hurry and I don't want to get dressed too soon. I

Caroline and Mr. White – Part One

This time his hands lingered for quite a while on my ass. And even seemed to caress it just for a tiny bit. I enjoyed that a lot. And wanted more of it. I climbed off the machine and then climbed back on, but not the right way.“Oh dear, I’m sure this isn’t right. I’m sorry Mr. White. Could you show me the correct position again? I’ll really try

teachers new found obsession

since high school. I’m 5 ft 6” I’m a size 12 waist and I have 36e breasts, I love to go to the gym and look after myself. I teach primary 7 which means the kids are 11 years old and going to high school the next year. The boys always end up with erections during my class, its really cute and sweet and a massive turn-on for me. Ever since I

Farm Girl Part 1 (Re-Written)

my erotic desires by masturbation and daydreaming. I used a variety of toys to help me, including two big rubber dildos I had gotten from a mail order company.The first time I tried to put one inside my tight little pussy; I almost fainted from the pain and pleasure. I had long since popped my cherry with my fingers, hair brushes and the like,

Garter Ardor – Part Two

busied myself in polite conversation with the table’s occupants who I had just learned were relatives of the bride. I had discreetly tucked myself back into my pants after Karen left me here and was scanning the crowd for a group closer to my own age with whom I could more comfortably mingle. Occasionally I would catch a glimpse of Karen through

Cruise Ship Hypnosis Pt. 04 Ch. 05

Anyway, the difference in height didn’t bother Jeff, so my concerns vanished quickly. Ok, go ahead.’ As the recording started again with Jeff and the Katie on the TV undressing, the live Katie commented, ‘This is both embarrassing and exciting at the same time. Watching myself stripping in front of another man makes me feel funny. Seeing him

My friend and I fuck his wife

and still still stroking my cock, which was now fully hard, I went into my lounge to fetch an old newspaper. I had forgotten that when I left the lounge to go to bed the previous night I had left the curtains on the lounge windows, fully open. I had a terrible shock when I saw my next door neighbours, Mabel and Frank, looking in from the

My story about becoming what I am today… A Horny slut… Part One:

care I was too far gone. In a minute a came so hard that I started seeing stars, screaming oh fuccckkkk mmeeeeh!! Aaaarggghhhh and ssshhhhhiiiiitttt! Repeatedly, over and over. It was one of those toe curling orgasms that make your pussy so sensitive you just have to hold still. So I stopped rubbing my clit and stopped moving, pressing up on da

Aunt Susan - the beginning

the disorganised mother with her young daughter that I had occasionally met since. Looking at her, a whole range of indecent thoughts came into my mind, and just stuck there. Jane was quiet and reserved, said little during the meal, which surprised me, as I had seen her reasonably often in the last year, since she had started at University close

His Pleasure Ch. 01

sleek skin. I loved that feeling and again, knowing that he had commanded it to be so, kept him and the forefront of every thought and every action and I reveled in it. I pulled the other one on and stood up. Picking the corset/skirt up off the bed I pulled it over my head and when it was correctly positioned, reached behind to pull the strings

A Slutty Halloween

until I found it. The battery was dead. Figures. I plugged it in and waiting until I could use it again. After what felt like an eternity the phone clicked on followed by a flood of texts from Stacy. "Oh my god that was amazing. I wish you could've been there to help fuck me. That guy's cock was huge. Here are some pics from the rest of the

My fiancee is not on the shot

green eyes, B32 cup breasts, and Caucasian skin. I am Sicilian/Hebrew, 6ft.2, tanned skin, black hair, and brown eyes. In our relationship, I developed several fetishes to keep our sex life going, and one of them was cumming in her when she wasnt on the shot. ~ Encounter I: A few days off the shot ~ This fetish started when we were living with

Pain and Pleasure 2: The Punishment Horse

to need this, boy.” Lady Vernon pushed a small low platform into place and watched him stand on it.“Now, right over, that's the way. You see we can fasten your wrists here at the front. And if you spread your legs we'll get the ankles here at the back.” Kneeling in order to demonstrate she looked up at his figure and took in the denim drawn tight

Ever After: Chapter 7

compensate for that. Now, she stood before me once more. This time, I’d helped her and she was repaying me. That was when my eyes followed the curve of her neck to her chest. I froze. Scars, bruises and injuries were all apparent on her flesh. Pain had been a constant companion on her journey. Now, I wanted to give her pleasure. Lifting her up

Friends with Benefits Ch. 02

would be wonderful.’ Jenna busied herself with the bags so he wouldn’t see the tears glistening in her eyes. ‘Is this all you have?’ Ben said. ‘For now, I’ll go back and get the rest in a day or two.’ Jenna followed as she watched Ben easily carrying both cases through the garage door and into her new room. ‘Where would you like them?’ ‘On the

Nancy Remembers Ch. 02

minutes to finish the email and send it off to him. She knew her mystery man would understand her predicament well enough to postpone their meeting until the following Friday. She was finishing the last sentence of the reply when the power in the building went off bringing the emergency lighting on. Her face became full of panic as she realized

How It All Began Ch.08

together." Jack increased the fluidity of his gentle movement; it lacked power but had momentum and filled her again. Gasping lightly, Fay's body writhed to a familiar repeatable pattern and Jack's relentless attention of his fingers on clit began to overwhelm her. Jack felt the bite of her cunt gripping on his hard cock, her body reaching the

Post Coital Suggestion - Part 2

him, on one long, glorious motion."Arrrggggh.." I groaned, sitting down, holding his stiff cock as deep as it would go. "That's what I needed. Shit. It's been so long." He gripped my ass cheeks with strong, gnarled hands, and pulled me up. I leaned toward him, pushing my tits into his face, while I slipped my pussy off of him, all but the head.


and that I would be a real asset – my pulse raced when the statuesque black woman whispered in my ear: ‘You’ll be well-used, my pretty pussy – and I’m going to be at the head of the queue’, whilst her young bondage-mate gave me a salacious wink.There was a final surprise still to come. Leaving me firmly roped. gagged and thoroughly aroused, the

I Used To Cum In Your Sister

relief I hammered in and out of her, still staring into her eyes until it began to boil over deep in my body. With one last insertion my body went tense, pushing hard to get further inside her twat the first of many forceful bursts of seed flowed out of me into her tight contracted pussy while she let out a girlish giggle every time my dick

Charmaine’s Meaningful Affair

‘That’s the day of our new author’s lunch.’ Charmaine sniffed and brushed aside her fringe to hear Mary-Anne say, ‘I can do lunch today at 1:00.’ ‘Fine, usual place that is cheap but clean.’ ‘Yes. Get your sales back to 100,000-plus and I’ll take you somewhere swanky, treating you as my protégé.’ ‘That’s a deal.’ Charmaine in gray watched the

Miss American Pornstar

performance. Ida barely trailed her for first place in this grand finale episode of Miss American Pornstar. Winning the title of the first Miss American Pornstar would not only make her the newest rage in the porn industry, but was accompanied by a one million dollar cash prize.Just then Ida heard a rather abrupt rise in the decibel level. She

Young Queen 01

hole, pulling down my pants with the other hand. I had a raging boner. Her pussy was soaked, and my cock slid right in. Jessie let out a moan of delight. I thrust deep into her, and she squealed. MMmMMMmmM she moaned. I thrust faster and faster, until i let out a full load into her. she screamed with delight. She turned onto her stomach and I

Perfect Slave

had passed, we were completely naked, on top of her bed, mouths stuck together, while hands searched and tried to gain as much information as possible, as quickly as possible. Nowhere was left unexplored, tits, back stomach and pussy were all subjected to my questing fingers. Her nipples pressed against the palm of my hand, suffused and aroused.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 25

not to lose her cherry before she gets married. Little Red ain’t going for that, and her mother’s pissed as hell. But Red say she’s gonna do it when she feels like it’s the right time, and her moms can fuck off. And she even says she’s gonna get on the Pill, just in case…’ ‘Damn!’ I said. ‘Sounds like you are in for a hot ride.’ Tommy grinned.

Bahama Boat Trip Ch. 01

took Susan for a dingy ride while I cleaned the galley and Sam took a nap. Jake and Susan both took clothes in case another boat showed up. As the sun was getting low and cocktail hour approached we all congregated on the aft deck and started pouring drinks. The weather was beautiful, temperature about 80 degrees with a nice breeze. No one even


her sweet lipstick mixed with Jason's precum that had leaked into her mouth. 'Fuck me now, baby, please.'I turn her around and bend her over in front of me. She stands wide and spreads her perfectly round ass, encouraging me to enter. And I do. My cock glides deep inside her pussy at once, spreading her glistening labia apart, wrapping them

Saving the Starlight Ch. 04

a very successful afternoon, haven’t we?’ ‘Indeed and thank you Sally. But would be mind if I…’ ‘It’s only because I’m a married woman, isn’t it?’ ‘Yes and I’m sorry.’ ‘Just continue to kiss me and be my friend Fenton. Men rarely want to have just friendship from me. I was surprised when you turned down that $10,000 bribe and was left breathless


other and let the dress fall to the floor. She stood there in a beautiful satin bra and panties. Jim’s face betrayed his lust. ‘I’ve never worn anything like this before,’ she said. ‘I’m glad you like it.’ Jim reached out his hand to touch her, but she intercepted it and firmly placed it back by his side. ‘Oh no, sweetie. You can just watch for

Fantasy Vacation Chapter 09

to the floor. Mike turned his head, her lips met his and she slipped her tongue inside his mouth. While they kissed, Mike reached up, cupped one of her large breasts in his hand and squeezed softly. He could feel the nipple burning into his palm as it became stiffer. The next thing he knew Carol was pulling him down on the bed next to her. That

Angela’s First Threesome

by him. Her vivacious breasts almost resting against his chest. He could feel her hard nipples softly nudge against his chest.She spoke softly, ‘Barry, just remove my stilettos and put them onto the rack behind me.’ Without speaking, Barry quickly knelt, without moving backwards. Little did he realise how close he was to her. His head buried into

Part 3 of my mother in law experience

along her lips before poking into them and pushing them apart so I could lick the full length of her exposed pink pussy. My tongue darted into her hole in quick bursts before I licked her clit with such expertise and passion. My mother in law was in heaven. She stopped sucking my cock to totally concentrate on the extreme pleasure she was

Just Like She Always Wanted

answer. She opened the door, and was shocked when she finally saw Jake. Her heart rate went from 95 to trying to jump out of her throat. She hadn’t seen him she left the cabin… He looked as good as ever. His hair gotten a little longer, and he had a little fuzz growing in around his mouth. Leah thought he looked more like Luke Bryan than ever.

Three Friends

there still soft pricks. As their cocks begin to swell you slowly and gently finger yourself lubricating you. Your fingers begin to penetrate deeper into your pussy, gently moaning. Your friends’ cocks have swelled and thickened with the excitement of your masturbation combined with theirs. You look at Mark and coax him over towards you with your

Riding With Martin Ch.2

and safety measures in place such as being vetted to attend a party. Martin wanting to get some experience playing before going to a party ordered a flogger, leather cuffs, some rope and a variety of other items on-line. Over the next couple weeks Martin and Abby got together for dinner and a couple times they went to the club where they met at.

My nephew's first time

He valiantly kept sucking my clit as I buckled my hips and cried with joy as the long awaited orgasm rushed thru my body: “Oh, yes, yes, that’s it, oooh.”He kept on licking me as my orgasm continued and slowly subsided. As I came to my senses, I saw Erik look at me radiantly. “Wow, that was so intense. The way you come, it’s just

Lady in Red Ch. 13

first. The door opened and the Governor and President entered the room. Joe immediately stood at attention and Steve tried to hitch himself up higher in the bed. ‘Mr. President, Governor, this is Joe Hammer. He’s Steve’s great uncle and retired from the Navy. This pale looking specimen in the bed is Steve Hammer, all around hero and my

My cuckold experience

tongue. Before this started I gave her a safe word to stop at anytime but she never used it. She started licking my toilet seat and I stood back and watched her bent over licking my shitter. That great ass pointing right at me got me hard all over again. With my cock hard again and her tongue busy i stuck my cock up her ass and boy did she scream

Talk to you after class

forward once again and wrapping her arms around his shoulders once more."Yeah" was all that Jake managed to get out before his teacher planted her full lips on his mouth and they began to make out once more. The kiss however didn't last as long this time, as after a few moments Jake broke it off, and began kissing his teacher's neck, while

A Coworker and Best Friend Part 1

you a little and all those guy things?" "You want me to be the spoiled date? Sure, I can do that. But why?"She said, "It's kind of important, but I'm not ready to talk about it." So she took me on a date and we had a good one. Dinner was superb and we had a bottle of fine wine. As we were having dessert, I could tell something was deeply

Mr K's Favourite Student and The Break Out

a little faster “Ohhhh…” she let out a gasp, closing her eyes before saying, “I love the feel of your cum inside me, your tongue stroking against mine, your hot breath on my neck” her tongue began to lick at my lips gently, teasing me once more. I stroked her feet at the speed she liked most, toying with her toes a little like she’d requested, “I

Virtual Slavery Ch. 05

I was performing or enduring, but that first night he wanted compliance. ‘Fix yourself another,’ he said. And I struggled to my feet and did. The second of many as that endless night dragged on. After a while it became a blur. As I wanted it to. And I don’t directly remember what happened, although I know from having seen the videos. I do

Double Trouble Two

and used her tongue to bring me off, until with a frantic grunt, semen squirted into her mouth. My ecstasy was uncontrolled as my cock sprang out and she wanked me with her hand as I shot on her face, then her forehead. The last drops went on her nose. As I slapped my cock on her smiling lips I saw cum in her hair.‘Oh, so good baby,’ was all I

Paul Solves A Problem

over the years, but we've never really gotten far enough to have sex. That's why I've decided I'm going to get laid. Great idea, right? Well...if only it were that easy.I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. I'm from West Virginia, Northern Panhandle (and no I don't sleep with my relatives). I've got short brown hair, big brown

Consequences – Judith, Revisited

That’s what I learned working with her, but even today, I can’t tell you why it wasn’t enough. I was successful, beautiful, creative and frustrated. I wasn’t unhappy, I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t sexually frustrated, but there was something missing and I had no idea what it was. So, I went looking for it. Wes was a good looking man, a man most women

Bus Stop

unbuttoned just a tad too far, showing a hint of her black bra. She had long blond hair and killer blue eyes. I hurried across the lot to stand next to her. As I took my place standing over where she was seated, my hard cock was clearly visible through my pants. I was embarrassed until she saw it at eye level, looked at me and smiled. My cock

A teacher visits the beach.

seventh hour she was crying and begging them to stop. One of the boys told her that from now on she belonged to them and would do as they told her immediately and without question or we will post this video. She sobbed as they released her from her bonds. Sitting up but still naked she asked what they wanted. They told her she was their sex

Fountain of Youth

wrist, pulling her over the bench and bringing large, firm hand over her backside. She yelped and became quiet again."Did I not just instruct you, that I would not tolerate your behavior under any circumstances?""Yes, sir," she gasped."Straddle the bench," he commanded."E-excuse me?" she squeaked.SMACK! His hand came down again, this time he

Crime and Punishment

throat around his shaft. ”Good,” he murmured, letting his cock slip out of her mouth, the taste of his pre cum on her tongue. He rubbed his shaft across her perfect cheek, dragging it across her full red lips. Seeing the desire in her eyes, he pulled her up onto his lap, arranging her long legs on either side of his thighs. The girl was a

Paying the rent

and licking before going back to sucking and sucking. ‘Oh, you love it, don’t you.’ Grunted Franks fingers kneading the shiny brown hair of the younger man. He reached down and undid his belt and trouser buttons and then his boxer short buttons. ‘My balls, suck my balls, now’ He told Simon. Who did as he was bid, one hand holding onto the rock

A New Birth of Freedom Ch. 01

great, another practice contraction, she thought, and leisurely finished her soufflé. Lunch finally over, the ladies rose slowly, looking over the dining room for friends they might have missed. They started the goodbye ritual of signing chits for lunch, air-kisses, discreet trips to the ladies’ room, and individual departures. Lady Nadine walked

Angel Wrestling League Ch. 00

other to assert your dominance. The wrestling rules are very simple, so pay attention. Each match will consist of three rounds that are 5 minutes each. You will get one point for each submission you score. Submissions are only possible if you are in control. Control means you have an advantage over the other wrestler. If you have control over


the North Vietnamese soldiers were sure Ernie was dead, they pulled the cage out of the murky river, used his lifeless body for their amusement, then simply threw him into the river and let his body drift downstream. The afternoon sun beat down, blistering Paul’s face. He ducked his head under the water for as long as he could hold his breath,

Learning to Please Maitresse

what might be coming, I take the end of the crop, lube it up, and slide it about one inch up your ass. I grab you by your hair, whisper in your ear: "Are you ready to please Maitresse?" "Oui, Maitresse." "Whose ass is this?" "Yours Maitresse." "Good. Keep it in good shape, because when Maitresse wants it, you better be ready." "Oui Maitresse."I

That'll Teach Her

my entry.After a little effort I got the head of my cock into her asshole despite the fact that she was not cooperating. With the head in, the rest followed slowly.Once I was deep into her ass, Richard and I started fucking her again.Shortly Judy said, “I like this.”Richard and I both said, “I do too.”We had to laugh when Judy said, “There are

Eros Academy Ch. 03: Assignment

corner was a bed, made up with plain, though apparently clean white sheets. As the door clicked closed behind then Michael suddenly felt the full pressure of the moment wash over him. He exhaled slowly, setting his notebook down on the table across from Jessica’s as he did, and looked up at her. She regarded him silently with inquisitive eyes.

And Here We Are Ch. 03

from her mistakes than Kendra. She was polite and always thanked me for giving her this opportunity.After the embrace ended 10 seconds later, Jasmine chimed in. "I didn't know you were so popular." Brielle told her that I was a great boss, and Kendra said there was no place she'd rather work. Kendra then asked Jasmine what she wanted to do after

Night Sweat

sliding, my hand up and down, coaxing Your member up. i feel You stir in Your sleep, a soft moan parting Your lips unconsciously. The sound of pleasure only ebbing me on, my grip upon You tightens slightly as my strokes gradually picking up speed, feeling You grow and tense in my nimble fingers.Changing my position on the bed, i lean over and

My parents friend and his uncle

don't you? "That's it Rodger fuck your nephew hard and make him cum, that was it I was there, I was cumming and so was Rodger, all his spunk filled my arsehole and it was all dripping down my legs, I finished Geoff off and he shot his load down my throat. "Now I want you to lie on your back and wrap your gorgeous legs around your uncles waist"

Mother Care

earlier - I shouldn't have hurt you like that.' She snuggled against him. 'I didn't mind you hurting me, darling - I - I like being hurt sometimes. But do you really remember everything?' He squeezed her breast. 'I remember the things we did together. And I remember the things you said - like loving my cock. Mum - if I am better, does it mean

School Term Paper part 2

up the street and much to my disappointment she had a girl with her. I guessed it was one of her classmates and they were probably going to do some studying together and I would be left out in the cold with no young pussy. I was going to put some porn in the DVD player and be content to have a pleasant jackoff session when I saw Debbie and her

Total Strangers

we were standing meant that those seated were unable to see anything other than our heads and those standing unable to see anything below chest height.I dont know if she meant to do it but her body was pressed against mine which in that thin dress she was wearing was rather nice.Shit,very nice,I could feal myself getting hard. Oh no,hundreds of

Rose and Tom Ch. 06

about that possibility. And so, as soon as they were inside Tom’s bedroom, he reached around Rose and unhooked the clasps of her bra to give her more comfort. With Rose feeling more comfortable, they both cuddled for a bit, facing one another, and Tom lightly stroked Rose’s left cheek with his right fingers. After a while, Tom asked if Rose

Car Talk

One of the best improvements was adding a Recaro driver’s seat. Oh, my God! There is nothing more comfortable than a Recaro. Of course, there were a few other little touches, such as fog lights, air horns, and a built in Escort radar detector. Back then, in the early ’80’s, I spent close to ten grand getting my car totally done like new. That

Legally Bound to Me Pt. 01

but finally agreed that we would continue the discussion if she was still interested later. On the way back to my apartment, we held hands and we suck in some deep passionate kisses on the elevator up to my unit. I made us a couple of old fashioneds and we enjoyed a nightcap over a tour of my abode, ended up in my bedroom. I declared that it was

Nicholas and Linn Ch. 01

than worth it.I arrange two smaller braids on either side of my head, meeting in a small ponytail over most of my free flowing hair. Just as I smooth my skirt down after arranging my garter belt (Nicholas felt that pantyhose were unflattering, so, I found myself getting my 1st pair of garters at 34 years old!) I hear your car pulling into the

The Submissive Slutwife

bull. She rubbed her pussy all over it and finally started to slide down my body to my eager cock. When I could feel the tip of my cock right up against her pussy lips, she abruptly rolled off of me and lay next to me with her mouth up against my ear. She slid her hand down to my cock and began jacking me off as she whispered, "He made me promise

Phoenix is Shown Something Special

right until I feel a tug on the leash. Oops! Head up, eyes locked onto your back so that if you turn around our eyes are locked. "Concentrate." I tell myself. Now is not the time to screw up. You lead me into your bathroom and step to the side, I lock eyes with you and that is when your point, a small gasp escapes my lips.What my eyes have seen

Sophies Release

in her seat, in desperate need for the class to finish. She needed to pee. She also needed to peel her soaked gusset from her dripping pussy, as she could not shift Adam’s cock from her mind. She knew the risk of her losing her job and her marriage was too much, she had tried to end the three month long affair with her university student, but she

Midnight in Montreal

she would arch her back, showing off the curvature of her body.I could tell the boys had stiff erections when she finally took off her top, exposing a pair of gorgeous breasts. I glanced over at them and while Tony proudly spread his legs, Willy tried to conceal his a little more. I was afforded a closer look when I smiled and held up a loonie.

Alice undergo's D.P training

her daughter undergo her slut training. I finished off the night by fucking Alice's asshole and filling her bowls with my seed as Fiona sat with 3 dildos in her holes.Over the following two weeks I repeated the same treatment on Alice, using different combinations of dildos and plugs to ream out her holes ready for some serious cock action. Each