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When you download an image, be sure to download the SHA1SUMS and SHA1SUMS. It aims to provide a free software alternative to uTorrent. Unlike protocols such as FTP, BitTorrent groups multiple files into a single package called a torrent. However, this tool may download the content slowly but that truly depends on the number of seeds available of that Torrent you are downloading. iso: 1. It enables you to run multiple torrents at the same time and comes with extended features to make it a full-featured client for BitTorrent. Set the donation field to "0" if you want to download the file for free, but please consider making a donation to sustain the project! The Fedora Alternative Downloads are either special-purpose - for testing, for specific architectures - or are more standard versions of Fedora in alternative formats such network installer format or formatted for bittorrent download. The UI is simple – but easy to use. Download the official µTorrent® (uTorrent) torrent client for Windows, Mac, Android or Linux-- uTorrent is the #1 bittorrent download client on desktops worldwide. Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based distribution whose goal is to provide a classic desktop experience with many convenient, custom tools and optional out-of-the-box multimedia support. The protocol works by connect BitComet is a BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP download client and supports many modern bittorrent protocol, e. Download Now Release Notes Previous Releases. Here, we will go and cover the step by step guide to install uTorrent server on Linux Mint 18. This powerful and easy-to-use program allows easy management of file sharing through its attractive and functional interface. In addition to the BitTorrent links above, install images can also be downloaded via HTTP from the mirror sites listed below. PicoTorrent is designed to be a friendly BitTorrent client for Windows with high performance and low memory usage. 2, codename "Tina". Download: apt://ktorrent. There are several other ways to get Ubuntu including torrents, which can potentially mean a quicker download, our network installer for older systems and special configurations and links to our regional mirrors for our older (and newer) releases. qBittorrent features a uTorrent-like interface and supports man BitTorrent extensions like DHT, peer exchange, full encryption. We started using Vuze about seven years ago. Need access to an account? If your company has an existing Red Hat account, your organization administrator can grant you access. We also have daily builds  Via BitTorrent, you will also be able to download significantly faster – especially if you are not in Europe where our servers are located. A Free Open Source Community Project. iso Linux Mint Torrents. Oracle Linux is free to download, use and distribute and is provided in a variety of installation and deployment methods. We have used many torrent clients that are available like bittorrent, utorrent and many other. Search for torrents and download in a few steps; Immediately play  29 Nov 2014 Download BitTorrent for Linux. Find, download (torrent) & play torrents on your phone or tablet with the official BitTorrent® App for Android. Best Free Torrent Client for Windows/Linux/Mac. Get your copy of BackBox Linux. Source Code Nightly tarballs Previous tarballs How to build BitTorrent is a torrent client for sharing data via the BitTorrent protocol. Feature Spotlight: Uses fewer resources than other clients; Native Mac, GTK+ and Qt GUI clients; Daemon ideal for servers, embedded systems, and headless use Kali Linux, with its BackTrack lineage, has a vibrant and active community. If you want to access their source code you can use the apt-get source command. Torrent Size; linuxmint-17-cinnamon-32bit-v2. For every Download qBittorrent for free. BitTorrent is a leading software company with the fastest torrent client and sync and share software for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer client used to transfer large amounts of data over the internet through the BitTorrent protocol. People often tend to wonder why BitTorrent runs its own BitTorrent client when it is already maintaining uTorrent (above). If you are a new customer, register now for access to product evaluations and purchasing capabilities. Under Linux, the client can be run from the GUI (-e. One single command and the torrent will be delivered to your computer in a few seconds. 4. We tried to cover the best free torrent clients in this article. 0 ISOs and Torrents Linux > Command line BitTorrent client last updated March 14, 2005 in Categories Linux , RedHat/Fedora Linux , Shell scripting , Suse Linux , Tip of the day , Tips , Ubuntu Linux , UNIX BitTorrent is the name of a peer-to-peer (P2P) file distribution protocol, and of a free software implementation of that protocol. This method is useful when your PC has limited amount of memory (RAM), also if you have a VPS it would be really helpful to download. As a matter of fact it is the default BitTorrent client for most Linux and Unix distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Solaris, Gnome and Puppy. Our latest release is Linux Mint 19. Lubuntu uses LXDE/LXQT and a selection of light applications. iso When you download an image, be sure to download the SHA256SUMS and SHA256SUMS. There are various free and cheap uTorrent alternatives available for every platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android to help you to download torrents more easily. info hash, torrent name, size, complete, downloading, downloaded, transferred. uTorrent supports multiple file downloading in parallel. 0-1. Install Deluge bittorrent client in all OSs of your system. 1Publicado: June 15thDescargar InstaladorDescargar Instalador ( 32-bit)Descargar usando BittorrentDescargar ZipVer en GitHubVersiones  30 Nov 2016 O Tixati é basicamente um programa para download de arquivos através da rede BitTorrent. torrent  30 Dec 2013 Install Bittorrent Sync on Debian / Ubuntu BitTorrent Sync is a new piece of BitTorrent Sync is also available cross-plattform (Linux, Android,  Skip the downloads! Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux. Linux Guides Ubuntu . The primary purpose of this Bittorrent client is to offer an alternative to other similar torrent managers. 2. The first ever BitTorrent client software that existed for the Linux operating system. PicoTorrent is a BitTorrent client. MonoTorrent (C#) A cross platform open source . We provide both direct download links and torrents. Get newsletters and notices that include site news, special offers and exclusive discounts about IT products & services. Install uTorrent on Linux Mint 18: Open a Terminal and download the Latest version of uTorrent server from the official website or you can simply use curl command in the terminal to download the current version (3. Although it is a complete bittorrent downloader, the Vuze program maintains a lightweight footprint, doesn't slow your computer down, and quickly downloads torrents. The new stable Deluge version comes with major changes, including code ported to Python 3, Gtk UI ported to Gtk 2, a new logo, and much more. 04. interface for aria2 (2012 GSOC project); uGet: the Linux Download Manager  KTorrent is a BitTorrent application by KDE which allows you to download files using the BitTorrent protocol. For example, you can Want to stream video torrent files with VLC media player without having to download the complete torrent and only then start playing it? There's a VLC plugin, called vlc-bittorrent, that's able to do just that, which was added to the Debian repositories about a month ago. e. Some of the packages we distribute are under the GPL. 9. Downloading Debian CD images with BitTorrent. The big file is broken down into smaller parts and it automatically fetches parts from multiple  7 Jan 2019 The Largest Linux ISO Torrent Repository online! Download Torrent · Manjaro Xfce 18 1 0 RC8 Testing x86 64 ISO . Honorable mention. Anyway, since it was created with Linux in mind, it performs exceptionally well on the OS. BitTorrent supports download of multiple files in parallel from different peers. Note: If you don't know much about BitTorrent and want to learn Downloading torrents on the Linux desktop is helpful in a pinch, but those looking to download a lot more data should consider setting up a remote torrent system on a server instead. Current stable version: qBittorrent v4. g. org Download qBittorrent – Free Open Source BitTorrent Client. Download BitTorrent Web. qBittorrent is based on the Qt toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar library. x) or from the Command Line by typing: bittorrent. Deluge is written in python/python-GTK. Instructions. An advanced and multi-platform BitTorrent client with a nice Qt user interface as well as a Web UI for remote control and an integrated search engine. It enables you to run multiple torrents at the same  10 Sep 2017 BitTorrent is a method of downloading big files. Vuze is the most powerful bittorrent Client for Linux. BitTorrent Description. Set the donation field to "0" if you want to download the file for free, but please consider making a donation to sustain the project! Download lubuntu, a fast and lightweight Linux operating system. Register. The software enables users to share, search, download and upload application, music, video, document, picture and other files. Linux Mint is free of charge (thanks to your donations and adverts on the website) and we hope you'll enjoy it. el6. With active Kali forums, IRC Channel, Kali Tools listings, an open bug tracker system and community provided tool suggestions – there are many ways for you to get involved in Kali Linux today. BitTorrent is an open source application that provides users with a straightforward way of downloading torrent files over the Internet. Vuze is simple to install, even for the most novice Linux user. Deluge BitTorrent client has reached version 2. Now downloading torrents to your phone is easy. BitTorrent is a peer to peer download system optimised for large numbers of downloaders. While uTorrent may be available for Linux, I deliberately skipped it from the list because installing and using uTorrent in Linux is neither easy nor does it provide a complete application experience (runs within the web browser). Download lubuntu, a fast and lightweight Linux operating system. 24 Jul 2019 Here are the best Torrent clients for Ubuntu Linux that you should be Deluge is available in Ubuntu repositories and you can install it in As the name suggests, qBittorrent is the Qt version of famous Bittorrent application. LTS stands for long-term support — which means five years, until April 2023, of free security and maintenance updates, guaranteed. If you're  2 May 2014 I have been using the Transmission lightweight BitTorrent client for quite a long time now and it has been really a very good torrenting  OpenShot Video Editor is available for download on Linux, OS X, and Windows. Before verifying the checksums of the image, you must ensure that the SHA256SUMS file is the one generated by Kali. 4 Nov 2011 Linux has a few pretty great BitTorrent clients available, but our favorite Download torrents (obviously) and manage/prioritize multiple torrents  Downloading Debian CD images with BitTorrent. 5-Install-Dual-Layer-DVD-x86_64. Additionally, qBittorrent runs and provides the same features on all major platforms (FreeBSD, Linux, macOS, OS/2, Windows). Deluge is a lightweight, open source free software and cross-platform BitTorrent client (bt client). 7 released in October 2010. Download bittorrent linux packages for CentOS, Debian, NetBSD, OpenMandriva , Slackware, bittorrent-4. For starters, if  Download the Resilio Sync desktop app for Linux, Mac, Windows and FreeBSD. The first of its kind, this Torrent client lets you download items using a peer-to-peer connection, subscribe to RSS feeds and connect to your Android and Apple devices, as Download Now Release Notes Previous Releases. It focuses on speed and energy-efficiency. The bare minimum you will need to know about bittorrent is that you will need an application which will start the download with a . torrent file. It also adds a custom desktop and menus, several unique configuration tools, and a web-based package installation interface. Also you might experience increased memory usage compared to the 32-bit version. Choose your favorite edition below. Kali Linux Custom Image Downloads ※ Download: Torrent downloader for linux kali Kali Linux 2017. It is a P2P (Peer-to-peer) client software designed for older Linux distributions. A long time ago I wrote about Linux command line bittorrent client. Deluge is a lightweight, Free Software, cross-platform BitTorrent client. Packaged copies of various torrent clients for CentOS can be found in the repositories listed in the following wiki article: https://wiki. 3) of uTorrent. Deluge has been chosen as the best torrent client for Linux by Lifehacker and that speaks itself of the usefulness of Deluge. by Editor | Published XDM is a Download Manager for Linux that ramps up Your Speed bittorrent linux free download - BitTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze BitTorrent Client, and many more programs The Fedora Project is maintained and driven by the community and sponsored by Red Hat. You can help by re-starting a finished torrent download in order to share your bandwidth and allow others to  Transmission 2. This week, we’re looking at five of the uTorrent is not the only free torrent client program available in the market. Download Frostwire. Deluge and Transmission are the examples of popular torrent client for Linux. 16 GB: linuxmint-17-cinnamon-64bit-v2. Install BitTorrent and download Torrent files using Linux Terminal Unlike protocols such as FTP, BitTorrent groups multiple files into a single package called a torrent. Be sure to download Vuze FREE. By Mark Sobell¬â This article is excerpted from the newly published book A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming. noarch. In other words, torrent client is the tool to download the files from the server to your computer. Installation media (ISO images) for Oracle Linux (and Oracle VM) are freely available from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. The image can be burned to a CD, mounted as an ISO file, or be directly written to a USB stick using a utility like dd. BitTorrent is the torrent download client that is preferred by the majority of users. qBittorrent is developed by volunteers in their spare time. Under Windows, you can invoke the BitTorrent client from the "Start" menu. Download links Vuze Bittorrent Client The Vuze Bittorrent Client is an end-to-end software application for all your torrent needs. 26 Feb 2019 Vuze is a powerful BitTorrent client with which you can download torrent files as well as view, publish, and share original DVD and HD videos. I have been a Linux user just for a little while now – though with previous experience – and the amount of tools I’m looking to download and install is growing at a steady pace, most of the stuff is work related; but stuff like a good BitTorrent client is essential. KTorrent is a BitTorrent application by KDE which allows you to download files using the BitTorrent protocol. It puts minimal load  CPU usage in BitTorrent with download speed of 2. org/download/  Get your Slackware ISOs through BitTorrent here. Extremely slow download times could be the end result. . org; Deluge (Windows, Mac, Linux) - deluge-torrent. This is a community maintained site. If you like this piece of software, please make a donation and help it Arch Linux Downloads Release Info. Best Torrent Sites Of 2019 Alert! Always make certain you are downloading Kali Linux from official sources, as well as verifying sha256sums against official values. 0 has been released with tons of new features and is now based in Debian Jessie. At first, they seem great, but after using them for a while, we don’t feel the same anymore. 0 stable recently, after more than 2 years since the previous stable release. Get the SourceForge newsletter. Best BitTorrent Client For Linux Mint : In Linux Mint, the deafult BitTorrent application is Transmission. Mac OS X Requires Mac OS X 10. 1. 3 and is located in my Downloads. 8, but with no success. Download the official µTorrent® (uTorrent) torrent client for Windows, Mac, Android or Linux-- uTorrent is the #1 bittorrent download client on desktops worldwide. Download the official BitTorrent® torrent client for Windows or Mac—from the inventors of the bittorrent protocol and developers of the #1 bittorrent download client worldwide. Download KNOPPIX from Mirrors Most of the following institutions have good connections to the German research networks (this is particularly useful for students and educators). A free and reliable P2P BitTorrent client. 91 BitTorrent Client recently released, is an open-source, cross- platform BitTorrent client application with low memory footprint. rpm, Network file transfer tool. Recently I switched from command line client to a GUI based client called Deluge. Download the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, for desktop PCs and laptops. Download the Resilio Sync desktop app for Linux, Mac, Windows and FreeBSD. However, these procedures may help get BitTorrent Running: The firewall is on the computer you download the file on. Feature Spotlight: Uses fewer resources than other clients; Native Mac, GTK+ and Qt GUI clients; Daemon ideal for servers, embedded systems, and headless use Kali Linux 2. The queue function in uTorrent is also very smart so that when one files is downloaded other starts automatically. Linux has a few pretty great BitTorrent clients available, but our favorite would have to be the feature-filled, easy-to-use Deluge. 1 Apr 2014 I have been a Linux user just for a little while now – though with previous experience – and the amount of tools I'm looking to download and  29 Jan 2009 Because of this, I decided to make a quick and easy tutorial on how to start downloading files via BitTorrent in Linux. Published on: Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 6:55 pm EST. However, it was not in the case of Vuze (formerly Azureus). A dialogue box will open up, looking similar to the following: Top 10 lists help users find the most popular movies on the site, and a detail page for the download includes a variety of information from the size of the file and the date it was added to actor information, and the number of seeders and leechers for the download. 1 Download Now Check out our homegrown produc t for hottest tech news on the web. Seed Wanted Torrents  qBittorrent is a free and open code application for GNU/Linux that allows you to exchange files with other people all over the world through a P2P Bittorrent  Motrix: administrador de descargas HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, Magnet y mas entran en juego los famosos gestores de descargar (download manager) los cuales  19 Apr 2019 Transmission, like any other BitTorrent client allows users to download files from the Internet and upload their own files or torrents. packages for Red Hat Linux el4 x86_64, bittorrent-4. Download BitTorrent for Windows or Mac here. Few years back, I was Download BitTorrent. A Bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK which How to Install BitTorrent in Kali Linux ? BitTorrent is a protocol supporting the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing that is used to distribute large amounts of data over the Internet. You get to configure a proxy, customize app’s behavior, and a lot more things. And finally, your… Download Kali Linux Images Securely: Make sure you get the right files while downloading . It is intended for new installations only; an existing Arch Linux system can always be updated with pacman -Syu. gpg files that are next to the downloaded image (i. The protocol works by connect Various bittorrent clients are available, including (in no particular order of preference): utorrent, vuze (Azureus), BitTorrent, Deluge, ctorrent, ktorrent, rtorrent and transmission. qBittorrent is a free, open source application based on Qt toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar that runs on all major OS such as Windows®, Linux, Mac® OS X®, OS/2 or FreeBSD (including support for over 25 languages). It puts minimal load on our servers because BitTorrent clients upload pieces of files to others while downloading, thus spreading the load across the network and making blazing fast downloads possible. By grabbing  16 Nov 2016 Though Torrenting is usually regarded as a dirty word, there are a lot of positives to using it, especially when talking about Linux. If you're new to Linux and looking for a great BitTorrent client, you're in luck. Help qBittorrent. Linux Mint Torrents. z | x | c: Decrease the upload throttle   Version: 23. qBittorrent, lightweight BitTorrent client software. 8. Red Hat is not responsible for content. Windows and Mac users  20 Mar 2008 TorrentFlux is a BitTorrent client that runs on top of a server running You can also install it on an external host to increase bandwidth and  With BitTorrent, clients automatically mirror files they download, making the . rpm. rf. Download. This page provides the links to download Kali Linux in its   1 Nov 2011 BitTorrent is still a reliable and pretty fast way to download large files. Read the release notes. For example, you can typically download several installation ISO images as a single torrent. It would be easy for a malicious entity to modify a Kali install to contain malicious code, and host it unofficially. Want to stream video torrent files with VLC media player without having to download the complete torrent and only then start playing it? There's a VLC plugin, called vlc-bittorrent, that's able to do just that, which was added to the Debian repositories about a month ago. org  rtorrent is a BitTorrent client for ncurses, using the libtorrent library. It's The BitTorrent protocol can be used to reduce the server and network impact of distributing large files. BitTorrent is still a great way to transfer large files, but it’s only as convenient and efficient as the application you use to seed and download them. Download BitTorrent free for Linux and take advantage of a P2P network. Please ensure the download image  21 Nov 2017 BTFS es un sistema de archivos BitTorrent, que te permitirá ver una película con solo montar el archivo torrent o magnet link en tu Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc. 6 The 64-bit version is only compatible with Windows 7 and later versions. Joining the community is easy – don’t hesitate; jump right in! Torrent is a simple and nice tool which you can use to download torrents from Linux, Windows, and MAC terminal. The YaST firewall makes it nearly impossible to use the BitTorrent protocol. Take advantage of Vuze's best features like streaming from your PC to your TV, meta search, and torrent remote. A BitTorrent client enables a user to exchange data as a peer in one or more swarms. The main features are: In this post we are going to you show you how to download torrent in Linux using terminal. While we cannot possibly answer that question, we would like to assume that the BitTorrent app is a rebranded version of uTorrent. If you're not sure which one is right for you, "Cinnamon 64-bit edition" is the most popular. There are two ways to configure the firewall: I've attempted to install utorrent on 14. 29 Mar 2019 Explore this Article Downloading Torrents Playing Torrents Mac, Linux) - qbittorrent. You will have access to all of the currently supported releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including 5 and 6. [e] Support for selective file downloading – For example, it allows to grab a  We generate fresh Kali Linux image files every few months, which we make available for download. Download Transmission The current release version is . Linux Download, download Linux Lite here for free. Magnet Link, HTTP Seeding, DHT network, UDP tracker Protocol v2. Seus desenvolvedores prometem velocidade,  Download KNOPPIX via BitTorrent have graciously agreed to set up limited hosting areas for downloading the bootable KNOPPIX GNU/Linux ISO images:  When you switch back to Linux, you could not continue the download from where you left. 04 using the Terminal and attempting to install libssl 0. Rather than downloading a file from a single source server, the BitTorrent protocol allows users to join a "swarm" of hosts to upload to/download from each other simultaneously. It is the ideal tool for sharing large files such as films, software, games, music, video, document and so on quickly and incognito with Core Improve: increase max download speed of single connection of BitTorrent downloading Core Improve: refine Crash Report program Core Bugfix: fix problems when exit program while high-speed downloading v1. Then once the download has completed it will continue to share this file until the application exits. Get the awesome torrent downloader with no download speed or download size limits. el4. 7 or later Nightly builds Previous Releases. 5. I prefer using Deluge for torrent downloads. mkdir -p ~/mnt/ccff cd ~/mnt wget https://archive. In addition to two apps mentioned above, there are also other torrent clients you can install on Linux. Activities Area for Gnome 3. It comes in both  13 Jan 2008 A long time ago I wrote about Linux command line bittorrent client. in the same directory on the Kali Linux Download Server). iso. It supports many advanced features such as Encryption, DHT, Peer Exchange, Web Seeding and Magnet Links. Read the documentation. Originally designed for Linux and Mac users only, but now there’s a version for Windows as well. qBittorrent aims to meet the needs of most users while using as little CPU and memory as possible. Full Encryption; WebUI; Plugin System; qBittorrent is a free, open-source and reliable P2P BitTorrent client, available for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows. The means you can download uTorrent for windows free and also download uTorrent for Linux. MonoTorrent is a cross platform and open source implementation of the BitTorrent protocol. Running a BitTorrent Client. The following is a general comparison of BitTorrent clients, which are computer programs designed for peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. 3 GUI Improved: the file list in BitTorrent task properties dialog can switch between simple list and tree list 5 Linux Command Line Based Tools for Downloading Files and Browsing Websites. index site or by using a search engine built into the client, download it, and open it with a BitTorrent client. centos. Popcorn Time is constantly searching all over the web for the best torrents from  rTorrent has support for magnet links since v0. It has been designed to download and upload large files. It might Vuze [Windows, Mac & Linux] [No Longer Available]. Available in over 20 languages, it leverages our community of over 70 BitTorrent is a popular peer-to-peer file sharing tool. Alternative downloads. It comes with improved hardware and driver support. Fast, reliable, and easy to use file sync solution, powered by P2P technology. Install BitTorrent on Linux. When you join Red Hat Developer Program, a Red Hat account will be created for you with a no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite subscription. On Windows, uTorrent (pronounced mu torrent) is my favorite torrent application. Should you wish to upload your own Linux or BSD torrents and have them added to Scientific Linux, Scientific-7. The main features are: qBittorrent is yet another advanced torrent download client for Linux – if you need to utilize the overwhelming features similar to KTorrent. BitTorrent's software client allows you to quickly download high-quality digital content such as video, music, and games. A | S | D: Increase the download throttle by 1/5/50 KB. We have mirrors set up all over the world. 50 2018. a54e3c10a7385a192602fdf14587005acf46dabf  21 Nov 2018 Os explicamos cómo buscar torrents desde el propio cliente de descargas, en este caso qBittorrent, pudiendo buscar a la vez en decenas de  Install BitTorrent Sync on Ubuntu 14. Since 2006, bittorrent sharing has been the primary means for users to trade software, music, movies, and digital books online. Download uTorrent for Linux. NET Framework based BitTorrent Client written in C#. Bittorrent is a great way to download new Linux distros from LinuxTracker and software from other sources that have chosen to distribute their products through torrents. apt-get install aria2 # aria2c -help Usage: aria2c [OPTIONS] [URI | MAGNET | TORRENT_FILE | METALINK_FILE] Printing options whose name includes 'elp'. Download the Linux Kali 2. 8MiB/sec is around 6%. Get notifications on updates for this project. They have graciously agreed to set up limited hosting areas for downloading the bootable KNOPPIX GNU/Linux ISO images: A Free Open Source Community Project. To load one, just hit backspace in rTorrent and paste the magnet  1 Aug 2013 Transmission – A Fast, Easy, and Free BitTorrent Client for Linux everyday use, especially for lovers of downloading free music and software. Linux has a fantastic variety of BitTorrent clients and we've picked out five of the best Linux BitTorrent clients you'll find today. Also, this utorrent version is V3. There are many torrent client apps available for Linux, mostly free. In this tutorial, we’ll be focusing on setting up a remote system with Transmission, as it is the easiest to set up. Download now Available for Linux, macOS and Windows. The BitTorrent protocol coordinates segmented file transfer among peers connected in a swarm. Just download the file and open it up, follow the instructions or visit the Vuze FAQ and Torrent guide for tips on getting Vuze torrent client for Linux running fast. bittorrent linux download

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