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KAON 484-draft. com If we want to add, delete or modify configurations or operands in multi-configuration editor, we can use ZPL keywords INSERTCONFIG, INSERTMCO, DELETECONFIG, and DELETEMCO. 33 Intermediate prescription for schmide cassegram的LDE,注意到primary corrector的thickness變為-18,比原先的-30小,這是因為要放second corrector並考慮到其size大小的因素。在surface4的radius設定為variable,透過optimization, Zemax可以定下他的值。 ,2017/12/28,133,Defining complex operands,ZEMAX缺省的MF不能满足用户需要时,用户可以自己构建评价函数,有两种方法: 对缺省的merit Defining complex operands ZEMAX缺省的MF不能满足用户需要时,用户可以自己构建评价函数,有两种方法:对缺省的merit function进行重新定义;用operands手动编辑merit function,用 MTF操作数优化MTF MTF操作数能够直接优化MTF的值 ,这个功能很强。 ZEMAX computes the Gaussian beam parameters for both X and Y orientations. The files can be used, e. ) and operands. There are three types of operands in ZEMAX: optimization, tolerancing, and multi-configuration. Galilean Beam Expander Designs. Does LensMechanix include tolerancing tools? No. . Lens Data Editor is an important place to do lens design in Zemax. An improved graphic export enables optical engineers interested in exchanging your existing hardkey for a softkey license, contact Zemax sales (sales@zemax. In his 8 years at the company he has held a diverse set of roles in technical support, software development, and product management. To do this, ZEMAX uses a spreadsheet format called the Lens Data Editor (LDE). 12/18/2015 Optical tolerances. Users Guide Version 6. 000000000000e+000 0. Many of these analyses are also available as operands for the Merit Function Editor (MFE). optics] 19 Oct 2005 Modeling a Slicer Mirror Using Zemax User-Defined Surface S. Brian Bauman. 7 of OpticStudio optical design software includes improved graphic export to produce images of analyses and layout plots, an express view tool that allows users to handle files with large numbers of surfaces or objects, a file collector tool to gather data and diagnostic information, and three new optimization operands. For example, the optimization operand TRAR stands for TRansverse Aberration: Radius. Global optimization searches the whole solution space and finds the best possible design, given sufficient time. Replace lens parameter Solves with Multi- Configuration Editor operands LDE Solves are converted MCE operands. 1117/12. A list of the different operands is provided in the Zemax manual, or the Help function in Zemax. I use an old version of Zemax, newer versions of OpticStudio might have more useful operands to directly constrain aspheric surface slope. The operands are listed below. For this reason, OpticStudio supports the flexibility of a user defined program for defining the data computed by an operand in the Merit Function Editor (MFE). Keplarian vs. Morettoa, M. Recognized black hardkeys (USB dongle) will Akash Arora is the Zemax Product Manager. 000000000000e+001 envd 2. value (operands Ti). Zemax/ OpticStudio Extension using Python. Zemax uses two main optimization techniques. OPTI 521. A good starting point for a list of degrees of freedom are the default tolerances in Zemax. It is a double/triplet type objective designed to image over wavelengths (3-5) The mf file extension is used by ZEMAX for merit function files. 5 m deviates by less than 11% from the simulation in Zemax, whereas baseline estimations indicate no significant difference. 作者:Zemax China 来源:投稿 时间:2019-06-14 19:32 阅读:1363 这篇文章向您展示了如何使用多重结构编辑器来优化系统、调整公差以及对那些不能从其它编辑器中获取的数值设置跟随求解。 zemax光学设计软件初中高级教程题库. 200 µm. imaging. . The design uses an off-axis parabolic mirror, an 800 nm blazed reflective grating, 4 custom designed lenses, 1 commercially available lens, and a generic CCD detector. Most common prisms, such as right, dove, roof, penta, pechan, and many others are included. zemax prescription data. Optical Design Practices for NGAO. normanshire@zemax. Designing a beam expander from off-the-shelf lenses can drastically reduce lead time and speed the design cycle. Zemax has a pretty powerful optimization routine, but lacks enormously the capability to come up with useful 'operands'. T. If you have a current version of Zemax, all of these files should load with no operands, features etc that are not available to the older version, and so care  Support@Zemax. The Zemax’s multi-configuration mode is usually used to specify each parameter (tilts, curvatures, decenters) for each mirror sub-surface which is then considered independently. Merit Function. 000000000000e+001 pupd 1. OpticStudio. Zemax; The importance of Modulation Transfer Function in optical design. zemax student versioneffective focal length zemax. 000000000000e+001 1. 01 Imaging Fundamentals of Fourier optics, Physical optical image formation, Imaging in Zemax 10 15. Viv`esa, E. Contribute to xzos/PyZDDE development by creating an account on GitHub. Wavefront rms 3. are listed. TracePro’s ray tracing engine is fast and accurate. zemax aperture type. Fig. 1. (12 operands if Lens Data Editor  Feb 21, 2008 Although only 12 field points can be defined in the Field dialog, the FMDO optimization operand allows these points to be re-defined on the fly  Nov 19, 2010 In many cases, the macro may need input information that would be obtained from one of the many merit function operands in Zemax. iap. Vladimir has 5 jobs listed on their profile. Another set of parameters (vari-ables Vi) will be fitted by the ZEMAX® optimization process for achieving the desired requirements (radius and conic constants of each optical surface, for instance). To get around this problem, first download the files to your disk, then open them from Zemax or Windows Explorer. After the sensitivity analysis or inverse sensitivity analysis is performed, Zemax will perform a Monte Carlo analysis. 3 Discussion The LAM-DLL acts like the commonly used ”standard surface”, thus opti- mization and analysis features of ZEMAX r apply as well. Some common operands of the Merit function are the following: AMAG (angular mag-. Zemax has 90 employees and is ranked 1st among it's top 10 competitors. Zemax's top 3 competitors are Lambdares, BRO and Microstarlight. 1 includes the following improvements and fixes: Tools • Optimizing – The optimization algorithm has been improved to handle scenarios in which the optimizer is Optimization technique of wavefront coding system based on ZEMAX externally compiled programs Conference Paper · October 2016 with 43 Reads DOI: 10. Here you can learn more about OpticStudio through a variety of informational tools to help you create new and improve your optical and illumination designs. The optical design of this system was performed in ZEMAX from Table 1-2. com www. 3 Monte Carlo. V18. 7 optical design software from Zemax LLC is a new release that allows users to create presentation-quality graphics, quickly navigate editors, and more easily report issues to Zemax support. g. Chris Normanshire, Engineering Services Manager, Europe, chris. de 2 Preliminary Schedule 1 11. too rich for my blood - posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum: Ive been using Zemax forever but their continual increases in yearly support are leaving us old opticians and optics hobbyist in the dust. Exact ray tracing to all surfaces even imported splines ‒ no missed intersections or “leaky” rays. The LDE is the primary spreadsheet where the majority of the lens data is entered. The main ZEMAX window has a large blank area, with a title bar, menu bar, and toolbar at the top. By convention, the merit function is small when the agreement is good. Each operand may be assigned a weight which indicates the relative importance of that operand, as well as a target, which is the desired value for that operand. Then, ZEMAX computes the minimum and maximum values of the tolerance operands. ZEMAXsupports optimization operands which meritfunction. Objects may be multiply nested, or in contact (glued), or straddle 包含所有zemax的操作数,光电技术人员必备. Just click on the DMFS operand and press the insert key to insert new lines above the default merit function. , to define the same custom merit function for different lens files, or to define different merit functions for tolerance analysis. Software Version Note that the operand for Line 4 depends on the version of Zemax being used:. 04. Zemax, LLC • 10230 NE Points Drive • Suite 540 • Kirkland, WA • 98033 • (425) 305. ZEMAX Optical Design Program Users Guide This will add operands starting at row 2 in the spreadsheet, which will prevent If this package is not available and Zemax is needed to model the GP Lens, there are Set the Operand to “PRAM”, the Surface to “1” and the Param# to “8”. 8M. ? Execute Zemax tolerance analysis Spacing (manual machined bores or spacers). 9 release . • For example, the lens spacing between lens 1 and 6、是所得到的最佳设计吗?我们下面就要用优化来完成本设 23 计的工作。 首先, 我们将告诉ZEMAX, 哪个参量在设计中是自由的 (这 些被称为变量) ,然后我们将告诉它设计的要求(这些被称为目标 (Targets)或操作数(Operands) ) 。 ZEMAX writes out the dummy operand DMFS (Default Merit Function Start) to indicate where the default merit function starts, and you should not hand-edit the operands below this line. 05 lens units (no matter what the lens units are) and a surface 1 to waist distance of zero; this of course means the waist is at surface 1. INSERTCONFIG is used to add a configuration in the multi-configuration editor. While primarily a bible for the lens designer, Practical Computer-Aided Lens Design by Gregory Hallock Smith serves also as a handbook for the optical systems engineer and as a source of historical and useful information for the technically minded photographer Zemax. com - id: 4ba80b-NzExO Zemax has announced the release of LensMechanix for Creo Parametric, which enables engineers to streamline optomechanical product design. , Sept. Zemax. The Forbes Q-aspheres are particularly useful for this, but not very well explained in the Z13 manual. Default beam parameters: ZEMAX defaults to a waist size of 0. +0. Learn Zemax Programming Language (ZPL) macro programming, how to create user-defined features (surfaces, objects, sources, etc. Tolerances may also be performed separately on the LGS WFS optical path, and the LOWFS, first relay if desired. Open the sample file “Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope” linked in the downloads section of this article. Editor, then use Zemax to optimize your design. com Erin Elliott, Optical Research Engineer, erin. Together they have raised over 0 between their estimated 136 employees. A layout is shown in Figure 1. We will use ZEMAX-EE (the more advanced version of the two that are offered), and expect that everyone who uses ZEMAX on the project will have current technical support so that we can all use the same updates and be able to trade files without incompatibility issues. 1, Zemax. Especially for a beginner, it is a good way to, perhaps not catch all of the possible variables, but it will certainly list most of them. Although  Feb 25, 2008 Using the NSDD operand with the Universal Plot 1D and 2D The NSDD Merit Function operand allows users to retrieve incoherent intensity  Nov 30, 2005 How to include any optimization operand value in the tolerance report using the tolerance scripting capability in Zemax; How to write a simple  Results 1 - 10 Although only 12 field points can be defined in the Field dialog, the FMDO optimization operand allows these points to be re-defined on the fly  Sep 14, 2018 New Zemax File Collector tool – Easily gather data and diagnostic New optimization operands – Three new optimization operands help you  Radiant ZEMAX LLC (RZ) provides this publication "as is" without warranty of any kind, either 579 Comment about operands that define character strings . Once again, let’s see an example. Modeling a Slicer Mirror Using Zemax User-Defined Surface S. LensMechanix displays optical tolerances that are defined President of Focus Software, Inc. Each operand is a four character code. 000000000000e+000 ftyp 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 ropd 2 picb 1 xfld 0 There are also available standard ghost control merit function operands in the sequential ray-trace, for example in Zemax system, but these don’t allow back ray-trace in an alternative optical path, illumination vs. 2 LICENSE MANAGER ENHANCEMENTS (ALL EDITIONS) The license manager has been enhanced in several ways. 3 Incalculable 3rd Order Seidel Operands (All editions) . Further possibilities for user-defined operands: construction with macro language (ZPLM) General outline: - use sinple operands in a rough optimization phase - use more complex, application-related operands in the final fine-tuning phase Merit Function in Zemax 17 Here you can learn more about OpticStudio through a variety of informational tools to help you create new and improve your optical and illumination designs. • ZEMAX uses 4 letter mnemonics for the basic tolerances: Zemax demo • After using the generate default tolerances window, you need to check to make sure all the numbers are correct. I wrote Zemax optimization operands to fix that, put in some extra target planes to keep mirrors from blocking each other during optimization, optimized, and got a significant improvement over the patent design. In addition, three new optimisation operands help optical engineers control problematic rays at the edges of the pupil without the use of macros or compound operands, as well as reduce Zemax, LLC • 10230 NE Points Drive • Suite 540 • Kirkland, WA • 98033 • (425) 305. 2. uni-jena. Zeyu Zhao. Hope that helps. also using the DLS algorithm (RANG operand), with operands at each field having  The Zemax®; operand IMAE gives access to the transmission of a surface. These objects may be scaled to any size, then placed anywhere. ppt,FitIndexData(3)点FitIndexData,调出波长和折射率输入窗口,输入波长及其所对应的折射率(一般至少六组数据);Fit(4)在Name栏输入所添加的玻璃名称,在Formula栏里选定所用的拟合公式,点Fit进行数据拟合计算,并给出拟合误差;(5)点Addtocatalog,则所添加的 Jul 8, 2011 Radiant ZEMAX LLC (RZ) provides this publication "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the  Aug 8, 2011 There is a complete list of MC Operands in the Multi-Configuration chapter of the OpticStudio manual. 5 Zemax on the performance and stability of an important enhancement, and repair part of the BUG: (1) The scroll speed of the editor becomes faster (2) Many analysis functions render faster (3) Supports scaling of the scale of the output view (4) help file has been improved A new Zemax file collector tool also allows users to easily gather data and diagnostic information necessary to troubleshoot any potential issues with designs. com Release Notes New physics and extended feature sets make the new OpticStudio 15 the most powerful and fastest optical and illumination design software available. 000000000000e+001 2. This article describes how to modeled a turreted lens system using the multi-configuration capabilities of Zemax OpticStudio. A merit function, also known as a figure-of-merit function, is a function that measures the agreement between data and the fitting model for a particular choice of the parameters. Because of the difficulty in performing tolerance analyses on multi-configuration operands, the Zemax file was reduced to the science path configuration only (figure 6). As we know, in sequential ray tracing, Zemax defines an optical system as being made up of various surfaces, and most of the properties related to surfaces are set in Lens Data Editor. Loading Unsubscribe from Zemax LLC? Zemax Tutorial - 1 - Lens Data Editor Interface - Duration: 8:46. OpticStudio 18. If your browser doesn’t associate . 在优化过程中,用meritfunction 的值来评价一个系统的优劣。 Meritfunction 由optimization operands 组成,Zemax 提供了200 多个这样的操 作数,涵盖了各种目标控制条件。 3. Show Abstract A method for generating a synthetic spectrum within Zemax ODZ14_Optical design with Zemax 6 Optimization I Report Optical Design with Zemax Lecture 6: Optimization I 2014-05-23 Herbert Gross Sommer term 2014 www. zemax operand list. This course teaches how to utilize the ZOS-API. Tolerancing in Zemax OPTI 521 Tutorial By Stacie Hvisc December 5, 2006 Outline Motivation Zemax tolerancing capabilities Sensitivity Analysis Inverse Sensitivity – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow. Angle radius IN principle, this option is a simplified optimization Example: find the best image plane of a single lens Spot before and after performing the optimal focussing 12 Quick Focus Option Open Access Library Journal, 2: Zemax [7] is used to simulate the lens optical system. Zemax delivers design software, training, and support services that set the highest standards for the optical and illumination industries. operands can currently be converted, we encourage you to email our Support Team about which multi-configuration operands you’d like to be able to convert. Encourage to share. The first is YFIE which allows you to specify different Y field values for different configurations. Below are the settings to use for these two new operands: How to Model the Human Eye in Zemax arXiv:physics/0510174v1 [physics. com Thanks! August 8, 2011 at 4:57 PM Question 18: 在Zemax 中可否观察虚像? Answer: 不能直接在ZEMAX 中观察虚像,我们可以在真实世界看到虚像,是因为它 会在眼晴的视网膜上形成实像。或许可以在ZEMAX 中增加成像系统,设计近轴 透镜或一些人类眼睛的模型。 The optical design was primarily completed using Zemax optical design software. We give suitable constraints to the operands in the merit function to guide the computer during the optimization process. Here we present several simple lens designs of zemax support. and author of the ZEMAX ® Optical Design Program. Chapter 7 in the Zemax manual covers the various ways an optical system can be analyzed via graphical or numerical outputs. In the menue TOOLS – DESIGN – QUICK FOCUS we have the opportunity to adjust the image location according to the criteria 1. Apr 18, 2014 Calculations were done using Zemax optical modeling . Illumination Introduction in illumination, Simple photometry of optical systems, Non-sequential raytrace, Illumination in Zemax Analysis Options in Zemax. All requests will be considered in the development of future LensMechanix releases. Local and Global optimization Local optimization finds the best design that can be reached from the starting point as defined in 1 and 2 above. standalone applications in C#, control OpticStudio through MATLAB or C#, design custom analyses. The file has a full list of operands as well as perturbation values (max and min) for a saved Tolerance Data editor. May 1, 2007. The Zemax EXPP (exit pupil position) operand unfortunately is not valid for  MGRIN Gradient Index Lens Model and Tools for ZEMAX. Each operand may weightwhich indicates relativeimportance target,which desiredvalue listedbelow. Zemax 社製品をご検討中のお客様向けには、弊社のソリューションがお客様の業務改善および開発時間の短縮に貢献しているかご案内する 新しいウェブサイトをリリースしました。 Tolerance mnemonics in Zemax • Tolerance operands tell ZEMAX which parameters in the system to change. Saissea aLaboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille, Site des Olives BP8-13376, Marseille, France Abstract A slicer mirror is a complex surface composed by many tilted and decentered mirrors sub-surfaces. The OSLO User Guide contains proprietary information. 2018 Create optical, illumination, and laser systems with OpticStudio, the industry-leading optical design software. Otherwise making use of the user-defined surface (UDS-DLL) Zemax capability, we are able to consider the set of sub-surfaces as a whole surface. Some MC Operands control values that  Feb 1, 2006 Even though there are 300+ built-in optimization operands, there are cases in which you wish to return and optimize a value that the existing  Dec 16, 2015 In the Merit Function 6 operands were added whatever the number of surfaces in the Lens Data Editor. zmx files with Zemax/OpticStudio, then it tries to do strange things with the file when you double-click it; my browser tries to play them as music files. The top 10 competitors average 8. The point spread function (PSF) is sensitive to the changes of view field in a wavefront coding system with a wide field of view (FOV), which means that it is difficult to restore the image only View Vladimir Smagley’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. zemax. Saissea aLaboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille, Site des Olives BP8-13376, Marseille, The file stores tolerance data for Zemax; an optical design program provided by Radiant Zemax. The model is implemented as a set of user-defined objects into ZEMAX® and represented . The full-field spots were These questions (and more) are answered . Tolerance mnemonics in Zemax • Tolerance operands tell ZEMAX which parameters in the system to change. ZEMAX. 01. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Michael’s Operand Definitions ZEMAX supports optimization operands which are used to define the merit function. The second MC operand is STPS, meaning Stop surface. Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) is one of the most important parameters by which image quality is measured and the performance of an optical system is characterized. The MCE expands the range of values that can be linked using solves. Analysis Mode ray tracing, unique to TracePro, is a very powerful capability that creates an interactive environment. By utilizing Zemax’s lens catalog, stock lenses can be easily selected and spacing can be adjusted for your design criteria. Use the help files (search for aberration operands) to remember Therefore, we can make sure that all wavelength beams are in focusing on the same CCD plane. Hi there! I would like to contact you, in order to ask about a design in Zemax. ZEMAX ® Optical Design Program User's Manual July 8, 2011 Radiant ZEMAX LLC support@zemax. New Express View for editors – Navigate files with large numbers of surfaces, objects, or operands with greatly improved responsiveness and reduced lag time from buffering data. The optics simulation tool Zemax is utilized for validation purposes. Daiker, 20108). 6. 000000000000e+000 0 sdma 0. KIRKLAND, Wash. This design can be achieved by using lens design software, for example, ZEMAX optical design program . Inverse sensitivity mode allows you to specify how much a given parameter is allowed to affect the merit function. A number of IGNR operands are necessary for ignoring the turreted lens in one of the configurations, and are added with a ZPL macro. Spot diameter 2. 24, 2018 — The OpticStudio 18. Find the License Manager in the Information section of the Help ribbon. By designing a realistic SPC, experiments demonstrate that a predicted image refocusing distance at 3. You can try them:. Will start with most obvious 1) If some of your target values are much greater comparing to the other ones, u will need to also scale your weights and thus loose the exact understanding what is more important to you. An operand is a single command which ZEMAX uses to perform a calculation or: function. These files contain the full list of operands, targets, and weights for a saved merit function. 18. 4. Optimization II Systematic methods and optimization process, Starting points, Optimization in Zemax 9 08. LensMechanix displays optical tolerances that are defined Each operand may weightwhich indicat es elative importance hatoperand, arget,which desired val ue COMA:Coma 初级彗差zemax常用评价函数操作数Oper DefinitionsZEMAX supports opt imi zati operands which define hemer Eachoperand may assigned weight whi ch relative impor tance target, whi ch desiredvalue CONF:Configuration #zemax常用 Your personal merit function tips Encourage to share. Use the optimization operands to correct for spherical and chromatic aberrations, and to obtain an effective focal length as close to 100mm as possible. The default values may be reset by clicking on the "Reset" button. calculated using the optical design software Zemax. com. The first problem is easy to fix. 2800 • zemax. As a consequence, one usually ends up exporting Zemax results into programs such as C++, Matlab, or LabView (in my case), where mathematical operations on large sets of data are much quicker and simple to implement. Even though there are 300+ built-in optimization operands, there are cases in which you wish to return and optimize a value that the existing operands do not calculate. Here is my email: luchitob_22@hotmail. This post presents that redesign, keyed into OSLO-EDU for those that don't have Zemax. In laser-scanning microscopy often an off-the-shelf achromatic doublet is used as a scan lens which can reduce the available diffraction-limited field-of-view (FOV) by a factor of 3 and introduce chromatic aberrations that are scan angle dependent. Zemax modeling indicates that this lens will produce less wavefront error if the . 000000000000e+000 1 0. 17 new optimization operands added, 22 new Minimum and maximum angle of incidence operands Zemax LLC. Gibson. Jul 12, 2017 There are few external packages that are available on MATLAB file exchange which reads zemax file. The merit function also consisted of operands MNCA, MXCA and MNEA to define Abstract Techniques are described for tolerancing a radial velocity spectrometer system within Zemax, including: how to set up and verify the tolerancing model, performance metrics and tolerance operands used, as well as post- Zemax analysis methods. Zemax's revenue is the ranked 1st among it's top 10 competitors. sure that all necessary operands affected by temperature change has been inserted in ZEMAX to make athermal design (J. 1 Zemax . This information as well as the rest of the User Guide may not be copied in whole or in part, or reproduced vers 60801 208 3948 mode seq name unit mm x w x cm mr enpd 2. Michael has 4 jobs listed on their profile. There are several multi-configuration operands that can be used to achieve this task. Luciano said. Zemax I think the best way to approach this is to set up a multi-configuration system. NET to build standalone applications in C#, control OpticStudio through MATLAB or C#, design custom analyses. Version 18. target angle over the flux from LED); w1, w2 – weights of operands. LensMechanix for Creo Parametric lets mechanical engineers load all lenses, mirrors, sources, and detectors from OpticStudio as Creo parts, without STEP, IGES, or STL files. com •Operands •Contrast operands and analysis, additional field points, field converter and wizard, converting tolerances, converting configs, more functions in ZOS-API, File Collector •Features coming soon •Freeform analysis, Boolean ray tracing, new lens object, advanced search, non-sequential sag analysis, AOI operands, polarization bulk scattering At the same time, Zemax OpticStudio 15. 0e-8 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 push 0. By utilizing Zemax's lens catalog, stock lenses can be easily selected and spacing can be adjusted for . elliott@zemax. 2245380 ZEMAX-EE includes a large library of predefined prisms. 000000000000e+000 0 gfac 0. 3. 5 Tolerancing(公差) Zemax 可以对光学面的参数和群组的参数进行公差分析。 Insert two new operands at the beginning of the Merit Function. New Zemax File Collector tool – Easily gather data and diagnostic information necessary to troubleshoot any potential issues with your designs to send to Zemax Support. zemax dummy surface. Prietoa, G. com). Upon opening ZEMAX, a blank LDE will appear within the main ZEMAX window. The operands used are explained in more detail below. 0. zemax multi configuration operands. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Vladimir View Michael Humphreys’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. 25 µm. Multi-Configuration Operands and Solves Another important use for MC Operands is to link values via solves. The LAM-DLL is capable to consider all operands defined in the Merit Function making op- tical optimizations faster by a factor 2 to 5 for the same design using Multi Configuration Editor. Tolerancing a radial velocity spectrometer within Zemax Author(s): Steven R. These are, for instance, the output angles from the back surface of each lens. 000000000000e+000 0 gcat schott raim 1. オペランド【operand】とは、数式を構成する要素のうち、演算の対象となる値や変数、定数などのこと。プログラミングの分野ではこれに加えて、プログラム中の個々の命令・処理の対象となるデータや、データの所在情報などのこともオペランドという。 鍵入如Zemax P. zemax operands

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