Birthday Celebration

much longer but she wanted to make Laurie and April come. She slowly put a finger into Laurie’s ass while licking her clit. That did it. Laurie came hard. Then she smiled at April and said it was her turn. Then April came.Jake then switched positioned and had Veronica straddle him while April straddled Jake’s face. April then started to kiss

The Lion King. Kovu and Vitani Part 6

said."By the way, Kiara's a pretty good fuck wouldn't you say?" Vitani exclaimed."What?" Kovu replied his eyes widening."I fucked her." Vitani said with a look of greed on her face."You fucked my Kiara without my permission!" Kovu said with a slight bit of anger in his voice."She's not your lioness until you can prove to the pride that you can

Spoils of Victory: A New Beginning

so you don’t need to have read the trilogy for it to make sense. Of course, if you haven’t . . .? She phoned me Sunday evening, just after I’d got back from my weekend away. I’d thrown my soiled clothes in the wash basket, grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and checked the answering machine. Two business messages. They could wait until Monday.


of this Master stuff.” Bob said with a grin while admitting to himself that he got a kick out the title.“Come on Bob, you loved spanking me didn’t you?” Carol said triumphantly. “When I felt your cock pressing against my thigh I knew you were really getting into it.”“Well ina,” Bob laughed. “Yes you are right, when I first started to read

The Heart Blossoms When It Blossoms

I am glad you love her though, Janis," she mentioned, before she placed her hand onto Celeste's heart. "She will always be bitchy, but you'll know about the chocolate heart she has. You have to eat a bit to find out it is very sweet." We had sex a few more times, and then I went home at about three in the morning. I calmly opened the door and

A Satisfying Climax to Finals Week

point. ‘Emily,’ he said, ‘you look beautiful. I’m so glad that I’ve been lucky enough to be with you for so long, and I just wanted to let you know that I really miss fucking you, because it seems like it’s been forever.’ ‘It’s only been about a week, but that’s been too much for me to take,’ Emily said, as she put her hand on Tyler’s knee. He

Roosy Roads '85

to my cock. Again she teased me with her lips on my head and balls. Lightly nibbling on the head with her teeth. Then she slowly eased me into her mouth. Deeper each time, soon she took all of me. I could feel my cock throb in her throat.. She had me backed against the wall of the shower stall. She started sucking and stroking me as her fingers

My Receptionist, Jenny

rear hole. I felt her holding my ass cheeks apart and she used her tongue like a miniature penis, stabbing and probing. I did the same to her.If she was genuinely new at this, she was a very quick learner!Her tongue left my anus and a finger slid into me. She sucked my clitoris again, sending me to the edge of delirium. I followed her example, of

Great Mom Pt. 2

would push them to their breaking point. "Oh fuck! Oh yeah I'm gonna cum mom...Katie, I gonna fucking cum!" Ryan said in this husky, deep almost frantic tone. "Shit, I gotta cum too! I...I...can't hold it much longer mom.... Katie" Hunter panted. I was still on my knees in front of my sons. I leaned back onto my hands, still on my knees. I leaned

Dirty Gina

of her bare buttocks.Standing there feeling just a bit spare, and wondering what she would return with, Harry took the opportunity to slip out of his shirt. After just a couple of minutes, her voice came, "Right, Harry, come in here."What he saw when he entered the bedroom, lit by one small bedside lamp, almost stopped his breath.Gina, completely

Four for the Handyman Ch. 04

in my eye, made her pause just long enough to whimper and nod once more, just as before. "Excellent." I breathed, sounding as pleased as I felt. My pleasure washed over her, palpably rewarding her for obedience. I HAD to figure out how that worked, to use it later, on demand if at all possible. She closed her eyes with another whimper, utterly at


forgive me Wesley, I love you and won't ever hurt you again."Simon cried out as tears began to fall from his eyes. "You youbetter as you have hurt me." Wesley growled. Ron and the other boyswalked out of the Shack and left Simon work out his problem with Wesley.The twins went out to the reef and fished out some rock lobsters and caught somefish

The Satanic Cult

road, along which we travelled for some miles more before pulling into the grounds of what looked like an old country church. The lower windows of the building looked to be shrouded with heavy, black, cloth drapes, but a large, upper, stained glass window shone magnificently with coloured pictures of the crucified Christ at the top, with the

750-1,000 Word Mind Control Story 04

you didn’t know what you were doing ’cause you were drunk,’ said Jason. ‘We pretend that they’re hypnotized.’ ‘Whatever,’ I said. ‘It’s your hundred bucks for me to write whatever you want.’ ‘And can you read it aloud so that we can all hear it?’ ‘Sure,’ I said reading as I typed. ‘It was Saturday night and we were all hanging out in Jason’s dorm

A Chance of Showers

Gently, you toyed with the depths of me, easing me wider to allow for two fingers, then three. My breathing came in rasping gasps by the time you slid from me. Your hot breath caressed my ear, your body pressed against me as you gained my attention. "Are you ready for your present?" It took several attempts before I was able to gasp out a

University Challenge - Part 1

the people and the places they showed us, from the classrooms to the sports hall, from the gym to the library. It felt amazing to think that I was now old enough and perhaps clever enough to become a part of this amazing University. I resolved to double up on my hard work and make sure I got the grades I would need to win myself entry. After all,

Hardcore Porno: a Now Thats Fucking Hardcore! story

getting royalty checks off the release of the video. Knowing that my family was not going to bed hungry or worrying if the heat would be on in the morning had me sleeping like a baby. Things were looking up, even if I had starred in a porno. A few weeks later I was sitting on the couch sipping on a glass of hot tea. The girls were in their beds

Don Trek: The Black Whole

Lt. Solok. ‘Yeah, because if it’s a black hole then the probe wouldn’t be here,’ exclaimed Capt. Don, ‘we wouldn’t have hit it!’ ‘So why are we still being pulled toward it,’ asked Cmdr. Mike, ‘because even if it’s not a black hole it still poses a danger.’ ‘Agreed,’ agreed Capt. Don. While the brightest minds aboard the USS Bonneville continued

Mall Manager

offered it wouldn’t go as badly as last time? I looked at this girl, I mean really looked. She had blue eyes, bleached blonde hair, dirty nails, heavy makeup and very tight clothes on. My guess would be this wouldn’t be the first time she offered herself up to avoid punishment. I walked away. I needed to think. Would my dick go through sandpaper

An Island Ch. 01

let alone make it to the altar. And then I saw him, and I knew I had to take the first step. But not because I liked him, my best friend on the other hand was in love with him. So I caught the one tear that fell from my cheek and made my way down the aisle. I stood at the front of the church and smiled like I meant it. I didn’t mean it. I wasn’t

Back to the Farm Ch. 08

But then her smile wavered, the unexpected surge of fear following in the wake of her euphoria so powerful her eyes filled with tears. Would he regret what they’d done? Would he claim to have been simply caught up in the moment, or worse still, apologise? Because although she’d been scared, no, make that terrified, she’d never experienced

Buffalo 08

she was handling got agitated that she wasn't coming over to take their orders. Angie smiled and said that Verizon was having a big meeting and all these guys were here till tomorrow. After she walked away, a man who was staring at me from the bar came over to talk. I was friendly but told him I just wanted to read my book and have some dinner.

My coach

my boobs were pressing up against his chest, they weren't too squished just being B-cups, but they were a little squished though. A minute later I pushed him down to the floor and rode him some more. I bounced up and down like mad and then my boobs were flopping around nonstop. I saw him watching and I thought he was about to go blind. “Wow you

Sex park 3

gave chills to my pussy. I wanted it again. A guy approached me. "if you don't want these spread around you will fuck me here and now"I recognized him as the guy who took pictures of me. He held up pictures fore to take. They were of me riding 2 cocks, cum all over me and me sucking cock. I was pretty proud of myself but this wasn't something I

To Be Frank Ch. 07

in the union bar before the ball, Kate, and I’d love to buy you a drink if you’ll meet me there.’ ‘Are you trying to ask me for a date?’ I asked, one eyebrow arched quizzically as I looked into his emerald eyes (and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed those before!). I took him all in. About six feet, tousled brown hair that you sensed couldn’t

A Silent Proposal

and be alone, that maybe the sparks would still be there if there which would overcome her sudden shyness. ‘Taste this’ He said, and extended a portion of fois gras that he held between his fingers. He delicately steadied her face between his pinky and palm, and slid the warm goose liver between her lips with his thumb and forefinger. Then he

Phone Sex

with them.” “Oooh, that feels good baby. Do you wish you could play with them?” *Beep* “Are you hard?” *Beep* “Go slow, rub your thumb over the tip. Think of how good it would be to have my tongue lick around the head.” *Beep* “Oooh baby, I’m so wet. My pussy misses your cock.” *Beep* "Rub your hands along the inside of your thighs and fondle

Caught by Mr. Peterson

pants back on; I took that as my cue to fix myself up. I pulled my skirt down, and fixed my bra and shirt. Most of the buttons were popped though and so it wouldn’t close completely. I could see cum on my chest easily. I wiped my face for any extra cum and ruffled my hair a bit. I grabbed my bag and left him there without another word. I went to

bus trip

pretty breast?" he asked me."Oh, a lot of men like my titties," I told him. Then he ran his hand up my skirt and felt that my panties were a little wet. "Did you go in your panties?" he whispered in my ear."No! I don't do that. You suckin' my tits made me get wet down there," I explained. Well, I think I had better lick it clean, don't you think,

McKenna and Kaden

“I got a little daring” he said “and I guess I just slipped”. I laughed too and asked what he was trying to do that was so “daring” while in the shower. He seemed embarrassed and admitted that he just wanted to shave. My eyes immediately traveled down his tight stomach to my favorite area and I realized he wanted to shave his pubic region. I


we had shared the last time. I reached into my wallet and as I continued walking handed over a ten and she broke off to evidently get our lattes again. When I came around to finish my second lap, there she was again at the same table.As we shared out drinks together, she was quiet this time, evidently trying to think of how to bring up a

Having A Swinging Adventure On Vacation

both find you guys so attractive. We wanted to ask if you, if you guys would be interested in having a little fun?"My husband Michael whispered into my ear, that he thought it might be something fun and very different to experience on our vacation. I was getting very excited with the thought of it.“Well it certainly sounds exciting. We'd love to

Last Wives Club -- 11 -- A New Challenge

pleasure through me, stoking the fire down below. He kissed on downward, across my belly and into my pussy. He was exceptional at that, not as good as Claire, but rivaling Kyra, and much better than Dan. He quickly brought me to a very good orgasm and set me up for another. "Please fuck me, Sir." I didn't realize that I had actually said that

The mature Nurse

the first story when I had my first encounter, I was working with a mature nurse. She was 45 years old or around there and had 4 kids. Her kids were all girls starting with 21,17, 12 and then 8 years. Things were normal until the time we started doing the night shift a lot. In the beginning we were but once a month doing the night shift, then it

Being Downsized

and my marriage in the same month. Twenty years with the company and eighteen married to Diane. At the time either event would have been a crushing blow to me but together they damn near killed me.In my little RV I wandered around America and parts of Canada for almost six months. I was a traveling hermit. I felt useless and unnecessary.

A Family Betrayal Chapter 15

well and am going home early. She sees that something is wrong, but just nods her head and tells me to feel better. I laugh in my head, yeah I'd feel better if my son was home. I get to my car and drive home. I walk inside the house that Heath called home for the last couple years of high school. Ellie hearing me coming in comes to greet me. She

Miss Parker - Part Seven

and came to the bed. She snuggled up against Caroline and lay her head in her lap. Caroline stroked her hair and her face. Although her bottom was on fire, Gabriella felt totally at peace. With Caroline softly caressing her, she fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.Once she was asleep, Caroline pulled the duvet over her and made her way back to


the right lingerie to go with the dress.It took her a long while to decide what she was going to wear underneath. She was slim and was occasionally envious of her friends cleavage but was also happy with her physique. In the end she decided to opt for something that she had seen online and ordered earlier that week. It was a body stocking, the

Goodbye, Professor Gordon.

back of this quaint diner.”“Approximately once every 30 days, we engage in cinematic conversations.”“In a congenial manner.”“And we watch the movies separately.”“Occasionally together, Jax.”“Not together. Yes, at the same time. But in separate houses.”“While we text each other--”“About the movie we are watching.”“Sure.”“Quigley, is that not what

That Girl: Chapter 1

find myself getting flirting glances from girls at school.“Julia! Mike! Can you come downstairs for a minute?” my mom’s voice came suddenly up the stairs and even through my noise blocking headphones since mom’s voice was so loud and shrill. I knew this was going to come sooner or later. Mom and dad were acting real strange and quiet that

Fun In The Hay Part 2

said, looking stern. He turned around and walked out of the doorway, looking back to say, "I better not catch y'all doing anything like that again, or I'll bend you over my knee and wish you were never born boy." Then he was gone, back to sleep... hopefully. Josh let out a sigh of relief and then clenched his teeth. His albums... and car gone...

Life Gets Better Part 4: The Unexpected

me how much you liked to tit fuck.""Sorry," Brian said as he watched her walk into the kitchen. She washed out her water bottle and put it in the dishwasher."For?" Amanda asked. "Being a male, liking big boobs, having a tit fetish?" Amanda shook her head. "It's natural. What I am mad about is that I didn't wake up."Amanda made her way back to the

My Best Friends Girl (She used to be mine)

holding her wrists above her head in my left hand, I hiked up her denim skirt with my right and pulled down her panties in a quick movement. With my right hand I teased her moistening womanhood. As her body started to shake, I stuck two fingers into her tight canal and pressed down on her G-spot. Her pussy was slick. Like Teflon on wet ice.The

The Summoning Ch. 02

laughed. ‘Here I am, summoned by a spell to save a damsel in distress, a princess no less, from a pack of ruffians. I ask you, sir, what more could a knight ask for? Well, possibly a dragon, but I’ll make do.’ Selene looked around the room as he spoke and saw most of the guards nodding, even the Captain. ‘Aye, laddie, ’twill make a fine tale in

Doctor Top

with a subtle wiggle of his finger he invaded my rectum. I felt him massage my prostate for a brief moment and then he withdrew. I almost panicked when I saw my body's reaction, when I stood up I had an erection. Doctor Versatile noticed immediately and assured me that it was normal. Many men respond that way to prostate massage he said. But it

Oral Exam Ch. 15

pools. Or I might have been converted by her fingernails that had gone back to scratching the soft underbelly of my nut sack. Whatever the case, I nodded and said, "Let's do it." Cindy chuckled maniacally and said, "Oh boy, this is going to be fun! Let's find some scarves. I want to tie her down."After rooting around in Sarah's closet for few

No Love to Make

on either side of me in pleasure as my orgasm explodes into his mouth. Dennis moans as he licks it all up and I sigh heavily as he carries on working my now sensitive clit.  After a while, I climb back down and find my way back to his cum covered lips and kiss them with my own. He clutches my ass and pulls me up against him as we're kissing

not sure what to call this

of pleasure. He was still holding my hands and his other hand had moved to my clit rubbing it hard as he pounded my pussy. As scared as I was it felt good and I didn’t want it to stop.        He released my hands and I was now grinding up at his big cock moaning hard as I was Cumming over and over. I couldn’t help myself I screamed out “ fuck me

He Belongs to Me Now...Edited

all yours, do what you want to me tonight!”I lay back trembling with desire as he begins to entice my body. He kisses, sucks, and nibbles every inch of me, leaving a wet trail as his tongue works it magic. “Oh my god, I love what you’re doing, keep going lover, don’t stop!”He flicks his way down to my pussy, then moves in position between my

An Orgy of Grapes

her hand and guiding it between her legs. His arms circled her and she sighed as she felt him inside of her. She rode him in a slow canter. He wasn’t as long as Justin but he was thicker and it wasn’t long before her breathing became more laboured and the first moans escaped her lips. He bucked his hips into her, in time to her rhythm, and it

Vacation with my family – part I

to be afraid off. They are bigger than yours but they are average-sized. They are only 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. There are even bigger and longer ones available. Really? Doesnt it hurt as hell? When I masturbate I sometimes put my finger into me and at the beginning it hurt. Now it doesnt hurt anymore but it feels so tight. I cant imagine

Dream Fantasy Ch. 05

want to get scared, but truth be told, this man gave me the creeps. ‘Emma, you must not be afraid of me, I mean no harm to you, quite the opposite, I’m here to tell you something.’ I didn’t say anything, mostly because I didn’t know what to think of this situation, my head was filled with millions of thoughts, I was confused, I knew I was in a

The Deep - Part One

them off. I'm still too frightened. I try to force myself to ignore them, to tell myself they aren't real, but then they make noises to keep my attention and strike fear in my soul. Or even worse, they touch me. The most terrifying force that has come to me as of late has been this horrid looking woman with long, flowing white hair. She covers

losing my future wife to drugs and being a whore

mail is a fucking highand to have someone you can do what you too and she doesn`t have a choice !!! So I said chief you busy ? No why I said you have to come to my place now ?? Karen says I have warrants ? I said to bad and why aren`t you sucking my cock bitch ? I have to call and I snatched her fucking phone out her hands and smashed it ! I

A new teacher has a hard life.

turned thirty and threw her the largest party in the towns history. One of her former students had a successful career as a sculptor and created a statue of her , it was of her nude of course and a perfect likeness of her in every detail. You could even slip a cock into its mouth , its pussy , or its anus if you so desired which many did when it

The Coolie

that doesn’t jerk away. A hand that embraces mine. A hand that is much more enticing than the movie. I look into Trinket’s eyes as I bring it to my mouth kissing it softly, licking off the salt and butter. She looks into my eyes as she pulls my hand to her face and presses her soft, beautiful lips on my fingers. We sit closer and by the end of

Wife seducing Paul

idea of my wife potentially having sex with other men a complete 'turn-on'. I informed my wife of this, and at first, she thought I was a bit weird. However, as time progressed, she would give me a detailed account of what men were saying to her, and what they would like to do to her. Now bearing in mind that we have been married for quite some

Locker Room Lust Ch. 02

never subsided as he continued to fill her ass with sperm to near overflowing. Brock's final thrust pushed his cock into her ass all the way and it stayed until the last bit of cum dripped into Winter's chute before he slowly pulled his wilted tool out of her well-fucked bunghole.Holy shit! Talk about getting some GREAT ass! he thought. Winter

FM Teased Silly

she comments.With a gentle stroking on my cock, she whispers, "Time for our final play time.""Thank you," I whisper back."What I want to know is how many jerks it will take to make you come. So, I will give you and if you don't come, we wait a bit. Then try four, wait and try five and so on. I will so enjoy your frustration during the waits. You

Edward Albright’s One Good Review

had hoped that they would be. It seems I hadn’t kept the stuff that I thought I had kept. (Although it also seemed that I had kept a whole lot of stuff which I probably should have thrown away.) Nevertheless, I spent most of the next day, Sunday, thinking about the book, making notes, starting to put together an outline plan, making a list of

When a Stranger Calls

next to me and was all lit up. I reached for it and looked at the number with heavy sleep-filled eyes, I didn't recognize it but for some reason I found myself answering it anyway."Hello," I said groggily and slightly confused."Oh, I'm sorry. Did I wake you?" said an unfamiliar sexy female voice."Yes. I had just fallen asleep." I looked at my

Minorities Rule Tomorrow’s America

Jamaican-American, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Brazilian and Asian communities are buying up property into the very heart of Whiteness. In the 1950s, the town of Birmingham in the state of Alabama was one of the Whitest cities of the South. Nowadays, it’s population is seventy four percent African-American. In spite of the tireless efforts of the

Jack’s Women Ch. 06

He said. Sonya couldn’t stop smiling as she looked at Terry. I could tell he was gonna have his hands full with her. Gina came up behind me. ‘Hey baby! I couldn’t get us a tour bus for the day.’ She said. The girls all groaned. ‘But, I was able to get a small passenger bus that will hold about thirty people.’ She said. ‘Well, there’s only

Incident on Avon Road

my self on the ceiling since I was kinda tall. When we had most of our clothes off, I go in the back seat in put the chairs down to make more room. ‘Lay down.’ I say. I figured riding him was the best way to know the difference. My ass was like a mini mouth and it loved sucking cock. I crawled over his nice body and straddled him, applying spit

What Do You Do When….

dad are going out and I assume they are going to one of their swinger parties and won’t be home until early the next morning. So I do my normal thing when they are gone and play dress up and go out and hunt for dick. But this time I knew they would be gone and had already planned an evening of fun with a couple of guys I had met at the adult

New Roommate 6

we need to talk. I am so sorry about this hole situation, and I'm sorry that it has dragged out this far, and so you guys know Im looking for a new place to live." I say feeling slightly realived."No you are not moving out Rox, you are part of this family, and to be honest, things would be strange with out you." Paul says."Im sorry Paul, but I

That special new years eve

snog Amanda" suggested Lucy. So I crawled on my hands and knees over to Amanda and kissed her. Because we were both so drunk, after a few seconds she ended up rolling backwards and I fell on top of her with my body between her legs. She kept kissing me until Lucy decided to come over and slap my ass."Oww bitch!" I shouted as I jumped up

Baby Sitting was different that night

to move. Ron continued his teasing patterns getting closer and closer to the pinpoint of contained energy that had built in my clitoris. He took me close to a higher high that I had ever reached on my own, but then pulled back and settled me down. I had lost all speech but tried to moan and cry with pleasure at the waves of pleasure pulsing in

Gifts From a Spirit

when she decided to flip on the TV. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ was about to begin on one of the cable channels and she always loved to watch it. In her mind, it was the perfect Christmas movie. As the movie played, Julie curled up in a ball on the sofa and pulled an afghan over her. Soon, sleep overtook her as the sounds of the movie became distant

Crime: Bimbomania! Ch. 07

but I couldn’t help it. Every nerve was on fire and dipped in pleasure at the same time, and I couldn’t control my moans. His hands held my hips in place as he grinded into me, and my boobs jiggled as I shuddered from helpless pleasure. Then he bounced me on his cock and I screamed like a slut in heat. He was playing me, and I was helpless to

Virgin Babe Wants To Be Fucked - Part Two

want to see what I’m touching. There in my hand is his cock; he looks as thick as he feels. The head of his cock has a small bead of pre-cum, glistening against the glare of the sun through the windscreen. My eyes meet his as I glance up; he has a small smile on his perfect face. I shiver with delight, my fingers stroke him lightly, making him


the story-Pranali-Hey Hi Harry.What took you so long to open the door's?her voice brought me out of my imagination Me- I was was wearing my headphones hearing music so I didnt hear the doorbell.Sorry about that.Pranali-Oh Ok Me-Come in. Il get the baggage(As she walk past me Wow she smelt superb...made me go week in knees I almost fell

christine's visit to a pro-dom

cause a clip to fall off, but Mistress was usually quick to reattach it. Having the clips put on wasn't the worst part, as they would be clipped on a reasonable fold of skin, nipple, etc. But as we struggled the clips would gradual start to get tugged off, sometimes leaving them with just the tiniest piece of skin still trapped in their jaws,

The Dread Wolf

my throat is too tight. When the creature realizes I’m not going to strike it again, it moves away, gripping my pack in its jaws before dragging me slowly up the trail. I’m too tired to resist, and though it hurts to feel my left foot bang and bump against the ground, I know I don’t have the strength to walk anymore. I’m numb emotionally, my

The Boat Show 2 - Cherie

to her shoulders then stroke her hair. Marg would give Cherie’s hair a little pull occasionally as I had done so often to her. She would then reach around her and stroke her tits.I was moving down her body slowly. Once I arrived at her legs, I gently pushed her towards Marg who moved back slightly to allow her to lie on her back. I used eye

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 11

bought a Black Lab. Not just bought the dog but then had it sent to obedience school, Retriever school, Children insurance behavioral class and snake training. I had to ask what the snake training was? He informed me that they train the dogs to leave snakes alone. Well, the cost for this training was enormous and the sad statement he made that,

Transsexual Experiences

full bosom, kissing and nuzzling, his hands tracing over her soft stomach admiringly. Casually she cast the gown from her mottled white and orange body, mainly white at the front with an orange splotch on her left knee and white hip, her socks white and her ass mostly orange.Following that she reached up behind herself, unhooking the powerful

Chloe's Way

impaled her. At first Mr. Bates kept his hands on Chloe's hips guiding her movement on his cock, then he moved, undoing Chloe's white button down and removing it. Chloe reached behind her and undid her own bra, throwing it to the floor with her shirt. Mr. Bates, took Chloe's large breasts in his hands and took her nipples each into his mouth

Paradise Hook-Up: Part 2

Venezia jiggles Roxie’s clit side to side making Roxie scream and whimper. “What are you going to do now?” she asks Roxie. Roxie tries cuddling up to Venezia, but Venezia slaps Roxie’s pussy so hard that juice flies off. Roxie screams and moans at the same time before giggling. Venezia pulls Roxie to the center of the room and continues

My Wife

would never get a guy like you any other way and she felt she had to take drastic measures. She felt that she was getting too old and she just didn't want to be alone anymore". Oh shit, I thought. Could this be true? Could Lara have really drugged me? Had I been tricked into a marriage with this girl? To be honest, the weekend of our wedding was

She was Alone at the Hotel that Day

erotic woman. When can we do this?” Em said, “I think very soon. That way if we enjoy each other we can have dinner together tonight and explore a lot of options later.” He looked at her. “Do you often do this, Em?” he asked. She smiled at him. “Only with really hot men,” she said. “I travel a lot on business and sometimes have solo weekends

The Internet Connects Ch. 02

she would reach for him, in fact, she would beg him to take her ass. Champagne was beside herself, she had no idea why he had not taken her last virginity. She had opened herself to him, all but begging him as he smiled at her. She thrust herself upward toward the phallus that was waiting to penetrate her most secret of spots. His hard flesh

What do you mean gay?

I kept it in as he slid his hand over my erect cock. I was a decent 8 in length and pretty thick, I shudderd in delight as he rubbed my erection, this made Louis giggle, obviously amused by my pleasure so he spead up wanking my cock expertly. I let out a hot moan in his ear which caused him to flinch his hand away. To my obvious dissapointment

Pet Mommy 2: DP Mommy Slut

Mom," he replied, his tone amused, "Fuck yourself on your son's cock." "Ooooooooh, you diiirty boooooy," I moaned, as I began bouncing back on his cock, allowing his cock to fill me completely. "Fuck yourself, Mommy-slut," he ordered, slapping my ass. Being called Mommy-slut only enhanced the naughty reality of the taboo sin I was committing.

Thoughts Revisited

to leave, which of course would mean the start of a divorce. I loved him but at the same time I hated him for what he had done to our marriage. Looking back I guess I could have kicked his ass out and divorced him, but I still loved him. I wanted revenge but at the same time I knew I wasn’t the type to cheat on him. That’s when I told him he

A Penance of Twelve - Part 4

before moving towards her wet cunt. There, he met the fingers of his other hand and together they generously explored her soaked sex.Denise squirmed at the attention. With the position she had been placed in along with the man half sitting to play with her private parts, she could barely pull off of his penis as she continued to suck him. If

Finding Happiness Ch. 04

to move his 'dungeon' back into the basement. Junie was helping him and together they were putting the last few bolts in the St. Andrew's cross, anchoring it to the floor and ceiling in front of the big fireplace. After it was up Junie stood for a minute rubbing her hand across the wood, her face thoughtful. Bob moved to stand behind her,


taking my nut-sack in his mouth. Then Steve sucked first one and then the other of my balls into his mouth, gently rolling them around with his tongue. I was a virgin and had never been touched by another person before, so needless to say, this was driving me crazy. I had pre-cum seeping from my cock, as Steve slowly wrapped his lips around the


of the local gentry. Basking in their unabashed attention, he was rising to his full, prodigious height. Their rapt and admiring attention led me to believe that the local boys didn’t begin to measure up. With a force of will, the girl before me snapped out of her hypnotic trance, and uttered a command to her accomplices. Cautiously they rose,

Little Red Riding Slut

tight and filling me up. You continue to gasp and grunt and mutter obscenities at me as I squirm beneath you. My own shouts grow louder into screams until all of a sudden the door of the house explodes open and in steps the muscular woodcutter. Dont worry fair maiden he says in a deep booming voice, Ill slay this beast Oh shit I hear you whisper.

My Milf Wife Does A Porn Movie For Money

We began to look for part time work to make up the difference, but after a while it had become useless. We were on our last straw when I had come across something interesting in the Sunday paper. It read, “Looking for women over 40! How would you like to earn some extra cash by doing a soft porn movie? We will be taking interviews this week

Strangers in the Night

the crappy life you’ve dug yourself into. You can escape reality with one of these guys, be whoever you want to be, do whatever you’ve wanted to do. Trust me, whatever the fantasy you’ve got hidden inside you, there will be a hundred guys willing and happy to oblige.” Kat was slammed back into the reality of the cold night as the man’s rumbling

Boy Stud-2

my body. “I’m glad you’re cute, Adam,” Marie said, “I can’t wait to feel your cock inside me.” I’m sure I blushed through a whole plethora of shades of red. I looked at my dad. He smiled and asked, “Have you ever kissed a girl, Adam?” I shook my head. “Well, I know that Marie is a great kisser,” then he looked at her, “Aren’t you

I'll Show You Mine...

and then I felt his finger push against my butt hole. He eased it in and worked it deeper and deeper until it was in all the way. He slid it in and out while he licked my clit and tongue fucked my twat. He pulled out his finger and pushed in his thumb. Then I felt this fat knob push into my cooze. He fucked me doggie while ass fucking me

The Visitor: Part 2

in the galaxy?” she grinned, stroking my hair.“Hmm…why not?” I pulled off the thong quickly, letting it slide down her shapely legs, my hands found her ass, and I lifted her up slightly, spreading her legs wide, my tongue swept over her silky smooth pussy lips. She moaned and grabbed my head, pushing me against her cunt, her tail went straight as


smile, and began to struggle theatrically as the bedroom door opened. She heard footsteps on the soft carpet and waited for his voice. She wondered if he'd be brazen enough to fuck her there and then. Surely her arousal was obvious. Then the same swishing sound from earlier cut the air and she pulled at her ties once more. He wanted his fun


her. All the time, the woman's hands moving across her lips, forcing themselves in her mouth, pinching her nipples. She came one last incredible time and even lost consciousness. She barely woke enough to feel him snuggle in among her breasts and she grabbed him and held on tight as she could. He was the best snuggler she'd ever been with and it

Mr K's Favourite Student

really, but they are silly mistakes, probably just typing errors so I’ll let you off, but I need to run some of the coursework by the headmaster tomorrow, is it possible you could drop it off after school today, I am running some after school clubs so I’ll be at school till 7.00…” I only lived a few minutes away from the school so told him it

Bad Cupcake

did a paper on ‘Daniel Deronda’ though. It’s about as long.” “’Daniel Deronda’? Isn’t that a little obscure?” She purred. “Maybe. But doesn’t that make me a well-read girl after all?” He smiled a look of mollification. “It shows effort, I suppose. But there’s no excuse for skipping the essentials. Not read ‘Middlemarch’! Whatever is it you do

One Thing Leads to Another: You Scared Me!

that feels good... I wish this could go on for hours. Manny's hands feel so big on my hips. His tongue feels so crazy in my ass. His dick felt so heavy when he smacked my face. He is so strong and hot and he's going to fuck my ass. Maria would be so pissed If she knew. How long has it been since she left? Christine thought. Manny stood up and and

The Library Crawl

to one side of her and was now kneeling, holding her head down with one lightly placed hand as he removed the bobby pins from her hair with the other. The silence was so intense that Patti thought she could almost hear, even over her labored breathing, the pins sliding out of her hair and being dropped to the rug beside her. Her hair fell to her

Sweet Revenge

which wasn’t much to begin with but he was tall, handsome and strong and for a one night stand his I.Q. didn’t matter. She hadn’t even asked his name and had proceeded to call him Jim much to his amusement.She bit down on his lip her excitement at fever pitch but she knew she had to make this last. His clumsy fingers were ripping open her buttons

My Hospital Stay: Wednesday

let Stephen work his fingers as she stroked his cock. Seeing that Carol was focusing on the porn again Stephen turned his head and watched too.The couple on screen were shifting positions almost every minute and the woman now leaned over the edge of the sofa. With his cock in his hand, he approached her from behind hand slowly entered her anally.

Exciting Evening In The TV-Sofa

it of and I can now see her erect nipples as she continues to squeeze her tits. She stands up and unbutton her pants and let them slide to the floor, she wears nothing underneath. As she steps out of her pants I can smell the sweet and rich flavour of her pussy. The lips are swollen and I can just perceive a small drip of her fluids in the crack.

My story (Part 2) ‘Introducing me to Mdm. Suz

pussy, I wanted to be unique. I tried to learn more and more about the transition and what I need, but I had no access to any hormones at that time, I could only learn more about makeup and other feminizing issues. Adel was very happy of how I used to search and develop and want to try new things I learn, and what used to try out with him. And as

Aidens Rebecca Chapter 1

disappearing into black stiletto boots. The blond hair that he had dreamt about was casually pulled up, a few strands escaping to frame her face and neck. He was hard and it wasn’t even ten o’clock in the morning. Christ, how was he going to make it through the day if he had to work in such close proximity to the cause of his current condition?

Fat Men Love Anal Sex Too

but not least, I gagged his mouth. That big mouth which constantly eats. This was going to be fun.Once all was done, I stepped back. I looked at my handiwork. The fat bastard was bound hand and foot. And gagged too. He wasn't going anywhere. I had complete power over him. He winked at me, and nodded at his cock. Doubtless, he wanted me to suck

Jason's Secrets Exposed Ch. 04

happiness could be staring them in the face. Did you smoke it?""You're fucking right I smoked it. I made him strip naked in front of me and get on his knees to lick my pussy, while I blew smoke at his face. He loved it and I never saw him so hard. I had a feeling of total power that I think turned him on as much as it did me. I can't thank you

Singapore Caning

this ‘Foreign Program’. If you people at State could have got off your collective dead ass, I wouldn’t be stuck in this mess.” Silently, Sandra fumed. Roger’s arrogance was disgusting and she hoped he would go through with his decision. She had seen two other prisoners caned and she thought it would do this arrogant crook some good. And, he was a

Honey, I'm Home Ch. 07

actually started to feel good. Sara dropped my cock and started to pound her vibrating cock in and out of me. It was clear to me that it became more about her pleasure at this point. She was adjusting the vibration to hit her spot and soon moaned with the release of an orgasm I could only guess was awesome.The audience applauded. Someone even

The Party part 1

bent him over with his ass in the air then hooked his leash to its leg. “I’m goanna enjoy this!” she said walking over to another case and removed a studded paddle. Val and Jo Jo had recovered and were now rubbing their pussies over Rich’s face, “Don’t even think about it!” Val snapped slapping him on the back as their juices smeared his face.

Dear Diary 2 – him

was a chorus of ‘yeah ta’, ‘fine thanks’, ‘good to see you’, as everyone responded. I turned back towards the kitchen, ‘Sal, do you need a hand?’ ‘Yes please!’ came the reply. ‘Back in a mo.’ I said as I left the sitting room door and walked back to the kitchen. Sal had a tray on the worktop with three mugs on it. ‘That’s Terri’s, that’s Dave’s

Just one hour2 with my wifes best friend

keep glancing down at the shinny dark skin slipping in and out of her. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh! Her flesh slapped against his pelvis the sloppy noise of constant penetration filling the air mixed with his and her grunts. Her pussy was burning the end thumping hard against her deepest end. Her legs were aching so was her back, the masked man still

A Perfect Match Ch. 04

her unawares however, as she opened the door to let Jeremy in, was that he was holding two large bags of groceries."Jeremy, what's all this?""I thought I'd get things for dinner ahead of time this morning, Miss Meryn, so I wouldn't have to rush out later."She really hadn't thought about him making dinner again for her tonight, but last night's

The Shy Asian Student

returned, mocking my hopes, my desires. Was our age and culture difference too great a gap to bridge with romance? It never ceases to amaze me how rapidly a sunny Asian day gives way to the black of night and it was to darkness we emerged, apart and silent in our own thoughts. I could not let the evening, our first date, end in such coldness. I

Meeting Samantha

best to be back in time. She responded by saying that she was "wet " for me. I concentrated on my work and fortunately had very few hitches. I had the client sign off the installation and stormed for my car. I floored the poor Mondeo all the way home. During my trip I regularly got text messages wanting to know how I was progressing. I texted

the best feeling

her bra. As it fell to the floor her perky D cup tits pressed up against my chest and I could feel her hard, erect nipples brushing across my skin. I pushed Rachel onto my bed and she layed on her back as I climbed on top of her and began caressing her body again. As I straddled her body I squeezed her juicy tits and ran my fingers across her


him when his wife got up. Mandy wiggled out of her panties right at the table the got up when the dudes wife left the table she walked over to him put her panties up to his nose and she put his hand onto her freshly shaven pussy, he flashed her a smile and gave me a congratulatory wave. She let him keep the panties and came back to our table and

The Island - Final Connections

kiss we were giving each other. “You’re gonna love his cock, you really are,” I told her. Karyn groaned, louder this time. I am not sure whether it was because of the way I pinched her nipples or the way Brian’s cock brushed past her pussy lips for the fourth time. Brian teased her. Tormented her sex with his cock and made her wait for this final

The Library

She jumped at every sound, every creak of the floor. She could hear some students in a study group a few aisles away and she prayed desperately that they did not head in her direction. Mixed in with the fear of being caught was a strange sense of eroticism, there was something about the risk of being caught and being in public that excited

Open Late

her with my eyes, imagining the curves of her body, the shape of her perfect breasts, and she looked back at me and smiled. Shit. Instinct made me look away, pretend I hadn't been ogling her. That must be what you do when a girl catches you staring. She'd never caught me before, or at least she'd never let on. Then it happened again.


make up room. The lighting person was adjusting a range of lights and the only props were two low lucite stools.The other two people were already in the make up room. Lucy makes the introductions; Patricia, a tallish size twelve honey blond with what appears to be a very good body tells us she is Australian, a part-time model, forty-two, and

Me and My Sexy Coworker finally have some fun

I checked my phone as I walked to my car I saw I had a voicemail from him. He asked me to meet him at a nearby gas station and then we could figure out what we wanted to do from there. When I showed up, he quickly got out of his car and walked over to meet me. Without even saying hello, he took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. This was

All I Need

cradles my sleepy head. A smile creases the corners of my mouth as my gaze falls upon a sight I thought I’d never see - you. I rub my eyes, not quite believing what I’m seeing, but your image doesn’t fade. You’re here, right beside me, deep in slumber with the most wondrous look of contentment on your face. I’ve waited so long for this moment:

Penny's Beach Adventure

he had no memory of it. His face reddened. What an accident!“Let me wipe the sweat off your back too.”Penny pressed her chest against him as she reached her arm around to his back pretending to wipe the sweat. Her already hard nipples jutted through the thin halter top. He was so much taller that she felt his hot, hard bulge touching the top of

The Day I Proposed

a treat to come back to in a few minutes. I went exploring with my tongue. My lips kissed her vulva and my fingers probed for her opening. I found it, licked a finger and inserted it, then followed with my tongue. I darted it in and out rapidly and circled it along the rim. I searched for a spot that would make her react, but, not finding it, had

Family Album

green tank top.I was about to say something before she cut me off, "Just shut it!" She stared me down. Well, I was almost five inches taller than her so she was angrily looking up at me. "Can your eyes send a signal to your brain for your legs to move so I can pass?""Did you know that aggression is the first cardinal sign of depression?""Why am I

The Barney Files

a two-day wait for answers to questions about Barney, and my young, sad, Granddaughter, and I have been more than patient. I hope you will take pity on a starving child, and answer the questions that we have put forth. I am sending my last two letters, which, for some reason, you have chosen to ignore, as electronic attachments, but I will

A Maiden's Tale

He said with a final slap to my cunt.When I heard him leave the house I crawled onto the bed and practiced touching myself the way he told me to, but mainly I spent 20 minuets slapping my cunt since it brought me such pleasure when he did it to me. Though it brought me pleasure the peak that I felt was near I couldn't achieve on my own and I was

Josie's Fantasy Pt. 01

makes everyone glace her way then back to the lady who is writhing in ecstasy. Dan lets another finger join the first delving deeper into her hot wet cunt, her juices are running down his fingers and he stops for a moment and takes them out and licks them clean. Josie and turns to look at him and he slips them back inside coating them with her

Catch My Breath

comforter when I tried getting out."I'm up!" I yelled, then blushing when I realized I was alone. I hurried to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, returning to my room to change. I grabbed my orange collared shirt and jeans I had ironed and put them on. I returned to the bathroom and put on my contacts, leaving my eyes their natural color, hazel.

Hitting the showers (part 4)

adjusted to the feelings. Ross could feel Shauns tight ass adjusting around his cock giving him the best fellings he ever felt in his life. When Shaun calmed down Ross started to slowly pump in and out of Shauns beautiful ass. He speed up slowly but had to slow down before he came to early. Shaun barley said a word the whole time, Ross could tell

The Best Laid Plans

missing your wedding when I was stationed in Afghanistan, but I’ve brought you a little anniversary present to try to make up for it.”He held out a small wooden sculpture of a couple embracing. The details were roughly hewn, but the lines were perfect, so beautiful that for a moment I forgot my plight.“It’s lovely,” I breathed. “Where did

A Betting Gal: Shannon at the Office

us, fumbling with his belt. As I unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped him, he pulled away again and grabbed my hand, stopping me before I reached inside to see what he was working with. “Shannon? I feel like I should warn you. I have never done what I think we’re about to do and…” he said. “Shh… I don’t care. I’ll show you what to do,” I replied

Losing My Virginity

show up?""My mother isn't cooking dinner. I just thought it would be a good excuse to tell your mother so that we could hang out more.""You sneaky little bugger you," laughing in disbelieve of how naive I was.Within seconds we were pulling up to the park. Not many people went to this park, as there were many better quality parks within two miles

Track Coach

sports bra. Veronica told her that it might help her run faster but it won’t give the guys as big a thrill. Then Veronica turned toward me and asked my opinion. She already knew my opinion since we had reviewed the tape together last night. I blushed and told the girl that I really did enjoy watching her breasts bounce. Then as we watched more of

Camping Trip (Part 1)

The Egyptian God, a cute name. Tell me, do you know of any herbs that can help him? The owl flew out of the cave and into the wilderness. Hunter followed his shadow, running. He came to a small patch of herbs and she felt relieved. Her delicate hands grabbed upon a small plant and yanked it. When she came back, he had risen up. Hello sleepy head,

An hour in the life of his sub.

forward, forcing her to sit on the lone metal chair in the middle of the room. Instructing her to place her arms behind the chair, he ties her wrists and elbows together, forcing her to arch her back, to stick her marvellous tits out even further. Attaching ropes to her ankles, he pulls her legs apart, forcing her to spread for him. Glancing at

The Return of Ally

about to cum.”Being the experienced slut I am, I turned, knelt and went down on him in one move.The smell of my pussy always amuses me when I take a dick in my mouth. My thoughts had little time to linger on this because Dave quickly fired cum into my mouth. Three bursts provided most of my reward. A few more decreased in volume and velocity

Sex With My Younger First Cousin

her mouth as she held just the head of my cock in her mouth with her lips tightly clamped around the neck of my cock head. It felt like I was pumping a gallon into my cousin’s little 13 year old mouth that was expertly taking every drop.I wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing with the cum and I assumed she was swallowing all of it as she

A Maggot in My Mind Ch. 01

the panties up and looks at them in her hand. They are lacy in style, but the lace is interwoven with a kind of rubber thread. It is dense so the feel of the material is rubbery. It looks rather enticing and she finds herself rubbing the material between her fingers. Her mind starts to wander as she imagines what the feel of the material would

My Lady Says Goodbye (First Afternoon)

cock was introduced, together with one limp testicle. The second testicle took some encouragement, but with tender and careful assistance, eventually joined its mate inside the ring, which was now set tightly at the base of my balls. Then my cock was squeezed into a much smaller metal ring, and then the ring was eased down my shaft to touch the

Sex with Myself. Literally. Part 2

the whole surface was shinyThe other me had lain back with her ass at the very edge of the bed. Legs spread wide, and bottom lip between her teeth, her fingers circled her clit as she watched me getting ready. The anticipation itself was a huge turn-on, and I felt a heady sense of power as I stepped closer, looming over her. I rubbed the head of

That is so Cool

I enjoyed the feeling of his tongue licking my clit before sensing the tip of his cock pressing against my vulva and probing for a way into my warm juicy vagina. Gently, ever so gently he started to penetrate me and, because I was so wet, the full length of his cock slipped in smoothly and sweetly right up to the hilt.“That just feels so amazing”

The Group Pt4

me and took a long draft from her glass. I sipped and warmth spread from my stomach through my body. She stroked me, smoothing a hand over my chest, caressing my nipples. Her gown stretched to contain her breasts, visible through the sheer nylon. It fell open below her waist and I could see the silky brown curls where her legs met. “You will

Anna and Sam. Chapter 7

are you so desperate for a phone?” “Oh Philip, please. All my numbers are on there, and I can’t send emails all the time.” I was panicking now, but I couldn’t show it. “I don’t get it. You hardly use you mobile at home.” What the hell was I going to say now? I need to speak to my girlfriend? “Philip! I am going to be here for weeks! It will

Can we Survive III

than any body and I want to learn.” This increased my core group because Lynn the smallest girl of my original bunch seemed to be attached at the hip with Tom. We normally retired for the night once it was full dark. We tried to avoid using lights after dark except in the basement. Even then we had a blackout curtain so no light would escape.The

Sailing – Quiet Romance

The names have been changed in an effort to circumvent unnecessary persecution. I’m an ‘older’ guy, recently retired, living on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, off the southwest Florida coast. I enjoy leading an active life, and try to stay fit by walking, bike riding, swimming and sailing on the calm blue-green waters. Community affairs

Seducing the teacher

every class he taught, therefore, he knew when it was time to get down to business. Everything about him was great. He made himself 100% available to his students weather they were struggling with a school issue or something personal, he was always there to listen and help out in any way he could. It was for this reason that he was almost never

Camping in Bondage

neck and shoulders as I exposed her large breasts. "I'm going to fuck your pussy, I'm going to fuck your ass, I'm going to fuck your mouth...""Oh God," she groaned. Every kiss I planted on her neck, shoulders, and breasts and every promise of debauchery to come elicited an excited little gasp of lust from her perfectly shaped mouth.I hefted a

A Paladin Corrupted

the east of the Kingdom, a noble Paladin was riding through the trackless woods. The Paladins were the noblest and strongest of all the knights of the realm, halfway between monks and warriors. This Paladins name was Matthias, and even as far as Paladins go, he was tall, and strong, and handsome, and upright. While other Paladins felt doubts and

Beaches: Part One

really have to worry about getting hard again. That was particularly lucky for me, as the blodne girl joined a group of other girls and boys, all of which were incredibly sexy.Hours of daydreaming in the water flew by until my mom swam over to me. It was time for us to leave. We dried off, then walked back towards the car. But instead of heading

Teen High School Locker Room Sex

of James butt and ran across his cum splattered cheeks. As I watched my cum drip into his boxers, I was about to lick it out, when James lay back down on top of me again, but further back so his now limp cock hung down over my lips. I needed no instructions now, as I opened my mouth and slowly hardened him up again, as I felt him do the same to

A Rude Awakening

to see Barbra backing out smiling at me as she waved goodbye. I had Paul set the garbage at the curb so I wouldn’t have to go outside that day. It was on Tuesday when Paul said he was going to have to be gone out of town for two days, and asked if I would be okay here by myself. I was suddenly struck with fear but I said, ‘yes I’m sure I’ll be

He wants a piece of me

he says.“Okay, we’ll just have to wait longer.”He pulls the teat into his mouth and licks.“Good boy,” I say beginning to move on him.I wiggle my hips, I move up and down, I go fast, I go slow. I stop. Then like the crazy female, I am, I ride him like a jockey nearing the finish line. I don’t slow down until he explodes in a long series of shots


but her hips were wide and round, perfectly designed to accommodate Adam’s foot-long penis as it thrust back and forth, seemingly inexhaustible in how long it could stay erect and the volume of semen he could generate when self-restraint was finally sacrificed to his need to achieve an orgasm of which Eve would by now have had her own experience

Breaking The Norm Ch. 6 ( New Beginnigs)

I'm getting fed up with you partner." she exclaimed."Listen damn it!" the authority in my voice commanded attention and sparked a change in her dmeanor. "Now we are all wrong in this room. I'm fucking her she fucking me and you fucking her too." I pointed out all parties involved. “Hell the only two that ain’t fucking is us. So yo ass is just as

Love in the Time of War Ch. 10

lie to me. You know I can read you like a book.’ ‘Mother and Father are doing much better. Father won’t listen to the doctor, of course. Everyone on the staff is doing fine. Buxton is still in bed, acting much like Father, I’m afraid.’ ‘And Catherine?’ Charles put his head down. ‘She isn’t…?’ Alice gasped. ‘No, no, she isn’t. She is next door but

Say My Name

both of you. This calls for a celebration. How about the three of us go to dinner—we can skip the dancing,’ he laughs. ‘I don’t think so, Danny. We have plans for tonight, and for a long time afterward, don’t we, Brett?’ ‘We sure do. I love you, Cait.’ ‘I love you, Brett. See, Danny. That’s how it’s done.’ ‘OK, OK, I get it,’ Danny laughed. ‘No

Cockatoo Part 1

me that I was a lucky dog, and that it was surely the place to get over the divorce. One older guy said to me quietly that if I couldn’t be good, than I should at least be careful out there. I smiled as it’s an old and fairly lame joke, after all. He said that he was serious and that I should be careful. I asked him what he meant. He said with a

Boyz To Men in the RV

those two cute cupcakes hanging down from her chest and those magnificent hard nipples. I’m sure the guys’ jockey shorts are becoming stained with pre-cum now.When Jo returns to the booth, she stops briefly at the table, totally surprising the boys. Unknown to me, she had stashed a pair of thong panties in her purse, “just in case”. She puts her

Poem - No Regrets

there were no hiding places,For our glistening bodies.   Then skin meshed with skin,And the floor became the stage.As a gasp broke the kiss,Your hands stroked the stray strands,Away from my forehead, then became entangled. Our slow rhythm gave way,To urgent and demanding thrusts of passion,As I arched my body for your comfort,And

Step-fatherly love Part 6

natural lube was the best lube to use on my boykunt and that I should never use anything else. Natural lube, he told me, was spit and cum. Spit would allow a cock to enter my boykunt, but that it was just enough to start my own natural boykunt juices to start flowing. Cum would make it nice, wet, and once multiple loads were dumped in my boykunt,

Chrissy's fantasy

him strangely finding myself not wanting him to leave. After a lingering good-bye and a promise to call him soon I return to the room, close the door and head to the shower to clean myself up.I guess I should back up to the beginning of the story. My wife and I have been married for nearly three decades, during that time we have explored many

All My Daddies Part 6 - The Preacher

the "tool" I'm most interested in. ;)My mother has a steady job now. One of my favorite "daddies" agreed to give her one, being generous about her poor work habits. Of course, it's a 2-way street. Since the guys want to impress me, they start taking better care of themselves and their houses. They lose weight. They start working out. I get

Bella decides to live out some of her fantasies.

Listen to this: call me when you leave the café; I'll call you an hour later and when you answer you use the call to either tell Rico that you have to leave, or that it's nothing that can't wait and you can stay. How does that sound? You'll be safe."   Bella knew now that her husband really wanted her to do this, that he had planned it all out,

Early AM

obscenely wide, opening her pussy and her ass to me. " That's too far, it hurts", she cries.I look at this beauty spread naked before me, her ass open, her anus peaking out. I ease between her thighs. " What are you doing" she yells. " Quiet down and do as you are asked. My hands begin fondling her ass. My hands slip between her cheeks moving


He moans my name as he finally cums, giving me every last drop. I swallow every bit as he drags me to my feet. It is not a second too soon. We hear the stomp of boots and hooves, and I push him away. I can see in his eyes he does not want to leave, but it will destroy us both if he is found with me. He grabs my face and kisses me hard before

Mary pays for her past Indiscretions

just the start of the night,” Dave said staring down at me. Steve ran his hand over my wet lips and then felt my clit. “How embarrassing,” I thought, but I could not have been more turned on watching this kid looking at my sex with such wonder! “Have a lick, but only one. We have plans for her, and she needs to get ready,” Dave said looking at me


from the impenetrable world of her mind, she noticed Potter stirring, taking advantage of the small distraction her spent energy afforded them.Ludovic...She could have chosen to attack the other Death Eater, but it had to be him.Ludovic, as the other had called him, had stood idly by, watching them butcher her family with barely a grimace.He had

Second Chance, Book 07

Forester’s Hall near the church. With perfect late-summer weather, most of the guests gravitated outside to enjoy the sun’s warmth and the afternoon breeze from the mountains. Mrs. Dubrinski had organized the food preparation, so it was a given that there would be more than enough. The crowd didn’t disperse until it was almost dark. Bonnie and

flashing the mother in law 2

slid her hand from my cheek, along my back, and down to my ass. She whispered, ‘I’ve always liked your ass.’ I was speechless. This was great. Her hand gently rubbing my ass. It felt so good. And then she did it. Stella took hold of my cock with her other hand. Her hand was cool and soft, and it was on my dick. I wanted to touch her. I kissed her

THIRTY-ONE DAYS…PART 2 [chapters 7-11]

cock, my swollen knob the only thing keeping her on. Then she was sliding down to my balls. With every thwack, she yelped in pain or pleasure, or both. This was a giant psychological victory for her race, since our creator had not designed the two of us to be fuckmates. With the yelps came moaning, and as she gobbled up my cock with her pussy, my

Plumper Lesbians

gotten so wet with anticipation of what might happen afterwards I stayed wet all throughout dinner. I hope she hadn’t notice me shifting a lot in my seat, I couldn’t help but rub my legs together trying to calm my throbbing pussy. I had definitely not had feelings like this in quite a while.After arriving home to an empty house I decided I better

Our first orgy - the weeks after

my tiny skirt and high heels, Cynthia had taken off her jeans too, leaving her in a thong and heels. When they saw us big grins spread across Jim's and Bill's faces. I took the grin on Bill's face to mean that we would be having fun afterwards. We placed the plates on the table, and then Cynthia walked over to Jim and wiggled her tits at

You can look but you cant touch.(without question marks)

just above my clit on my shaved mound. He would smell my lusty, womanly smell and need every ounce of strength inside of him to not fuck me right there. He wanted to tease me and make me beg. And he was about to give me the fuck of my life. He slowly kissed around my pussy. Sucking and nibbling on the lips. I would be moaning at this point, my

The Youth Pastor Chapter 1

PUT IT ALL OVER YOUR WEDDING PICTURES SO YOUR PREGNANT WIFE WILL KNOW WHAT A HOE HER HUSBAND IS!” I don’t know how he did it, but somehow he managed to keep from Cumming until I did. We came together and it was great. “Now, clean up the mess you made before my mom gets here.” And he began Licking my pussy. I came three more times. Then I had

In Love with Anthony Part 3

than ready for me. He grabbed hold of his erect penis and placed it at the opening of my vagina. He watched my face as he slowly entered me. He got the tip in and paused then he kissed me and held my lips right before he plowed the rest in. He literally took my breath away with the pleasure, I almost had an orgasm right then and there. I dug my

Our First Threesome

balls. This excited me so much that I was ready to come in no time at all so I pulled out of her and removed her blindfold. She looked around the room and smiled now that she knew who was who. I told Rob that Diana wanted us to finish off and come on her body. We laid either side of her and she turned to her side, facing Rob. They kissed while I

A Hazy Shade of Winter

out, before slipping into a fit of quieter giggles. She looked momentarily carefree, as if this was the first thing that had given her cause to laugh in decades. ‘No,’ she said eventually, ‘Dalila isn’t interested in lovers she can’t possess.’ She looked back over at Dalila, who was lightly touching Abby’s wrist as they laughed together. Carly

Street Whore Chronicles: Michele's Story (part 1)

seasoned well trained whore she was the combination of her and Michele began to really excite him. As his precum began to emit from the top of his cock Michele noticed the taste and found it very tasty and made her feel a sexual feeling she had never felt before. She realized that this made her feel wanted and needed and desirable. Her pussy

Second Chances Ch. 01

raising an eyebrow at him.. “First day in your fine city.” Daniel stated, his eyes scanning the neighborhood and the apartment building. It wasn’t the best neighborhood he had ever seen in his line of work, just row after row of run down apartment buildings, but a simple homicide was going to be a piece of cake for his first assignment here in

lesbian lovers

while I’m sl**ping and just lying in bed. Especially when I was lying in bed. The time went by and Stells birthday came up. And two days before her girlfriend dumped her. My feeling of being too late left, and then things went super fast. I arrived at her party early and left late, after attempting to clean up the mess we found ourselves


He cannot reach her because his wrists are crossed and tied behind the back of the chair he is sitting on. He is naked except for the blindfold, and the wrist and ankle bindings that lash him to the chair. His breathing becomes shallower as she slowly walks around him trailing her fingertips lightly over his soft skin, making him shiver. He


a passenger and decides to hurry me along. “Imagine it’s me you’re banging, Lee, it’s my wet pussy you’re fucking. I’m squeezing you tight and any second now I’m gonna milk you dry. You’ve wanted to do this to me for ages, you dirty sod." I can’t take much more, I’m gonna shoot, but in the nick of time she gives my head an expert squeeze for

A brief Affair

her breasts in the dark and he would quickly have sex with her and this did not happen very often! She was a very attractive mature lady who always looked smart and looked after herself. Someone had once said to her that she had come to bed eyes! How correct was this now. She was 5’7” tall and a size 16, she wore a 40dd bra and her breasts were

Love is Love

head. She kissed me softly sucking my lip and nipping it gently as she unhooked my bra. I let it fall to the floor as she massaged my breasts before pinching and then suckling my nipples as I moaned softly. Liza walked me back against her bed before she pushed me down on the mattress. I laid back as she began kissing my neck and nibbling my ear.

Moth Ch. 041

knot. The child hadn’t glanced the way Evelin glanced, and she wasn’t holding the crayon the way Evelin would. ‘Who are you?’ he asked. ‘My name is Kuruma,’ it was an old woman’s voice. ‘Your daughter’s spirit came to me in my dying moments.’ ‘Get out of her,’ he ordered. ‘There is still time,’ said the old woman, pointing to the glass. ‘Evelin,

Is That Life?

mates are at Uni I don’t go out. And then there is Him, who to my complete amazement has managed to completely strip me of all self consciousness and subsequently my clothes! More than once… And so, yes, life really isn’t as bad as I something make it out to be. Just sometimes it’s really bad, and that’s usually when I just want that person to

Hypnotist Next Door Ch. 04

was caught up in the wave and began to buck just as intently, growling into her neck. Another orgasmic tsunami rolled through her as she felt his cock explode and fill her with hot cum. ‘Oh Yess Mitch, you’re filling me up! Oh fuck yesss! Oh FUUUUCK!!’
As their tremors subsided, they lay still for a long while. No words were spoken as they

Out of Control?

I had dried myself and was sitting on the end of the bed, pulling the stockings on. I realised that I should have to put the cock ring in place quickly before I developed the full and massively throbbing erection that wearing nylons always gives me. I was almost a quarter of an hour outside the alloted time when I arrived in front of the

The Neighbor's Daughter V: A Mature Neighbor Comes to Call

routine. It was a warm late summer afternoon and Henry was mowing his lawn. He had paused briefly to wipe the sweat from his brow when he noticed a woman coming up the sidewalk in his direction. She was a lovely, mature lady with a full head of white hair. Her hair seemed to form a halo around her tanned face. She was walking briskly with a

Picnic With Karen Ch. 5

somebody may hear you!’, she looked around, but the café’ was empty. ‘wasn’t your fault Dave, and you know it.’ ‘Well, anyway, did you like it..our first attempt, I mean’?, I enquired. Karen looked around the café again, and under a couple of tables before answering. ‘Well, I, that is, I was just beginning to, well, y’know, Dave’. ‘Mmmmmmm, get

Tom & Sue & John & Debbie Ch. 08

and Mom said, ‘Sue, Tom has already called here for you. I talked with him briefly—right now he needs you!’ I looked puzzled, ‘Mom, what’s happened since I left State?’ Mom answered, ‘I can’t put my finger on it, but in his voice I felt a sense of sadness—like he was on a guilt trip. Something seems to be troubling him.’ Mom continued, ‘Tom told

Two Can Play Ch. 11

women, but there were also a couple of men, both of them busy on the phone. Without ceasing their chatter they both waved a greeting to the new arrival. ‘Hi.’ A pretty girl dressed in tight fitting white jeans with a black lace trim top revealing her bare midriff gave a friendly greeting. ‘I’m Clarissa. Clarrie for short.’ ‘Hello.’ ‘Freddie’s

Hard Fuck By My Master

be very horny tonight,' Master said caressing her left breast. 'What would you like next?' Master asked the sweet girl. 'Oh Master, please use the clips!' Cunt begged him lifting her slender hips in the air. 'I want to feel them cutting into my soft cunt!' Cunt moaned out with want in her soft voice. Cunt knew the clips always brought her so much

Angel Ch. 02

‘Damn,’ I said. ‘Quick, get me something!’ I said reaching for the stack of neatly folded towels. Josh handed me one and then moved to pick up his clothes. I wiped the couch up, then myself, and stood to find my clothes. No sooner had we gotten dressed, and then we heard the upstairs door open into the basement. Josh quickly took a seat on the

So Far From Yesterday

and then they went back to Sam’s for coffee. They hadbecome good friends. At work, Sam just managed to be tolerant of others and would retreat to his office and close the door as soon as possible. But with Anna, if something got him mad, he found a way to bury it and move on, or she would call him on it and he’d back down. It was over coffee at

Kissing Kate

pretty relaxed. Granted she is a goddess and a professional so what did she have to worry about? She always looks amazing!Next shoot: the hot tub! We went to our dressing rooms. Well I had a dressing room but Kate had a large motor home that was her private area. I wasn't too jealous but wow that must have been nice. Some day I will have my very

A Walk On The Beach

Wave after wave came, disappearing into white foam as it came to the shore and went back out. A shadow appeared over me and I turned, seeing the woman from the car rental place in a bikini over me. Her breasts filled her top. She had to be at least a C cup. I said hi. She looked down at me and asked me if she could join me. I told her of course,

Hubby's Special Present

have been up to."He pointed at me and said "YOU think you are so smart but what do not know is I have been following your interaction with this sissy boy on your lap top for weeks."My chest immediately got tight and the panic set in. He knew. I was totally caught and had allowed Stephen to become entangled in the big mess I had created."I want

The Crusader

should be lucky enough to get you. But Lady Claire is no ordinary woman.’ ‘Day is upon us, we should venture back to the camp.’ Returning to the camp, I was greeted by the familiar celebratory air. The revellers had put out the bonfires and the wine had finally dried up. There was however, something new to cheer about. I discerned that from Sir

Princess: Bus Ride Ch.01

People on the bus have noticed the swaying girl in their midst and conversation has stopped. You see the color begin to spread up her cheeks and know you must make your devotion to her shown.You look deep into her eyes as you tell her of your love for her, leaning forward you kiss her hard on the mouth as her finger slips back down to her aching


his cock and gave it a couple of friendly strokes. I lowered myself onto him and placed my hot, wet pussy on his hot shaft. I held my own breasts and began to slide up and down the length of his cock smearing my juices all over him. Then I rose up a little and took hold of his cock and aimed it to my waiting pussy entrance. The feeling was

Erika's Toy Ch. 02

Daniel's bed. Daniel's eyes were fixating on her jiggling breasts and the outline of her nipples on the sheer fabric. She sat down on the edge of the bed allowing the short hemline of her dress to hike far north of mid-thigh. The brunette beauty traced her red manicured nail along the underside of his erect cock before placing her lips to his ear

Sleepwalking in San Diego

three times, and loudly announced “Seaman Recruit Smythe, reporting as ordered Sir.” “Smythe, get in here!” he growled. I stepped into his office in the position of attention, eyes straight ahead, and body rigid, with the chest poked out and gut sucked in tight. “Recruit, I have been watching you. I have decided to make you a company staff

Kinky Evening In The Park

time. Making my own knees weak. On the drive home she was vibrant. Gawd that was something. I felt like I was being touched all over at once. Never had that in our bedroom. You seemed different too. Everything seemed so sexy. The caressing and the smells. And your fucking. Stopping and starting like that. Your cock even seemed different each time

Pure Innocence

cute and innocent which was not like me at all. I put on a little blue cotton dress, a pair of sandals, and donned a blond wig. The wig was long enough that I could put pigtails on either side. Even the light blue cotton panties I was wearing gave me the feeling of a young innocent female, or, so I thought at the time. I put on some light makeup

Walking in on Daddy 2

ahead hoping to gaze into my eyes as my orgasm grows nearer. "Oh shit!" I squeaked catching a glimpse of my father through the open bathroom door.He is sprawled naked across his bed with his dick in his hand watching as if it were a peepshow. I quickly pulled my fingers from my crotch, shut off the water and grabbed for my towel which was no

Our Path to Husband Swapping part 1

We started down the path of swinging a few years ago when after a night of drinking, Hubby and I were talking about our sex lives prior to marriage. I told Sam that in college I had gotten drunk and let two boys take me back to their room and fuck me. I feared after I said it he would be mad. Instead he asked for details. As I explained to him

With One Step Ch. 04

each other and Gina boldly insinuated her tongue between the younger girl’s lips, giving her the first adult kiss of her life. Kelly whimpered, but she didn’t pull away. ‘Are you sure you really want to do this, darling Kelly?’ Gina said, almost expecting the pretty Irish girl to back out. Kelly nodded, Gina took her by the hand and led her to

The Professor Advises Ch. 03

Emily’s eyes and smile mirrored his as he walked across the room to join her. Landon gently whispered, ‘You are so beautiful, Emily.’ Then he captured her lips in a long kiss. While kissing her, his fingers dipped below the lace of her bra. Emily moaned softly. Landon reached her nipple, instantly puckered and ultra sensitive. Landon released the

Just Curious Ch. 07

sheets off me. He turns to leave as they flutter to the ground. "Be in the kitchen in an hour."I stare at the ceiling. With a groan and a wince I roll out of bed and plod to the bathroom. It's only 6AM, how can that man be so happy this early in the morning. I look for a razor to shave with, but all I see is a tooth brush, a hair brush, soap, and

The Mysteries of Avalon Pt. 02

the circle, smiling, happy, fulfilled. They pick us everything quickly and goes to bed, for the first time, spooning. Chapter 9: Beltane As Beltane approaches a big step, Lancelot now had progressed so much that Morgane decided to make Lancelot practice to part the mist. It took him 2 intensive weeks of practice to finally completely part the

Clean-up on Aisle….Damn

of those days when you just craved humiliation? When your husband or boyfriend teases your body out in public and all you want to do is fuck the shit out of him the moment you get back to your car? I do, my name is Dawn and I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for six years now. We have a very happy marriage, for the most part at least.

A Problem in Russel Hall, part 1

an STI.  I think you and Steve and Tommy should all go to Health Services and get tested.  If Ricky calls you when you’re still tied up, just tell him that I’ll go.  I’m just going to be studying all day.  Do you have my number?”“Yeah, you gave it to me in October, remember?”“Oh, right!” she said.  “Anyway, you need to go get checked out.  I hope

A Hand In Need

before pressing her ear against the door. “Viola! Are you home?” She stayed there intently listening, waiting for the voice to go upstairs. Once the coast was clear she kissed me and ran her hand over my crotch.“I’ll finish this off some other time okay?” she said softly.Voila took hold of my hand and led us out of the closet. ~ I sighed as I

The Workout

looking guy. His friendliness was like a welcome into the community. Kay took off her workout clothes and showered quickly to wash off the sweat. A fantasy of Jeremy with her in the stall entered her mind. She suppressed it for fear of rushing and leaping into a man's arms. She got out of the shower, grabbed a halter top, and covered herself


open. I find myself speechless, which is very rare. “Bet you’ve got the red silk ones on that I love so much. My cock is hard just thinking of you in them.” He carries on like this for a few moments more, before I manage to stop him “Ewan, Ewan please stop now. This is Jen, I’ve just answered because Jess is in the shower.” The line goes silent

What I want

my hands to caress down your chest and your breathing to falter as my touch affects you, to feel your hand trail up my back catching and crushing my hair in your fist as I take over the final rhythm. I want your hands to desperately pull at my head, crushing my lips against yours as our bodies collide, as our final waves of pleasure lash through

My Sons School Friend

Porn that’s what, good old simple pornography. I’d built up a minor collection of DVD’s over a period of months and years. I had one or two flings over the years but the wife wasn’t interested in sex so I kept going back to the simplicity of my porn stash. It was one of my masturbatory soirees that led to my son’s girlfriend Anna, catching me

Potential Part 19

Candy leaned close, wishing the mist on the lens wasn't clouding her view. The teenager's fully erect cock, swinging side-to-side, gave her a hot flash and her pussy lips moistened. Evan grabbed a towel. Why didn't he turn off the water?Candy gasped when Deana pushed the curtain aside and stepped out of the tub. The girl's body was exquisite with

Tinder for Teacher part 1

and movie at his place tonight. I told him my favorite pizza and he set the order. I start getting ready for tonight.Lacy bra and panty set. Flowing sun dress and my white converse. Guys go crazy for this outfit.Being newly 18, I went through a slutty phase recently. I had a nice body and guys saw it too. So I just jumped in and hoped for the

How I Lost My Virginity to My Stepmom (Part 1)

said, "Hey, that's not something you should be saying to your mother, you know?"I laughed for a bit then replied, "Sorry, I'm just saying what I think! Anyways, I hope you resolve your issues with Dad. I'm gonna head to the bathroom."After yet another giggle from my mom, she kissed me on my cheek then said, "Okay then, sweetheart. By the way,

Office Power Politics Ch. 02

She felt a pulse and a throb down below, involuntarily of course. Fuck! This wasn't supposed to happen. She had a reputation and team performance to maintain. "So what did he want with you?," if she was losing the physical battle she may as well try and level the professional playing field. She crossed her legs over as she spoke just to check.

A Morris Man's Tale Part 4

me, she opens the wardrobe and I can see her shopping on hangers,““Right, on the bed with you, what would sir like to see first?” I lay on my side facing her; I turn to sit up with my legs over the edge, “I am going to save seeing the green dress till last, so would you please show me the grey dress and jacket?” She takes the dress and jacket out

The Raven

my hands to the back of his head. He bit down gently on my lip and I could taste blood. He moved his tongue to my lip and began licking the bitemark. It was the most erotic feeling. He pulled away and I let out a moan of protest."Do you feel week at all?" I realized I was feeling a little woozy."Yeah, a little." He raised his wrist to my


so she had a nice pair of mounds on her. Still holding her breasts, she turned to look at her butt in the window reflection. Taking one hand off her breast, she jiggled her butt cheek. She then turned back to ace the window, one hand on her breast and the other still on her butt. As she arched her back, she moved both hands to her hips and turned

A Crawling Romance

time — too long.’ ‘Oh Maria, it’s good to be back again. I’ve missed you. How are you and Luigi?’ ‘We’re good, very good but need more money. Come, introduce me to your father and I’ll table you.’ Harvey queried, Table you? You father? Was this a joke? ‘Maria you big tease, this is my new friend…’ A snappy looking waitress who looked familiar to

In Love with Anthony

both are assistants to a superior at the company for two different suppliers, but our desks are about 20 feet apart. I thought he was adorable when we first met. He has short brown hair with a mind of its own and hazel brown eyes. He is not very tall at about 5’7 but he has muscles to make up for it. He is the image of Green Day and Journey

Listen to Me

I position myself against the back and pull her down so that she's sitting in front of me, between my legs. I can feel the heavy leather cuffs against my bare mons and the wiggle of her fingers when she realizes where her hands rest."Nice," I growl into her hair, pulling her backward until she's lying against my chest. Her back arches toward the

Rainclouds Gathering

my knee, and gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. Abindgon Lane. One more traffic light, a bend for the road and then would be the landmark cottage. Here Master's car would turn to the right and travel down a lesser-used street, until the parking lot for the meeting house came to view. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see us getting closer. I felt

Dessert! Laid out on the table…

of the special flavour that your cunt has added. “Tell me what you want me to do.” I move to the bottom of the table and sit on one of the chairs. “Open your legs, lie back… and enjoy.” “Mmmm, gladly.” Sitting on the chair, I lean forward and again trace the length of your wet little hole with my tongue. “Oh god.” It is so easy to find

Auntys New Girl

supplied for the busy passenger. You know the ones, if you move a fraction either way you end up concussing your neighbour, or at the very least, be greeted with the very English insult of a shake of the morning paper and a loud muttered, tch! I held the tablet in front of me, my hand resting in the invisible goo left behind by sloppy cleaning,

How I Met Lance Graham

me in a similarly provocative fashion and was just as attractive as I was. We both had perky C-cup breasts and nice plump asses. Jen was paler and had freckles all over her face, but the guys loved it. Her long auburn hair swayed back and forth as sweat glistened on her forehead from dancing so much. My skin was much more tan and my black hair

A Slackers Tale Ch. 04

started slowly rubbing up and down the underside of his hard, oh so hard, prick. "..he was actually begging me to do something for him, anything."Rick unsuccessfully tried to suppress a groan as she slowly manipulated him with her foot, rubbing the underside, and flicking his erection to and fro."So after a few weeks of this I was really enjoying

Joining the Squad Ch. 5

can't believe you just did that!" "Oh God, Susan, please," I pleaded, covering myself. "Nooooo," she said, smiling, "I think it's cute. I just can't believe you did it." "I'm so embarrassed," I said, looking away. "I can imagine," she said, doing nothing to ease my humiliation. "We better get to practice," she said, reaching out for my hand. I

Fucking The Teacher

down the hallway to my little private office. I locked the door, turned towards him and still without a word I kissed him full on the mouth. He responded eagerly, his tongue snaking into my own mouth as we french-kissed hungrily, my lipstick leaving little red smudges on him.His cock sprang to attention in his trousers, I could feel his ardour

Djibouti Christian Woman

Television as well as Radio Canada and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He’s a brave man. The only thing I don’t like about him is that he married this blonde-haired and green-eyed plump white chick named Mildred O’Connor, who’s originally from the City of Halifax, Province of Nova Scotia. Why do all of our finest brothers got to marry

Life of Christopher Schwartz Part Two

button-up shirt that left nothing to the imagination, he could see the straps from her thong coming out of the top of her skirt. Oh god.... His penis twitched just from looking at her. "Um, so yeah how do you manage to get all these games and things, I thought the school districts didn’t pay for crap..." She walked past him and bent over at the

Ordeal of the Twins. Part 1:Betrayal

to hold her down. She dived past him towards her sister. The leader of the three was pushing her down. Forcing his fingers between her legs when Katie got to him.“Get off her you fucking bastard.” She snarled as she lashed out at his face. He grunted as she hit him, he head rocking sideways. He jumped up with unexpected speed. Before Katie

Hot tub fun

never implemented any plans until that night. I should point out that we are both in amazing physical condition. She is 5’4”, with flat abs, 34 C tits and an ass you can bounce a quarter off of. She has amazing green eyes and dark brown hair with perfect teeth. My friends have all drooled after her for years. One night, we were out drinking

Portmanteau Ch. 01–03

a crush on her since her first movie, when she was all of 14. Since then, I'd seen all—or parts of all—her films, and read that she and her parents were intelligent, tight and grounded.During the long drive to the Berkshires I naturally tried to remember the handful of dinner conversations I'd had with her parents. When one of my parents asked

An Evening of Firsts

before moving on to your next task. Disconnecting one of my leg restraints, you order me to flip over, on my stomach. I comply, and roll over; the restraints around my wrists tightening. Once over, you restrain my free leg again, and kneel down behind me. Holding the bottle of lube, you put the tip between my cheeks, at the entrance to my hole,

My First Lesbian Experience With An Older Foxy Lady

Moore, a twenty eight year old graduate art student. I lived in a small coastal town on the outskirts of Cornwall, England, with nothing but beautiful countryside all around. I worked in a tourist gift shop and some of my art paintings were there for sale. I painted just nature of animals, sea, and countryside. I was a tomboy sort of as I didn’t

My Exhibtionist Beginning

happen to the film - this being the early days of digital and hubby still had a film camera.After our breakfast, Hubby asked if we should go into town as he wanted to get the film developed. I'm pretty sure he was looking for me to object and tell him not to. But as the memory of the previous night was already making me turned on I happily

Booster Club Slut in the Making – Part One

North Carolina, which is where I met Ed when he was a senior and I was a junior. Following his graduation, Ed got a management trainee position with a major big-box retailer in the Charlotte area. We continued to date until my graduation, and then got married. We waited a few years to have our first child, until Ed was well-established with his

My First Lesbian Experience

of independence and soaring away. I had my map of the college grounds and my dorm room number. I was meeting with a lady named Chelsea to help me find my room. I was a little nervous, but excited as well about this new adventure. After meeting up with Chelsea, getting my key and finding my room, I was on my own. I put in the key and opened the

Allie and I re-connect on Facebook

make love to me?" she asked with her own wet eyes. I nodded and we got in our cars and left. I got a room for us and we parked the cars. We approached the room, keycard in my hand and I asked her again if she really wanted this to happen. She said she did. I opened the door and we went inside together.As much as we wanted to tear into each

The Maintenance Man another repair 5

breath almost making her gag.Finally able to catch her breath she looked at him and started to laugh at him again, "you're going to have to do a lot better than that this com is live dna coded only I can activate it, so you know what? you can fuck off you putrid, rancid, little fuck."Again Tantka growled, his face blood red reaching out he

At Murphy’s Pub

behind the pub and I turned to him lifting my face to his as he kissed me. Our tongues intertwined as we pressed our bodies hard against each other. I knew we did not have a lot of time so I dropped to my knees and unzipped his jeans reaching in for his cock and pulling out. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked into my mouth, it swelled to its

The Conquest of Alison, the Cruise Director

a major risk. Not to make light of the situation, he concluded that cargo ships had been the primary target for pirates.As the Cruise Director, Alison had to attend all the briefings to address any passenger concerns and questions. It was a simple plan maneuver the ship to avoid the pirate skiffs, increase speed, deploy a sonic weapon.

Anal Additive a Drug to Enjoy Anal

to make sure the pain wasn't there. He put her on the couch and pulled her legs up over his shoulders, aiming his cock at the tight brown ring he slowly began his decent. He felt his head pop by her sphincter ring and then he stared in awe as she took inch after inch of his hard cock into her ass. Samone had no pain or discomfort apparent on her


as he wrapped his shaking arms around my neck. I wrapped my arms around his small back then pulled him into me. I made no attempt to be intimate as I held him in my arms. "D-Drake." His voice was so soft and gentle as he called my name that it made me want him even more. When I made no attempts to touch him, Blaez gripped my shoulders then pulled

Her Christmas Wish

the snow. It was the first time I enjoyed snow. Having Marc with me on Christmas was well worth all the waiting I had to do for the last two weeks he was gone. This story is dedicated to two of my good friends. I truly hope that you enjoy the story and it’s what you had in mind when you asked me to write it. It was truly an honor being asked to

Im Her Brother From Another Mother

me she was pregnant with our baby. She said Jeff fucked her that night in the tent, but she knows the baby is mine. She was thrilled knowing it will be better looking, smarter, and more loving than anything his sperm could supply. Lynn drops by with him at Erics house when I visit my hometown. He sure looks like me, but luckily, her ex-husband

Face Fuck

beneath him while her clit spasmed. Robert massaged her clit beyond her orgasm until she felt pain. "Stop, Master! Please!" she begged. Playfully, he bit her neck and pressed her clit hard one last time."There you go, Bitch."Exhausted, Robert rolled over beside her and took her face in his hands. He kissed her gently, his tongue lazily caressing

Phoenix's Rough Night

say you could speak," Kit reminded her. Phoenix clamped her mouth shut as she heard something buzz near her ass. She couldn't see, but she knew what it was. How many times had she used a vibrator on herself? She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the pain that would come from him sliding it into her ass. Thankfully, she felt the tip move the

My mother in law!!!

right down her throat. She gasped as I emptied my sack into her mouth. Then she swallowed my juice and looked up at me at the same time that I looked at her. I was shocked to see the blonde hair of who I thought was my wife but it was not her, it was my mother in law. The two of them looked very similar in appearance. I was once told if you want

Our Adventure, Wedding and Honeymoon

ago, I didn’t think he was truly serious. I mean, we just moved in together. But, he was as serious as ever. The look on his face when I said yes, said it all. I knew that he was truly, madly, deeply in love with me. I didn’t think otherwise beforehand, but this said it so much more clearly. We wanted something simple for the wedding, because

Morning Lap Time

right is a large, luxurious floor pillow, a mound of soft comforting warmth. You settle into the pillow, sighing as you rest your head against my thigh and twine your arms around my leg. In the quiet the wood crackles and pops as the fire builds slowly.I lean forward and hand you my large mug to sip coffee while I kiss the crown of your head. I

Pleasing My Master Ch. 06

that she was on all fours with her pussy towards my Master, and I was on all fours with my mouth towards him. For a long time, my Master alternated back and forth between us. He shoved his cock in her pussy for a while, then he took it out and shoved it roughly down my throat. Nikki was moaning in pleasure, while I was gagging and trying to

Gina the Quickie

Gina was the bartender tonight. She was kind of cute. She was wearing an apron over her white blouse. Her breasts were pushing that apron out. I noticed as I sat there that Gina had undone a few more buttons on her blouse. She came down to check on my drink. As she bent down to pick up some clean glasses, I could get a nice view of her naked

Taking the Risk: Misha’s Story Ch. 15

and body from the shower, and Suzanne bit down hard on his tight small nipples causing him to jerk as the small pain radiated down to his already engorged prick, causing it to swell even further. Watching as she turned her body around, presenting her small bottom to him, he knelt up on his knees and entered her doggy style, feeling the hot deep

Another Welcomed Guest 4

keeping her expression unchanging. The last thing she thought was she was ashamed, then she felt arms catch her as she fell.Ephus was shaking his head as he thought about what Thoth had said. He was so distracted he failed to notice when Eris started to pant. It wasn't 'til he felt her power start to weaken that his head snapped around to stare

Fuck The Law

bellman or security. “Yes I am,” Katie shouted out as convincingly as she could considering her condition, “I just banged into the wall and hurt myself. No big deal. I’m fine. I’ll call down to the desk if I need anything.” “Great, Ms. Morris, glad to hear that.” “Thank you,” Katie chimed back before planting a lip lock on me and starting to

Gay Mormon BDSM Training - Part 2

protesting against the President long ago and greedily licked it up until the floor was clean.“You’re a disgrace, both of you.” he went over to untie James while Seth came out of his submissive daze to find his clothes. “Now you know what happens when you disappoint me. You get punished. But now you both know what to do with each other to get

Prey For Me Ch. 11

The heart, like his penis, was nowhere to be found. And a playing card, the Queen of Hearts, was found on the front passenger seat.’ Kim gasped, ‘This is just too bizarre!’ ‘Bizarre is right,’ Jimmy agreed. ‘That’s it in a nutshell. I’ll get all the reports to you soon, Sam. The autopsy is top priority and should be completed in a few hours. Do

Music Girl Ch. 01

called her the very next day. She wanted to go out Saturday, I was cool with that. Saturday night she meets me on the Lower East Side and we go to a little Thai restaurant for dinner and drinks. She walks into the restaurant and heads turn, my dick gets stiff and I can feel the pre-cum percolating and oozing around inside my shaft. She wore an

Brand New Key

to please me, Blake, and looking at the key as it sways and dangles and spins reminds you that you know that too. Isn’t that right, Blake?’ Blake furrowed his brow in confusion. When the hell was she going to cut the crap and tell him what she wanted? She was just sitting there, droning away about how important the key was when he knew that

rich boys love 21

i want" "babe it just dont work like that this is america" "harvey dont give me that crap i know where in the world we are" harvey rehugged me and said "shh babe i know your angry" i started crying with anger harvey said "hey shh babe" harvey kissed me on my lips and said "dont let this day turn bad babe. i love you" "i love you too babe"

Humiliation In suburbia

the sound of cups rattling, they had moved into the kitchen.Suddenly the door began to open, Lynn must have realised I was home. I stood and opened my mouth to speak as Richard stepped into the room. He eyed me arrogantly. “We’ve had such a romantic meal at your favourite restaurant.” He said sarcastically., “and best of all, you paid.” He showed

The Abduction of Selah-Continued

and ass must be. i pulled out my sharp knife and slowly walked towards her, first i cut her gag off, leaving tiny cuts right where her dimples are on her cute cheeks. "do you know what i am going to do with this knife darling selah?" i asked playfullyshe just stared at me in fear. to afraid to speak."I am going to cut off all of your clothes. and

Memories in the Sea

in my life. She simply sat there, staring, void of emotion. She simply awaited an answer. My hands crossed and I looked again out the window. How amazing the world truly looked at times. The thin shades of color that drape across the sky fill the world with a somewhat absent feel. There are so many times when I have sat and thought we aren’t

Femdom Wedding

magic she wants, she must ignore him for the time being. She gives Andrea, her beautiful transvestite friend, a kiss, commenting on the outrageous bridesmaid's outfit she is wearing. Surreptitiously she gives Andrea a little squeeze between the legs as well."Are your panties a little tight, darling?"Andrea giggles.Jo cannot help thinking,

Camping Trip

shaft. For what seemed like an eternity she caressed the head of my cock, teasing me willfully, seductively, making me wanting more. I groaned with the intense pleasure surging through my groin. I placed my hands on her head and caressed her temples. I applyed pressure – taking control from her. Her tongue knew exactly where to tease and I

Moving Violation – Edited

act. Which is worse, getting a ticket and possibly losing the license Ive only just earned, or showing my tits to some pervy old cop? Im embarrassed and actually blush when I realize that last thought sent a little chill down my spine and tickled the nerves that make my pussy wet. I blame it on the fact that I just had sex with my boyfriend, and

Last Payment

to her clit. The hard pearl of her clit throbbed and Kat wished that he would allow her to touch herself and release the building tide of frustration that threatened to overwhelm her. Andrew raised the cane again and slashed it against her nipples again. Kat gasped as the wood slapped against the points of her bruised and swollen nipples and then

The Request - Part II

had gone to a family reunion of James’. James was one of our contract labors, hired for projects on the house. Also, over time, he had become a friend of the family. I half-heartily agreed it was okay for Di to be James’ date for the family reunion barbecue. Now, things were gotten out of control. Looking at the red LED’s of the clock, I hit the

A Night of Dancing

yourself into my mouth one last time as your seed spills into my mouth and down my throat. I quickly swallow and slowly pull off your cock. Sitting back on my heels, I look up at you. You reach over, and grab my drink. Holding to my mouth, you allow me to sip from it before you sit it back down. Reaching down and pulling me back into your lap,

It Happened in the Morning

a step back to let myself get use to the change. My companion walks out and I start to march along next to him. The two of us walk for about 40 of his time seconds before I lower my hindquarter to the ground and release my liquids. It felt good and I hold myself for a decent bit considering how much I had inside. My ears perk up and I turn to see

Her First Auction

"Karta, nipples! This means present to me your bottom, all fours, your head down." She did as commanded and in an instant, He pushed into His owned vagina and took complete possession of her. Her body went wild with it's passion and the room filled with moans and cries of pleasure. Her deepest desire to please her new Master was fulfilled as He

Love my Real Estate Agent

10 or 11 that night, while he is fucking the slut.”I had to laugh at that one. He deserves it and so much more. The lawyer did caution her about seeing anyone. Telling her that she could date, but be discreet about it. Although they did have Paul dead to rights, why screw up now. She is entitled to half of everything, including any pension he may

Six Degrees Ch. 02

guns in the vehicle matched the casings and bullets found here at the house. ‘All right, thanks for the report.’ I said. ‘Commander,’ said J.R. Barnes, ‘there’s one more thing you need to see. These were found in the crib next to the baby.’ He then brought out Pete Feeley’s shield, still in its frame, and the Laika crowbar. Both were now in

Banbury Cross - Ch. 1 The Scoop

a dossier onto the desk in front of me. I opened the package and pulled out a stack of papers. On the first page was a photo of young man, he couldn't have been more than 20. Stark black hair, a few locks hanging over his dark and penetrating eyes. It is almost embarrassing, it is so trite, but his eyes felt like they were looking into me.

Luck Ch. 11

thinking of that night. THAT NIGHT… Brad Lowell took one last pull from his cigarette before walking into Lana’s apartment. Brad was changing, for the first time in his life he felt like he was thinking for someone other then himself. He had never wanted children or a family, he always wanted a career, but after such a tumultuous relationship


but used her mouth on him. Then she rearranged her clothing, while he did. Then came a very fervent hug and she took her papers with her out back to the Flower Shop.Soon after that, Marcie returned to duty and John asked her again to man the upstairs office while he carried out an interview on the floor. She agreed and he left the office.As he

March Moon

boots out here, though he had wondered if he’d offended the desert Gods by doing so.  “Dean?” Rhia asked, flinging the door of the truck shut. It broke the silence of the desert and to her, only amplified how lonely it was out here, and how alone they both were. Why did she, all of a sudden, feel like she was losing him? They had been so close

Sarah - Part Thirteen B

body off the bed. She remained in that position for seconds, maybe a minute, until a “squeaking” sound slowly began to emerge from her open mouth. The squeaking sound quickly turned into a loud roar. “Aaaaaaggggghhhhhh. Fuck yes. Aaaaaaaaggggghhhh. Oh God. Uuunnngggghhhh.” I kept fucking Maggie’s ass as hard as I could, trying desperately not to

My downward spiral to a becoming a slut Chapter 10 Thursdays surprise Menage a trois

I didnt stop till he stopped moving and cumming. Then finally I pulled my mouth off of his cock. I looked up at Sara with a look I hoped said hes mine. Then I looked up at Scott and had to giggle when I heard him begin to snore. I flopped down on the bed next to him. Feeling drained as well. Sara lay down on the other side of Scott and we all

Paint Job

always saw her in the work uniform. Nicole was wearing a navy blue tank-top and black short-shorts. Her hair was tied up, in the curly messy-purposely kind of way. Her light brown skin looked softer than ever before, her cleavage was noticeable, which it rarely is. Her double D breasts were quite noticeable today. She usually wears minimizers,

Nature Loves

of it seeking out the areas of his body most affected by its earlier attention.A million different thoughts broke the air around him. Each one lapping over the other as the travellers around him screamed silently at the departure announcement board. His so called gift felt more like a curse at times like this, when a collection of hundreds

I really couldn't help it!

and my orgasm burst through me. My tummy clenched and my legs juddered as the glorious sensations wracked through me.My arm ached beyond words but the sensation of her cunt muscles clutching at my fingers as she broke over into a massive orgasm was so worth it. Her juices pooled into the palm of my hand and overflowed onto my thigh as I held my

Puritan Whores Ch4

deliver more women?” I ask my wife. Her body trembles as I run an ice cube up and down her sensitive pussylips. I had her legs spread eagle on the bed. Her tits were covered with dozens of drops of wax where I had tipped burning candles over them earlier. “Mmm. Yes. He wouldn’t have offered if he didn’t think he could do it.” She moans. Her

House Mates Pt. 02

like idiots at each other and took themselves way too seriously. They most arrogant of the three made a move on Louise, smiling down at her and pulling her close in his arms as they danced. She let it happen, gave Jeff a wink, and plunged her tongue into the guy's mouth, whose eyebrows raised in surprise and excitement. This made Jeff insanely

Life at Last Ch. 05

and kind of like being at home." "You are very welcome here Lynn any time you feel like coming over." Katherine assured her and caressed her face softly.Lynn looked up at her and pulled her head towards her and kissed her lovingly on the lips, and said, "Thank you for being you." Then turned and kissed Trisha as well and said, "Thank you too."

Air Buns

right in front of me. She was a little shorter than the others, but had the biggest ass and smallest waist of them all. "Hey," she said, matter of factly. "Hey yourself," I said warily, still taking the whole situation in. "So you like what you seein?" She asked, putting her hands on her hips. "Oh yeah...trying to figure out how many trips I can

Holding On Tight to You

her mouth the way it had her pussy and she pushed her hands up around his neck. She found herself bucking against the front of his pants where it looked as though his cock was in a hurry to come out an play. She let go and a few ladies smiled over at her as they walked into the bathroom near the wall where they had been making out. “Hey lets get

The schook trip part 3 day 4-last day

breakfast. When I got down to the lobby everyone was talking about something and I heard mike and Jesse a few times and the someone looked up and every went "huuuuh!" and the just stood there staring at me. A few guys gave me a pat on the back. Some girls hugged me saying I'm proud and some girls angrily stared at me and muttered congrats or

Kate Seeks Revenge

money. Dirk didn’t press charges and another rumor was the couple now farmed in Canada. But now, in a cruel twist of fate, the extremely harsh winter had forced Roy to ignore his wife’s plea raised now and in the past to never to have anything to do with the their mean-spirited neighbors the Hamilton’s. When Roy didn’t return after two hours,